Disclaimer: I always wanted to write a story on harry but never thought what. After reading The Accidental Bound I came too thought about this story. It will be rated for adults only seeing as harry is going to have a lot of fun. It will have Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ginny Wesley, and Harry's Friends. There are also a few made up characters for the simple reason of altering the story harry will have to walk.

Chapter One: A Sorting And Answering

Harry Potter is a simple boy when you first look at him, his dark brown hair and those green eyes. You would think that he was the sweetest 11 year old boy for miles. What you wouldn't expect from the potter boy was that he had gotten a letter from a magical school called Hogwarts, that nice young boy was a young wizard and was going to school and was finally free from the grasp of his aunt and uncle.

Harry was ready to go to Hogwarts when his new pet owl Hedwig, came to him with a most menacing black envelope. The envelope was sealed with a crest of two snakes twisting in the background of it; the crest showed noting but a pattern. Under the seal were some white words saying DO NOT SHOW THIS TO ANY ONE . You could see the curiosity in his eyes as he read words. Hagrid had left him to find a platform that in his mind did not exist, a platform 9 ¾. He stuffed the envelope in his coat and took off.

As Harry walked between platforms 9 and 10, pacing back and forth, he eventually got tired and leaned against a wall, but harry kept backing up and found himself starring at a brick wall soon after. Questioning what had just happened he turned around and saw a sign that said platform 9 ¾. Not really questioning what had happened, he got on a train labeled Hogwarts express. After finding an empty compartment he sat down and pulled out that letter from earlier. At first he didn't know just how to open the letter, he tried to rip it open, stared at it, he even smashed it against the ground, but nothing worked. Eventually he thought it might be a magic seal and tappet it with his wand.

The envelope opened to reveal a parchment and a scroll. The parchment read READ ME FIRST, so harry did putting the scroll off to his side.

Dear Mr. Potter

As I'm glad that you are now arriving at Hogwarts, I would like to officially warn you that not everything is what it seems to be there. Hogwarts is a school of magic and mystery so don't be surprised when something happens. You know you are a wizard now and that your life will change from now on, however that does not mean that you need to live with those horrid muggles you call family. There for if you don't like your living condition I have given you a way out. Harry in the state of Britain you have no legal guardian and with this I am willing to adopt you but to be safe and to know you want out of this life I have given you the scroll contains magical adoption.

Unlike what most people think, the magical government and the muggle government work hand in hand. Even at the fact that magic and technology cannot exists in the same place, we have managed to keep the balance within the two. And with this I would propose the adoption of Harry Potter to the Magical Government, who in return will tell the British government so they may update their records.

It would be an honor if you could come and live with my family Mr. Potter as there are many things I would like to teach you. But I can't tell you in this letter just in case it might fall into the wrong hands.

With that I leave the diction in your hands.

You're Friend

Andreas Black

Harry was so intense on the letter that he didn't know there was a girl at the door. When she opened the door harry scrambled to hide everything. "Sorry, did you want to sit alone?" said the girl, her hair curled and here brown eyes staring at harry. "No come on in, I think I need the company for now. It's my first time at Hogwarts." Hay said a little quickly "well you're not the only one… sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Hermione Granger, and yours?" she said as she toke a seat on the opposite side of him "my name is Harry, Harry Potter, it's nice to meat you. Have you grown up with magic or is this new for you as well?" harry stuck his hand out glad to find someone to talk to. "I was raised with my mother and father but there not magical wizards, in fact there dentists, you?" "Oh! My parents died when I was young, my aunt and uncle raised me" harry started to trail off when he thought about that letter sitting in his bag.

The conversation had gone on all the way to Hogwarts, stopping briefly as the snack tray came buy, harry wanting to try it all bought the entire candy tray. After they got off the train, harry had spotted Hagrid standing with a lantern in hand and gathering all the first years near him. "Hagrid! Where to now?" harry running with Herminie fast on his heel strait to Hagrid. "Well there you are 'Arry, I think that be everyone, come on now, follow me, first years to the boats." After walking for a short time they got to a lake where there were several boats, Harry and Hermione got in one and noticed a very shy red headed boy tiring to figure out what boat to take when Hermione called out to him "hay you can come in ours" the boy light up with excitement and jumped in.

The boats moved slowly across the lake on its own, harry talked with the boy and found out he was what is called a pure blood and his name was Ron Wesley. After getting out of the boat the group was handed off to a woman who looked to be in her 50's, "Why Ello there Miss. McGonagall, these are the new ones." Hagrid had bowed formally. "Very good Hagrid, I have them from here, go and take your place." She waved him by and looked at the students. "I want to lay down some rules for you new students, I'm not happy with recent events so don't make me angry. Not that is out of the way I expect you to behave considering that first impressions are most important." She then turned and signaled for her to be fallowed as she walked up the stairs.

"You will notice a coat rack to your right, it contains black cloaks, you will put one on, and it's one of the respect things you will learn about here at Hogwarts." She led them to a stair case and walked up the stairs to a set of double doors, the lady talking the entire time. "Now you will all wait here until we signal for you to come up. This part is called the sorting so be on your best behavior." She left threw the double door and not a second latter a boy with greased blond hair had jumped out and stuck his hand out in front of harry "so it's true the famous Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts this year, I'm Draco Malfoy and I would like to show you what the true wizarding world is all about. No doubt this low level wizard has lied to you and to think a mud blood to your other side doesn't help appearance Harry" his voice was that of selfish snot nosed part. "I'm sorry but I think your mistaken, you act as if I care what people think of me, I would like to get to know you but if you're going to treat those I call my friends then I'm going to have to refuse your offer." The entire crowd cheered as harry had practically insulted Draco in front of everyone.

Not soon after the insult the double doors swung open and a voice had beaconed the children to come in. as the kids walked forward, Draco had made it look as if he was leading this march. They stopped in front of a table that held the adults of this school. And in the middle was a man who looked really old and mysterious. "Now for the sorting hat, if you would come up here and sit on the chair as we place this hat on your head." After a lot of nods from Miss. McGonagall's question "then to start, Draco Malfoy" as the boy prated up to the chair and sat down the hat was placed on his head. 'Very interesting, your of the house of black and yet… are you positive you want slitherin? There is great promise in your future for Gryffindor?' a voice inside the boys head had alarmed him from what the hat said. Of course I want slitherin; my family depends on me gaining the title heir to slitheren. He thought hard and hat did not refuse his request and to the entire crowd said "slitherin" as the boy hoped from the chair his robes changed to green and silver, and the house logo appeared on his cloak.

Several students before the next name was called, "Hermione Granger" who without a second thought was put into Gryffindor. Then Ron Wesley was called up and was sorted into Gryffindor shortly after, and then it was Harry's turn and he walked up slowly as murmur broke out threw the hall. In his head he heard the hat talk to him. 'well, now don't we have a twisted future here, what do you think harry?' harry didn't know what to think but thought he would like to be with his friends ' that is a good idea but in your head here you would do well in slitherin considering the parsaltoung. But it's your choice' and out loud the voice said "Gryffindor" and harry was happy to see his new friends waiting for him there.

After the sorting was done the food magically appeared in front of them on the table. After the food they were escorted by a prefect called Percy, Rod said it was his older brother. Percy let them pick their rooms and told them that "there is no such thing as changing rooms so pick wisely." Harry and Ron bolted off and found a room together where they crashed for the night. Harry had waited for Ron to fall asleep and pulled out the letter and scroll. He unrolled the scroll and then began reading it; it seemed to do exactly what the letter said it would. After rolling it up he began to write a letter.

Dear, Andreas Black

I have gotten your letter but there is some information that you must give me before I make the dissection to sign this form. I would like to know how you know me. Where you are from? And why should I be adopted by you?


Harry Potter

Not being good at writing he made it short. He had put it in an envelope and attached it to Hedwig's leg, he gave her a snack and told her "Hedwig, I need you to deliver this to the man that gave you that black letter. If you deliver I will get some meat for you tomorrow." The owl seemed to be very happy to hear this and flew out the window harry had opened for her.

Harry fell asleep and had a dream about him learning a hunting spell when his deep stopped and a man in a chair had appeared in a room full of books. Hedwig was sitting on the arm of the chair, the man was petting Hedwig and turned the chair to see harry. "Harry, I'm Andreas Black, and I'm here about your letter. Yes this is magic, it's called a dream invasion and most of the time it lets me link with someone while they are dreaming. Harry I want to answer your questions so let's start with where I'm from. I know you because my older brother Serius was to adopt when your parents died but being in Azkaban as stopped him from doing so, so I contacted you by owl hoping you would not mind if I take care of you in his place. I'm still in Britain, and I have no reason on why you should let me adopt you other than we both know your aunt and uncles please is not for you." Harry looked at him and had decided that he could get away from the dursly and live in a family that could teach him about this new magical world. "Ok, say I want this to happen, what I do with the scroll after I sign it?" he told Andreas "you could send it to your friend Ron's Father; he works for the ministry of magic." "How do you know I was friends with Ron?" "There little that can be hidden from me, plus I have some eyes and ears in Hogwarts." Harry woke up sitting bolt upright and scaring Ron who had just set his feet on the ground.