A/N: The idea of this story idea came from a book written by Dean Koontz, please note that a couple of the main ideas were borrowed but everything else is my own. I don't own anything Twilight related, it all belongs to Stephanie Meyer. The idea for this story is all from the mind of Dean Koontz, it's not mine either.

Hinges of Fate

Fate is a misconception, it's only a cover up for the fact you don't have control over your own life. Unknown

Carlisle POV

According to the ancient Greeks there are three goddesses' of Fate, sisters in fact. Clotho spun the tread of life, Lachesis measured the length of the thread, and Atropos the youngest and most powerful of the three sisters cut the thread at her whim. The trick is to stay in the good graces of the first two sisters' without attracting the attention of the third.

However, on a rainy June day in Forks, Washington in the year 1981 my son attracted the attention of Atropos. As my wife Esme was in her final stages of labor I sat at the other end of the hospital keeping vigil at my dying father's bed side. A massive stroke had left him in a coma. Halfway through my residency at Forks Memorial Hospital I knew it was only a matter of time before Atropos would cut my father Anthony's thread of life. At Esmes' insistence I remained with my father in his last few hours on Earth.

After getting an update from the delivery nurse I battled the urge to leave my father to go watch my son enter the world. Just as I was about to vacate the chair I had been sitting in the last few hours, a loud rush of air caused me to look over my shoulder and stare straight into the eyes of my father.


"Dad, can you hear me?" I made my way back to the bed to grab the hand of my father. I was surprised when the return grip was strong, almost to the point where it hurt my hand.

"Five days, Five terrible days' you have to warn him Carlisle. Warn him!"

"Warn who, Dad?"

"Edward, you have to warn him, five terrible days."

I blanched at my father's words. Esme and I knew we were having a boy but we had told no one. We also had not told anyone we were naming him Edward.

"Okay Dad just settle down and don't strain yourself. Relax, I'm going to get your Doctor and everything will be fine."

My Dad's strong grip almost brought me to my knees but I stayed on my feet. Pulling me in by the arm then grabbing my shirt he whispered in my ear, "Get a pen… paper…write this down."

Trying to get him to relax I moved to the end of the bed and pulled a blank page from my father's chart and the pen from my pocket.

"He will be born tonight, June 20, at 11:42 p.m. write this down Carlisle."

"Okay Dad, I am" I looked into my father's eyes; they were glassy and not even looking at me. It appeared to me that my father was blind.

"You'll name him Edward Anthony Cullen, such a strange hair color." He muttered under his breath, "Seven pounds, six ounces, Twenty-one inches long. Look at those eyes. This is important Carlisle write this down." My Dad gripped tightly to my shirt.

"I've got it Dad, I'm writing."

"August 14, 1999 that's a Saturday. Are you writing Carlisle? The first terrible day, but she is so beautiful." he smiled faintly.

"September 13, 2002 a Friday. This is when it really begins Carlisle you have to warn him. Tell him to protect her at all cost it's important for the future."

I just nodded my head and continued writing.

"February 5, 2007 a Monday. Oh God, Carlisle, July 28, 2009 a Tuesday."

Anthony took a deep breath and his voice was still strong but was taking a strain and I could hear it.

"December 15, 2011, a Thursday," a small sob broke through his Dad's final reserve, "God Carlisle, help him."

He took one more deep breath than his grip on my shirt slackened. The nurse standing on the other side of the bed turned the machines off. She gave me a look of bewilderment over what had just happened. A man who had only two days ago had a massive stroke should not have been able to speak that clearly, nor had a grip that strong. She gave me a sad smile.

"I'm really sorry Dr. Cullen. Time of death," she said looking at the clock "June twentieth at 11:42p.m.

My eyes glanced down at the paper clutched tightly in my hand and with blank eyes I scanned the first line.

Born June 20th 11:42pm