Castlevania: Rise Of The Dracopires

Part IV-Christmas of Chaos

Eric and Sarah had a third child, Athalie. Her Dracopire alias was Drachia. Eric Junior was 8 years old as was Cindy. The vampire hunters, who were aware of Dracula's permanent annihilation, were rather less than grateful.

The Belmont clan wanted the glory for themselves. Trevor Belmont, leader of the vampire hunters, put a bounty on Eric and his family. So the entire Menuhin clan went back to Cardiff, Wales, their homeland and Sarah's birthplace.

The place was so obvious that the vampire hunters would have thought to look everywhere else but there. Eric knew they blamed him for Mega-Mindy's exploits. They believed he had not tried hard enough to defeat her, out of some misplaced sympathy. They also were outraged at the events that took place in Castlevania Judgement.

Mega-Mindy stole magic that grants wishes from the Time Guardian Aeon. He originally took a small group of people from Dracula's history into his own parallel dimension. There he hoped to get rid of a time reaper from the future by using the special abilities from each person he took with him. In exchange for him granting their wishes using his special wish magic, they would help him destroy the time reaper.

But Mega-Mindy found her way into the parallel dimension, watched them destroy the time reaper, but used the distraction to steal the magic. Aeon discovered Mindy's treachery and tried to stop her. He had a deal with the others and he was not going to break his word. So they fought over the magic.

Mega-Mindy proved way too powerful. She defeated Aeon and escaped back into her own universe. Aeon was left to figure out how to compensate the others. But the others, now realizing they'd been cheated, were angry at Aeon and left him to go back to their own universe. Aeon was alone and disgraced.

Mega-Mindy used the magic on a well. She turned it into a wishing well, but polluted it with her own distortion magic. What then happened was that anyone wishing at the wishing well would have their wish granted in the most unwelcome way possible. For example, if someone was to wish for eternal life, they would get it. But then they would be sentenced to life in prison. If a woman were to wish for incredible beauty, she would be transformed into a butterfly. If a man were to wish for absolute power, he would be transformed into Adolph Hitler sitting in his bunker ready to commit suicide at the end of World War II. If a dinosaur were to wish to be human, he would turn into a chimpanzee waiting to evolve into a human in several million years.

It was three days before Christmas. Mega-Mindy hated Christmas, but she was rather pleased at what she had accomplished. Eric, her arch-enemy, was a half-dragon vampire hunted like a vermin. Mega-Mindy just kept singing to herself the Grinch theme from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

One day, little Cindy was playing in the park. The little girl was born a vampire, needless to say. What she wanted for Christmas was to feel like a normal human. Eric Junior wanted to be treated like a good person and not just some little Goth boy.

Today, however, they were just grateful getting by in the world alive, sanctified in their homeland. But, unfortunately for them, their sanctified state was short lived. Maria Renard, a vampire hunter, who is 15 years old, stumbled upon their playground.

Maria Renard was also one of the few people who were in the parallel universe with Aeon. She wanted to use the wishing magic to increase her physical beauty. But when she discovered that Mega-Mindy stole the magic and created a well, she realized her desires would have to wait. There was no way she was going to trust her wishes to Mega-Mindy's corrupt ways.

Indeed, once it was discovered that Mega-Mindy's wishing well was toxic, Eric and the other demon slayers constructed a 20-foot metal barrier around it with a sign warning of its evil nature.

But Maria hoped that by holding Eric's children for ransom, she could convince him to purify the magic of the well and break Mindy's hold on it. To do that, Eric would have to steal the source of the magic away from Mindy. The source was a crystal, 10 centimeters across, which radiated a blue glow.

Mega-Mindy kept the crystal in a reinforced vault deep under the ground below her castle. What was worse than its location, were the hundreds of land mines buried all around the vault. Once inside the vault, Eric would have to avoid several axe pendulums and hundreds of multi-directional laser beams capable of slicing his mortal flesh into bits.

But Eric had the ultimate trump card. It was Aeon. He desperately wanted to get his reputation back and he had a crapload of magic capable of inserting Eric into the vault. Eric summoned Aeon from the other dimension on the promise that he would only assist in the capture of the crystal and not try to claim it for himself. Aeon agreed, but only on condition that the people be compensated with wishes that previously had been cheated. Eric agreed.

So Aeon gave Eric a teleportation spell that would allow him to beam directly into the inner chamber of the vault, thus bypassing all of the booby traps. Little did they realize, Mega-Mindy saw this coming. The crystal was kept inside of a booby trapped glass case that was too small for Eric to teleport inside of. And the case had magic of its own which made it impossible to be removed from the vault no matter what magic came against it. So Eric had to find a way to open the case while in the vault.

But Mega-Mindy had special vacuum tubes that removed the oxygen from the vault. So Eric would have to have an oxygen source with him, which he didn't because he didn't realize until it was too late.

"Oh frak," he thought. Of course, he couldn't swear out loud since there was no oxygen to breathe. So he had less than 2 minutes to get the crystal out of the glass case before passing out. He worked as quickly as he could on the combination lock guessing all possible combinations Mindy might have come up with. And wouldn't you know it, it opened when he entered the date and time of their first battle, many years earlier. Eric knew how much Mindy despised him but also how much she needed her conflict with him. It practically defined her.

When Mega-Mindy realized her combination had been solved, and the glass case opened, she sent Laura Maniac and Zombie Maggot and Wormtail Jenkins to attack him. But just as Laura entered the vault, her head got sliced off with one of the blades of the pendulum. Zombie got turned into a pile of Maggot cubes from the lasers. Wormtail got all the way to Eric, and since he could survive without oxygen, he posed the greatest threat.

So the battle began. Wormtail fired an extermination beam from his hand and Eric used the glass case to reflect it back, knowing the case was impenetrable. The beam came right back on Wormtail and fried his right arm right off. End of extermination beam. Wormtail cried out in pain. Mindy, sensing imminent defeat, cried out in agony.

Aeon used his magic and recalled Eric through the same teleportation wormhole that he used to get himself into the vault. Eric reappeared in front of Aeon and held out the crystal in front of him. But Maria Renard decided that she wasn't as interested in beauty and was more interested in making friends with Cindy.

But nevertheless, the wishing well was purified by Aeon and the crystal was sent back with him to the other dimension. Eric decided that, despite his earlier failure to keep it from Mindy, he was the best guardian of its magic. Mindy would not be as able to steal it from him again. He would be ready the next time.

Meanwhile, the barrier around the wishing well was taken down, and the people who originally were promised wishes by Aeon were given first chance at the well. Everyone else was given permission for only one wish, and Eric and the other demon slayers kept watch over it lest it be used for anyone's diabolical purposes again.

To Be Continued