Landing in Kyushu

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Kyushu had been the sight of the Mongol invasion of Japan both times, with most fighting taking place here. It was also where the famous "Kamikae" or divine wind, overtook the Mongol fleet. It could be said that the Japanese belief that Japan could not be defeated was born here with the impressive defeat of the Mongols on two occasions despite all odds being against them. Though the weather did make a deciding factor in both cases, it was the Japanese ability to repel the Mongols to their ships that had won out in the end. This was also where the fabled sword of Kublai Khan should be.

"So how much do you know about this sword and what makes it so valuable," asked Chloe as she started to check the map of Kyushu. "I'm not exactly an expert at history but I do know that Kublai Khan wasn't apart of the invasion forces there nor was he lost in the tempest that destroyed his forces."

"His sword was a sign of his power, made out of gold and encrusted with jewels, it was the sign of leadership," replied Nathan as he looked at the map made by the cylinder trying to sync it up with the geographic features of the Kyushu island. "It was carried by the leader of the invasion force, who incidentally perished in the storm, losing the sword. It would have damaged the morale of his entire empire if word had gotten out that his sword was lost so he had another one made in bronze. Of course this is all legend that was thought to be just a myth made up by crazy treasure hunters and the Mongolian empire as a boast of wealth and power. If we could find that, it would be worth a hell of a lot of money."

"According to the map, the main command ship was near the tip of Kyushu when it was hit by the storm," said Seven who was at the controls of the small ship that they had acquired to search the island for the lost ship. "From what I can tell fo the map, the wreckage should be somewhere around here. I'll pull as close as I can to the shore, but this part isn't inhabited due to the mountains. We'll have to take the raft to the shore and pray we don't have any pirates near by."

"Most pirates stay in international waters, besides this place is inhabited," replied Drake as he picked up his .45 Defender.

"That's the reason why I expect pirates, they have to go on land sometime," retorted Seven as he stood on the raft, duel revolvers at his side.

"Hadn't pegged you for the Clint Eastwood type," joked Nathan as he also got on the raft.

"The only movies I ever saw when i was young were old American Westerns in an abandoned movie theater," replied Seven as he sat down and lit up a cigar, just like Sully would do, except they smelled better than the ones Sully smoked. Perhaps the old soldier had a more refined side to him as he was very comfortable with his tastes. "I still watch Westerns sometimes, especially Sergio Leone westerns."

"Glad you have more personality than half the Russians I've worked with," said Nate though from the look Seven gave him he immediately wished he hadn't.

"Well are you two done chatting because you both need to start rowing towards your destination," said Chloe as she placed the map in the middle of the raft. "We need to adjust our direction towards northeast of here."

"And just what exactly do you plan to do," asked Seven as he flashed ehr a questioning, but somewhat amused look.

Glad he's nicer to her, thought Nate. Don't want her to wind up in some abusive relationship, but then again, she doesn't look like the type of woman to take that.

"I'm going to navigate the map and provide moral support," replied Chloe, not changing her tone in the least bit, saying it casually, but there was a definite grin at the last comment, "by looking damn gorgeous."

"I'd expect nothing less, but don't think you're going to sucker me into doing all the work," laughed Seven.

So he can laugh, mused Drake as he watched the other man turn his face down a bit. He's obviously self conscious about that wound and it doesn't look very good. Wait! Are they-? No it couldn't be! Does that mean that they're flirting? Can Seven flirt? I mean I've only met the guy but I might just die of shock if he started being a flirt right now.

"Hey just because she can be lazy sometimes doesn't mean you can," said Seven as he flashed him a serious look that almost made Nathan expect to be hit in the face with a paddle. "Keep rowing, this isn't a Fantastic Voyage or Love Boat!"

"How come she gets to be lazy," said Drake as he almost pouted a bit though he didn't. That would cause him to get hit with a paddle. "Don't tell me you're taking her side because she has breasts."

"No I'm doing this because I was told you were tough man and I aim to keep our star player battle ready," replied Seven as he started rowing, the sinews in his arm stretching with the muscle in his arm and Nate could tell that Chloe was taking peeks at his arm, actually she was taking peaks at both of them."Hey eyes on the map, I don't need you getting distracted and directing us into some god forsaken hell hole. I'd like to not drag Mr. Drake into danger that he didn't sign up for."

"Wow, that's awfully kind of you," said Drake as he smiled at Seven only to have Seven shake his head.

"Don't get misty eyed, Francine, we need you for a meat shield on the danger you did sign up for," replied Seven as he continued to row hard, almost as if he were silently competing with Drake. "There is room for only one expendable person, I'm too good looking and Chloe is important to this operation so I'm afraid that leaves you out in the cold."

"Hey I know more about history than either of you combined," retorted Drake as he started rowing as equally hard as Seven, determined to match his pace. There was no way he was going to be outdone by some scarred Russian soldier, even if he didn't know what he was competing for. "Besides, ask Chloe, I've managed to do things that were thought to be impossible."

"Okay we're coming up to the first cave," announced Chloe just in time to prevent a situation from breaking out. "Now then, I think I'll stay with the boat while you two go off."

"Won't you be undefended here," asked Drake before he saw her pull out an M4 with grenade launcher attached and started to load. "Okay I guess that'll work."

"No the pirates will be heavily armed, you need to row the boat to somewhere that is less visible," said Seven as he leaned over to look at the map before her. He pointed at an area on the map that Drake couldn't see. "This should be less visible from their patrol paths, we'll me you there, but be ready to start firing if it comes to that."

"Alright then, let's go before they come back," said Drake as he started to follow off onto a trail that he picked up, set footprints that might have been left by some heavy boots. "And we might not be alone."

"Don't worry, I have backup willing to come to me at my beck and call," assured Seven as he tapped on his radio. "Waterproof too, so we have nothing to worry about on that matter."

Well now I officially have a bad feeling about this guy, thought Drake as he looked curiously at the man. I mean he just get shadier and shadier by the minute, I can just feel a back stab coming to me.

Seven looked at Drake quizzically and then began to jog off in military fashion, as if he were moving to a rally point. Old habits just couldn't die sometimes and Seven was a man full of them, some probably darker than others if the scars on his arm were any indication of his past. Sometimes Drake would find himself wanting to ask, but Chloe would always give him a look as if to drop it despite the fact that it bothered him to know nothing about the man who had employed him. One thing that Drake could tell was that the man was very close to having a drinking problem from how much alcohol he drank a day. Right now he was carrying a canteen filled with water, but tucked away in the pockets of his camo-jeans was a flask filled with what Drake could only assume was vodka. It could be whiskey to fit with the cowboy thing though. Of course Drake couldn't complain because he was definitely one to drink especially when he thought of his father's death, that was one of the most tragic evens in young Nathan Drake's life.

Drake couldn't help but wonder if he was either working for a backstabbing asshole as was the usual crowd he seemed to be hired by or if he was hired by some old nutcase soldier with a severe drinking problem. If it were none of the above he would promise to make it to church on Easter and not take a dollar or two from the offerings bucket. The last time he got betrayed he wound up broke having to do some pretty desperate things just to make ends meat and now he was trying to make a life for Elena and him, wherever she was. Oh crap that's right she's in Japan as well. Hope to hell we don't meet up in another gun battle because that would just be weird. Maybe my bad luck is sexually transmitted, it seems like Chloe always finds the wrong men, except for me. Without thinking he managed to trip over a rock that looked so similar to the floor and the surrounding darkness that it was indistinguishable from the ground. He knew he had scraped some skin, none of it being his handsome face thankfully, but he was going to be sore in the arms for a while. Reminded him of the time when he was dodging bullets in the jungles of Africa with this one tribal girl who could do the most amazing things with her m-


"We've got company," whispered Seven as he pulled out one of his revolvers, Colt Anaconda by the look of it. Sully always used the Webley .38.

"I think I heard something over here," said a voice from a far, the language was definably Vietnamese.

The figure dropped down with his rifle aimed at the space Drake was lying in. For once Drake wished that he was more of a cat than a dog so he could react to these situations quick enough to avoid gunfire. Seven, however, seemed to have been quick enough to dissapear from sight so that he wouldn't be caught and was probably heading towards the rally point. You freackin' suck Seven. The only thing keeping the figure from reckognizing him was the darkness so if he moved himself ever so slightly he would be able to slip past. If all went well he would learn never to reflect on past lovers while in danger, especially since now he knew that his pants were a lot tighter than they should be.A flashlight popped on and it was soon shining in his face.

"There goes that idea," sighed Drake as he raised his hands off the ground in the air in a sign of surrender.

"Hey I found him, the intruder is right here," called the figure befor eanother figure came right behind him.

Must be his friend he was talking to, guessed Drake as he wait to be beaten and then be forced to rise. Just as he was about to get up the figure behind the first one pulled out a knife and slit the throat of the first figure.

"You need to be faster than that, Mr. Drake," said Seven, sounding a little too much like Lazaravich, the psychopathic Serbian who had nearly killed him in Shamballa.

"Yeah great, you don't have to rub it in," said Drake as he stood up and dusted off his knees. "besides I would have been faster if I wasn't thinking about...something."

"Alright just be careful of your thoughts," replied Seven before adding teasingly, "and remember, stiff dicks sink ships."

"Okay this conversation just got awkward," declared Drake as he started to walk off only to hear the sounds of boots, lots and lots of boots, rushing towards their position. "We've got a stampede coming in!"