Texting was so meaningless. Why Alice insisted that she text me, instead of call me was beyond me. Plus, I don't even think I know how to text…

'Hey you!'

As of now I was in History class when I received this text message from my wonderful wife.

Holding the phone under the small desk, I tried my best to answer.


Was all I could muster up to text. Almost instantly the phone vibrated in my hands.

'How's history class? I seen you were bored. :/'

I was thoroughly confused at this point. What did : and / mean? And why on earth did she say that I was bored? She knows I love history class.

'What does : / mean?'

Feeling proud of myself for answering so quickly, thinking Alice probably wouldn't answer back as quickly, I was wrong. The phone vibrated two seconds after I had sent the message.

'Silly Jazz, lol'

Feeling even more confused, I went to text back before the phone vibrated once more.

'It means "Laugh out Loud"'

The phone vibrated again,

'How would you know that? Major Whitlock, you really need to keep up with the world. Keep up with us cool kids. : )'

My eyebrows raised as the phone continued to vibrate,

'Jasper, honestly? : and ) It's a smiley face!'


'Yes, I love you too. See you next period 3'

I didn't even bother asking what this so called and 3 meant. I figured it was better left unsaid.

Just a little one-shot on Alice and Jasper texting. Hope you liked it! Please review!