Title: Mr Chuck and Mrs Blair…

Chapter 16: Get an inevitable task, get bitchy…

Author: Ellibells

Summary: (Post season 4) a series of future Chair fic, fluffy humour…Fluffy Fluff!

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Blair had popped out to the office to do a few errands while she had some free time as Chuck was fine looking after Evie. Chuck had started working part time which meant he was flexible to spend time with his family and still keep things in check with the company. But at this very moment in time, he was slightly regretting allowing Blair to run off for the morning to do some errands.

Nate had kindly offered his services to help Chuck with Evie as he had a day off work and he hadn't spent time with his best friend in a while.

"Dude, what is that smell, it stinks", Nate interrupted their conversation abruptly.

Chuck snipped and immediately zoned his attention to Evie who was currently laid on her jungle gym on the floor next to them on the sofa.

"Great!" Chuck said sarcastically.

"Well, Godfather, this is when your title comes into play", Chuck insisted as he picked his daughter up off the floor and handed her in the direction of his disgusted looking best friend.

"You're not being serious?" Nate jumped backwards before chuck had chance to hand over Evie.

"Deadly. Nathaniel, for once in your life, be a man." Chuck said sternly, struggling to hide his smirk at how obscene his best friend's facial expression looked.

"No way man! Even if I wanted to, I have no idea", Nate tried the best he could to dodge the inevitable task.

Before he could protest, Chuck had handed Evie over to Nate and smirking mischievously.

"I beg you! I have no idea, serious".

"I would love to see that one day Nathaniel…but for now, my daughter need changing", Chuck said as he stroked his daughters cheek.

She quickly did her little grin, knowing her Daddy was referring to her as he aimed his attention at her.

"Exactly, YOUR daughter, not mine!" Nate announced.

"True, but not quite, Nathaniel, are you listening…God-Daughter. Hear that? Daughter, off you go big guy!" Chuck gestured to the nursery as he pat his best friend on the back in encouragement.

Nate knew he wasn't going to win this, a strategic retreat wasn't an option so instead, he started to move his feet towards the nursery.

Chuck shook his head in amusement as he heard his best friend mutter profanities under his breath.

Just as Nate disappeared down the hallway, Chuck called out behind him.

"Good luck!"


Chuck did a bit of tidying while he had the chance. What are the odds? Chuck Bass domesticated, pfft, he never thought he'd see the day!

After about ten minutes, Chuck became curious as to what was taking them so long, I mean, it was only a diaper, what was the worst that could happen.

Just as Chuck was about to inspect on the situation, he heard the clicking of Blair's heels against the marble foyer.

"Chuck? Ah, there you are…" Blair said as she spotted her husband and advanced towards him swiftly.

She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him sweetly on the lips while his arms looped around her trim waist.

"Hhmm, what was that for?" Chuck asked as he brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear, grazing his index finger across he jaw as he did so.

"Do I need a reason to kiss my husband?" Blair commented as she kissed him again, firm on his perfectly moulded lips.

"I just missed my babies…where is my other baby by the way?" she asked looking around the room.

"Dear Nathaniel is taking up his Godfather duties and is attempting to change Evie's diaper…but now you mention it, he has been in there quite a while…" C answered with curiosity remembering that he was going to investigate before he was pleasantly sidetracked.

"WHAT THE! …SHIT!" the pair heard Nate yell from the nursery.

Blair turned back to face Chuck who just shrugged with an innocent grin. Blair shook her head and tried to reframe herself from giggling. Blair Bass didn't giggle.


When Chuck and Blair got to the nursery door, they were met with something not too unexpected…

Evie was laid on her changing mat with no diaper on, Nate standing next to her looking very flustered, covered in wetness as he tried to change her.

Nate felt the presence in the room and his eyes flashed towards the door.

"Oh thank god! Help me! Your child is evil…first she starts wriggling and then there's poop and-oh god!" Nate pleaded as he handed to clean diaper in Chuck and Blair's direction.

"You never seize to surprise me Nate, how did you get so hopeless?" Blair insulted him in the most light-hearted way possible.

"I think you need retraining Nathaniel, we may have to rethink your title as Godfather…" Chuck joked as he moved to help Blair tackle the situation Nate had created.

"I told you I didn't have a clue! It took me ten minutes to figure out how to get the thing undone, jeez!" Nate flew his arms up in the air in defeat.

Meanwhile, Blair had whipped up the mess and Chuck was currently finishing off buttoning Evie's sleep suit up.

"All done Baby, Nathaniel has yet to master the art doesn't he? Yes he does!" Chuck spoke to Evie in a soft paternal voice as he picked her up and handed her to her Mommy.

Nate was still fascinated every time he saw Chuck interact with Evie, he was like a different man, he was soppy and…cute!

"Did you miss me sweetie? Because Mommy missed you my beautiful baby", Blair cooed as she bounced Evie who was smiling contently as her mother held her and kissed her.

The four of them excited the crime seen back into the living area. When they finally got there, Nate announced that he was leaving.

"Well, it seems you guys have everything under control…I think I need a drink after my ordeal".

"Chuck just shook his head as he patted his friend on the back. He felt bad for the guy, he really was clueless.

"Bye Nate, thanks for, well, thanks!" Blair said as she hugged him the best she could still holding Evie on her hip.

"Evie…" Nate nodded and ruffled the little hair Evie had before exiting towards the elevator.

Before he reached the elevator, Blair took the chance to shout something.

"Oh and Nate? If you ever call our child evil or use profanities in front of her again, I will personally, hunt you down and cut you balls off, ok? Good! Bye now!" Blair said in a chipper tone with her bitch smile.

Nate didn't hang around and quickly descended into the safety of the elevator.

"Oh…I love it when you're a bitch…how about we put Evie down for her nap and we can put your bitchiness to some good use?..." Chuck hinted suggestively as he nipped at Blair's ear from behind.

"Hhmm, your art of persuasion is nothing but flawless…"


When Blair had successfully put Evie down for her nap, she went in search of her husband in their bedroom.

As she opened the door, she was met with the dim light of the room, candles scattered around the room on every surface and before she realized what was happening, Chuck had grabbed her and pinned her against the door.

"What took you so long…lover?" Chuck purred into Blair's he begun to nip at her neck and ear lobe.

"If you thought that was long…you have no idea what you're in for…" Blair announced, remembering the night so many years ago when she nearly had Chuck just were she wanted him, in her heart.

Blair felt Chuck smile against her cheek as he continued to kiss a path down her jaw.

Without restrained, Blair pulled her back off the wall and push Chuck roughly in the direction of their bed until she felt Chuck hit the mattress, her following quickly as she straddled his hips.

"I love it when you play dirty!" Chuck murmured as he begun ripping at her dress.

Blair didn't reply but instead, claimed his mouth with hers as she let her tongue invade his mouth.

One piece of clothing after another, they disappeared of the side of bed until the duo were just left panting between kisses with nothing but underwear between them.

Blair could feel Chuck pressing himself against her hip as she bent down so her lips were close to his, only a breath away from touching.

"I want you…" Blair breathed into his mouth before once again pressing her lips fiercely against his with as much passion that was humanly possible.

"I love you…" was Chuck's only response as he flipped them over so he was now on top, holding his upper body weight with his strong arms so he didn't crush Blair's delicate frame.

"I love you…" Blair replicated, arching her hips to meet his more fully.

Chuck moved their final barriers and positioned himself at her hot entrance. Just as he was about to thrust into her, they were interrupted by the baby monitor.

"Eurgh!" Chuck mumbled as he kissed Blair quickly on the lips before letting her pull herself off the bed to attend to the very high maintenance Bass.

Chuck wasn't about to let his daughter cry, so her admitted defeat and retrieved his boxers from the floor placing them back on.

Chuck took his seat back on the bed and without realising it; a pout has graced his lips.

"Duty call Daddy…I will make it up to you I promise", Blair kissed him sweetly on the lips before exiting their sanctuary.

Chuck let out a sigh of disappointment and flopped back onto their bed.

"Always knows how to make an entrance…like mother like daughter…" Chuck muttered to himself.

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