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Percy secured the sponge and wires to John Coffey's head

"Roll on one" Paul say, tears rolling down his cheeks "John Coffey you have been sentanced to death by electric chair, do you understand the charges against you?"

"Yes boss, I do, Uh, Boss?"

"Yes John?"

"Don't put me in the dark boss. I am scared of the dark"

Paul nods, "Roll on two", Jack pulls the switch, but Coffey still sat, tears rolling down his cheeks in fear, no current streaming through his body. The men looked at each other. "Whats going on Jack?"

"I don't know Paul"

"Well lookie here," Percy had found something, "Damned mouse chewed the wire." He stomps at the mouse, by the looks of it, Delacroix's beloved mouse, sitting there staring at him and it scurrys to a hole in the wall. Peacry leaned over and picked up a loose end of the wire, electric passing through his body, in all the excitement, Jack hadn't turned off the switch. The men ran to the handle, but by the time the power was cut, Percy lay lifeless on the cold hard concrete behind the chair. The audiance that had come to veiw Coffey's death, bust witnessed the death of a law officer instead. Mrs. Dettrick fainted into her husbands arms, others muttering about why the "baby raper" hadn't fried yet.

"This Execution has been postponed due to equiptment failure, you can make your way out on your own" Paul announces and unstraps Coffey from the chair that moments ago held is fait.

The door flys open.."WAIT! doun't fry him, he is innocent." A stubby little man rushes in, sweat dampening the armpits of his buisness suit.

"Little late for that sir, if the equiptment was working, this man would already be in the hands of God. What is so importans that you come crashing into my hall anyway?"

"That man is innocent!"

Paul releases his grip a little in relief and stutters. "What?"

"The foot prints in the woods, A hunter had come in saying that the same night that little girls had been killed he was setting up a hunting spot in the woods, say a skinny white man trudging back with blood on his hands. He said he thought nothing of it till he seen in the papers about Coffeys execution. Coffey is no skinny white man sir, not at all. We went and looked, there are foot prints, that johns feet could never sqweeze into, covered in blood. We matched the size to the ones recorded when Billy the Kid was taken in for his other crimes, and verifyed his stay in our town at the time of the murders.. I want to see your other inmates sir." Ths little man talkes so fast, he was out of breath when he finished.

Paul lead the man and John down the Green Mile to Coffeys cell and locked him in, Billy watching, "whats a matter, to scared big man?" He taunts.

"Thats your man sir." The stubby man points, "He sir is the really killer, not John."

"YEA SO WHAT! Thats right you ugly brute, I killed and raped them babies, enjoyed every second... you need to be a man and do something with your life to." Billy laughs at his deeds.

"There is your confession!"

Paul smiled over at John and called the Boss into the hall as the other men cleaned percys lifeless body from their presence. He explained to the boss the situation, and Billy told his confession again, proud of his accomplishment. Mr. Moores orderd a court hearing, where John Coffey was granted his freedom, and Billy stacked with more charges for the murder and rape of the Dettrick twins.

Weeks later, flipping throught the evening paper, Paul reads something gut wretching, a small artical on the last page next to the daily crossword, "John Coffey, recently left free from his home on death rowe on false charges, was found dead in his home earlier this week. He was found to have a brain tumor."

Paul dropped his coffee to his lap... John Coffey really had sucked the tumor from Mrs Moorse's brain, saving her life, and taking his own.