Pinkshuchan: LALIHO! Hi everyone! Pinkshuchan here! As promised, I have the epilogue here to end The Pissed Prince and the Perverted Pauper. I'm glad you guys have enjoyed it to the end. And this is a very happy ending. Well, here it is and please check out my other stories.


Happily Ever After

Spring had finally come and the Kage Kingdom and the Hikari Kingdom rejoiced that the war had ended and that the two kingdom were united at last. Eiri's corronation as well as his and Shuichi's wedding was a spectacular event. The entire castle was decorated with light pink and blue flowers given to them by the Hana Kingdom. Eiri stood at the throne with Tatsuha standing beside him as his best man. Then, the doors opened. A couple of flower girls skipped in the front; throwing flower petals around the place, followed by some beautiful maidens who bowed the moment they reached the prince, and then Eiri saw the most beautiful sight. Coming towards him was his queen to be in the most beautiful wedding dress he had ever seen. It was a really long white silk dress with big thick straps that rested under his shoulders and a topaz heart in the middle. The dress looked very snug against him; Eiri could see all of Shuichi's curves perfectly. A long white see through veil covered Shuichi's face. In his hands was a bouquet of purple and yellow flowers. When he got to the front, the priest began the speech and when he was done, he placed their crowns on their heads. When he was done crowning them, he began the wedding vows. Both Eiri and Shuichi answered with a strong confident 'I do'.

"Then by the power of the five kingdoms, I now pronounce you king and queen of the Kage Kingdom." said the priest "Your Majesty, you may now kiss your queen." And so, Eiri and Shuichi kissed; causing the crowd to cheer with delight. When the kiss was done, Shuichi turned his back to the crowd and threw the bouquet to them. The person to catch it was Princess Ayaka, who stood beside Hiro in the front. After she caught the bouquet, she looked up into Hiro's eyes and they held each other close.

After that day, everyone went their separate paths. Hiro became the king of the Hana Kingdom with Ayaka as his wife and they had been inseparable ever since their own wedding. Tatsuha and Ryuichi decided to travel all around the world to tell jokes for money, but because the jokes weren't funny to other people and this resulted with the two losing money instead of gaining any, they chose to tell the story about Tatsuha and Eiri's switcheroo and how they stopped a long going war because of it. As for Eiri and Shuichi, they were happy just being with each other. They were currently watching over the kingdom from their balcony.

"Eiri I just realized something." said Shuichi as he looked up into Eiri's eyes.

Eiri looked back. "What is it?"

"Is it just me or are your eyes the same color as my pentagram?"

Eiri looked at Shuichi's pentagram. "I guess they are. I just noticed your eyes are the same color as my pentagram as well."

They began to laugh. "I guess that means we really are meant for each other, doesn't it?"

Eiri nodded before pulling Shuichi close to him for a kiss. After the kiss, the two just continued to look at the kingdom. Eiri noticed that Shuichi looked like he wasn't really happy. He looked at the same direction his wife was looking at and understood why. He knew that Shuichi was happy to be with him, but it was the fact that Riku was still back in the orphanage. They were happy when the doctor said that Riku was going to be okay and live a full life, but it was the fact that Shuichi was going to be living in the castle far away from the child that upset him. Eiri knew there had to be something he could do. Then something clicked into his head.

"Shuichi?" he said; getting Shuichi's attention away from the orphanage "I've just realized another thing."

"What's that?" Shuichi's tone didn't sound like it but it felt like he was going to burst into tears.

"You and I are both male and as the king and queen of this kingdom, we need to have an heir."

"I don't understand."

"Because you're not really a girl you can't produce an heir, and according to the law, it says that if a queen is unable to produce an heir, the king and queen are able to adopt one."

Shuichi's eyes widened. "Does that mean...?"

Eiri nodded. "It means that you can adopt Riku."

Shuichi jumped into Eiri's arms and held him like his life depended on it. At the sudden impact, Eiri twirled around with Shuichi in his arms. "Oh Eiri." Shuichi cried "I'm so happy. But wait, what if someone tries to kidnap him and we never see him again for many years; just like what happened to me? Isn't it that commoners can't gain a pentagram or they'll die?"

"Not unless the priest performs a ritual; turning a commoner child into a prince or princess. Only then can they obtain a pentagram."

After hearing that, Shuichi didn't spare a thought. He was determined to go to the orphanage and adopt Riku. When he and Eiri got there, they were greeted by Judy. "I'm so happy to see you." she said as she gave Shuichi a hug "What can I do you two for?"

"Well as you can already tell, Eiri and I can't have a baby, so we're here to adopt someone." said Shuichi.

"Splendid! Do you have someone in mind?"

"I do."

"Well then, you know where all the children are." And so, Judy left them to search for Riku. Shuichi walked through the halls of the rooms where the younger orphans slept until he reached the last door on the right. He opened it the door and...

The room was empty.

There was no one in the bed. The room looked like it hadn't been touched for days. There was nothing; especially no Riku. Shuichi closed the door and looked over at Eiri with tears in his eyes. "He's not there. I didn't even think that Riku could've already been adopted. Anyone would've wanted to adopt him."

Eiri pulled him close to him. "Do you want to see if there's anyone else you'd like to adopt?" he asked.

Shuichi shook his head. "No. I just wanna go back home." Eiri kept his arm around Shuichi as they began to leave to go back to the castle. Shuichi couldn't stop the tears from falling down his face. Out of all the orphans he knew in the orphanage, Riku was the one he was closest to. It made him sad to know that he may never see Riku again.


Shuichi turned around at the familiar voice to see Riku standing there. More tears fall down his face, but this time it was of happiness. He and Riku ran over to each other and held each other very close. They were so happy to see each other again and the sight of it made Eiri happy too.

"I was worried that you might've already been adopted." said Shuichi.

"Miss Judy said she didn't see the point of having my own room anymore since I'm no longer sick so now I get to sleep with the other orphans now." said Riku "I thought maybe you didn't like me anymore and that was why you were no longer living in the orhpanage."

Shuichi held him closer. "Oh sweetie of course I still like you. And that's why I'm here now. I'm here to adopt you."

Riku looked up at him with big sparkly eyes. "Really?"

Shuichi nodded. "And while I'm at it..." He stood up at brought Riku to Eiri. "I'd like you to meet your new father."

Eiri smiled and kneeled down so he and Riku were at eye level. "Hey Riku." he said "It's nice to really meet you." The reason he said it like that was because he only met Riku while pretending to be Tatsuha. But now, he was able to appear before the child as himself. Riku just looked at Eiri for a while before he smiled and hugged him.

"Papa!" he cried. Eiri smiled and pulled the child close to him. To that day, Riku officially became an heir to the Kage Kingdom and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End