Castlevania: Rise of the Dracopires

The War has Begun!

In Gladewater,TX 1999, Sapphira and all her children gathered around a dying boy. Tears were in all of their eyes. Sapphira said, "We are sorry you are here to spend the last of your days. We will never forget, Eric Olson, how you saved us all. We deeply regret that we cannot medically assist you. We can only pray that someone will find you. You saved us all from the wrath of King Sarkphonius because you slayed him, Eric Olson. History could never be re-written. We bid you farewell, our hero."

Rosalina spoke up. "What about the Pandora's Box? As I understand, it's still active."

Juliet answered for Sapphira, "Since Sarkphonius doesn't have a hold on it, and time cannot be distorted so far. The alliance between Dracula and the Redzaks is currently under debate between Dracula and the daughter of King Sarkphonius."

"Alas we can only hope for the best," said Sapphira.

"Can I stay with Eric for a while?" Sarah asked her mother.

"Sure," said Sapphira. "But make sure you are hidden in case someone comes along and notices him."

The 11 year old dracopire stood next to the boy her age. Then she heard somebody calling out Eric's name. She looked off into the distance and saw an old man who looked like he was part Indian. Sarah hid behind a tree, hoping the trees would give her good camouflage.

The old man picked up Eric and started crying. Little Eric whispered, "Grandpa?" Then he closed his eyes. Sarah heard Eric's very words. That cabin in the distance belonged to Eric's family. At first Sarah didn't know what to think. She knew Gladewater was a safe-haven during the Victorian age.

Sarah was happily relieved yet still curious that Eric's home was Texas. It was a rather odd coincidence since Sarah's winter home has been Texas since she was born.

Sarah returned to her mother to tell her what she saw and tell her she hoped Eric and her could meet again someday. Later that evening, Eric was back home and Baby Godzilla was the first to greet him.

"Eric, you're alright," said Baby Godzilla. "You had me worried sick."

"It's alright, Baby Godzilla," said Eric. "I just had a Grand Mal seizure. I don't know if it was the medicine or the battle with King Sarkphonius."

"Tell me about it. That was some adventure," said Baby Godzilla.

"Want to stop some more crimes?" asked Eric.

"Let's do. Where do we start?" said Baby Godzilla.

"I heard there's a new super villain called the Gambler," said Eric. "He's created Tarot Poker, a card game that kills."

Baby Godzilla smiled. "And there has been rumblings that the horrible Sewer Gator Queen has been summoning all her minions into her polluted scales to form the unstoppable SuperGator," he said. "Empress of crocodilians."

"Oh boy," said Eric. "I can subdue her with my acid slicked whip-like tongue."

Baby Godzilla replied, "In case you got brain damaged back there, you do realize I am the one with the acid slicked whip-like tongue."

"Sorry," said Eric. "Guess I'm still recovering."

Unbeknownst to Eric and Baby Godzilla, as they planned for their vigilante adventures, Wormtail Jenkins, King Sarkphonius' right hand man, was watching. He radio'd Mega-Mindy. "Bad news Mindy. It appears Dracula's plan wasn't as flawless as we thought."

"Why?" asked Mega-Mindy. "What's the damage?"

"He's back, ma'am. Eric Olson is still alive. And he's fully recovered from the fight."

Mega-Mindy glared out her window. She loathed not being there for her father during his fight with Eric. She had to stay in Dracula's Transylvanian guest room. She hesitantly replied to Wormtail, "10-4." Then, she headed for the council of Dracula's servants.

Mindy then said, "After further consideration, Dracula, it appears our alliance is terminated along with my father."

Dracula was angry. "What gives you the audacity, Mindy, to unilaterally break the agreement?"

Mega-Mindy replied, "The agreement was set up by my father. Upon his death, it expired."

"Not as far as I'm concerned," said Dracula. "I made an agreement with the Redzaks, and your father was the leader. Now you are. The agreement stands, unless you want to argue that you are no longer Redzaks."

"I am a proud Redzak," said Mega-Mindy. "Proud of my father. One of the things that made me most proud of him was that he didn't tolerate insubordination from fools like you. I have many ways of making you die, Dracula. Leave me at once and never, Never speak of this alliance again, or I might experiment with some of those ways."

"Your threats are empty, Redzak," said Dracula. "This is not over. The alliance I have is with all the Redzaks, not simply the grieving daughter of their king."

"My threats are not empty," said Mega-Mindy. "I am not only a grieving daughter. I am the sole heir to the throne of the mighty Redzak civilization. My father was the only person who knew where the Pandora's box was located. With it, I could will your very existence into oblivion. This is something you should meditate on before making insults"

"My humblest apologies, your highness," said Dracula. "I respect you and your office. I will be loyal. I only ask that you reciprocate as your father did."

"My father's loyalties are generally my own as well," she said. "But this mission to use the Pandorica has failed. And I hate failure, maybe even more than I loved my father."

Dracula was very worried when he thought of the Pandorica. But little did his loyalists and Mega-Mindy know that the Menuhins saw the Pandorica first hand and knew its location.

Eric forgot all of the knowledge of it after his Grand mal seizure. Unbeknownst to all of them, the Pandorica had a mind of its own. It sensed King Sarkphonius' desire for it. It knew the lust of Dracula to possess it. But it was not impressed. So it began to manipulate time and space on its own to serve its own desires. The Pandorica above all sought to serve God. Imbued with the energy of the original Ark of the Covenant and described in the Old Testament, the Pandorica acquired true sentience by virtue of its interactions with other sentient beings.

It had interacted with Eric, and realized how closely Eric's mind mimicked its own. Eric was the only sentient being it had ever feared, so to protect itself, it gave him the seizure to remove his memory of it. Only Eric would ever truly control the Pandorica But only if he ever recovered his memories.

Until that time came, the Menuhins would do all they could to keep it out of the evil clutches of the Dracula loyalists and the minions of Mega-Mindy. To that end, they would swear an oath of silence to its location. They were also constantly vigilant about stopping any effort to find it.

The Pandorica also was able to defend itself, so it searched through space and time to find several vampire hunters and demonslayers to go after those who would try to possess it. Reaching back to the earliest time in history, it summoned forth the original vampire hunters who succeeded in killing Dracula and keeping his undead spirit at bay for more than 200 years.

Trevor Belmont was the first to be released from Pandora's box along with his wife Sypha. Then came Simon, another Belmont, Trevor's great grandnephew. Soon after, Maria Renard and her brother-in-law, Richter Belmont, and his wife Annette, came out of Pandora's box.

All of them remembered everything that happened in their past lives except for what came after their deaths in history. They planned on stopping Dracula once and for all. One thing they didn't count on was both Eric and Mega-Mindy. Mega-Mindy was an alien, not human by earthly standards. She came from another planet in another galaxy. She canceled her alliance with Dracula.

Eric clearly had his own agenda as a demon slayer. He believed Dracula was caught in his own deceit as a demon. He believed vampires were humans given a supernatural plague that was unfamiliar to people of ancient times. They did not understand the behavior of this new form of human and, therefore, they demonized them. Dracula happened to use that to his own advantage. He lived that lie for so long it magnified his hatred for every non-vampire human.

The Belmonts were none too pleased with Eric's beliefs. It was rather worsened when Eric eventually married Sarah Menuhin, a half-dragon vampiress, aka a dracopiress. Once Dracula was permanently annihilated by Eric's own hands, the vampire hunters had a great conflict amongst themselves.

It was new to them that there could be good in vampires, that they could become Christian and that Dracula could be annihilated forever. Eric appealed to their better nature and said, "I understand your confusion. You have been fighting Dracula all your life. The conflict was so bad that your fight with him has come to define you. But, just because the King fell off the throne, it does not mean his followers had given up on fighting."

So the Belmonts came to an agreement. Slay only evil vampires. The Christians could be trusted.

To Be Continued...