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Chapter Three: Painful Memories

Yuri spent a while just watching his comrades. He had a feeling that Raven knew that he was up to something since the old man was keeping the other members rather busy. When he was sure that no one was watching he stood up, "Come on Repede." Repede followed Yuri and they walked off towards the forest.

The two companions walked to a small clearing where three large rocks and three sets of rusted armor marked three graves.

"Here it is Repede…" Yuri muttered somberly, "Your father's grave…"

The canine walked up to the grave and whined. Yuri knelt down next to his partner, "I know Repede," He whispered, "It's hard for me as well."

Yuri touched the armor on the center grave, "I'm sorry Lambert," Yuri said as he tried to keep himself from crying, "Like I promised you…I'm taking good care of your son, Repede…and he takes good care of me as well. I brought him here today…I'm sure he would make you proud…"

Repede whined and gently nuzzled Yuri's shoulder. He knew that Yuri wasn't well. Repede could sense the change in his master's behavior and the changes in energies in the young man's body. Repede also knew that Yuri should not have been doing what he was doing but he couldn't abandon his master in this condition to get the others.

"Thanks Repede," Yuri muttered as he gave Repede a pat on the head.

The two sat there in silence for a while until Repede's ears perked up and he growled.

"What is it Repede?" Yuri asked as Repede took a defensive position in front of his master. He then watched as five wolves emerged from the brush. "Shit…" Yuri muttered. He was in no condition to fight and he knew that Repede could not take on five wolves by himself. He stood and drew his katana. His sword felt unusually heavy in his hand, his legs felt weak almost as if they weren't going to support his weight for very long and his head was spinning due to the fever. "Repede…"

Yuri swung his sword at the nearest wolf. He killed it however because of the condition he was in, he stumbled and fell to his knees. Another wolf took the opportunity to strike and lunged at Yuri while he was down. Then before the wolf could hit its mark Repede protected his master. The dog turned to the young man and barked as if to say: "Get up!"

"Thanks Repede…" Yuri muttered as he stood. His head was spinning badly at that point. It wasn't nearly as bad when he had woken up after his little nap on the Fiertia but it was still bad. His katana had grown so heavy, he could no longer find the strength to raise it and his legs were shaking from the strain of trying to support his weight.

Repede struck down two more of the wolves but the last one made a swift move towards Repede. Yuri knew that the dog wouldn't be able to counter the attack. He raised his sword with great difficulty and took down the last remaining wolf. Repede rushed to Yuri's side as the young man fell forwards bracing himself on his sword.

"Repede…" Yuri mumbled as he felt himself beginning to black-out, "Go find Flynn…" His arms then gave out and he fell forwards, losing consciousness in the process.

"Guys! Guys!" Karol yelled after searching around the area.

"What is it Karol?" Estellise asked.

"Yuri's missing!" Karol cried as he panted for breath, "I searched all over and he's nowhere to be found!"


"Repede's gone too!" Karol cried, "Where could they have gone off to?"

"Let's go look for him," Raven said, "In his condition, Yuri can't have gone too far…before passin' out."

"Ugh, I swear," Rita exclaimed, "I am going to kill him when we find him!"

Flynn, Hisca, Chastel and Jurigs were walking on the outskirts of Shizontania when they heard a dog bark. Flynn looked towards the forest, he knew that bark. He smiled a bit as Repede emerged from the brush. But when Yuri did not exit the woods after his companion Flynn started to worry, Repede almost never went off on his own unless he had a good reason to.

Hisca gasped and prepared her weapon as she saw Repede. She knew of the monsters that inhabited the area and she wasn't going to take any chances.

"Don't," Flynn said as he approached the dog, "This dog isn't a monster, it's Repede. I'm sure you remember him."

Hisca relaxed, "That's Repede?" She asked in disbelief, "That pudgy little puppy, grew into that?"

Repede walked up to Flynn and grabbed the front of the Knight's armor with his teeth and started to drag him towards the woods.

"Repede," Flynn said sensing the dog's distress, "Where's Yuri? What's happened to him?" The dog gestured towards the forest and barked, "Show us the way!"

Flynn panicked when he saw Yuri face down and unconscious on the ground, his sword still in his left hand. "Yuri!" He cried as he hurried to aid his best friend as Chastel followed close behind, "Yuri wake up! Yuri!"

Chastel took Yuri's wrist in her hand and gasped. His pulse was rapid and his skin was hot, "Flynn…" She said, "He's not well."

Flynn gasped as he removed his one of his gloves and placed his bare hand on Yuri's forehead, "He's burning up…"

"It looks like he was fighting and his pulse is rapid," Chastel said, "Could he have been poisoned?"

"I don't know," Flynn said, "I don't see any infected wounds. Hisca, do you have a poison bottle? I'm not sure if it's poison but just in case."

"Yeah," Hisca said as she reached into her pouch and pulled out a small medicine vial, "Here you go."

"Thank you," Flynn took the medicine and was about to administer it when Repede grabbed it from his hand, "Repede!" Flynn said as the dog returned the bottle to Hisca, "Are you trying to tell me that Yuri hasn't been poisoned and that he's just ill?" Repede barked.

"Ah Flynn…" A weak voice mumbled, "Glad you could make it…"

"Yuri," Flynn said, "That's my line…What are you doing here?"

"Paying my respects," Yuri muttered as he attempted to prop himself up a bit but didn't have the strength to.

"But Yuri," Flynn said as he helped Yuri sit up a bit, "You have a terrible fever. You shouldn't be here."

"I had to come," Yuri muttered as he leaned against Flynn. He was utterly exhausted and he just wanted to sleep, "I don't think I need to explain why…"

"Where is the rest of your group?" Flynn asked, "I can't believe they would let you go off alone like this!"

"They didn't," Yuri murmured, "I went off without telling them…"

"What a stupid thing to do," Flynn said, "What do you think would have happened if you were attacked?"

"I was attacked," Yuri said, "That's why I sent Repede to find you…"


"Please…no more lectures," Yuri moaned, "I just want to sleep…"

"How long have you been sick like this?" Flynn asked as he got Yuri on to his back.

"A few days," Yuri murmured. Normally he would have never allowed Flynn to carry him in such a manner but he didn't have the energy to stand on his own anymore.

There was a distant rumble of thunder, "We should find him some shelter," Hisca said, "It's going to rain and he needs to rest."

"We can head to the old dormitories," Jurigs said, "He can rest there for the night."

"Sounds good," Flynn said as he started towards the town.

"Where could Yuri have run off to?" Karol exclaimed as they searched around the area and they had no luck finding Yuri.

"Ugh I swear when we find him I'm gonna pound his sorry ass!" Rita exclaimed, "He should NOT be going off alone in his condition! Is he stupid?"

"Oi…who…you calling stupid…?"

"Yuri!" Karol cried as he ran up to Flynn, "Where the hell have you been?"

"He took a walk and got attacked," Flynn said, "Repede led us to him. You can all stay at the old dormitories for the night, Yuri's in no condition to travel tonight. Come on, I'm sure you're all hungry."

"Please Flynn…" Yuri moaned, "Please…don't cook…I don't think me or my stomach could take another night of almost puking my guts out…the other night was bad enough…"

"I'm sure you mean well Commandant," Raven said, "But Yuri just got over a nasty stomach bug. The kid needs something gentle on the stomach, I hope ya understand…"

"We don't let Flynn cook anyway," Hisca said as they entered the room, "The only time he tried he nearly set this place on fire."

Flynn sighed, "I'm not that bad at cooking," He said.

"I beg to differ commandant," Yuri muttered, "My stomach hurts just thinking about your cooking…"

"Your stomach probably hurts because you're sick Yuri," Flynn said, "I do remember you would always get stomachaches whenever you had a fever when we were younger."

"Yeah," Yuri said, "That's only because I wasn't allowed out of bed when I was sick therefore I wasn't allowed to cook for myself. I had to put up with eating your awful cooking and that was why I almost always had a stomachache whenever I was feverish."

"If I remember correctly the heat also gives you a stomachache," Raven said, "I remember seeing you clutching your stomach every so often when we were going through the Sands of Kogorh whenever you thought no one was looking. And I do recall you mentionin' something about a havin' stomachache to Miss Estelle." He paused, "So if the heat gives you a stomachache then a fever must give you one for sure."

"Yuri has a hard time dealing with the heat," Flynn said before Yuri could respond, "It's the only thing he can't tolerate. You should have seen him during the summer months in Zaphias, all he did was lay around and complain."

Yuri sighed and punched Flynn in the head, "You idiot," he muttered, "And you're wrong, there are two things I can't tolerate. The heat is the second one and the first is your cooking, Flynn."

Flynn sighed as he rubbed his head, "You punch me again Yuri, I will drop you," He warned, "I don't understand why everyone thinks my food is so bad."

"Uh, have you ever eaten anything you've cooked?" Yuri asked.

"Yeah," Flynn said, "I don't think it's all that bad."

"Put me down you monster!" Yuri exclaimed as he punched Flynn in the back of the head again.

"Yuri!" Flynn exclaimed as he dropped his best friend.

"I didn't think you would actually drop me," Yuri said, "That kinda hurt…" He went to stand up but nearly fell over due to dizziness, "Ugh..."

"Take it easy there kid," Raven said as he steadied Yuri, "I think it's about time you got some rest. Your fever is never gonna go down if you don't rest up."

"I think that's a good idea," Flynn said, "I think someone's had enough excitement for one day."

Yuri sighed as Flynn and Raven led him to the room he shared with Flynn five years ago. "Does it have to be this room?" He asked.

"Yes," Flynn said, "Look at it as punishment for what you did today."

Yuri sighed. He was in no mood to argue. He was sick and exhausted and he just wanted to sleep, "Fine," he muttered.

"Do ya want something to eat kid?" Raven asked as Yuri got into bed.

"I'm not hungry," Yuri muttered, "I just want to sleep…"

"Okay," Raven said, "Sleep well kid."

"But…" Flynn started.

"Let him be," Raven said as he led Flynn from the room, "He's gettin' over a stomach bug. I'm not gonna force him to eat if he doesn't want to. Forcin' the kid to eat right now could end badly. Don't worry about a thing Commandant, I'll take care of the kid."

"Let me help too," Flynn said.

"If you insist," Raven said, "Just don't oppress him with your "mother hen" attitude."

Several hours later, Yuri woke to a loud thunder clap. He sat up quickly, "Karol!" He exclaimed as he was nearly overcome with dizziness.

"Take it easy Yuri," Flynn called as he eased Yuri against the bed, "What's wrong?"

"Karol's…afraid of thunder…" Yuri mumbled as he held his head, "Someone needs…to make sure he's okay…"

"Don't worry about it," Flynn said, "Raven's with him now. Just relax."

"Is he alright?" Yuri asked.

"You should be worrying about yourself right now," Flynn said, "Don't worry Karol's fine." Yuri nodded and shut his eyes. "Are you hungry?"

"No…" Yuri mumbled, "My stomach hurts." The stomachache and nausea had returned at a lesser degree then a few days before but he really didn't want to risk a repeat of the other night.

"Alright," Flynn said, "Try to get some rest. You'll feel better."

"Don't stay up and watch me all night," Yuri warned, "I'll be alright."

Flynn sighed, "Alright," he said, "But if you need anything during the night please don't be afraid to wake me."

"Okay," Yuri said, "'Night Flynn."

"Sleep well," Flynn said.

Flynn sighed. Yuri was not sleeping well. He was extremely restless and his breathing was quick and pant-like. It had been a long time since Flynn had seen his best friend in such a condition and he wished that there was something he could to ease his friend's pain but until Yuri's fever broke there was nothing Flynn could do.

"You look tired." A voice came as Flynn rubbed his eyes.

"Raven," Flynn said softly, "What do you want?"

"I wanted ta see how the kid was holdin' up," Raven said. He looked at the exhausted young commandant then he looked at the young man sleeping restlessly in the bed, "And it's obvious that neither of you are holdin' up too well."

"I thank you for your concern," Flynn said, "But I'll be fine watching Yuri for the night."

"Didn't you have to make a long journey early this mornin'?" Raven asked, "And I'm sure the ceremony at Mount Temza yesterday took a lot outta ya too. Get some rest commandant. I don' think Yuri will be too pleased with you if you stay up all night."

"And what about you?" Flynn said, "I heard from Estellise that you were up with Yuri when he was sick the other night. And I'm sure the journey for you was pretty tiring as well."

"We have Ba'ul," Raven said, "It takes a lot less time to fly somewhere than it does to use a ship or a horse. I'll be alright. I'm pretty sure you have ta get back to the capital tomorrow. Get some sleep commandant."

"Alright," Flynn said, "But one more thing, I'm guessing the reason why Captain Schwann was unable attend the ceremony at Mount Temza was because he was tending to a sick comrade. Am I correct?"

"Yeah," Raven said as he glanced at Yuri, "He was in no condition to be travelin' and we couldn't just leave him alone."

"Alright," Flynn said, "I'll be sure to let the other captains know the reason why Schwann was absent."

"Alright," Raven said, "Sleep well."

Yuri came to consciousness in an odd place. He was standing the room were Garista's "aer controlling" blastia had been. However the strange device was missing the room was almost completely empty with the exception of Repede…But something was wrong.

"Repede!" Yuri called. He went to run to his companion but his foot caught on something heavy and he fell to the ground. "What the…" He looked down to see what he had tripped on and he found that his shins had been turned to stone

"Repede!" Karol cried as he ran right past Yuri without noticing the incapacitated young man on the ground, "Why'd ya run off like that? What's wrong?"

Yuri watched as the dog turned towards the boy and he came to a horrible realization, Repede had been taken by aer the same way Lambert, John and Alphonse had been. He knew that if history was going to repeat itself then Karol was in trouble. "Karol!" Yuri screamed, "Stay away from him get outta here!" Repede then lunged at Karol before the boy could do anything. The young boy had never heard Yuri's plea.

For whatever reason Yuri found himself unable to look away or shut his eyes as his surrogate little brother was killed before his eyes.

"Karol! You monster!" Raven cried as he appeared on the opposite side of the room, "Die!"

"Stop!" Yuri yelled as Raven started to shoot at the rouge dog, "Get the hell outta here old man!" He was then forced to watch as Repede pounced Raven catching the man completely off guard. Repede then bit down on Raven chest and ripped the blastia severing as the man's heart out of his body. "RAVEN!"

He then witnessed the equally violent deaths of Judith trying to avenge Raven then Rita trying to Judith. Both killed when Repede attacked their throats.

"What's wrong Repede?" Estellise asked. The pink haired princess was obviously unaware of the heinous acts the once cold but fiercely loyal dog had committed, "Flynn…what's wrong with him?"

"I don't know," Flynn said as he too approached the dog.

"Flynn! Estelle!" Yuri roared, "Don't go near him! He's not himself anymore…he's been taken…like his father was…"

"Repede…" Flynn muttered as he realized just a second too late that Repede wasn't himself. "Lady Estellise!" He cried as he ran in front of the pink haired girl and protected her with his life as he suffered the same fate as Karol, Rita and Judith.

"No…no…" Estellise muttered as she realized that she was completely cornered by the savage animal, "No…Flynn…Rita…Judith…Karol…Raven…Yu…Yuri…Repede…did you kill them?"

The dog growled the lunged at Estellise's neck killing her as well. Once Yuri witnessed the death of Estellise the pressure on his legs was alleviated and he was able to stand. He drew his sword and found that instead of the Second Star, he was using the same sword he had used to kill Lambert, John and Alphonse five years earlier.

He faced off against his partner and sighed, "Repede…I'm sorry…" He muttered as he charged towards the dog.

He managed to deliver a fatal blow to the dog however the dog struck him in the neck just about crushing his windpipe.

"Repede…"Yuri muttered as the metallic taste of his blood filled his mouth, "At least…you avenged your father…by killing me…" He found the little bit of strength he had left and reached out to his companion, "Like I avenged everyone I care about…by killing you…" It was getting harder for him to breathe and his vision dimmed as death began to embrace him, "Repede…I'm so sorry…"

Yuri woke with a started and bolted upright in bed causing a sharp pain to shoot through his head, "Argh…!"

"Kid," Raven's hushed voice came, "Are you alright? What's wrong?"

"Nightmare…" Yuri mumbled as his stomach twisted in a horribly familiar way, "Raven…I think…I'm gonna be sick…"

Raven sighed as he picked up a small wastepaper bin and handed it to Yuri, "I had a feeling this was going to happen again," Raven said, "As soon as Flynn mentioned that you had a stomachache again." He then held Yuri's hair out of his face as he was sick, "Take it easy, kid…"

When Yuri was finished Raven took a gel out of his bag, "You know the drill," he said as he handed Yuri a glass of water as well.

"I don't think it'll happen again," Yuri muttered, "What I saw…really bothered me…"

"It must have been some nightmare then," Raven said as he eased Yuri back against the bed, "If you want to talk about it tomorrow you can come to me." He took the empty glass from Yuri, "Get some sleep kid. I think your fever is finally starting to fall."

Yuri nodded then slipped back into an uneasy sleep.

"Raven…what happened," Flynn muttered as he rubbed his eyes a bit.

"Yuri woke up sick to his stomach and he threw up a bit," Raven responded softly.

"Is he alright?" Flynn asked.

"Yeah," Raven said, "I think it was just the tail-end of the stomach bug the caught. Plus the kid mentioned somethin' about a bad nightmare…"

"I can watch him for the rest of the night," Flynn said.

"Don't worry about it commandant," Raven said, "It's almost morning I can handle it. It seems as though he's on the mend anyway."

"Alright," Flynn said, "Thank you Raven."

"You're welcome Commandant."

So Yuri went off alone and got attacked, real smart. Although, I think Yuri was kinda lucky that he was sick because I think Rita would have killed him if he wasn't. And what about the nightmare poor Yuri had? (Sorry writing really twisted nightmares is something I kinda take pleasure in) So will Yuri finally be feeling better in the next chapter? Or will he suffer his stupidity? Until next time!