Rise of The Dracopires

Two Houses Both Alike in...Being Off Their Game

One day, Sypha Belmont was on the hunt for vampires. She refused to believe that Dracula was permanently annihilated. Then she was approached by three Redzaks.

"You must be the Kazder triplets," she said.

"Do you know where our father is?" asked Paxi, one of the triplets.

Sypha handed over the skull of King Sarkphonius and said, "Forgive me if he's rather cold and lifeless. I'm afraid Eric must have killed him and sold his skull to me. Rather an interesting souvenir, if I do say so myself."

Sypha, of course, was deliberately provoking the Redzaks. Even though she knew Eric had been turned into a dracopire by Sarah Menuhin, she still wasn't trusting Redzaks anymore than when Eric was in his demon-slaying prime.

Paxi grabbed the skull from Sypha and cried at the sight of it. Then she placed it on her chest and absorbed the skull into herself. Paxi's body transformed and in her place stood the one and only Mega-Mindy. She laughed maniacally.

"Like taking candy from a baby," she shouted.

Sypha recoiled in horror. "Good grief," she said. "Paxi was just you in larvae form?"

"Clever girl," said Mindy. "You see, the Mega-Mindy you met during the events of Castlevania Judgement was me from another time. After that, I warped back to 2002, where I was eventually had another encounter with Eric Samuel Olson. That was from an earlier time than this here and now. My original form was destroyed. But my spirit survived and took on three other forms, namely the Kazder triplets. Only one of the three forms needed the skull to turn back to me."

"Why do you still want to fight Eric?" asked Sypha. "He's one of you now."

Mindy cackled, "Oh sure. You believe he is another demon just because he's a vampire. What a demeaning stereotype."

Sypha asked Mega-Mindy, "Why are you defending Eric of all things? For that matter, why are you defending vampires in general?"

Mindy said, "You say they're my species. I consider that blasphemy. I am not a creature of earth whereas vampires are. Don't equate me with your small minded view of the universe."

Sypha didn't like being called small minded. She attacked with her staff which Mindy blocked with her scythe.

"I've got some Eric Samuel Olson to exterminate," Mindy said. "This is a waste of my valuable time."

Mindy teleported away, Sypha sighed in frustration.

"I think searching for Dracula is a waste of time," she said to herself. "That pink haired ego-maniac is a bigger threat."

Meanwhile, Eric and Sarah were just being crowned King and Queen of the Dracopires. Eric was trying to look sharp and handsome as always.

Sarah put on her makeup and brushed her hair. When they were about to be crowned the new monarchs of the Menuhin clan, three party crashers interrupted. Mindy and her two sisters Mandy and Jenny arrived.

Eric yelled out, "Who is disrupting our coronation?"

Mega-Mindy ran up to Eric and said, "Coronation of Dracomorphius? This is bad comedy."

Eric and Sarah both looked in horror. They saw, standing in front of them, the pink haired menace that was the biggest royal pain in the butt.

Cindy and Eric Junior hid behind her mother's back. They were terrified at the sight of the super villain Eric told them about in his vigilante tales.

"I slayed you once mega-jerk," said Eric. "I can certainly slay you again."

"Aren't you a little past your demonslaying years?" Mindy said, "Now that you've settled down with the half dragon-vampiress?"

"My prime maybe over," said Eric. "But I still got my old moves."

"Let's test that, Olson boy," she said.

They fought for a while and Mindy was impressed he hadn't lost his touch.

It seemed that way for a while. Eventually, however, Eric's cold-bloodedness caused him to get exhausted. Mindy laughed and insulted him.

"You fight like a dairy farmer," she cackled.

"How appropriate," Eric replied. "You fight like a demonic alien cow."

"Hey, that's Mrs. Demonic Alien Cow to you bub," Mindy said with a tone of irony.

Sypha tracked Mindy's ion trail to her current location. They were able to follow her by teleporting to the same destination.

"Who's universally small-minded now, mega-moron!" shouted Sypha.

"Oh, frack!" yelled Mindy. "You found me!"