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"A little girl is innocence playing in the mud. Beauty standing on its head, and motherhood dragging a doll by the foot." Alan Beck

Alice's Waiting Room Outtake

Wednesday, July 11, 2013

Alice POV

I was sitting in the waiting room minding my own business, when the vision snuck up on me. After years of dealing with assaulting visions I had become accustomed to them with time. It was hard to concentrate while having one, but sometimes when they were powerful I was unable to focus on anything else. Driving with our daughter in the car had become a problem for Jazz. He was always worried I would have a vision and crash, silly man. Didn't he understand that I would have a vision of the crash before I got into the car?

My visions had a 99 percent positive effective rate, the one percent were on Edwards terrible days. After a lot of discussing and debating we had come to the conclusion that my visions had already been factored into the 'predications' my Grandfather made. The entire conversation was very time travel, kind of like the debate that Bella and I had on the time turner in Harry Potter.

Ah, Bella my sweet best friend. Currently getting her insides tore apart by my sweet niece. Jazz had just sat down in the chair next to me, all of our family was crowded into the small waiting room, except my Dad of course who in the delivery room. How on earth Bella allowed that not once but twice is beyond me. My father sitting on a stool eye level with….

No, just too weird.

My first indication that something was wrong was when everything went dark, I was suddenly blind. I reached over and grabbed at Jazz unable to see. This was not a normal vision; I had never lost my sight during one. Usually I could still see with my eyes but a 'movie' was playing over top of it.

Squeezing his hand to get his attention I called to him frantic, "Jazz!"

"What's wrong darlin? What is it?" I could hear his voice beside me sounding scared. I must have looked crazy just sitting there staring at nothing. That's when everything started flashing and it made me jump in surprise.

A crying baby being held by my father than a flash of her lying on a scale to measure her weight.

A dozen other shots crossed my vision and I knew there would be no way I could remember everything. I knew what was coming, and I was scared to death. There was no way Edward and Bella would be able to survive having to endure another five terrible days.

"Pen and paper! NOW! Someone write this down."

I felt Jaspers hand let go of mine and I could hear scrambling around all over the room. Still unable to see with flashes going through my mind but nothing was concrete that I could see for sure. As easily though that I knew the sun would rise tomorrow I knew the predictions were coming.

"Okay Alice I'm ready."

With that everything cleared. I saw the baby being lifted up covered in blood and goop from her birth. I knew without being told it was Emily than a flash of a clock 2:31 pm. Another flash of her lying on the scale crying, her arms and legs flaying about. Flash, a pen writing her measurements down on a chart, 7 pounds 1 ounces and twenty inches long.

"She'll be born at two thirty one, seven pounds and one ounce. Twenty inches long."

I could hear Jazz beside me writing furiously. Than a flash of the sweetest little girl. She had Edward's reddish brown hair and if fell in soft ringlets around her heart shaped face. She was running through a field of flowers in a light blue sundress barefoot. I gasped just at the sight of her, she was special. Not just because she was my niece but because there was something about her, something that was just drawing me in.

Another flash.

Emily standing alone on a playground at Forks Elementary during recess looking lonely. When a dark haired little boy hands her a dandelion, she smiles. A flash than a calendar showing the month of August with the 19th circled in red pen, than a flash of a clock showing the numbers 2019 in bright red.

"August 19, 2019 that's a Monday." I hear the pen scratching on paper as Jazz writes.

Another flash.

She's beautiful; she crosses the stage wearing a cap and gown. A flash of a diploma, Harvard Law. More days and numbers flash through my mind.

"May 29, 2038 it's a Saturday." more paper scratching.

Walking through a sea of people wearing a white dress, her copper hair is in large waves and she is carrying a bouquet of daisies. She is on Edward's arm and he's bald and walking with a cane. He looks sick but they both look so happy; we are all in Bella and Edward's meadow. A flash of another calendar.

"June 16, 2040, a Saturday."

Another flash.

She is laying in a hospital bed she looks tired but glowing. A small dark haired girl is sitting by her side and she is holding a baby. I see me jumping up and down handing her a piece of paper. The smile on her face is bright as she kisses her husband, the small boy with the dandelion all grown up. More flashes of numbers.

"March 24, 2048 a Tuesday"

I brace myself for the last flash and I can feel the sob in my chest as I watch the images unfold before me. She is standing in front of a podium one hand in the air the other resting on a bible that her husband is holding. She is reciting the same words as the man standing before her after he says them.

Her husband is beaming with pride, her children sit with Bella and Edward who are withered and grey but look so happy. More flashes of numbers, if I wasn't sure what I saw before, than I was now.

"January 20, 2062. It's a Friday." I whispered

My sight returns and I can feel everyone stare at me as I sob. Tears stain my cheeks and I'm breathing hard trying to catch my breath. Jazz is rubbing my back trying to comfort me in what he thinks is fear. All I feel though is elation. Emily is going to be a special and amazing girl.

A/N 2: A couple of question's I had before. On her wedding day, Edward is battling cancer that's why he's bald and sick. Obviously he lives though because he's mentioned on Emily's last day. As for the last day, yes she is being sworn in as the first female president (sorry to make you ladies wait until 2062 LOL) I want to thank you all one more time for taking this journey with me. It really means so much to me to read your reviews.