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Bella POV

"Ouch! Dammit, I think I broke my wrist. Arrgghhhh!"

I threw off my rollerblades and ran to Edward's side. He always had trouble turning into the alleyway near his house since it was a tight turn and there was a lip where the street connected to the alleyway that could easily trip anyone. I had been rollerblading for a lot longer than Edward had. Renee, my mom, had made me keep my fitness level up, so I had to burn calories by doing 'sixty minutes of hardcore exercise everyday'; whether it was raining, hail-stoning, snowing, or even if there was lightning. Ew. I hated any form of precipitation. Funnily, my first choice had been to go swimming, but that was too much hassle as the closest swimming pool to my house was... well, really far away. When Edward, my best friend, had heard my mom talking about me getting some exercise, he had bought himself a pair of rollerblades and started practicing in his garden. Once he got the hang of it, he asked me if he could join me in my little session. Of course, I agreed.

"Edward! Are you okay? Say something! Please, please tell me you're okay!" I yelled. The stones beneath me were digging into my knees, and my fingers were gripping Edward's hair so tightly that I wondered how I hadn't pulled it out yet.

"Bella, I'm fine. Don't fret. Calm down, Belly Button." He said with a smirk. "Just take a chill pill."

I glared at him hotly. I hated it when he used that dumb nickname. Ugh, Belly Button. How random was that?

"Just for that, Eddikins, you aren't getting my special cookie milkshake tonight." I told him with a superior air, using his stupid nickname. Every time his father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, was angry at him, Eddikins was the first thing that sprung to his mind. It was the same way for me.

"Aw, Bella, don't be like that! Please! I was only joking." His eyebrows mashed together, and he looked genuinely upset. Even though I knew he was only playing me, trying to get me to forgive him, I had to take pity on him. I was dazzled yet again by his mad acting skills.

"Okay, Edward. But that is the last time you call me that stupid name, got it? Now, where were we? Oh, yeah, you broke your wrist. Oh my God, you broke your wrist! Should I call Carlisle? Or Esme? Or Alice?"

"Bella. Will you stop that? Carlisle will probably just take me to the hospital, and you know how much I hate it there. The smell of antiseptic, the blood and all those needles..." We both cringed in memory. "Esme will probably keep me in bed all day and the whole of tomorrow as well. And Alice? How can you even mention her name? She would probably scream until the whole neighbourhood collapses."

I rolled my eyes. Alice, my other best friend and Edward's sister, would do just that. At school, three years ago, Alice had screamed so much that Mr. Berty, our English teacher, had sent her to the principal's office with a detention slip. Her reasoning behind the screaming had been that there was a greenfly on her table, but still, we were only ten years old.

We all hoped that Alice would be a little more mature this year, but no such luck was with us. In fact, she had gotten slightly worse, especially as she now had a boyfriend. Jasper Whitlock was one of the calmest people I knew, but he seemed to have no effect on old Ali. She was, somehow, even more 'hyped-up' when she was with Jasper. It was starting to get on my nerves. Badly. But I really enjoyed Jasper's company. He had become one of my closest friends.

"Okay fine. But still, would you PLEASE come inside and let me bandage your hand? Please?"

His eyes narrowed. I rolled my eyes again, and pleaded with my eyes as well as pouting my lips slightly.

"Alright, Bella, alright! Bandage my stupid wrist." He shook his head, and I led him inside his house.

Edward's house was like a mansion. The first time I stepped foot in it, I needed a Sat Nav to get around...

It was a rainy day as I stood nervously on the stoop of Edward's house, knocking softly.

"Bella? Is that you?" Edward said. I knocked timidly on the door once again.

"Yeah, it's me Edward. Can you open the door, please? It's raining so hard out here." I was shivering and my teeth were chattering in the bitter cold.

"Oh yeah, sorry Bella. Come on in." He replied as he opened the door. I stepped inside and looked up. My mouth fell to the floor. His house was huge from the outside, but inside it was enormously huge! I was sure that Edward had said his was the same size as my house and yet my house looked like a balloon next to his.

"You like?" I spun around to face Edward and he beamed back at me. He had a huge gap in his beautiful smile because his front teeth had recently fallen out. He reminded me of a bunny rabbit.

"I love! It's so big, though! I thought your house was supposed to be the same size as mine? You lied, Edward! You lied!" I said accusingly, poking a finger into his chest.

"I didn't, honestly! My mom said I should never boast," He said proudly, as if he had learned a new, big word.

I laughed. Edward was so funny. Maybe that's why he was my best friend. He led me into the kitchen, helped me hop onto the chair and took my jacket to hang up. I was still freezing, and he seemed to notice as he asked Esme to turn the gas fire on. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a bowl of the juiciest, yummiest looking watermelon I had ever seen. Again being his observant self, Edward asked if I wanted some.

"I've never had watermelon before," I said quietly. He got a knife from the drawer closest to me and walked over to the bowl. Edward cut the fruit in half and it oozed with goodness. He diced it until it was small enough to pop into my mouth and selected a small but juicy piece with the fewest number of seeds visible. He handed it to me with a smile. I took the piece gently and then bit off the first chunk of what would be a life long love of the scrumptious fruit. I swallowed and practically screamed,

"Oh my God, that is DELICIOUS!" Edward and Esme were laughing raucously. I glared at them but finished the succulent fruit before hopping off my chair and grabbing another, occasionally spitting out the odd pip. We chatted conversationally as I ate piece after piece of watermelon until I felt a pressure in my abdomen and knew something would need to be done about it now. I asked Esme where the bathroom was. Until now, I hadn't realised watermelon had a lot of water in it. I needed to pee. Desperately.

"Honey, just go up the stairs and turn left. It should be right in front of you. Shall I come with you?"

I shook my head. I could hardly pee when my mum was on the same floor as me, let alone a stranger (well, Edward's mom, actually) coming into the room with me.

"It's okay, Esme, I'm sure I can manage. Thank you, though." I said politely. Edward sniggered at my graciousness.

"Okay, Darling, go ahead."

I heard her scolding Edward for chortling at me. I bit my bottom lip and smiled goofily.

I trudged up the stairs and came across the landing, gawking at all the perfect pictures and portraits of Edward's family jealously. I felt a funny feeling in my tummy. Oh, God. I was desperately desperate now. What had Esme said? Ah, the door on the left. I turned to my left, but there was no door there. I frowned. To my right there was no door either. I cocked my head and bit down on my lip. Was I lost? But, how in the world had I gotten lost? I fought back the tears and turned around again. There was a door at the end of the corridor. I staggered blindly towards it and opened the door. Seated in a chair, with a brandy glass in his hand, was Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Edward's very well-respected father. Carlisle had the looks of a movie star. He was... very good-looking, with his blond hair, muscled body and perfect, chiselled features. If Edward ended up looking like that, I would definitely be marrying my best friend. I chuckled slightly at that absurd thought, considering I was only six, and marriage 'shouldn't be on my mind' (as my dad had once, so nicely, put it). I shook my head slightly and remembered my being here. I started weeping again.

"Bella? What's going on? Are you okay?" He said, acknowledging my tears.

"Carlisle, I'm lost. Where am I?" I sniffed, rubbing my watery eyes.

He wiped my tears away and gave me a tissue. Carlisle then held my hand and tilted his head to the door.

"Bella, let me take you downstairs. Don't worry, you're okay now. Come on, now, stop crying."

After leading me this way and that, I saw a staircase. We walked down together and I could see Edward pacing the foot of the steps, with an anxious look on his face.

"Bella! Oh, God! Are you okay?"

"I'm okay, Edward." I giggled. "I got lost! I couldn't find the toilet and- What's that look for!"

Edward was shaking his head, a slight edge of relief on his pale face.

"Bella, this isn't funny. You could've gotten hurt!" He wiped the watermelon traces of my face with his sleeve.

I rolled my eyes and took Edward's sweaty palm in mine.

"Let's go eat some cookies. We can play cookie dunk! And I know I'm gonna win today- I have a good feeling." I said, smiling.

And we walked off together, hand in hand... and I didn't even need to pee any more. Thank God.

"Bella? What's up? Is something wrong?" Edward said anxiously, shaking my shoulder as he tried to wake me from my reverie.

I smiled. Whenever I became a Dolly Daydream, Edward always assumed the worst.

"I'm good, fine. I'm just... thinking." I said, picking out the ace bandage from the first aid kit and flicking my brown hair over my shoulder. My hair was pretty long now- it had reached my waist. I wanted to cut it, but Edward thought that the 'awesome streaks of red-ness' were too good to let go.

"Bella?" He asked in a serious tone, raising an eyebrow to punctuate the question. Seeing my stubborn posture he continued sweetly, "Aren't you going to tell me?" pouting his lips slightly. I could smell his sweet, candy-cool breath fanning my face. I shook my head quickly, smirking in pleasure that I could withstand his dazzling abilities this time.

"Ugh, I wish I could read your mind." He replied, irked. My eyes widened. If Edward could read minds, my only wish would be that my mind was running on another wavelength somehow, with a totally different frequency and that there was no way in hell that my thoughts would be his in a matter of seconds. Thank goodness he wasn't some sort of... mind-reader.

"Edward, that's a bad wish and you know it. It's one that is totally wasted. Now you'll never get my cookie milkshake!" I said, eyes gleaming, wrapping the material firmly yet gently around his left wrist with careful hands.

Edward became thoughtful, a slight frame of hurt in the warm gaze that he fixed on me.

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