I know I usually do Tiva stuff and that I wouldn't do anything else but this one was just begging to be written. What was I supposed to do say no and then just push it aside? Heck no! I've been listening to the song Jar of Hearts a lot lately by Christina Perri, and this thing just kind of found its way into my head it's very loosely based on the song, but it's still in there you just gotta squint :) Math class+thinking about Eli+being angry that day+Jar of Hearts = Who do you think you are.

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or anything having to do with the show, or the agency for that matter. Even though that would be amazingly cool if I did either :) Also I do not own the song Jar of Hearts that belongs to Christina Perri and all her people :)

Ziva David stood in the directors office facing the man she fears the most.

His cold eyes making her tremble on the inside.

Her knuckles were turning white,

and her nails dug into her skin with enough force that a trickle of blood slowly ran down her burning hand

landing with a silent drop onto the floor beneath her.

How dare this man show his face in her life again.

Didn't he understand that it was because of him she had these white scars caressing her otherwise tan body.

This man she had at one time dared to call her father sold her soul to the devil and looked the other way.

He knew where she was, he knew she was alive, but all he could see was the damaged woman she had become.

"Who do you think you are showing up here again." was all she managed to choke out.

He would die from the ice inside his soul, and she wouldn't shed a tear.

I think this is the shortest one I've ever done, but I felt it was pretty powerful. What did you guys think?

Also quick question has anyone actually been sued for not putting a disclaimer? Just wondering :)

Man I can't believe they don't have a new episode on tonight just because of the voting geeez ruin my day :(