The next day, they all went to the beach. It was almost autumn but the sun shone again, for the first time in weeks.

'Good news, guys, I heard that our old friends will be returning, and we can finally race again!' Timber said, holding an envelope.
Everyone thought that was a great idea.
'Just like all those years ago, eh, Kazooie?' Banjo said, gazing at the horizon. The sea was as brilliant as ever, sparkling wistfully all the way.
'I wasn't there yet, you know?' the Breegull remarked.
'Oh, yes, of course, sorry.' Banjo quickly apologized.
'Oh, it doesn't matter. Best friends forever, eh, Banjo?'
'Best friends forever.'
'…But don't tell anyone I said that. Else I'll peck your eyes out.'
'I won't. Thanks for sticking with me, Kaz.'
'You're very welcome.'
The bear and bird sat there for a while, reminiscing all those adventures they had. Meanwhile, the others were either sitting somewhere else or messing around with the sand.
Conker and Pipsy just stood next to the firehouse, hugging each other while staring over the shimmering blue sea. None of them said a word.
'I will miss you, y'know.' Pipsy said, finally.
Conker looked at her for a moment. 'I'll miss you too.' He said. Unknowingly, he entangled his bushy red tail with hers.
'Will you promise that once you've got time, you'll come back to race a few times again, just like in the old days?'
'Oh, I most definitely will… if I find any time in between my being-the-king-ness.'
He had already told her about how he became king of all the land and as much as he didn't like it, he had to return. 'I'm so sorry.' He muttered.
'Me too…'
He stepped back to look her in the eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but just when he was about to say it, Pipsy said what he wanted to say.
'I… We can't be together.'
'Oh.' They stared at each other for a while. 'I… was…' he swallowed. '…about to say the same.'
'You were?' Pipsy began in utter disbelief.
'Yeah, I'm so sorry.' He gently stroked her cheeks. 'I know, I love you, but… Berri's gonna kill me if she finds out.'
'So will Timber.'
They hugged each other again, ignoring Bumper, who had crept behind the firehouse peeking at them, spouting 'love triangle!' over and over again.
'I'll never forget you, I promise,' Conker began. 'Just watch out. That fiend Wizpig can return at any time by now.'
'But… I'm a king now. But I'll be sure to leave th' throne once in a while to return. I feel so horrible not doing anything all of sudden.'
'Oh, I know how you feel. But I'll be fine all by myself, so don't worry about me,'
Conker looked over to the beach to see Timber glaring at him. He didn't appear to be too happy at Conker who was hugging his girlfriend.
'It's your boyfriend I'm worried about.'
'Oh, he's not so bad really,' Pipsy said. 'Just a bit over-protective. And he can be a bit cranky at times, what with being the heir of this island…'
'Yeah, I know how it feels like.' Conker admitted.
Suddenly, Bumper came hurrying towards them from behind the lighthouse, finally.
'Hello, lovebirds,' he smirked. The two didn't say anything and just frowned.
'Er, I just finished repairing all our karts, and you know, I made bikes as well!'
'Yeah, bikes. They're really cool, c'mon, have a look!' the badger said eagerly.
'Eh, why not,'
The three of them walked over to where Bumper led them.
'Pretty schweet, no?' he said.
'Yeah, cool,'
'How about you two go for a test drive around Walrus Cove?'
Conker and Pipsy stared at each other for a while, but eventually agreed. So the three went to the everlasting snow of Everfrost Peak.

'Alright, press this to go forward, and there you've got it,'
'Easy as pie, ain't it? I've never driven one of these before, but it seems easy enough,'
'C'mon, I wanna race, too!' Pipsy said eagerly and jumped on the same bike as Conker was sitting on.
'Er… you sure about that?' he said.
'Of course! You're not scared now are you?'
'Ha, of course not! See ya, Bumper!'
And before they knew it, the bike launched itself over the frosty racing tracks of Walrus Cove. Controlling the bike was hard but he just managed to not let it slip away on the cold, icy floor. For the first time in ages, walruses had appeared again in Walrus Cove, swimming about in the shallow waters of the icy part of the sea, giving the place back its name. A faint, enchanting white mist hung just above the racetrack, and Pipsy stretched out an arm to feel the cold mist with her fingertips.
'Been quite a while since those walruses had shown up,' Pipsy said, tightly clenching Conker, which made him feel all fuzzy for some reason. This would be the last time they'd be together like in their childhood again. Even though it was freezing, they didn't feel a tiny bit cold.
'Eh, yeah, I see,' he mumbled. He was at a loss of words. What was the last time he felt like this? He had forgotten. Forgotten how it felt to be loved. Forgotten what it was to have friends. He sighed.
'Conker? What's wrong?' Pipsy asked.
'Oh, nothing. Just… thank you,'
'Thank you for what?'
'Nothing, just… thanks.'
And it seemed like hours flew by. They were together, driving around on a bike in the most enchanted place on the whole island. But after a while, Bumper called after them that they should stop and it was getting late. Nonsense, they both thought, but they stopped nonetheless.
'And? How'd it go?' Bumper asked.
Conker just looked at him. 'Perfectly,' he said.

Not everything lasts forever, and that they knew. Soon enough the close band of friends had to part because they had other things to do.
'As much as I loved it here, I think it's time we went home, Kazooie.' Banjo said, still sitting on the beach staring at the sea.
'What? And listen to Goggle Boy talk about his new business all day long? No way!'
'But we have to go back for… erm, for a new adventure!'
'New adventure, my foot! We haven't been doing anything since Nuts and Bolts!'
'Er, guys?' Tooty said. 'I'm sure that our friends are missing us.'
Kazooie looked at Banjo. 'Alright then, but make it snappy. I hate leaving, because everyone expects you to hug them and stuff… icky business…'
'Guys,' Banjo announced. Everybody looked his way. 'Fare you well, I must be leaving for Spiral Mountain.' He almost cried. He loved this place. It held so much memories to him.
'Banjo, hurry up,' Kazooie growled.
'So eh, we've had a lot of fun, thanks for that, but we must be leaving now,' he made an attempt to walk off, his sister following behind him.
'Goodbye!' called everyone.
'Goodbye! Call us some day!'
'See ya!'
Soon enough team Banjo disappeared from sight.
'I'll miss them,' Pipsy admitted.
'Yeah, I know, they're a good folk,' Timber said.
'And what about Conker? Wasn't he king?' Bumper called. Indeed, Conker was still king of all the land, though he didn't look much like it. He just stood there in all his squirrely glory.
'Of course, I know,' the squirrel mumbled. 'But… my boat's still there. Oh.'
He walked over to his boat, which strangely was still intact.
'Well, good luck managing this island, and I'll remember you guys! Give my regards to Diddy if you ever see him again…'
He attempted to start the motorboat when suddenly Pipsy ran to him, and hugged him.
'Oh, promise you won't forget me,' she mumbled. 'I'll miss you,'
'Forget you? I never will,' Conker whispered. 'Take care now,'
They stared into each other's eyes, holding hands for a while until the mouse girl walked back to the others.
'Why are you crying?' Timber asked.
'Oh, he's changed so much… so… mature and handsome…'
Timber cocked an eyebrow. Mature and handsome, tch! He was much more handsome than that mangy squirrel. 'Well, glad that he ain't staying here, then,' he said with little interest.
'Timber! That's not the way to be talking about our old friends.' Pipsy scolded him.
'See ya, guys!' Conker finally called from his boat, just before the thing sped away over the waves.
'See you!'
'Keep in touch!'
He looked behind him one more time and saw everybody waving at him, smiling. Even Timber.
'Goodbye, guys.' He called one more time, and once again, Timber's Island became just a memory.

'Here we are… home.' He muttered. It was still raining, though not as bad as before, and the sun shone. A brilliant rainbow was up in the sky.
He made a run for his old house. When he opened the door, nobody was there. He could've known. He grabbed an umbrella and went back to the castle where he was king. He did not want to, initially, but it was probably the best thing to do.
'Good evening, sire,' a weasel guard remarked as soon as Conker arrived.
'There's somebody in this castle searching for you,' another guard said. 'About… I dunno, about berries or somethin'.'
Conker's eyes widened. 'Somebody inside? Oh my…'
Quickly he ran through the polished marble of the castle, only to almost lose his footing. When he neared his throne room, he felt his heart pounding.
'This can't be, right? It's all just a memory…'
'Conker? Is that… you?'
He did not believe his eyes. This was almost too good to be true. Before his throne was standing his very own girlfriend, just like she did before she was killed.
'…alright, I'm dead,' he said. 'Berri? Is… is that you? Really you? Man, This is just too good to be true! Ha!'
He ran over to his old girlfriend and attempted to hug her. Though she was still taller than him, resulting in an awkward situation. Upon this she just picked him up and kissed him. He felt like he was melting into a gooey puddle of liquid joy at first, but then he continued the making-out session, all while both were saying how much they loved each other.
'Oh, I love you and I'm so sorry but I love you… I love you…' he uttered after a while. 'I cannot believe this…'
'Neither can I,' Berri admitted. 'Being dead is, like, no fun, y'know?'
He stepped back to look his love in the eyes. He wanted to ask something for the longest time now. It would've been better to keep it for later but he couldn't help himself.
'Can you… put me down?'
Berri let him go.
'I'm king now, and I want to ask…'
This would be hard. How would she react, even? And how would he bring it? He didn't know anything about… what was it called again, proposals. He saw something in a movie once, but that was so different! And I bet that guy wasn't a king, he thought. But he was sure it would work anyway.
He went down on one knee.
'Will… will you be my queen?' he finally said.
She gasped, and for a moment, she just stared at him in wild disbelief. But then, she smiled. 'Oh… Conker…'

A few weeks later, over at Timber's Island, everything was going well, for the first time in months. Timber and Pipsy spend more time together than usual, and were lying in the grass together, looking at the sky. They were cloud-spotting.
'That cloud looks like an elephant,' Pipsy said, pointing at the sky.
Timber looked closely. 'Huh. That one looks like a crocodile.'
'And that one looks like a baby!'
Timber looked at Pipsy for a moment in wild amazement.
'…What? It's just a cloud.'
The tiger looked into the blue sky again.
'And that one looks like a bird!'
'Eh, actually, it is a bird.'
Pipsy frowned while Timber grinned.
'What, it looks like a cloud…'
Suddenly, Bumper came hurrying towards the two. He was holding a note that was formally wrapped.
'Guys!' he panted, handing the note over. 'A bird just dumped this over at my workshop, it's addressed to you… but will you excuse me, I need to attend to our guests. Tiptup ran away, Krunch is eating all the food and Drumstick is about to slip on a banana peel…'
And thus, he ran away as quickly as he came.
'Always in a hurry now, eh?' Timber said. 'But really now, a note? I wonder what that means?'
He unwrapped it and started reading.
'Oh… we're… invited for a wedding?'
'Who? Oooh.'
'And we can take all our friends! Oh, that's insanely awesome!'
Timber sighed. The two of them had almost forgotten about the dark times when Honker took over. Now they could go wherever they wanted without lightning raining down, and a lot of old friends of them had returned to race just like all those years before. 'How far he has come… it seemed like yesterday that we were arguing about you.'
'Yeah, I know,' Pipsy said, reading the note.
'You're… you're not mad? I thought you an' him had, you know, something…' Timber began.
'Oh yes, we had, but he's happier now, and that's all that matters, right? And I've got you. One guy's more than enough for me,'
The two stared at the sky for a couple of minutes.
'…I still think he needs to go on a diet, though.'

The Skies Somewhere Above the Isle o' Hags

Honker was angrily pacing about on the afterlife's ground, for as far as it could be called ground, anyway. He felt bitter anger towards his mortal enemy, who defeated him yet again… and sent him into the afterlife, no less. He kept complaining about being too awesome to die.
The Grim Reaper didn't approve of his quarreling.
'Well, bloody hell, shut up and go annoy someone else for a while. I've heard the Great Mighty Poo is wanting some company. Probably to throw shit at. I dunno. So shut it!'
'It's unfair! I'm, like, the best villain since -'
'You're not even canon so consider yourself lucky you haven't been retconned.'
Honker frowned and looked down upon the Isle, where everybody was still having fun in the late autumn sun. After a while, he smiled. Wickedly, like villains usually do.
'I'll get my revenge! Just you all wait until Scourge of the Island 2!'

R: The End. 8D