For any of you who are big fans of the "Texting Wars" series, I am terribly sorry to inform you this will be the final chapter. I hope you enjoy it the most!

I was hiding in the closet. It seemed like the best place to go after what events had just occurred. I had stole Esme's phone from her purse as I ran from the living room. I wasn't sure on why I took it, perhaps maybe somewhere deep inside myself, I had thought about calling 911?

The phone vibrated. It was a text from Carlisle.

'Jasper, where are you?'

'Carlisle, I'm scared.' I text back.

'Oh, this isn't Carlisle. This is Alice. Come out, come out wherever you are.' My stomach dropped as I thought of Alice snaking up the staircase towards the closet I was in. I put some thought into it, and decided to call the phone company. If I could get them new phones, wouldn't that make things better?

I heard her footsteps, I smelled her scent, my breathing increased. I had to face what was coming whether I had wanted to or not. I stepped out of the closet reluctantly and faced an angry Alice herself. She looked me up and down, noticing that I held Esme's phone rather tightly, almost shaking with fear.

I walked at a fast stride, meeting her gaze sternly, and this with a fierce passion, I embraced her in a kiss. I held both the sides of her face between my two large hands, deepening the kiss as I felt her slowly forgetting the cell phones. She dropped Carlisle's phone as I had Esme's awhile ago.

We released one another, and she smiled. Carlisle's phone vibrated and she smiled. I flipped the phone open and read with amazement.

'I love you Mr. Whitlock : )'

"I know what that is," I said, proud of myself as I remained my eyes on the small screen. "It's a smiley face." I smiled myself, returning my eyes to my lovely wife. "You got me in trouble in keyboarding, a bad reputation with the principal, and in an embarrassing picture of me that was sent to Nessie's phone…but I love you too Mrs. Whitlock."

We laughed in each other's arms, and broke the phones we had been holding in our hands. We laughed at the crunching sound they made, Emmett's perverted laugh, Bella, Edward's and Nessie's moans of disturbance, Esme's worrying sighs, Carlisle's shaking head, and Rosalie's whispering. We loved our family.


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