Rise Of The Dracopires

Witch Gone Wacko

Sypha almost smiled that she had caught Mega-Mindy in the home of the Dracopires. Sarah began to get quite frightened, almost as frightened as her children, now that there was about to be a three-way battle between Redzaks, vampires, and vampire hunters.

Mega-Jerk herself was disgusted by what was happening. She first wanted it to be a one-on-one fight between her and Eric Olson.

But now some over-zealous witch had to crash her fun. Mega-Mindy's sister Jenny said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of the zealots."

"Thanks, Jenny," said Mega-Mindy. Then she told her other sister Mandy, "You handle the other Dracopires. Keep them from helping Eric."

"With pleasure," said Mandy.

Sypha Belmont said to Jenny, "You think you're trying to scare me with your alien powers? Think again!"

"Oh I'm not trying to scare ya," said Jenny. "I'm just gonna kill ya."

Mega-Mindy said to Eric, "It looks like you have your old wind back."

"You seem to have broken yours," joked Eric.

"That's another one of your puns that I can't stand," said Mega-Mindy. "I might have to call Wormtail Jenkins."

"That will give him quite the opportunity to overthrow the throne of the Redzaks," said Eric.

Mega-Mindy shuddered and realized it was a bad idea to get Wormtail Jenkins involved with any of her plans. "Okay, then, how about Laura Maniac?"

"Great," said Eric. "I have no idea why she has three faces. Maybe she can't decide which one is the ugliest."

Mega-Mindy then cringed. She realized Laura's split personalities might get everyone killed. "Okay, fine," she said. "How about Zombie Maggot? He certainly wouldn't screw up."

"Okay," said Eric. "But why would you want that kiss up?"

She groaned again realizing Zombie Maggot did worship her but he was several hands short of a full deck. He was probably the dumbest Redzak of all.

Mega-Mindy didn't know how to proceed. Jenny was busy with Sypha. Mandy was busy with Eric's Dracopire family.

But then Mega-Mindy had a great idea. Sypha's bigotry toward creatures of the night could be used to their advantage. Mega-Mindy knew Belmont history. Before Sypha married Trevor, she had an incident involving a vampiress named Carmilla. Sypha was just a child at the time, but Carmilla distorted the hearts of her fellow villagers.

Sypha's parents were killed by an angry mob of witch hunters. Sypha was one of the few survivors of the great witch hunters caused by the narrow mindedness of the villagers.

Sypha learned all the wrong lessons, though. The experience made her want to kill all the vampires because she blamed them for the villagers' actions.

So Sypha devoted herself to killing vampires and all other creatures of the night.

Mega-Mindy thought she could use Jenny to feed off Sypha's bigotry and finally possess Sypha and kill Eric using Sypha and Jenny.

"Hey, Jenny," said Mega-Mindy.

"What is it?" said Jenny. "I'm busy here."

"I think we can use Sypha to our advantage," said Mega-Mindy. "Possess the witch considering she's already got spirits working for her."

Sypha laughed. "Possess me? Ha! There's nothing you can distort."

Jenny smiled. "Oh, I think there is, Mrs. Belmont. Apparently, you've hated vampires since you were a small child. Isn't that right?"

Jenny accessed a labyrinth of illusion showing Sypha her worst memory of how Carmilla led the witch hunt that killed her parents and family.

Sypha watched in horror and tried to block out the images she had worked so hard to forget.

Jenny smiled and encouraged Sypha's grudge against vampires. "Just admit it. The world would be a better place without all those stinking vampires. And I can think of a really good place to start. He's got a lot of vampire in him and I think he would be much better if you ripped it out of him and left him with just the dragon half of his DNA."

"How do you take DNA out of a person?" asked Mandy.

"Shhh," said Jenny. "Can't you see I'm working her?"

"Sorry," said Mandy.

Then Jenny changed the illusion to the time Sarah bit Eric. "You see," Jenny said, "How easily he gave his soul over to that half vampiress Sarah Menuhin."

Sypha replied, "But he did do it to save his mother, didn't he?"

"Yes," said Jenny. "But this is the demon slayer who killed King Sarkphonius. He could have killed Sarah and used her blood to save his mother. Instead he took the coward's way out. Does that sound heroic to you?"

"No," said Sypha. "It does not." Sypha was very angry.

"What's worse," said Jenny, "is that when he went to see Sarah, he told her, or at least implied that your husband Trevor was a bigot. Doesn't that just burn your mind?" pleaded Jenny.

Finally Jenny had full control over Sypha. She went after Eric as directed by Jenny.

Eric couldn't believe what was happening. Sypha had somehow become everything she was trying to destroy.

"Bravo, JK, bravo!" said Mega-Mindy, cheering Jenny's possession of Sypha.

Eric spoke to Sypha, trying to break Jenny's hold on her, "Sypha, why have you let that Redzak control you?"

The possessed Sypha then said, "I'll show you who the bigot is, Olson!"

Eric dodged the attack. "Well, if Redzaks aren't demons, then they still made it pretty obvious they don't come in peace."

"What will you say when you are in pieces," said Sypha as she fired a lightning bolt at Eric, which he dodged again.

"You never had this ire for Alucard, son of Dracula who helped you fight against his father's oppression and keep Dracula's undead spirit at bay for a long time." Eric was very frustrated at her selective memory.

Sypha remembered that part of history. Alucard was one of the the good vampires. He was against his father's oppression. Alucard even once saved Sypha's life, as well as Trevor's.

Jenny began to lose her hold on Sypha.

Rosalina, Sarah's half sister, said something that completely broke Jenny's hold on her. "No one is exempt from the sting of death. Carmilla is the same scoundrel and Dracula loyalist who killed my father. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I could get revenge against her. You are not alone in carrying a grudge."

Jenny was finally out of Sypha. She wriggled and writhed in pain. Sypha was on her knees gasping for air.

Mandy quickly picked up her sister and flew back with Mega-Mindy to Razza.

Sypha apologized to Eric and Sarah. Eric and Sarah forgave her. Then she asked Rosalina, "Is it true about what Carmilla did to your father?"

Rosalina nodded. "Sarah doesn't feel the same grief that I do because her father is still alive. My mother remarried to a dragon fifty years after my father died."

Sypha said, "We will get our revenge one day, of that I'm certain."

To Be Continued...