You Again

Hello! This is my second story I've written on Fanfiction!

Anyway, I loved Frozen Fire but I feel like it left a lot of questions and it didn't quite go the way I wanted it to so I'm writing a sequel for it, kind of. My stories are probably much different then Tim Bowler but I try! :) Now please read and enjoy! I know the first chapter's short but its only the first chapter, the second chapter will be more interesting, hopefully! Now read! lol And dont forget to review!

I dont own anything! I dont own anything at all, it all belongs to Tim Bowler! :D

Chapter 1

My life has changed since the boy disappeared, I thought as I lie in the snow in an open field near my house. I started to change, mentally and physically. I don't understand anything anymore. When he left, Josh's body was found at the bottom of the lake in Stonewell Park. The boy had knew from the time I last talked to him on the phone, that he knew where Josh was. Well, an image of where he was but by the end...he knew. I was thankful to the boy for helping me find Josh. But when the boy drove into the lake, which lead to divers finding Josh's body, he disappeared in the car and that was the last time I saw him, physically. The boy had said there was no seperation between us now. I feel what he feels and he feels what I feel. I see what he sees, he sees what I see, I hear what he hears, he hears what I hear. And lately, I have been feeling what he feels, see what he sees, hear what he hears. And I wonder if its the same with him. If we're so connected, why did he leave?

It's been two years since he disappeared and strange things have been happening to me. My hair has become very white lately, like the boy's. I've been feeling stronger and I know things. It's all very unclear to me. Very unpredictable. It's hard to explain. It's like I see things that aren't what I see. Their someone else's, I guess. At times, I know its the boy but they're very unclear. Fuzzy. But sometimes, it isn't him. I could never pinpoint who the eyes belong to, though. My feet sizzle under snow like I'm on fire. I feel pain everywhere in my body. My body takes a different shape. More feminine but male also, like a mix the boy. My skin has become more like a light, it's becoming to scare me. My parents have been noticing my change in the past year also. They know I had a strong connection with the boy and understand what might happen to me. I'm kind of afraid of what might happen to me. I'm surprised that I still have the sense of time and remembrance and I have a feeling that might be the only thing that I won't lose.

I don't really go to school anymore. I only do sometimes and I get in trouble for not going but I don't really care that much. Things have changed about me. There's no mistaking that. I'm concerned about the boy. What happened to him? That's the question that I always ask myself. I've been even more concerned about him, because I haven't gotten any connection once so ever in the past three months. There would be a sign that I know that he's still okay but I haven't gotten anything. I hope he's okay. Everyday that passes, I miss him more and more. There IS a connection between us. A very deep one, too. I feel like he left at a very bad time, he left me at a very bad time. Everything has become more overwhelming. When I found out the Josh had, well you know, to Angelica. It was hard to swallow, still is. And he guilted himself so much about it that he killed himself for it. We never knew how he got in the lake. There have been many rumors. He either killed himself, someone had killed him, he fell in, so many tales have gone around its hard to keep track. But there's only one way I see it.

Lately, I've been going to the library and I try to find some information in other towns or states of a mysterious boy. But I haven't gotten a bloody thing. I've been very edgy lately. I don't know if I'm being some sort of stalker or just someone that deeply cares for him but all of this is starting to confuse the hell out of me.

All I want is some reconciliation. Something that would take the edge off of me. I don't know what it is but I've been feeling that something bad is going to happen and soon.

If ,whatever it is, doesn't happen soon, I don't know what I'd do. All I hope is this:

I hope the boy is alright.

Well, I hope you like the first chapter! I tried to do my best! Chapter 2 will be so much better, hopefully. :D Thank you for reading! Please review!

I dont own anything, it all belongs to Tim Bowler. :D