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The trio sat at the dining room table looking rather uncomfortable. Usagi didn't really know what was going to happen since Mamoru had been acting like a whole new man. 'Technically he is', she mused. Taking in his features she noticed he looked thoroughly pissed but was trying to hide it behind his stoic face. When they both came down the stairs holding hands Chibi-Usa made gagging noises and ran toward them tearing their arms apart making some comment on how Usagi was a hogging hippo. Mamoru just let her grab his hand; but instead of following her to the couch he lead them to the dining room table.

"Sit down" he said softly but the hidden forced behind the command was there. He pinched the bridge of his nose and went to grab Usagi. She was still rooted to the spot where he and she had separated from. She was looking at him; calculating he knew. She was trying to figure out this new him. She was used to Endymion and she was use to Mamoru. He always separated himself making it a point that he was not his past self no matter how similar their mannerisms were and she respected that. However now that they were merged, this was fairly new territory for the both of them.

He reflected on how after Beryl, Usagi seemed different. He didn't have his memories back then, but something about his cheerful carefree Odango had change. She became more graceful and elegant, often struggling to keep up the cheerful facade that he was accustomed to. Every so often during those times he would hear the girls calling her 'Sere' but then he thought nothing of it. Mamoru often wondered if during those moments if that was when she became one with herself. Maybe it was during the time he was trapped under Beryl's control. Either way he had missed the transition but she would always be his Usako.

"I'm not apologizing, it's not my fault she's getting fat", defended a whining voice that broke him out of his ravine.

He looked confused for a moment; before he realized that he called an abrupt family intervention. Things needed to change. Before, he figured if he made Chibi-Usa as happy as he could, he could make her forget all about feeling the separation from her parents. She would still see that he was her father and that he loved her and hopefully the less time Sere and her spent together the less headache he would have from having to choose between them. Boy was he wrong. Sometimes they would act akin to the perfect family, like when they visited that rose garden but those moments were far and wide in between.

He glanced at Usagi, her face was calm but her eyes held tons of pain. He felt her wince at the retort but her outward position didn't faultier. He reached across the table to hold her hand for support. 'She shouldn't be use to this', he thought sadly.

"Chibi-Usa I love you. I really do but I am extremely disappointed in you" he berated her watching as she held her head down. He continued. "Look at me when I am talking to you. This behavior is unsatisfactory of a Chiba and all because you were raised royal does not mean that you can belittle those who have not".

Chibi-Usa whipped her eyes and scoffed. "What's gotten into you Mamo-chan. You never had a problem with my behavior or lack of eloquence satisfactory of a princess before", she countered raising her eyebrow staring defiantly into his eyes.

"Nothing has gotten into me. I am merely tired of sitting her letting you talk badly about your future mother like she's a piece of gum under the sole of your shoes", he answered calmly but inside he was fuming trying desperately trying to control his rage.

"She put you up to this didn't she", the young child asked.

Before Mamoru could say anything Usagi beat him to it.

"She", Usa stressed out, "is sitting right her and it is time for a change. I understand that we had to bicker as a front to my parents but you have taken things too far. I love you and I have no intentions of trying to fill your mother's shoes because I cannot. I understand that in some ways you see me as a big sister but I am not nor am I your punching bag."

Chibi-Usa began to tear up. Normally tears always won over Daddy and Mamoru was no different. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to make you feel bad Usa"

Mamoru had to hold back a bitter laugh. He knew what she was doing and with one glance at Usagi he knew that she knew as well. "Nope sorry princess won't cut it. If you don't straighten up I will send you back to the future so fast Pluto won't even know what hit her", he fired back still looking as calm as ever.

"You can't do that, Plu is the only one to control time and she is under the Silver Allegiance sworn to serve the throne of Serenity. In this era of the time line she has not sworn her allegiance to you ", she countered back.

"oh really", Mamoru smirked but before he could say more there was a loud screeching beeping sound coming from Usagi's subspace pocket penetrated through the air.

Mamoru signed in annoyance, while Chibiusa was grateful for the interruption. She was scared. Mamoru was acting too much like her papa when he was thoroughly ticked at her. She was sure that a few more seconds and she would have received her first spanking by Mamoru.

"Moon here", Usagi replied automatically seeing the worn look on Mar's face.

"We need you asap at the park, it's a mad house", the Red Senshi replied.

"Okay I'm on my way", with that she closed the communicator and transformed. The others following suit as she headed for the balcony only to pause at Mamoru.

"Mamo-chan, what are you doing. You're no Superman, you need your rest. You just awoke from a coma", she pleaded. But it seemed to fall on deaf ears.

"If you're going, so am I" he said firmly proceeding to sweep her into his arms and jump off the balcony.

"Hey wait on me", cried Sailor Chibi Moon.

The fight was gruesome. When the trio arrived at the scene there were unconscious civilians everywhere. The Senshi uniforms' had seen better days. Their uniforms were ripped in various places. Burn marks covered most of their bodies. They looked to the right to see Uranus and Neptune not looking much better dodging the blue flames coming from the teal looking youma's eight arms.

Tuxedo Kamen threw a red rose stopping the fire before it made contact with the Outer Scouts. The Outers looked up only to find Sailor Moon in front of them. "Hey Eight Armed freak", she called. "It's time for you to see my dusting skills". With that she began to use her heart spiral attack only to have it be blocked by one of the arms. 'So not fair', Moon thought as she ran the opposite direction from her Senshi and civilians while Kamen and Chibi Moon healed them.

Easier said than done.

She was having much difficulty dodging the flames of death. One had managed to hit her leg and burn some inches off her hair. Whether she was more upset more about the hair or the leg she really didn't know.

Neptune and Uranus rejoined the fight so the odds were three to one but it seemed like each hand had a pair of eyes. So really the odds were still in the youma's favor.

"Word Shaking", Uranus shouted followed up with a "Deep Submerge" by her partner. The world shaking was blocked by a chunk of Earth coming up off the ground.

"I am Mother Nature ", it screamed hysterically, closing in on the kill.

Usagi was momentary in shock, while this thing blew off her strongest scouts' attacks like it was nothing all the while throwing fire at her. She mildly heard the Inner Scouts start their attacks, but it looked like her foe only had eyes for her.

"Well Mother Nature, meet royally pissed off", shouted Kamen from behind as he sent a blast of the Golden Crystal at 'Mother Nature'. At the same time all of the other attacks were thrown her way, so she had no time to deflect the power of the Golden Crystal. As it turned to dust Kamen ran to Sailor Moon checking her over for injuries. "Are you okay", he whispered as he pulled her into his arms.

She nodded into his chest. "She burned my hair", the Moon Senshi complained.

Kamen chuckled, "its okay my love, I barely notice". He then leaned down to kiss her.

"I think I love this Endymoru", she sung still wrapped up in his arms breaking away from the kiss.

Kamen gave way to his laughter at full force. "Endymoru", he asked raising an eye brow clutching her tighter to not fall to the ground in a fit of manly giggles. It was official, his Usako said the darnest things. "How", he started and then finished soberly, "please don't call me that Usako".

"Why not", she whined playfully as she placed butterfly kisses along Kamen strong jaw line. "I find it cute", she defended. She stopped her ministrations and glanced over her shoulder to look at her Senshi. "Don't you agree girls", she teased.

Kamen groaned. Rather it was from lost of contact or from this new ridiculous name he wasn't sure. He looked up to see Mercury and Neptune grinning, while the rest were laughing away at his distress.

"I think it's enduring also Sailor Moon", winked Venus flashing her signature pose.

"It's great to have you back Kamen", replied Mercury trying to help him out by changing the subject.

"Totally Endymoru", Jupiter snickered.

Mamoru groaned at the name. There was no way he was living this down. He pulled Sailor Moon back into his arms and smiled. "It's good to be back", he said kissing her forehead ignoring the nickname and relishing the feel of Usagi in his arms.

"Well at least now you know that she wasn't screwing the town", Mina said defending her leaders honor.

Everyone looked baffled. The air became dense and the temperature dropped considerable. No one knew what to say, still not believing Venus said that.

"What I say", Venus asked.

"Sweetie, I think you meant screwing around", replied Mars quietly scooting away from Venus as she seen Kamen's murderous expression.

"Calm down beloved, I only have eyes for you", Sailor Moon cooed. "Let's get out of here", she whispered suggestively.

"Gladly", he huffed and swept her into his arms bridal style. "Ladies", he said grimly before turning to the pink haired scout, "don't you want to stay at Hotaru's tonight", he asked hopefully.

Later that evening, the couple was in their new bedroom. Usagi was flipping through her new manga and Mamoru was reading one of his textbooks trying to focus on the contents other than the blonde that was only an arm reach away.

"You know when you suggested going home before, this was not what I was expecting", he said dryly flicking the pages.

"I know but I'm really trying to figure this out", she stressed obviously frustrated.

"Usa, it's a manga how hard can the plot be", he asked slightly irritated that she was confused over that and paying more attention to her stupid book other than him.

Her response was to throw said book at his head. "No Mamo-baka, I'm trying to figure you out; us out. I'm trying to process all this in my head and it's frustrating the hell out of me. For the longest I had to keep you two separate in my mind and now I don't. it's just really confusing, especially since you was running around in two places at once as your past self and me and him-er you was kinda getting reacquainted", she finished lamely.

Mamoru scoffed. 'Reacquainted was the understatement of the year', but he kept that to himself. He closed his book and walked over to the bed. He sat on the edge as to not confuse her more or get distracted and end up not talking at all.

"Usako", he sighed. "I love you, and I know you are confused and hurt, but I want to make it better. This is new to both of us baby but what hasn't change is my love for you".

It was Usagi turn to scoff. "Before you wouldn't come near me with a ten foot pole and now you're all over me. Imagine how hurt I felt when you would constantly deny me, for a little girl no less, but even before that Chibiusa was just an excuse and you soaked it like a sponge", she accused tears rolling down her face but her glaze didn't leave his eyes.

"I didn't mean to", he started but Usagi cut him off.

"You don't mean to do a lot of things Chiba Mamoru".

He winced at the harshness in her voice. He deserved it he knew, but still it stung coming from her. When he opened his mouth to speak his words were no longer that from a confident man but…from a boy too broken to be fix. "For the longest time, you know I've been alone all my live and there you was a light to my darkness. I felt as if I didn't deserve something so pure and if I acted to fast than I would lose you and be all alone once more. Losing you was not an option only I was losing you regardless wasn't I", he asked.

Usagi anger deflated instantly as she crawled over to him and sat on his lap. She embraced him and he held her like a life line. "You will never lose me, I love you too much", she said quietly. "I love that infuriating jerk that used to tease me and call me Odango. I love how no matter the bickering and heated arguments somehow I knew if I was ever in a jam you'd be there rain or shine. I love how I could press you buttons and your usual calm demeanor changes in seconds. I love you Mamo-chan".

"But you wasn't happy; not really", he countered. "I hurt you because I wasn't what you were expecting".

"You are who I was expecting", she answered placing her hands over his heart. "It's all in here. It just took your brain some time to catch on to it".

"And while I was catching on you was busy making babies with Endymion", he shouted back dropping her on the bed to pace.

She shook her head frantically. "It wasn't like that", she cried.

"You could have said something, but instead you kept running off like nothing was wrong", he shouted.

"And said what", she challenged. "when could I say something…when you was playing daddy of the year or when I was trying to stop you from killing yourself", she yelled getting on her feet and walking up to him.

"I don't want to fight anymore. This isn't getting anywhere", he said meekly.

"Why because I'm right", she argued not about to give it up now.

"Okay why don't you and I go for a little vacation? No youma's, no scouts, no kids. Just you and me", he tried changing tactics and it work. Her face brightened drastically.

"But what about work", she asks worriedly.

He chuckled only she would think about him and not her. She had school also but school didn't even cross her mind. "Let me worry about that. You're more important", he said as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

"Really", she breathed.

"Really, really princess and I'm going to spend the rest of my life treating you like a queen".

She shook her head and started leading him back to bed. "I don't care if you treat me like a queen; all I ever cared about was you and as long as your loving me I will forever be the richest woman in the world", she declared unbuttoning her shirt teasing him.

"I think I can handle that", he smirked as he planted kisses down her neck.

"'oh I'm sure", she moaned as he worked his way to her breast. Messaging one with his hands and sucking the other one. Usagi arched at the sensation. He sucked them both with fever until he moved his way to her pants planting butterfly kisses above the waistband before pulling them off. He kissed and messaged ever inch of her legs avoiding the part that was desperately calling for his attention. With a flick of his wrist he summoned a thorn less red rose. He then began to trace it amongst every inch of her body. The soft feathery petals of the flower sent shivers down her skin. He stuck a finger in her while he brushed the rose against her heavenly folds. She squirmed at the touch which only caused him to chuckle hoarsely. He replaced the rose with his mouth and proceeded to taste every inch of her. She tasted like vanilla with a hint of honey and he loved how quickly he was able to bask in her sweet juices. When she reached her second orgasm with his ministrations he began to work his way back up leaving hot smothering kisses in his wake.

She giggled when he lingered on her stomach.

"That was not the effect I was going for", he say dryly. Bring his face down to hers.

Usa grinned taking the rose that was left forgotten on the side of them and flipped them over so she was on top. She mimicked his actions kissing where ever the rose left until she reached his pants and smirked. She brushed the rose up and down his tented pants. Mamoru groaned at the feathery touches. Needing her hands she dropped the rose on his stomach and picked it up with her mouth making sure to nip his skin a little as she than unbutton his pants. She hurriedly slid them off, and was pleasantly surprised when she saw was his member standing tall. "Commando", she smiled. "I think I like it". She moved her head down so the rose petals were touching his massive erection. He jumped, so she repeated her actions this time blowing at it until the rose dropped forgotten as she finally took him in her mouth.

"Ah', he moaned at the wonderful sensation trying to control his will power.

She began to suck him for all he was worth. Sometimes it would be slow and long to taunt him and others was faster paced. He began to meet her by thrusting into her mouth and moving his fingers into her hair letting her golden locks fall around her. He felt he was on the verge of coming so he stopped her. She grinned. Looking him straight in the eye and licked his tip slowly; daring him not to come to that. He wasn't sure how but he remained and beckoned her to come back up. Once she did she met him in a hungry kiss.

Usagi and Mamoru both wanted to be lost in a world that was made only for them. They were tired of the obstacles that seemed hell bent on keeping them apart. He flipped her over and gently slid himself home. It was soft and gentle, yet passionate and demanding as they did the dance as old as time. Tonight was about promises of forever and reprimands from yesteryears. Tonight was their clear slate. His thrust into her like it was no tomorrow and she responded by holding him tighter between her legs. As she came she bit down on her lip to try to hold back the scream that was threatening to come out as she tried to steady her breathing. Mamoru simply collapsed against her. He didn't want to crush her but he also didn't want to relinquish the feel of her just yet. So he adjusted them to their sides. Cuddling with her and bringing her impossibly closer. He had planned this going differently in his head, and was prepared to call it a night when other parts of his anatomy reacted to his decision of reentering her he knew their night was far from over.

Usagi gasped at the feel of him growing and stretching within her.

"Well so much for sleep", she laughed huskily looking into his eyes.

"I promise you won't miss it", he said leaning down to kiss her once more.

"Your right, why dream when I can have the real thing", she said as she moved her hips against his. All thoughts were lost and no more words were spoken as they continued to reunite their souls as one.

Hours later, Mamoru was twirling his fingers in Usagi long golden locks. He was too tired to move but he didn't want to sleep. So instead he stared at the golden sleeping beauty in his arms. She'd been through so much and all he wanted was to give her the world. He still couldn't believe her parents but now he had the chance to be the first thing she see when she wakes up and the last thing she sees when she closes her eyes. He knew that would have some rough times but he was counting on making it up.

"Come what may. I love you my beautiful Usako. My goddess from the moon", he said as he finally drifted off to sleep.

"And I love you", she mumbled sleepily against his chest. She felt that being just like this forever wasn't long enough!

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