A/N: Prequel #5 of 5: based on More Than Friends by Gabrielle Aplin. Set a while after You and Tequila and a few months before the conclusion, That's Beautiful to Me. This is the shortest, but by far my favorite (apart from the conclusion :))

She doesn't know how this is still working, how this relationship is still going strong. She's not complaining, don't get her wrong, but it's fascinating to her that, while every past relationship failed, this one won't break. It's cliché and she knows it, but she knows this is what should've happened long ago. The empty feeling she was surrounded by has disappeared now that he's promised to be in her life forever. She never knew what she was missing and she's not about to go back to being alone. It seems silly for her to think like this, but she can't help put be amazed that this, her life with him, is even real.

She knows he promised her a life together a long time ago. He wanted to share everything he could give with her. She didn't give him that chance at first. And now that she's letting him share, she's not about to let go. She's still just a tad skeptical though. She wants to know what she can do to make it last. He's holding up his end of the deal and now she wants to do her part.

So he tells her, you've done your part. She's saved him from going back to the ace and queen of spades, from going back to the felt and pool cue. She's with him, and that's what he needed. That's enough for him. He can't even being to think of what would've happened if he had gone to her that night, revealed his feelings again and she turned him away again. He wouldn't have been okay to go back to the way they were before their sabbaticals in the jungle and desert. One more night wouldn't have been enough for him. If that was all she would've given him, he wouldn't have been able to go back to 'friends'. It would've been too much. It would've given both of them nothing else to hope for.

But she wants to do more for him. She wants to show him she's in this for the long haul. And she'll go to any lengths necessary to prove that to him.

So she asks, after another glorious night of making love, she asks, do you still think I'll run out on you? No, he replies, if you say you're staying, I believe you. He waits a moment for each of them to collect their thoughts before he says, we can't go back to the broken way things were before.

She knows he's right. And they stay awake for hours longer, proving to each other how deep their love runs. And in the darkest moments before dawn, just before the sun tells them it's time to start the new day, she knows she'll never feel the end. Because this is only the beginning.