Let's get one thing straight, I hate hate HATE chapters that are only author's notes. In fact, I deeply contemplated posting this at all, but I felt you guys needed an explanation. I haven't abandoned this story. Not at all, in fact. I have so many little pieces of it written and ideas jotted down in numerous notebooks. I'm just feeling pressured. When I'm writing I find myself thinking, "Will my readers like this?" It shouldn't be like that. I should write because that's what I want to do, not for anybody else. It's become a chore to me, sort of like "I've got to get this chapter up this weekend." Sort of thing. I feel like for the sake of getting the next chapter out I've sacrificed quality. And while some of you may not mind, I really, really do. So I'm taking a break. A short break, like a month or two. This is NOT goodbye, more like see you later.

Until next time,