This will be an accumulation of one-shots before Chuck and Sarah finally got together. Most will be around season 2, maybe 1. Very few will be in Season 3 but I don't know. If I ever write more of then, that is. These are more muses than anything else.

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Chuck is sitting at the bar, wallowing in self pity. He looks over his shoulder to see Sarah in a stunning red dress that hugs her curves perfectly; the strapless dress is eloquent and flashy. Sarah is laughing and talking with Sergei Fedorov, as the Intersect so nicely told Chuck. Chuck watches intently as Sarah gets the Russian man to take her to his room. Chuck turns his head back at the bar.

"Looks like I have a job to do," Casey informs Chuck in his bartender outfit. "Stay here moron," Casey walks away to help Sarah capture the mark. Chuck drops his head while sitting on the bar stool of the fancy hotel.

"Yea, sure," Chuck responds apathetically without looking up. Chuck lets all the different possibilities of what Sarah is doing with the mark flow through his mind. Some are horrific and make him want to help her, but others are just enough to keep him from disobeying orders.

He takes a swig of his beer, wishing he didn't have to be around when Sarah had to seduce marks. He always despised those types of missions. Sarah was never a big fan of them either, and with Chuck expressing his hatred for them made her hate them more. She knows it is necessary for the mission and reluctantly carries out her mission, knowing how much it hurts Chuck, her Chuck.

Chuck finishes his beer, trying to get the thoughts of what Sarah has to do to complete her mission out of his head. He loves her with all his heart and the thought of her having to be with another man kills him inside.

It's been ten minutes since Sarah has left with Fedorov and Chuck has finished another beer. Chuck, still wallowing in his self pity of never being allowed to be with Sarah, feels a delicate soft hand on his shoulder.

"Would you like to dance?" A soft angelic female voice asks him.

"I'm not much of a dancer—" He starts to explain as he turns on the stool to see a blonde angel. His eyes widen and the sadness fades as he sees his beautiful angel, Sarah Walker. He smiles from ear to ear at seeing her gentle smile. "I'd love to."

She leads him onto the dance floor by his left hand over her shoulder. They get to the dance floor and she holds onto him, laying her head on his chest. Chuck lays his chin on her head and smiles. He is with the woman he loves more than anything else in the world and she is with the man she loves more than anything in the world. She smiles as her nose nuzzles into his neck as they slowly rock back and forth to the slow music that is playing. Chuck and Sarah bathe in the time they get to spend together as just Chuck and Sarah, not Asset and Handler.

Sarah loves Chuck more than anything, but knows she cannot express it without losing her job or being forced to a new mission. She would rather settle for this than leaving him forever anytime. She knows how much Chuck loves her and would do anything to insure her safety. She lets herself smile at the thought of how great a man Chuck is.

Chuck knows Sarah has feelings for him and he obviously loves her more than anything. He understands that if they were to become a real couple, Sarah would be reassigned and they would never see each other again. Chuck understands that the only time they can show their love for each other are in short precise moments like now. He would rather have these brief moments with Sarah then lose her forever.

"Casey's probably waiting," Sarah reluctantly informs Chuck in a soft whisper, not wanting to let the dance end.

"You're right, we should probably go," he gives her a tender kiss on the forehead and stops swaying to the music. Sarah hoists herself up and gives Chuck a peck on the cheek. They walk out of the hotel with their arms interlaced.

Chuck and Sarah are madly in love but are also in fear of their lives. If anyone was to find out about how much they love each other, Sarah would be replaced and they would never see each other again. They both understand what they have to do and will do anything to be able to stay together as asset and handler.


I know this is short. This is just going to be one-shots of Chuck and Sarah showing their true feelings while not allowed to be together.

This will be mostly season 2 stuff.

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