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Hours later, in the cool shade of a crescent moon, shrouded in misty darkness, Dean parked the Impala in the midst of some tress, overlooking a gabbling brook. It seemed a peaceful place to stop after everything that had happened, somewhere quiet for them to say their goodbyes.

Sam had asked about whether or not the twins would stay for a few more days, to recuperate and recover from the previous nights drama and violence, but Dexter had shaken his head and said they should get going.

They were now sat in the back of the Impala, looking out the window at the picturesque scene outside.

'wow, you sure know how to pick the beauty spots, Dean!' Koby smiled sarcastically, raising his eyebrows at the mist dancing with the moonbeams cutting their way across the ground toward them.

Dean growled mock angrily 'oh bite me...' he muttered, before smiling back at the young vamp.

'Don't tempt me Dean!' grinned Koby, flicking his tongue over his teeth, cuasing a chuckle from his brother, before a groan racked his body.

'Don't make me laugh Kobes!' he reprimanded his brother, whacking him playfully on the shoulder.

'sorry Dex...' Koby said seriously, before sighing and getting out the car, Sam following.

Dean and Dexter watched their respective younger siblings go, walking together to the edge of the small river.

'the things you do for your little brother' Dexter mused.

'damn straight!' smiled Dean, 'And would you have it any other way?' he asked.

'Hell no...hell no...' answered Dexter, before he too opened the door of the car and stepped out into the cool air of the night.

Dean cocked his head in agreement and got out of the car, squinting in the half darkness to see where Sammy had gotten to. He spotted him by the water's edge, just looking out into the distance.

'you ok?' he asked as he sidled up to him.

'yeah, why shouldn't I be?' replied Sam, frowning at his brother, who shrugged, letting the subject drop.

Koby clapped his hands, making everyone jump. 'well, this has been great guys, it really has-but I think we need to get going, huh, Dexter?' he asked, looking towards his big brother, who smiled.

'yeah I guess so...' he said reluctantly.

'wait, your going already? But we haven't had a chance to celebrate yet!' moaned Dean, before he ran back the Impala and grabbed four bottles of beer.

Koby and Dexter accepted their drinks, but they didn't open them.

'what, you don't like beer?' asked Sam, looking from one twin to the other.

'well, yeah, but it's not really to our tastes anymore...' said Dexter, before he put his peer on the grass and pulled two small bottles of thick red liquid out of his leather jacket, handing one over to his eager brother.

'now we're talking...' smiled Koby, before chinking bottles with his brother and gulping down the blood, leaving a circle of red around his mouth.

Sam and Dean watched with their mouths open as Dexter also took a mouthful, sighing with delight as he swallowed.

'please tell me that wasn't human blood...' Sam said, feeling a little quesy.

Dexter stared at him for a while before breaking into laughter, 'your faces!' he managed to get out, before attempting to be serious again.

'no, Sam. it's cow's blood-awful stuff, but we live by it, we only drink from humans when we're desperate, which has been never so far, hasn't it Kobes?' Dexter turned to his brother, who smiled and nodded.

'yep, I'm tee total on the human blood front, apart from the little gift Sam gave me!' he said, tipping his head at Sam, who averted his eyes without quite knowing why.

'relax Sammy, I don't need your blood anymore!' Koby reassured him.

Sam felt a flicker of annoyance at being called by his nickname, which he was usually only referred to by Dean, but for some reason he didn't really mind.

Dexter looked at the sky, then back at the brother's. 'now we really have to go-but listen...you really helped us out there, so if you ever need any help, you know who to call' he smiled, before taking some paper and a pen out of his pocket, and, leaning on Koby's back, he scribbled down his cell phone number, before handing it over to Dean.

'you saved both mine and Koby's life, so we're in your debt now-call us whenever you like, and we'd love to help!' he smiled, Koby nodding enthusiastically over his shoulder.

'thanks guys...' Dean said, pocketing the number before turning to the twins once more.

'I guess this is goodbye...' he said somewhat sadly, but sadness went out the window when Koby came bounding up to him, pulled him into his arms and gave him a tight squeeze, before kissing the top of his head and pressing his face into his chest.

'dont leave me now Dean, there's so much more to do, more to see!' cried Koby, before Dean pulled him away with a growl of anger, before he let out a chuckle.

'shut it! and don't ever do that again you weirdo!' he smiled, punching a luahing Koby in the shoulder.

Dexter was next, but he just cleared his throat and offered Dean his hand. 'I'm not as idiotic as my brother' he smiled, shaking his head at his brother's direction.

Dean looked across at Sam, who was trying very hard not to laugh. 'shut it you!' he smiled, before accepting the handshake. He then decided, what the hell, and pulled Dexter into what he would describe as a 'manly farewell'. Dexter clapped him on the back and pulled away, before hugging Sam and doing the same to him.

After they pulled apart, Koby also hugged Sam, although sensibly this time.

'atta boy...that's better!' joked Dexter, as if teaching a small boy how to practise good manners.

Koby laughed and walked to his brother, then they both looked at the two Winchesters standing before them.

'we made a good team, didn't we?' asked Dean, with a smug smile on his face.

Sam rolled his eyes, before nodding in agreement.

'and we will again, I'm sure!' replied Dexter, his eyes shining with awaiting adventure.

'remember to call if you need help!' piped up Koby.

Sam and Dean nodded, before the twins turned and began to walk away.

They watched them go, before they frowned as Koby stood stock still, before crying out 'WHICH WAY WAS IT TO THAT DASHING LOOKING IMPALA WE SAW EARLIER?' out in the air.

Dean laughed and shouted back. 'YOU AINT GETTIN HER, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!'

'WE'LL SEE!' laughed Koby, before the twin's continued walking, until they were out of sight down the grassy slope bordered the river.

Sam and Dean watched them go, before shaking their heads with smiles on their faces, and making their way back to Dean's beloved car.

They got in, Sam riding shotgun, Dean turning on the ignition, before he sat back in his seat.

'I'm gonna miss those dudes, you know...which is strange...' he mused.

'why? 'cos their vampires?' asked Sam, a ghost of a smile on his face.

'well, there is that-' Dean said as he reversed the car and got onto the main rode.

'-and also the fact that they're both as annoying as you to have around!' he quipped, flicking his patented grin his little brother's way.

'I hate you!' smiled Sam, flicking his brother's shoulder with a chuckle.

'bitch' smiled Dean.

'Jerk' replied Sam.

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