Okay! Just to let everyone know that this is based off another fan fiction on here and I asked the author to let me finish it. While the plot I think they started was really good. Chibi-Usa is visiting from the future again and Mamoru has no idea who Moonlight knight is… the first chapter and a half is the original story. I do not own Sailor moon but who wouldn't want their own Mamo-chan? Oh yea this is my first M rated fan fic, but not my first ever fan fic but don't fret I promise to bring the heat.

I do not own Sailor moon...

One afternoon Usagi and Chibi-Usa were fighting over Mamoru again while he was over helping them do their homework.

Usagi shouted , "Mamo-chan is mine back off!"

"No he's mine!" Chibi-Usa shouted back.

Mamoru just sat there dumbfounded because that was about the 5th time they stopped from studying and started to fight over him. Now it was getting late into the evening and he had enough of their fighting. Plus since Chibi-Usa was his daughter; no THEIR DAUGHTER; it was just extremely ridiculous. He figured Usagi could act her age, even if he was totally in love with her and her childlike personality, it sometimes aggravated her. There was no use in arguing with a kid, so he took up Chibi-Usa's side.

He put his hand on Usagi's shoulder, which startled her a little. "You two have to stop fighting or else I wouldn't come over to help you two studies anymore. You got it?" Mamoru stated sternly.

Both quieted down and replied, "Yes Mamo-chan."

But Chibi-Usa had to say one last thing, "but I was right that you love me more than Usagi, right?"

"Oh Chibi-Usa," Mamoru started to say but stopped because usually Usagi had something to say back to that.

Usagi just sat completely still and started to scold herself in her head because she forgot about her date with... well it wasn't really a date it was more like too friends hanging out in the afternoon, by themselves, alone. She smacked herself mentally for dragging it out like that.

"Usako are you ok. You seem really lost in thought." Mamoru said carefully.

Even Chibi-Usa was starting to worry a little.

By then Usagi was brought back and aware of where she was," Sorry I just...Oh Crap, how long have we've fighting, what time is it!" Usagi asked while she was hurrying around to get her stuff for her date.

"Relax Usagi it's only 8:45" Mamo-chan told her calmly.

" I can't believe I wasted so much time arguing with you," she yelled glaring at Chibi-Usa. She then turned to Mamoru while she was giving her puppy dog look, "Can we reschedule or something...i'm going to be late...I mean I'm going to be late for my da... to met an old friend I hadn't seen in a while," Usagi gave one of those smiles that-every-one-knew-you-were-holding-out-but-you-were-out-the-door-too-fast-for-them-to-question-you.

"Well that was weird, "Chibi-Usa finally said making herself more comfortable in her Mamo-chan's lap.

"Yeah I wonder what she was late for." 'And I thought she was about to say…, 'Usako would never cheat on me... right?' Mamo-chan thought while helping Chibi-Usa with her homework. As he looked down he noticed that all of Usagi's homework was done a long time ago 'Was she just killing time here, just waiting until it was time for her to leave?'

Chibi-Usa was thinking about the same thing. 'Why would Usagi just leave like that as Mamo-chan stood up on my side she suddenly remembered that she had to be somewhere. Or had she been bluffing just to get out of the house or was she telling the truth?'. Both Mamoru and Chibi-Usa sat there doing her homework still thinking about what Usagi just did.