Set in the changed future. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the story, but do you really want to spoil the fun? :P
Very big thanks to my awesome beta-reader Charmed7293.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Charmed and it's characters.

Chris woke up gasping and clutching at his side. He remembered getting stabbed. He looked at his hand, but there was no blood. His shirt was whole, and, when he lifted the hem to see the wound, he saw that he didn't even have a scratch on his skin. The pain started to fade away, too. Confused, Chris looked around, taking in the familiar yet strange surroundings. He got up slowly and wandered around the room. Soon, he was sure that he was in the manor, but not in the past and even not in his future. Chris cautiously walked to the door and peered out. Clear. He quietly slipped from the room and, just as he was closing the door, he heard loud crash from the downstairs. Knowing full well that, in the manor, it meant a demon attack he hurried to the stairway. Halfway down the stairs he stopped, surveying the scene. His aunts and mother were fighting a group of demons. He waved his hand to throw away one demon that managed to get to close to Phoebe, but nothing happened. Chris frowned and repeated the gesture. Nothing. He looked at his hand incredulously and then at his family. No way! He saw an energyball flying towards him and Chris ducked. The energyball hit the banister, showering him with the pieces of wood.

"Chris!" he heard his mother shout. "Get out! Wyatt!"

Chris was ready to get up but stopped. She was calling Wyatt? The bright orbs appeared, forming his older brother. He looked around quickly and started helping vanquish the demons.

Chris got up and went downstairs, carefully avoiding the battlefield. Soon the fight was over.

"Everyone is alright?" asked Wyatt. He spotted his little brother at the bottom of the stairs. "Chris?"

"Chris, are you hurt?" asked Piper in concern.

"I'm fine!" Chris laughed nervously, inching his way towards the front door, looking at Wyatt. "I just…"

"It's okay, Chris," said Wyatt soothingly, taking one step towards him. "Just calm down."

"Stay the hell away from me!" Chris yelled.

"Honey." Piper moved forward. "We know you're upset, but…"

"Upset?" Chris shook his head. "Upset doesn't cover it. It doesn't make any sense." He carded his fingers through his hair. "I need to get out of here," he stated and turned to the door.

"No!" shouted Piper. "Wyatt, get him!"

"But…" started her oldest son.

"Now!" she commanded.

Wyatt sighed heavily and orbed to the door. Chris staggered backwards as he appeared right in front of him.

"What the hell?" Chris couldn't believe that they wouldn't even let him out. Soon he knew why. Wyatt blew the memory dust in his face. Chris felt himself starting to fall, but strong arms grabbed him, gently easing him down.

"I'm so sorry, bro," he heard Wyatt whisper and everything went dark.