Castlevania: Rise of the Dracopires

Part VI-Medieval Manners

One day, Eric, Sarah, Sapphira, and all of Sarah's sisters and half-sisters were getting ready for a rendezvous with several other vampires in the hopes of persuading them to join an alliance.

Eric questioned why he had to dress a specific way to greet the others. "Why do I have to dress up like a renaissance lord?"

"Some vampires have a certain dress code," Sarah said. "They find it promotes etiquette and formality, which, frankly, confuses me as well."

"Who are the vampires we're meeting with?" asked Eric.

Rosalina, one of Sarah's half-sisters, said they were meeting Dracula's son Alucard. Alucard was against his father's oppression. The story was long and complicated. She asked Eric if it was possible for him to at least try to understand.

Eric laughed at her concern. "You're asking me to try to understand? You're asking the man who calls Edgar Cale Jr. his brother?"

"I think Eric has a point," said Sarah. "Edgar has quite the similar story of having a dysfunctional father."

Rosalina huffed respectfully, "You have one brilliant husband, Sarah. I take back anything I said about stepdad and mother's character judgments."

Sarah asked Rosalina, "You're finally accepting that our birth mother is married to a fire-breathing dragon?"

"Don't get ahead of yourself," said Rosalina. "The lizard is your father, not mine. I only tolerate him for your sake and the rest of my half-blood sisters."

Juliet came up to Rosalina and said, "I know you miss our real dad, dearly. But stepdad isn't pretending to take his place. You know that."

Rosalina sighed. "I know Juliet. Mom's re-marriage seemed to happen too fast after dad died."

"It could have been worse," said Juliet. "Dad could have died at the hands of a Belmont. So, its only fortune that he died at the hands of the treacherous Carmilla."

Rosalina snarled at the thought. "That Dracula loyalist will rue that day."

Eric laughed. "And they say I can't let go of a grudge." Then he gave Rosalina a pep-talk. "No one is exempt from the sting of death, Rosalina. Don't let it consume you. I hear stories that Dracula became a vampire because his loved one died and it was because of that incident that he forever had a grudge against God. You're better than him, Rosalina."

Rosalina nodded her head in agreement. Eric's words were very wise. Then she and Juliet left the room.

Sarah smiled at her husband. "I'm proud of you, Eric. Rosalina would have never taken that advice from me."

Eric looked in the mirror and said, "If I had a beard and my hair was slightly longer, I think I might look like William Shakespeare."

Sarah thought that would be in bad taste, so she tried something different on Eric. So she dressed him up in some Irish clothes.

"Okay, am I a dracopire or a leprechaun?" asked Eric.

Sarah cringed and said, "Couldn't have said it better myself." Then she dressed him in the garb of a French pope that looked more like the white sheet and hood of a Klansman.

Eric shrieked when he looked in the mirror. "Absolutely not, Sarah, This makes me look racist!"

Sarah was pretty disgusted at herself for even thinking of it. "Oh boy, now I see what you're saying. Get this off quick."

Then Sarah tried dressing him up like a Scottish musician.

"Hmmm," said Eric. "Not bad, just missing something, though."

Then he plucked a feather from an archaeopteryx caged nearby. Then he put it in his black hat. "That looks good. I wouldn't mind playing a flute and riding on the back of the Loch Ness monster in this outfit."

"Aye, me lad," Sarah joked.

Soon the family went off on their adventure.

To be continued