Hey, this is my NaNoWriMo story for 2010, which basically means I have to write 50, 000 words in the month of November, so expect quick updates. This story is Part 1 of 7, which will follow Annie's 7 years at Hogwarts, but I'm not sure how quickly the next parts will be up. This story will eventually be GeorgeXOC, but that's not for a long while, she's only 11! So just read, enjoy, and review.


The October air was as cool and crisp as any before. The chilly breeze seemed to beckon November closer and closer, just like any other October before it. But this October was very, very different. The children still ran around as the month came to a close, dressed as things from a world of which they did not belong. They were filled with the desire to visit every house, ring every doorbell, and beg for as much candy as possible, but nobody dared disturb the residents of 17 Parkwood Lane. The house was large and foreboding, the kind of house that was sure to be the center of many neighborhood rumors. The lawn was unkempt and the trees creaked in the wind. One young lady occupied the house. She was rarely seen outside of her house, but when she was it was usually in a mysterious, but cruel manner. These actions earned her the title of Wicked Witch. "If only they knew." She muttered upon discovering this. Her neighbors cared so little for her in fact, that nobody bothered to learn that as of one year prior, the Wicked Witch was no longer alone. Yes, Cassiopeia Greymann had given birth to a daughter.

And she held tight to the fussing baby as she paced anxiously back and forth in front of the large front window, occasionally sneaking nervous glances outside. She had just received a bit of disturbing news from one of her few visitors. James and Lily Potter were dead. But that was not the disturbing part; she had been anticipating the death of them and their son for some time now. No, the disturbing part was the whispered rumor, spoken so softly that it was like the speaker was frightened for his life. And frightened he should be! If the Dark Lord caught wind of this rumor they would both be dead before you could say "Mudblood!"

Suddenly, a hooded figure appeared out of the darkness. The loud crack that signaled her arrival startled a few of the trick or treaters, who quickly ran to the neighboring house. The figure walked swiftly to 17 Parkwood Lane. She too had just received a disturbing rumor, but unlike Cassiopeia, she wasn't going to just sit around while everything they worked for fell through their fingertips. Leaves crunched under her feet as she rounded a corner and was standing in front of the large house.

"You better not go in there!" warned a small boy with two large, crooked front teeth, who was dressed as a vampire. "That's where the Wicked Witch lives!"

She fingered the wand in her pocket. Just one quick spell and the boy would be out of her way for good. So easy to just stun him, but completely unnecessary. "I'll take my chances." She muttered and quickly moved on, through the front gate and up to the porch.

"Bella! Thank goodness you're here! I've heard such terrible things!" exclaimed Cassiopeia as she shifted her daughter closer to her.

"Yes well, you would've been one of the first to know if you hadn't been occupied with other…things." Bellatrix said icily.

"Honestly Bella, you know I had no control over it! Besides, Antigone's really not that bad." Cassiopeia defended.

"Cassie, you've gotten just as soft as Cissy! But at least she stayed loyal to the Dark Lord!"

Anger flared up within Cassiopeia. How dare she say these things! Had she not joined Voldemort directly out of school? Had she not spent years following him, her loyalty not wavering? Just because she had not been able to go to every meeting and mission since Antigone was born did not change her loyalty! "I did not deserted him! I'm just as loyal as the day I joined!"

Bellatrix smirked. "Are you sure? Well, I didn't come here to scold you for your obvious disloyalty. I came here to tell you that The Dark Lord has disappeared."

"You mean the rumors are true? Lord Voldemort is dead?" Cassiopeia asked quietly. If Bellatrix Lestrange was about to admit that Voldemort was dead, then it must be true. The final shred of hope she had been desperately clinging to, vanished in the blink of an eye.

"NO!" Bellatrix yelled loud enough to make Antigone whimper into her mother's chest. "He is NOT dead! I came here tonight to tell you that Rodolphus and I have a plan to find out where he is hiding."

"And what might that plan be?"

"We believe that those two aurors, the Longbottoms I think, may know where he is." Bellatrix explained, losing a bit of the anger that had flared up within her so suddenly.

"Who is going with you? Surely you can't go alone."

"No, we weren't planning to. Rodolphus went to ask Barty Crouch Jr. to accompany us, and I was supposed to ask you."

"I-Yes, of course I'll come! But I have to take care of Antigone first." Cassiopeia was eager to show her long time friend that she was still loyal.

"Yes, yes, but hurry. We don't have much time."

"I don't know where to take her," Cassiopeia admitted sheepishly.

Bellatrix pursed her lips in annoyance. "Well don't you have that squib sister? Just leave her there. I don't know when we'll be back."

Cassiopeia bit her lip nervously. She hadn't spoken to her sister in years, and they hadn't really parted on good terms. After a few seconds of internal conflict, she saw it was her only option. "Of course. I'll be back shortly." And with a loud crack Cassiopeia and Antigone disappeared from the house.

She reappeared in the center of a sleepy street. The houses were dark, but the overall affect was not frightening, but calming. The kind of place Cassiopeia would associate with her sister, a kind hearted loving person. She made Cassiopeia sick. Every step to her sister's house took effort. She wasn't frightened; Cassiopeia Greymann was no coward. However, she was nervous that her sister would turn her away. However kind hearted she might be, she was not the type of person to forgive easily. Much too soon for her taste, she was standing at her sister's front porch. She heard lively music playing inside, and laughter. Of course, she thought bitterly, her sister would be celebrating on a night like this. Her sister had married a muggleborn (an even worse dishonor to the family than being born a squib in her opinion!), causing her to still have a close connection to the wizard world. But Cassiopeia swallowed her pride and knocked on the door.

"I'll be there in a second!"came her sister's all too familiar, nauseating voice. She heard heavy footsteps across hardwood floor, and the door was thrown open. "Oh." The wide smile that had previously been plastered upon her sister's face, turned into a menacing frown.

"Charlotte, please. I need a favor." She pleaded.

"You left like, then years later you expect me to bed to your every whim. Forget it. I'm not the little girl who used to idolize you anymore. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a grown adult, who's married and has a job. I've matured, something you seem completely incapable of doing." Charlotte began to shut the door, but Cassiopeia quickly put her foot out to stop it.

"Char, just hear me out. That's all I ask." Charlotte's face was still set in a stern, disapproving frown. "Please." The last word came out as a small, barely audible whisper.

Charlotte had never heard her sister seem so weak. She was always so strong, she never showed emotion. Her moment of shock was just the right amount of hesitation Cassiopeia needed to push her way past her sister and into her house.

The house was messy, but in a nice sort of way. Unlike her own home, her sister's house looked like somebody actually lived in it. It was homely, with the dishes filling the sink; the smell of that night's dinner still lingering in the air. The worn sofa was placed in the far wall of the living room, and in that room she could see four people all smiling widely and holding glasses of some bubbly liquid. A muggle drink no doubt. Cassiopeia wrinkled her nose in disgust and instantly felt sorry that she was leaving her daughter in this rubbish dumb. This fact did not go unnoticed by Charlotte who muttered under her breath, "She hasn't changed much."

"So Char," Cassiopeia put on a falsely cheery voice. "I need you to take care of Antigone for me."

She really didn't beat around the bush did she? "Is that who you're holding?" She asked, purposely trying not to answer the question immediately.

"Yes. She is my daughter. I need you to take care of her."

"You need me to babysit?"

"Not exactly. I was thinking more like, well, forever." Cassiopeia said, trying to sound as light and pleasant and possible.

"FOREVER? Are you serious? You can't just come here and ask me to raise your daughter for you! What kind of mother does that?" Charlotte shrieked, which caused the people in the living room to look up nervously.

"That's just the thing Char!" Cassiopeia said dramatically, "I'm not a fit mother! Just imagine what I could do to mess her up."

Charlotte hesitated. Of course she was right. Cassiopeia would turn this sweet, sleeping baby into a self-centered terror in an instant. But she couldn't just take on a child so suddenly! It was a lifetime commitment, and she knew that she would never be able to provide everything this Antigone would need. And there was still the fact that her sister couldn't be telling the whole truth. There was something that she was hiding, and Charlotte had a pretty good idea what that secret might be. But still, it was her niece.

"You're a Death Eater." The words were out of her mouth before Charlotte could stop them. It was true, now that she said it, she realized the honesty behind it.

"Honestly Char, you think so little of me. Yes, I'll admit I was a Death Eater. But I have seen the error of my ways, and I want to repent. But I can't do it with the ghosts of my past still haunting me. That's why I need you to take care of Antigone for me. " Cassiopeia was lying through her teeth, but of course, Charlotte didn't know that. And she was always a sucker for a good sob story.

"I don't know-but of course. I'll take her. You understand that I'll never be able to provide her the things you could. As you can see, we're not the richest people in the world." Cassiopeia had seen, but she had finally gotten her sister to see things her way and wasn't going to ruin it.

"No, this is much better for her." She assured her sister. "Oh, and there's one more thing you need to know about Antigone." She said handing over her daughter.

Charlotte was suddenly in love with the sweet, sleeping child in her arms and said distractedly. "Yes, and what is that."

"She's not normal. You see, her dad was….different."

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