Silver's POV I was walking down the hallway at high school and saw a new face and Amy.I walked up and said "Hey is this?" She Replied "This is the new name is Blaze the cat."I then heard the bell. "DANG!I'm late again!"(in class) "Late like usual, huh Silver."Said "Now Silver, take a seat""I would now like to interdouce our new student, Blaze the cat.""Noow lets find you a seat...Aha!Blaze go seat beside Silver please." "O.K."she said in a nice voice. "Now is my chance"I said to myself.I passed her a note that said My name is Silver the hedgehog she wrote nice to meet you Silver I'm Blaze the cat.I wrote Want to go have dinner with me at Reb Lobster at 7:00 p.m tonight?She wrote sure. SORRY ONLY ONE CHAPTER!ONLY BECAUSE ITS MY FIRST STORY!