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Elliot was half asleep, sitting in a court room trying to listen to the testimony of a doctor. He was supposed to have been on the stand an hour ago.He felt his phone buzz and he dug it out of his suit pocket, grinning when he saw Olivia's name on the screen. He flipped it open and read, What are you wearing?

He looked around, hoping no one could see his phone, and typed, A suit. We r not doing this now.

He smirked and closed his phone, just as it buzzed again. Take it off, the message said.

He furrowed his brow. She was insane, he decided, and shook his head as he typed, Can't. Not polite to testify naked.

The phone buzzed again and he swallowed hard when he read the message, this time with a photo attached. Pity. I'm already naked, it said.

I see that, he typed back quickly.

Another picture came through, and she looked so sexy, twisted on the bed to allow every curve of her body to be visible. He let out a strangled sounding whine, shifting in his seat because his pants were suddenly too tight.

He sent back a fast, Damn it, Liv! Not now! You're gonna give me a heart attack!

Lol, her speedy response said. Wait till you get home. Your heart rate'll really skyrocket.

He ignored it, until the phone buzzed again. He sighed as he pushed the button and his eyes widened. I've been a bad girl, Detective. Don't u wanna punish me? The picture with it made him drool, almost, and he cleared his throat. He shiofted in his seat again, getting agitated.

Fuck, Liv, when I get home u'r in deep shit. If u think u screamed last night, just wait. U won't be able to walk when I'm done w/ u! He hit send and snapped his phone shut.

His phone buzzed and he ignored it for a moment, looking at the embattled attorneys, looking at the judge, praying he wouldn't have to stand up any time soon. His phone buzzed against his hip and he squeezed his eyes shut as he reached for it. He flipped it open and had to control the urge to moan at her words.

I'm wet just thinking about it, the text read. The picture with it told him she wasn't lying.

Liv, baby, u'r killin' me, he wrote back to her. He loosened his tie and typed, You need to stop. I can't leave!

Then I guess I've gotta start w/out u, her reply said, the accompanying picture showing her very ready to do just that.

He gasped quietly, trying to tear his eyes away from his phone. When it buzzed again, in his hands, he jumped. "Sorry," he said to the irritated man sitting in front of him who had just turned around. He flipped it open and almost died.

U'r hands are stronger, more powerful. Need you, El. Want you. Now, her text said, and she knew damn well how he would react to reading it.

He started sweating, he looked up at the judge. He saw the judge raise his gavel and mumbled a quick prayer, hoping the man would call a recess.

When it happened, he was off of his bench and out the doors, pushing and elbowing people out of his way as he ran out of the courthouse. He got into his car, ignoring the buzzing phone. He was already worked up enough, nothing she said would make him any hotter.

He stepped on the gas and peeled away, driving as fast as he could to her apartment. He parked, crooked, against the curb and ripped the key out of the ignition. He ran up the stairs as he took off his tie, and his shirt was half unbuttoned by the time he reached her door. He practically kicked it open, slamming it behind him. "Liv?" he called, dropping his jacket, shirt, and tie to the floor.

He toed off his shoes and shoved down his pants, with his briefs, and stepped out of them as he ran into the bedroom. "You," he said, his eyes widening at her nude body sprawled on the bed. "You could have gotten me in serious trouble," he said, crawling over her.

"How?" she asked, moaning as his lips trailed over hers. "If they didn't call a recess, I was gonna do something that would have made them hold me in contempt," he said with a growl, grabbing her legs and pushing into her roughly.

"Jesus," she cried, her hands flying to his back.

"Told you," he said, thrusting hard, "You won't be able to feel your legs. You drive me fucking crazy, you know that?"

"Revenge," she chuckled, moaning, "Is so sweet."

He hit into hard, lifting her legs higher, and growled, "This wasn't about getting even. This was about getting me." He looked into her eyes as he loomed closer to her. "Wasn't it?" he asked. He kissed her, nibbling on her bottom lip as he thrust into her.

"What do you think I meant?" she asked. "Just doing to you," she said through loud moans, "What you did to me."

He growled and moaned, hitting into her as his hand slid down her body. "Those pictures," he said, "Fucking hell."

"You liked them," she said, her head lolling to the side and her eyes rolling back. "Oh, God, Elliot," she said softly, meeting his thrusts.

"Tell me," he demanded with a thrust, "That I'm the only one you've ever done that for."

She nodded, her body starting to convulse. "You are," she moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Fuck," he grunted, feeling her tighten. "You get to me," he said. "No one else has ever gotten to me like that, you do."

"Good," she groaned, feeling him slide her left leg up and around his waist. She sunk her teeth into his shoulder as her moans got louder and higher.

"I love you," he panted, slamming into her.

She moaned, his shoulder bruising between her teeth. She pulled her head back and said, "I love you, too, El," and her back arched as he continued his assault.

He felt her clamp down on him and spilled into her with a hoarse cry of her name. and as she screamed his name and God's, he chuckled. He loved those noises, and he loved making her make them.

He grunted once more, thrust into her again, and rolled them over, out of breath and sweating. "How did you know," he asked.

"Know what?" she breathed, kissing his neck.

He moaned and rolled his head to the side, giving her access to the rest of his neck. "How did you know the judge was gonna call a recess?" he asked, assuming she did, in fact, know the judge would let them go.

She smirked, kissed his lips, and said, "Alex sent me a text message."

He chuckled. "Of course," he said, looking up at her. He kissed her sweetly and ran a hand through her damp hair, thanking God for texting.

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