'Dean, are you sure this is a good idea?' Sam Winchester whispered as they flanked either side of the wooden shacks doors, machetes held tightly in their arms.

'Yes Sammy-just go with me on this, will ya?' he whispered back, giving his brother a small glare.

Sam sighed and let the subject drop, looking around. They were in the middle of god damn nowhere, trying to infiltrate a nest of fangs that had started taking the nearest towns children.

Sam knew that it had to be done, but still-eight vampires against the two of them?

'Ready?' Dean whispered, looking to his brother for confirmation. Sam gave a curt nod to show he was ready, and Dean slowly opened the door with his free hand, before quietly walking in, looking for the filthy vamps.

Sam deftly followed, eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. He could see some fangs lying on the floor on makeshift beds, sleeping.

Dean positioned himself in front of a couple of them, readying his machete, making sure he could strike in the right place.

Sam was just about to do the same, when they heard footsteps coming towards them. Just as they managed to get into a hiding place, a young looking vampire walked past, ruffling his mussed up black hair, yawning.

As he passed where Dean was standing mere seconds ago, he stopped, and sniffed at the air. He was just about to go get one of the older vampires, when he felt the cool hardness of a blade touch his lower back.

'I take it your not pleased to see me?' he asked, English accent cool in the night air. He turned and came face to face with Dean, who had a sneer on his face.

'I won't ever be pleased to see you scum!' he said quietly, not wanting to wake the others; they would deal with them soon.

'well, that's not very nice, is it?' he asked coolly, and before Dean's very eyes, he ran to Sam, pressing a small blade of his own to his throat, beads of blood already appearing on his flesh.

'Leave now, and you can take your friend with you' he warned, looking across at Dean, who had a look of abject anger on his face.

'I swear if you touch him...' he growled menacingly, but the young fang merely laughed quietly.

'You'll do what? Leave now-or he dies!' he repeated, digging in the blade further.

Sam gasped out a small cry, before looking across at Dean. Suddenly, he growled in anger and grabbed the vampire around the shoulder and pushed him away.

They looked across to see if the others had woken, but they seemed to be in a deep slumber.

'Oh, this one knows how to fight!' the fang smiled, before throwing a shot in Sam's direction. Sam easily ducked and swiped at the vampire, hitting his face. Instead of growling in anger, he laughed, lurching forwards to hit Sam.

'You got balls kid- I'll give you that!' he smiled, before he stopped dead, turning slowly to face Dean once more.

'He may have the balls-but I have the knife!' he smiled, before thrusting the large knife into the fangs stomach, right up to the hilt.

The vampire smiled and looked down. 'What was that supposed to do?' he asked.

'Wait...the Dead Man's Blood should be working soon!' Dean sneered.

The young vampire looked down in horror, before he crumpled to the floor, the poison making its way into his system.

'Well, one down, seven to go!' Dean shrugged.

'Help me with him, will you?' he asked Sam, picking up the vamps torso.

'Why? Why not kill him?' asked Sam, picking up his legs regardless.

'Because I want to have a little chat with this fang-see if he can give us some info on other nests around here!' answered his brother, groaning slightly at the weight.

'Ok...' muttered Sam, leading the way out the door.

As Sam and Dean made their way through the wood to the Impala, they didn't notice the pair of eyes watching them, noting their every moment, seeing where they were going.

'Well, what have we got here?' muttered a strong voice, watching them make their way out.

'This is going to be interesting...'

Who is the mysterious person stalking the Winchesters?

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