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But good news! I'm updating it now! But, before I begin, here are some ideas for some of the next classes by both myself and popular reviews:

Austria: Music

America: Geography (XD), Tech stuff

Hungary: Yaoi Appreciation

Poland: Fashion

Greece: Art

Japan: Origami (IDK XD) or Japanese

England: All that creepy black magic stuff

China: Math

Switzerland: Business Related Things (And that is what the class shall be called. Business Related Things. Yeah.)

Prussia: Awesomeness Class

Lithuania: Stranger Danger

Romano: The History of the Tomato (Or Gardening XD)

Belarus: Touch Russia And You Die class

Canada: Canadian History?

Cuba: I Hate America class

Sealand: How To Be A Nation class

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You walk into a large gym with only a few other people arriving. You think to yourself that this will be a small class, and it turns out only yourself and seven other people arrive. You go over to another girl and ask who the teacher of this class is, hoping it is not someone else scary.

She simply replies that she has no idea, until you hear the door open. In walks Germany, shirtless, wearing only camouflage pants and black boots with sweat glistening on his perfect skin. You do everything you can not to stare and drool as he walks toward you, pulling on a black tank top.

"Guten tag, welcome to Gym." He says, stopping to look around at each individual student. His gaze is stern, yet sexy. Everyone is silent, except for one daring fangirl who calls out, "Did you just get back from a visit to Italy? Is that why you're all sweaty?"

You see him blush deeply momentarily, glaring at the girl and then making his way over to her. "What is your name?" he asked. She giggled before answering. "Ester Aldrich." She answered happily.

"That was a very inappropriate question, Miss Aldrich. You're going to run around the gym while the others get an introduction to the class, understood?" he told her. The girl just continued to giggle. "Did you take pictures with Italy? A video? Can I see?" she asked.

"Run! Now!" he yelled, causing her to whine and begin finally running. You and all the others decide to just stay quiet as Germany's attention returns to you all.

"As for each of you, this class will be one of strength and endurance. You will enter this class as whiny little insects and leave this class with power and determination. I will not tolerate laziness, nor will I accept tardiness. Understood?" His voice and words were harsh, yet you couldn't help but watch his every move as he spoke. You then noticed you weren't the only one, as every other girl in the class was as well.

Germany noticed this and sighed, shaking his head. "They always give me the creepy ones…" he muttered. The door suddenly opened, revealing a very naked Italy. "Doitsu, Doitsuuuuuu~" he called. Germany looked over and was shocked, blushing. "I-Italy! What are you doing here? And naked?"

"It's how you left me, remember? Someone finally came by and untied me, 'cause you forgot to." Italy replied, happily. "I KNEW IT!" Ester yelled, ceasing to run. "KEEP RUNNING, YOU!" Germany yelled back in reply.

"But I don't like runnniiiiinnnnggg!" she pouted, running in a very slow and Italy-like fashion now. "See, Doitsu? I'm not the only one who runs like that!" Italy told him. Germany couldn't help but facepalm and shake his head.

"You know what? Class is over." He said and grabbed Italy by the arm, pulling him away into a storage closet. The bell rang shortly after for lunch, but as you walked past you could hear the beautiful sounds of the fun Italy and Germany were having.

get in a line with a bunch of other students for lunch, wondering what you're going to be having that day. As you approach the front of the line, your stomach is immediately sickened. Standing behind the counter, scooping platefuls of…of…you don't even want to know what…was England, looking happy as could be.

"I hope you enjoy~" he said to each person as they walked away, disgusted. No matter how sexy that accent was, you did not want to confront the English man and his horrifying food. "England! What are you doing?" The shocked voice of France called. Soon enough, you saw France run in, roses and all.

"You know your cooking sucks! I'm the chef here!" France told him, angrily. For once, you were happy to be in the presence of the French man.

"My cooking does not suck! Isn't that right, everyone?" England asked, to which the room fell silent. He began to laugh nervously. "Haha, see? It's so good they're all speechless!" France sighed and grabbed his arm, dragging him away and locking him in a closet. "I'll come back for you later, my darling~" he called and skipped over to behind the counter.

"I'll have each of you something delicious soon! Just wait, and you'll have gourmet French cooking." He told you all and ran back into the kitchen. Almost instantly, he brings back a plate of foods you had only seen in movies, eaten by rich people. Your eyes widen as you stare at the food, happy to be able to eat something made by France.

He begins to arrange the food beautifully on all of the plates, handing one to each person, happy to receive it. "I hope you enjoy~" he said to you as he handed you a plate, winking as he did. No matter how creepy that may have been, you were happy to get your food.

As you got to the table though, you look and see a piece of paper under the plate. You take it out from the plate and look, horrified now, and too sickened to eat. On that piece of paper was a picture of France. And there were no roses to cover anything.

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