At first it had been forced upon him, not given much of a reason other than "it will help relieve some of your stress." And this, for some reason, made Brandon even angrier. How was pretending to be someone else going to help his problems? Moreover, how would other people with freakish problems help his problems? It didn't make any sense at all, and for the first meeting he refused to be a part of it, silent and glaring at everything that bothered him.

The other nations understood completely, and soon enough a tall, brooding Swede became his character. How this happened without his consent at all puzzled Brandon, but as time went on, well, he started to understand what his doctor had meant.

In this conference hall his words meant something, and people listened to him speak when he spoke, his mumbling voice so rare. Instead of mindlessly spitting whatever acidic thoughts came to his mind, Brandon began to consider his words more carefully, intent to make each one count in expressing his feelings.

He confused himself, why he almost randomly decided that there were other ways to show emotions, other ways to outlet anger. He'd found his calling when Finland (no, Tino...Mikael) told him about wood carving and how it had had helped him, and though he was skeptical, Brandon would trust Mikael. Mikael, the closest thing to a friend he'd ever had, who was kind to him despite being frightened by the frustrated glares he'd so often wear. Who listened to him over the phone as he vented about the daily things, giving his input and advice when he thought of it. Who accepted him without expecting anything in return.

Somewhere along the line Brandon had become entwined with Berwald, and if he was falling for Mikael he was falling for Tino as well. He loved every aspect of both: Finland's wide smiles and emotional honesty, Mikael's thoughtful gestures and subtle affections, and both's care and dedication to everything they do.

And when Finland called him "Su-san" at Brandon's seventh World Meeting, he embraced him. He didn't embrace Mikael or Finland or Tino, he embraced him. Everything he was. And he hugged him back.

Then, BrandonBerwaldSweden realized that his anger and loathing wouldn't last, as long as he had MikaelTinoFinland by his side.