You Again

It's been a very long time since I updated this chapter. Hard to believe I was 12 when I started writing this.

I decided to rewrite the chapters I've posted and try to continue writing this story to the best of my ability. Sorry I've gone so long.

Like you may already know, Frozen Fire was one of favorite books and it didn't end the way I would have liked it to, so I wanted to write a sequel almost for it. Please enjoy this revision, I revised it pretty quickly so its not my best, but I just wanted to get something out there on this story.

All rights go to the author of Frozen Fire, Tim Bowler. Enjoy :)


I lie in the snow in the open field near home.

My life has changed since the boy disappeared, mentally and physically. I don't understand anything anymore.

When he left, Josh's body was found at the bottom of the lake in Stonewell Park. The boy knew Josh was in the lake, maybe not in the beginning of our relationship, but he figured it out in the end.

I'm thankful to the boy for helping my parents and I find what was left of my brother. The boy disappeared after he drove the car into the lake and I haven't seen him again, physically. But I can still feel him. It all started a couple of months after he left; I was in English class when the world around me was enveloped in a white light and there was nothing, but a ring in my ear. I woke up hours later, in a hospital bed. I was told I passed out in the middle of class.

The white light and ringing continued for months, until I starting feeling him. It would be just flashes of images, so many blurred images, until they were clear enough for me to see what was occurring the images. In the beginning, these images scared me. I didn't know what they were until one day, I felt an image of him looking into the mirror. I couldn't believe it. And that was the last time I saw a clear image of him.

I was confused. I didn't understand why I was feeling him, and then I remembered. He told me once that there was no separation between us now, after what we've gone through. I can feel what he feels and see what he sees, and there are words to describe the things he feels, the way he views his life.

The one thing that I've wondered is if its the same for him. Can he see and feel the things I feel? If he said we're connected in ways the world would never understand, why did he leave?

It's been two years now, since he left. And if the connection I have with the boy isn't weird enough, even stranger things have been happening to me.

In the last year, my hair has turned a snow white, like the boys'. My strength is inhuman; I can toss things three times my size across the room. And I know things. I know things before they happen, events that will happen afterwards, and its like I'm sensitively aware of everything around me. It's still all very unclear to me. It's so hard to explain. Sometimes I don't know if what I'm feeling are my feelings, or what I'm seeing is really what I see.

The sky is black and the stars are clear tonight as I watch the floating clouds I know are there. Its time go. I move to get up and I start to walk back home. My feet sizzle under the snow as if they're made of fire. Pain settles deep in my body. My body has taken a different shape as well; not quite feminine, but not quite masculine either. My skin is pure and bright, like a light. I am not as afraid by these changes like I used to be. I am not an frustrated or angry, because I understand more.

My parents know now that I've had a strong connection with the boy and my new developments relate back to him. I'm still surprised that I still have a sense of time and my memories. I hope that won't be one I lose.

I don't really go to school anymore. I can't be bothered; too many questions would be asked, too many questions I don't have answers to. I ended just getting my GED once I turned eighteen. Now, I spend my days concerning myself over the boy. Something is stirring, something is about to happen and I don't know what. There has been no images, no thoughts in the last month and that can't be nothing.

Even though I may not understand the connection completely, I know that the connection I have with the boy is very deep, too deep that I may never truly understand. Everyday that passes, I find myself being afraid for him and missing him. Everything has become very overwhelming.

I've been going to the library, lately, to try and find any kind of information anywhere of strange happenings or a mysterious boy. But I haven't gotten a bloody thing.

All I want is some reconciliation. Something that would take this edge off of me. Whatever may happen soon, all I can pray is that the boy will be alright.