Authors Note: Oi, This is the first fan fiction that I'm doing where I haven't had a single clue of what I'm going to do with the plot… I love the idea but… I doubt I'll be able to execute as well as I hope. Despite that, Enjoy! Read! Review!

I know that this chapter it short, I apologize. The next ones will be longer…probably!


"Damnit!" A fist slammed abruptly on the table which shook on its wobbly leg. The wooden desk splintered slightly and left a small indent of where it was hit.

"What is it sir?" A young man in white asked the elder. His eyes were terrified but he tried to keep his posture stiff. He felt his hands shake slightly when the elder man looked up towards him.

"Explain this to me." The mans sharp tone shook the room and a dense feeling swept through the air. He spun a small sheet of paper towards the end of the desk, where the younger man reached out and barely touched it. In the dark of the room he could only see a slight outline but it was enough for him to formulate an answer.

"It's a bounty poster." The young man quivered on the spot. In the small, private room the young man instantly felt scared by the enormous pressure radiating from the figure in front of him.

"I know that. But why is he on it!" Dark black eyes shot up from over the desk. The pupils reflected no light and they seemed to stare right through the younger man.

"Because… he's a pirate." The man replied cautiously, unsure of the correct answer for his superior.

"You fool. This man is not like the other pirates I've seen. He has good in him, but it is just being masked." The mans white teeth grinded together as he stood up and paced slightly. A white marine's jacket trailed slowly behind him, with the word justice sprawled on the back.

"Yes sir." By just answering with this, the young man thought that he was safe.

"Therefore, I think he needs a little... adjustment." The dark man snickered and his brow furrowed as he retracted a syringe from his pocket.

"Ah, err, -uh-sir?" The young man shook all over now, afraid of the intense aura that developed from the man in front of him.

"Hmmm yes?" The man smirked as he eyed the needle carefully, gently turning it in his pale fingers. The plastic moved seamlessly through the finger creases. A light green liquid tossed inside, splashing against the seamless edges.

"That's illegal! That is property of the government and you may not use it without jurisdiction." The words spilled out and young man immediately regretted having such a strong conscience. He clenched his jaw and tried to stop his mouth.

The elder man shot the young boy a sharp look.

"I-I-m sorry sir. But that syringe is used to alter the-

Within an instant the young man lay on the floor, unconscious and in brute pain. The elder just stood over him, his arm still cocked with blood on the knuckles.

"You don't tell me what to do." He whispered as he bent over the unmoving body. Blood seared lightly out of the temple.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the man looked up frantically. He withdrew his cotton white cape and draped it over the body. In the dark it simply looked like a small pile of clothes.

"Yes?" The man grunted, trying to sound busy and innocent.

"Is everything alright Sergeant Belial?" The voice rang from outside the door. "We heard shouting sir."

A grim smile played across Belials face as he replied "No, everything is fine. Just fine."

His fingers still cradled the syringe and he shifted over towards his desk. With an uncannily sharp movement he struck the desk with the syringe, right into the bounty sheet. The needle pierced the paper head of 120,000,000 Roronoa Zoro.