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Snow had fallen, up till at least a foot on the cold ground by now. Little white flakes fall from the sky, looking like white crystals. The snow's pure white, fresh. Since it had just fell, the streets, the sidewalks, on cars, roofs, doorsteps, in open fields, the snow is a smooth surface, untouched, so beautiful. I wanted to fall through it and never get up. The cold wouldn't kill me.

I had decided to go for a walk after dinner, possibly the last dinner I would have with my family. I was going to miss them so much, but I know they'd be okay. The boy needed my help. I had made up my mind, I would walk up to Stonewall Park before I left for Massachusetts. I had packed all the essential, only a taking up half of my backpack. As I walked, I looked over my mental check list in my head again.

An extra pair of clothing...

Toothbrush, toothpaste...


A notebook with pencils (sharperner too)...

And money...

Nothing much since its important to pack as light as possible and with me, I don't need a lot of things. I could whatever else I need on the road. Hell, the only reason I take showers anymore is too depress at least some of the strong fragrance I have. Like that works. I don't need any human nesscessities anymore. From my appearance, I may seem...lethal. I hated it...

I shook at my train of thought, pulled my hat even lower on my head, stuffed my un-gloved hands in my coat pockets, and continued walking down the road.

'I can't keep thinking about myself and my differences. There's other I have to think about. I have to focus on what I had to do.'

As I took a step, my feet make a sizzling sound from beneath me, taunting me, smoke, the cold, floating up from the snow; like there was a fire starting to form. It was kind of scary, but familiar. It was like the time when the boy was here, in town. He said I was experiencing what he was experiencing. Does it still happen? Why?

That's how it was, always stumped with a question.

I watched the cold rise around my legs. I inhaled, deeply, taking in everything: the frigid air, the dark sky, the dog barking in a neighboring yard, the cars driving around the town up the block, then I exhaled, letting all of it out of me. I smirked. I felt better, kind of a conjested feeling. I use that method of breathing to get rid of all that claustrophoboc feeling inside of me.

Up ahead, I could see the narrow trail leading up to Stonewall Park, trees surrounding it, leaning down, threatening to fall onto the trail. It was narrow and short. I could easily see the monument. Then, there were the swings and all the other equipment. The untouched snow was the only other things around. I sat down on the swing, slowly swaying, looking up at the dark sky. I leaned my temple on the cold metal chain. I started thinking again. What would we do once I got to him/ Will the boy look the same? Will he be expecting me? What would his reaction be?

There was , also, another deep down in my brain that I don't like to think. What if he doesn't remember me?

Oh, bloody hell...

I am not, am not, going to obsess about him now. There's no way.

'"And don't..."

"Don't what?"

"Don't become obsessed with me."

She stared at him. It seemed a ridiculos thing for him to say.'

I sighed and closed my eyes. Letting the snow hit and melt on my face, the water sliding down to my neck. It tickled and I wiped it away. At that moment, I felt stupid. I felt as if everything had no purpose. Why did Josh have to die? Why did my life have to turn out this way? Why was I the one the boy called? Why did this all happened to me? I hated this. No answers to anything. Nothing made sense. I inhaled and exhaled. Wind blew from the east and I pretended that it was taking me away. I lifted my head off the chain, firmly gripped the chains on either side of me, and let myself fall back, my head tilted to the night sky, shutting my eyes. Then, as if by magic, the wind sped up so fast and hard, it made my whole body sway. I smiled, opening my eyes to look up at the dark, snow-filled sky, as if I could find all the answers there. And for a minute, I thought I could, but my smile fell, realizing there was no such fantasy like that. Then again, nothing was insane or impossible anymore.

I have no idea how long I sat there for. I guessed about an hour. I stood up and took out my phone to look at the time. And I was close, it was 2 AM. Two hours straight. Now a days, I lost track of time.

I pocketed my phone, but then thought better of it. I held it in my hand, then curled my hand around the mobile, and crushing it into pieces. I wouldn't be needing it anymore. I can't have anyone track me. I tossed the pieces into a garbage and looked up at the snow-covered trees.

I was going to miss this place. Miss...all of this. My feet started to move and the next thing I knew, I was on the street again, walking towards my house. I'm not going to lie, I was scared of leaving my parents. I was the last child they had. They were going to be all alone now. I saw the lights still glowing outside the front door. Warm, inviting. I paused outside of it, taking in my house for the last time maybe.

I bowed my head. No. I was going to come back, to check up on them. Once I've helped the boy. Another goal I hope to achieve

With that, I walked into my home and waltzed up the stairs, slowly. Sliding my hand along the wall, taking a glimpse of my abode, memorizing every crack, stain on the walls, every object, every tilt of picture frame on the walls, I memorize into my brain. I grab my backpack off my bed, and just before I close my bedroom door, I get one last look at my room, before I turn off the light and shut it.

I slowly creep into my parents room, not wanting to wake them. I said I would leave in the morning, but I wouldn't be able to. Its better to just leave now. I give Mum and Dad eack a kiss on the forehead, softly, and slowly creep back out of the room. I took one last look at them. Mum wrapped in Dad's arms, both snoring softly. Smiling, I shut the door, walk down the stairs to the front door, picking up my keys, and locking the door. Jumping into my new Jeep, I start the ignition and drive away from my home, not daring to look back, tears streaming down my face. Before leaving, I wrote a note and stuck it on the fridge.

Three words, I know would mean so much to them.

I love you...

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