The Escape Plan
Teaser, Introduction and Discalimer

Authors introduction
Occasionally I have these ideas. They come to me and I just have to write them down somewhere. Most I don't post for one reason or another, but this one I think I will. Now I'm not going anywhere with it just yet but I just had to post this chapter.

I don't own any of the characters used. They all belong to the BBC, I'm not using them for profit and don't intend to.


Rani followed Clyde down the hallway to her fathers office. The two of them usually avoided each other during school and she, for one, didn't mind. Clyde on the other hand always seemed to get into trouble over the smallest things.

Sometimes she wondered if he did it deliberately, other times she knew he did. There was no other way. That was why she was the one following him. He knew the way like the back of his hand. 'Do you know what this is about?' she asked him

'Not a clue. I'm worried though, it could be anything. You don't think this is about Sarah Jane?'

'No' she shook her head. 'It couldn't be.' As the register was being taken that morning her form tutor had found a note asking for her to report to the Headmasters office. 'It might just be that were the only two so far.'

'Only two what?' Clyde asked as they turned a corner and came face to face with Rani's dad. He looked almost nervous.

'Good, you're both here.' he said puling his shirt down. Oh boy was he worried about something. 'Now we have an inspector in. He's taking a random survey of students and you two came up first.' He fixed Clyde with a death stare. 'I hope you won't disappoint me or the school.'

'Of course not, what do you think I am sir.'

'A plague and a menace.' Rani's dad answered simply before standing aside and opening the door.

Rani didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't the man in front of him. Dyed mid-length platinum blond hair and an open, friendly face. He wore a casual suit and had a pair of thick brimmed glasses on. 'Ahh you must be Clyde and you must be Rani.' he clapped his hands before rubbing them together. 'Very punctual, good. We're off to a good start aren't we? Oh thank you Mr Chandra, I'm sure we can manage from here and I'm afraid you're not needed.' He seemed so full of energy he couldn't contain it. Still there was something familiar about him, something Rani couldn't quite place.

Rani's watched as her dad tried not to splutter as he was effectively bard from his own office.

'Where were we, oh yes my name is Mr Resam. It's a pleasure to meet you both.' He briefly shook their hands and almost shoved them in the chairs facing the desk. As if caught up by his own enthusiasm he went around the other side and sat in the large, high backed, office chair Rani's father had brought with him. Said dad had already been forced out.

'This might sound weird, but haven't I seen you around somewhere before?' Clyde asked.

'What? Oh you must mean Harold Saxon. Yes, I'm told I look a lot like him. Can't see it myself. Pity about him wasn't it?'

'He went wacko and tried to hijack that aircraft carrier didn't he?' Clyde pointed out. 'Never liked him.'

Rani blinked, that was new. She thought everyone loved the late Prime Minister, there were still shows asking what if Saxon had remained in position, but as he didn't have very many policies they were nothing more than fluff pieces with a "Where are they now?" ending.

'Really, now what were the odds of that?' Resam asked his voice completely different, enough to make Rani think twice about the harmless eccentric label she had already written for him. Still that vague smile remained. 'Now this is a sort of informal meeting thing. I get your opinions of school, your teachers and perhaps some friends and we see where it goes from there.'

'Friends? What friends are we going to talk about.' Rani tried not to snap, but the why he said that one word worried her. Something was desperately wrong here.

The smile became something terrifying and menacing at the same time as he fished around in his jacket for a pen. 'Friends, like Miss Smith.'

Rani jumped to her feet, along with Clyde, but they weren't quick enough. With a flourish Resam pulled something out and pointed it at the door. With a flash of red light it exploded something in the lock. The two teenagers grabbed the door but it was locked, the handle fused solid.

Rani looked around for another way out as Clyde shouted 'The window!' Again, before they could reach it, another shot hit the open window, closing it and locking as if by remote control.

'Laser screwdriver, so much better than sonic.' He gloated. Taking off and folding his glasses.

'Who are you?' Clyde asked.

'Does that really matter?' he asked rhetorically, toying with the device. It looked a lot like the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, with only a few minor differences. 'Let's cut to the chase shall we. Yes I was Harold Saxon and yes I am an alien. Your dear friend Miss Smith might even have heard of me. That, children, is the entire point of this little exercise.' He stood up with a snap.

Both Rani and Clyde backed off, moving against the wall. Gone was the eccentric little man, this guy was bad news. The baddest kind. 'Now what's going to happen is simple.' He waved his screwdriver like some sort of pointing stick. Finally resting on Rani. 'You are coming with me, Clyde her is going to deliver my message to Miss Smith and we'll see what happens.'

'What makes you think I'm going anywhere with you?' Rani hissed.

He smirked at her before twisting the bottom of his screwdriver. 'If I must.' Flicking the point at Clyde he fired.

It was the most horrible thing she'd ever seen. Her friend let out an ear piercing scream. Falling to his knees Rani could have sworn he was glowing. After seconds that seemed like days Resam stopped.

Gasping for air Clyde lay on the floor, weeping and Rani had never felt so vulnerable.

Clyde had never felt anything like it, and hoped not to ever again. It was like a hot pike had been driven deep into his guts. His nerves were set on fire and the only thing that kept him from passing out was the pain.

When it stopped it was all he could do to breath, let alone move. Suddenly Rani was there, holding his hand and it was all he could do not to crush it. 'He'll live, well most likely.' Resam gloated as someone on the other side of the door tried to bash his way in. 'Ha,' the alien chuckled. 'The gallant father, racing to the rescue. Having trouble with the door are we! Don't worry, we'll be long gone by the time you get in.' Then his voice changed, Clyde couldn't look up and that was something he was glad for.

'Look at me Rani.' He commanded and Clyde felt her tense up. Craning his head around he tried to get a look at her, but a crippling pain shot through him.

'Rani, don't…' he hissed but he felt her hand slip away.

'That's better, now stand.' Clyde felt her move and forced himself to look up. 'You will follow me Rani, obey my voice and my voice alone.' The pain was almost unbearable again but he had to see. Rani's face was blank, not just blank but terrifyingly empty.

'For such a quick mind it is rather weak. Shame that.' He chuckled. 'Tell Miss Smith I send my regards, after all we have more in common that you might think. Then again…' he smirked again.

The pain was just to much and Clyde felt himself blacking out. The last thing he saw was the chuckling alien wave his device in the air and vanish, along with Rani.

End teaser

So should I continue this, when I have the chance or is it a little too dark?