Pinkshuchan: LALIHO! Hiya everyone! My name is Pinkshuchan but you can call me Shu. If you guys know The Three Graviteers, this is another story like it, except this time, this story is based on The Prince and the Pauper. I wanted to make a The Prince and the Pauper story with Gravitation characters, but I was debating on whether I used Yuki and Tatsuha or Shuichi and Ryuichi. In the end, I decided that Yuki and Tatsuha would be best. But Shuichi and Ryuichi will have important parts in this story as Yuki and Tatsuha's love interests. So YukixShu and TatsxRyu fans rejoice. Anyways, here's the disclaimer. This is obviously an AU story. I don't own Gravitation nor The Prince and the Pauper. Gravitation belongs to Maki Murakami and The Prince and the Pauper belongs to Mark Twain. Now, without further adieu, I give you The Pissed Prince and the Perverted Pauper. Enjoy!


The Beginning of the Conflict

Once upon a time, in a kingdom called the Kage Kingdom, there lived a king who loved his kingdom more than all the jewels in the world. One day, he ended up pacing around his room, waiting for life to come. Now just any life, that life was to become his heir. Suddenly, he heard baby cries and ran in to see. A baby boy was born. However, to his dismay, his wife died in the process. He was happy to gain a son but sad to lose a wife. He made a promise to his deceased wife that he would raise their son up to be a strong king for the both of them. And he made sure to keep his word.

Meanwhile, the same exact second the prince was born, a child from the streets was born. His parents loved him very much but they had no money to take care of him. At first, they tried stealing food to survive, but it resulted with the father sent to prison. The mother then knew she had no choice but to place him in an orphanage. The baby pauper lived in there ever since. No one ever knew that except for hair and eyes, the baby prince and the baby pauper looked exactly alike. They never knew the two would eventually meet too. But there's more to the story than that.

The king of the Kage Kingdom was best friends of the king of the kingdom on the other side of the land; the Hikari Kingdom. The two practically grew up as brothers. When they went to see each other one day, an old man who claimed he could see the future predicted that someday, the prince of the Kage Kingdom would fall in love with a princess of the Hikari Kingdom and join the two kingdoms together. Both kings were excited of the news and they waited until the future princess would come.

Four years after the prediction, a baby of the Hikari Kingdom was born. The king of the Kage Kingdom rushed over with his son beside him to see the prince's future fiancee. However, when the king of the Kage Kingdom saw the child, he flew into a rage and began yelling at the king of the Hikari Kingdom; thinking that the old man had conned them. However, they saw something they didn't expect. The prince, who was only 4 years old, walked over to the new born child and looked at it. The baby looked up at him and stretched its arms at him. The prince picked the baby up and held it close to him; never letting go. The two kings realized that maybe the old man was right. That the prediction was just seen wrong. But the king of the Hikari Kingdom decided that his child would be a princess to show that the prediction was true. Only the king and queen of the Hikari Kingdom and the king of the Kage Kingdom knew the truth about the princess.

A few days after, the princess was claimed missing. Both kingdoms looked all over for the missing princess, but there was nothing. One day, the soldiers of the Hikari Kingdom found a blood stained baby blanket hidden in the castle of the Kage Kingdom. The king of the Hikari Kingdom was furious and accused the king of the Kage Kingdom to have killed the princess. The king of the Kage Kingdom was outraged to think that his friend would accuse him of such a crime. And so, both kingdoms began a war over the death of the princess. However, there was hope in both kingdoms that maybe the princess was still alive somewhere and would one day come back to stop the war. All they could do is hope.

Pinkshuchan: Well, that's the beginning of The Pissed Prince and the Perverted Pauper. The next chapter will actually go right into the story. This was just the prologue to show you how the story will go. But I hope you like it so far. Read and Review!