E/O Challenge: Sprained and scary.

Two Halloween drabbles.

First one is a birthday challenge for Madd Aless – she wanted a "why Sam hates holidays especially Halloween" drabble. Here's my take on that – hope it's what you wanted Madd Aless.

The second is Sidjack's 200 word challenge - continuing the theme of the first.

Sorry this is late, but a little thing called "Asylum5" got in the way. Had a fantastic time at my first ever con – big huge hugs for the "Hunter Girls" and Amberdreams (my seat saving buddy!). So looking forward to the next one!

And a big hello to Dizzo – nice to meet you last week sweetie!

One Time Only

Drabble 1

"Ah common," Sam whined, already dressed in a suitably scary outfit. "I'll only be an hour ... Dad's not back till tomorrow, he'll never find out."

"Are you kidding me," Dean murmured, incredulous. "Of course he'll find out and when he does he'll kick my ass for letting you go out alone."

"Then come with me," the younger Winchester pleaded. "At least then you could tell Dad you were watching out for me."

For sixteen year old Dean the temptation to be normal was too much. So he finally gave into his brother, pleased to be joining the candy hunt.

Drabble 2

Half an hour later, their bags already full, Dean was eager to return to the motel, especially as the early evening shower had turned into heavy rain. Soaking wet, but happy, they made their way back to the motel eager to eat their treats.

Laughing they stumbled through the door; it had been a long time since they'd had so much fun; a long time since they'd been so happy.

It was Sam who stopped laughing first.

"Dad," he murmured, looking worriedly at his older brother.

Dean stared in silence at their father, the thunderous look on his face enough to tell them he was pissed.

"What have I told you about going out at night?" he growled.

"I'm sorry sir," Dean murmured, anxious to diffuse the situation.

Sam, angry his brother wasn't standing his ground, squared up to his father, ready to commence battle.

What happened next they would all regret!

John, completely exhausted, lost control and lashed out. For Dean there was no other option - he stepped in front of his brother. The blow, knocked him to the ground, his face bloody; his ankle badly sprained.

And Sam vowed his first Halloween would be his last!