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Olivia was half asleep on her couch, cuddled under her blanket, thinking about how annoyed she was. She'd texted Elliot a few times, and he bit her head off. Something about not wanting to type when he could just talk, something about liking the sound of her voice, something stupid.

She had finally decided to get over it, when the beeping of her phone sounded. "The fuck," she mumbled, reaching for her gadget. She opened one eye and looked at the screen, flashing Elliot's name and the words, "One new message."

She tapped the screen and read his text.

What are you wearing?

She sat up, confused, and shot back a message of her own. Clothes. What else?

She waited for a moment, then her phone beeped again. She tapped the screen and both of her eyes widened.

Be more specific.

She looked around her apartment, as if someone was playing a cruel joke on her, and shot back another message. Black sweats. Bon Jovi tee shirt. It's three in the morning!

His next message surprised her. Take them off.

She tossed the phone onto the coffee table, rubbed her eyes, and shook her head. "Crazy bastard," she mumbled, lying back down. She pulled the blanket over her head, trying to ignore the beeping. She groaned, whined, and grabbed her phone. was he getting even with her for annoying him? She tapped the button, afraid to read the message. She choked when she read, I'm serious. I want you out of those clothes.

She swallowed hard, thinking he was either drunk or Munch had taken his phone and was screwing with her. She raised an eyebrow, figuring he couldn't see her, but she was curious enough to play along. The pants or the shirt? she typed, sending it to him quickly.

His speedy response: Both. I'm already naked, you gotta catch up, Liv.

Her eyes widened as she looked down at her phone. She furrowed her brow and scoffed. "No, he's not," she said out loud. Lol. No, you're not, she texted to him.

Her phone bleeped a few moments later, this time bringing with it a picture message. With a shaky hand, she tapped the icon, and her jaw fell, her eyes were now wide open. "He's a walking G.I Joe," she said, shocked as she looked upon the photo of her very naked partner. Every muscle, every inch of him, was visible. It was sending her into a state of shock, turning her on, scaring her shitless, and making her wonder if he was playing games or if he was serious.

Her shaking fingers worked quickly, typing, What the hell are you doing? Not that I mind…

She waited. Her phone was silent. Had she made him upset? Angry? Embarrassed him? Finally it beeped. She tapped the screen. Enjoying my night off. Or I would be if you'd cooperate. ;)

Reluctantly, she typed, Clothes are off, but if you want to see anything you need to buy me dinner first.

Of course she wasn't really disrobing, but she wanted to see what he was getting at. How far he would go, and why. Her phone blipped again, and his message read, Not fair. Dinner tomorrow. I wanna see you. Now, Liv.

Patience is a virtue, she scolded via text, trembling from head to toe. He had to be drunk, or stoned, or both. He was a married father, her partner, and shouldn't be doing this. Especially with her.

Her phone beeped, she tapped the screen, and read, I'm not exactly virtuous, Liv. Always wanted 2 know…are u a screamer? Bet I could make u scream.

She gasped, reading his vulgar, yet sexy, words. Her heart raced. She'd only ever dreamed he would be so candid with her. Normally no, I'm rather quiet. But looking at that pic, u would make me scream. ;)

O, I'd get u screaming before I fucked u. I'm proud to say, I have a very talented mouth. Nimble fingers, Liv, he wrote to her.

She couldn't believe she was having this conversation with Elliot. She felt the heat rising in her body, felt the wave of need roll over her. Do u, now? She asked him, forgoing formal English for speedier texting.

Her phone dinged, a moment later, and she read, with rapid breath, I do. And I want to touch u, Liv. Taste u. Make u scream, make u cum, over and over again.

"Oh, my God," she panted, sitting alone in her empty apartment. She didn't know what to do. If she encouraged him and found out this was all some sick game, she'd kill him. If she encouraged him and he went farther, she would be the other woman, putting his family and their jobs on the line. If she stopped now, or said anything negative, he'd be mad, embarrassed, hurt, and she couldn't do that. She settled for the obvious question. R u drunk?

No, he texted back.

She waited, saying nothing, shaking on her couch. She wanted him, and he had just admitted he wanted her. She was in a bind.

Her phone beeped again. Liv, I'm not drunk, baby.

So ur just crazy, her text said. But she couldn't' send it. Then he would feel like she was turning him down. She deleted the words and said, simply, Thank God.

Her phone chimed almost as soon as she sent it. Another picture, this time of his reflection in the mirror. The message with it said, I'm ready, Liv.

Wife? She questioned, getting off of the couch, heading into her bedroom, not believing she was about to do this.

Gone, he answered. Nothing more, just, "gone." She took a breath, pulled her shirt over her head, slid her pants down, and crawled onto the bed. She tried to get into a position that made her look less terrified and more irresistible, and she tapped the button. She turned her phone over, looked at the picture, mentally applauded herself for wearing a matching, pink, silk set of underwear, and closed her eyes as she sent the photo to Elliot.

When he didn't answer her, she sent him another text. El?

Sorry. Just died. Try again later, he responded a moment later.

Lol, she answered him. Guess you got that picture?

Her phone blipped as she made herself comfortable on the bed, she tapped the button, his message read, Got it. Saved it. Damn, Liv. I want u. Now.

She didn't have time to answer him, he sent another fast text. I need 2 b inside u. I want u crying my name, writhing under me, loving me.

Let me love u, came another rapid-fire text.

She stared at the screen, her body aching not only with lust but with the need to cry. He said 'love.' This meant more to him than just making her his conquest, and he wanted her, badly. She blinked, still staring at the phone, and typed back, U love me?

Yes, was his answer. Y do u think I'm doing this? Am I getting through 2 u? Love. Want. Need. Desire. All u.

Kathy? Olivia texted him. She couldn't give in without knowing the truth.

His answer was the same as it was before. Gone! The exclamation point scared her. Was he mad now? Upset?

She typed quickly, hoping to get things back on track. What exactly do u want?

Another picture. Take off the pink shit, he answered her.

She chuckled. She rolled her eyes and responded, Not what I meant.

Pic. Then I'll tell u. He was an unbelievably fast texter.

She took a deep breath, slid off the pink bra, dropped it to the floor, and then took off her matching panties. She rolled over onto her stomach, knowing that she had to keep him guessing, and held her phone out to take the picture. She made sure she had a wonton look on her face, and an emotion in her eyes. She sent it to him, and waited for his response.

She got nothing. Four minutes of unbearable silence, and finally a sound. Her phone. She tapped the screen and read, Open the fucking door.

She gasped again and grabbed her robe, covering herself up. If she opened the door and Kathy was there with Elliot's phone, pissed off, she'd be thoroughly embarrassed. She padded out into her living room, slowly turned the knob, and was met with a very out of breath Elliot.

He said nothing, but he pushed his way into her apartment, grabbing her and kissing her roughly as he kicked the door shut behind him.

He wouldn't pull back, he wouldn't calm down. He kissed her hard, repeatedly, as he shrugged off his jacket and toed off his sneakers. He dropped a trail of clothes as he pushed her back toward her bedroom, and he gave her a shove when they made it to her bed.

The picture didn't do him justice, she thought, staring with wide eyes and stinging lips at his naked body. She was breathing quite heavily already and couldn't read the look in his eyes.

He reached out a hand and untied the belt of her robe. He knelt before her, slid open the satin, and gazed at her, the way he wanted to. "Beautiful," he whispered. "Sexy, stunning, and absofuckinglutely beautiful." He brought his eyes back up to hers and said, "You asked me what I wanted."

Olivia, cold and shaking from fear and nerves, nodded.

He kissed her, grabbing the back of her neck with one hand while the other trailed down her body. He ran two fingers up the very center of her hot, wet slit, and he moaned. "You," he whispered. "Every part of you." He kissed her neck, moving down to her chest. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and heard her gasp and moan. Biting her bud between his teeth, he said, "I want to make you mine, and I want to make you scream."

Her hands flew to the back of his head, she moaned his name, and she yelped a bit when his two fingers pushed inside of her. She felt his hand twist, felt his thumb brushing over her clit, felt his mouth working hard on her rosy nipples, and she dropped her head back. "Oh, God, Elliot," she cried.

He moaned and moved his fingers deeper and faster, flicking at her clit with his thumb. He let her nipple go, kissed down her stomach, dipping his tongue into and around her navel, and he chuckled when his mouth met his hand.

"Holy shit," she cried. She looked down at him, as he was looking up at her, and he continued licking, sucking, rubbing, and fingering. "Fucking good," he commented when he stopped to take a breath.

"God, El," she moaned, falling back, flattening out. "Shit," she moaned.

He stopped his ministrations, crawled over her, and kissed her. He ran his tongue over her lips, making her open up to him. He deepened the kiss and pushed into her slowly, moaning and holding her tight. "I love you," he groaned, moving slowly.

Her hands ran up his back, she met his slow thrust with eager bucks of her hips, and she was louder than she could ever remember being. "Love," she managed. "You," she said, moaning as he hit into her.

He ran his hand down her body, lifted her leg, and began to move even slower. He pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. "I'm in love with you, baby," he whispered. He pressed his lips to hers and picked up speed, moving harder.

She raked her nails down his back as she writhed and moaned beneath him, the way he wanted her to, and she felt herself tightening up, felt the scream building in her throat as he moved faster and harder. She heard his grunts, moans, and whispered "I love yous" in her ear.

Finally he said, "Scream for me, baby." He grunted as her back arched and he felt the cry rip from her throat. "God, fuck, yes, baby," he spat, punctuating each word with a hard thrust, spilling into her as she cried his name over and over again, his texted wishes coming true.

She sunk into her mattress, still shaking, and moaned again when he flipped them over, letting her collapse onto his chest. "Oh, my God," she mumbled. "Oh, my God," she repeated, her breath still hard and fast.

"I told you," he said, "I lack patience."

She picked her head up and looked down at him, resisting the urge to begin riding him again, and said, "All this because of a text message."

He chuckled. "No, this was because I wanted you, and thought this would be a way to get you."

"You got me," she whispered, kissing him. "Now you can delete those pictures."

He mumbled a few sounds of refusal. "Those are already saved to my memory card, and I emailed them to myself. Baby, I plan on saving that last one as my desktop."

She raised an eyebrow. "You're nuts," she said.

"I am," he admitted. "But even if I did delete them, there'd be more, right?" he asked, smirking. "Every time I need to see you, and I can't, you'll send me something to satisfy me," he determined.

"El," she sighed, "I thought you hated texting."

He chuckled. "I do," he said. "But as long as it's with you, I think I can really get into 'sexting," he said. He kissed her, pulling her close, and whispered, "I love you."

She moaned into their kiss, feeling him hardening inside of her again, and said, before she couldn't speak, "I love you, too."

And she loved her phone, she thought, smirking as he put his hands on her and moved her hips. She chuckled as she realized she would need to call her company and add unlimited text and picture messaging to her plan. Revenge was going to be so sweet.

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