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Author's Note: Enjoy! I'm trying out a newer fandom of mine. Not my best, but sure to get better with time. I plan on jumping around in pairings.

Sooner or Later: Flushed

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Gray/Juvia

October 30, 2010

"He gets naked all the time and you constantly have sex on the brain! I don't know how two people could be even more suited for each other than you guys are! I mean, really! Water and ice! Come on!"

The room roared with laughter.

Juvia was already pink from the alcohol, but her face was even hotter now. They knew? How could they know?

"It's so obvious!" a voice called out in the distance. Fairy Tail was packed today. Impromptu parties weren't rare.

Could they read her mind? Juvia groaned, hiding her face in her hands.

"Knock it off," Gray yelled, lifting a fist to threaten his opponent, whoever it was—he couldn't necessarily see straight. "Don't even talk to me about sexual tension in this guild. Bonehead after bonehead lust after all the girls, so don't even start on the girls wanting the guys! Hey, why have we never had an orgy—"

"Gray-sama, I don't think that's a good idea…" Juvia muttered, trying to pull his drink away from him.

Gray's face was bright red with the amount of alcohol he had drunk, and he was already down to his boxers. All in all, it was a normal night.

"No! I, uh… I! I'll be right back," he said, getting up, with a dangerous wobble, from his bar stool. It was a miracle he could walk.

"Let me help you!" Juvia said, rushing to his side to be his support. "I'm sorry everyone is teasing us, Gray-sama. I feel as if this is all my fault."

"Stop it."

"Stop… what?" she asked, genuinely confused. She didn't realize that they were already in the men's restroom, next to a urinal. Her eyes widened and she pulled away from him suddenly. "Oh, I'm sorry!"

"No, just," he grunted, righting himself after his support beam pulled away, "face away but stay here, just in case. Porcelain hurts when your skull collides with it."

"This makes me uncomfortable," she mumbled, turning away. Her face was almost purple.

After he had finished, washed his hands, and dried them off, he paused. Looking in the mirror, he eyed Juvia's reflection. It wasn't as if she wasn't pretty. She was different, but still curvaceous in all the right places. She wasn't a princess like Lucy, nor was she a strong-willed knight like Erza. No, she was… literally, an ice queen, governed by her emotions. Unique. He liked that. Why didn't he recognize this before? Was it that she had been coming on too strong? That he didn't know her well enough before she advanced on him?

"Hey, Juvia?"

"Yes, Gray-sama?" she asked. They made eye contact in the mirror.

"I have an idea."


Gray turned and walked over to her, nearly colliding into her when he leaned forward to whisper in her ear. With a devious grin on his face, he pulled away after he had made his statement. Good thing he had quick reflexes, though. If not, he wouldn't have caught her before she hit the ground.