Gelinkos, a once war torn world now has peace between its countries, the men and women of this world can finally enjoy its beauty without the sound of air raid sirens or the threat of enemy invasion.

Now as a peaceful world the people of this beautiful planet strive to reduce their military strength to only what would be needed as defense against attack; be it by another country or something foreign to their world.

Just two years after the war had ended Jack Masterson, the heroic pilot from the country of Vrede had retired from the military to be with his wife Meimei and their newborn son Jay. When Jay was born the doctor said that he was destined for great things, it's true that doctors say that about every child they deliver, but Jay seemed to be more than just a healthy infant.

He was a quick learner; he was walking at the age of 7 months and speaking full sentences at the age of 13 months. Once he learned how something worked or what it was for he moved on to the next object.

"Look at him go" Jack laughed one day after seeing his 2 year old son swiftly reading through an old book on history. Just as Jay turned to a chapter about the war that ended two year s ago the doorbell rang and he closed the book.

"Guess who's here Jay" his mother Meimei said cheerily as she opened the door. Standing outside were two people, a woman about 5'9 with dark green hair brown eyes, and a girl about 7 years old with the same hair color and blue eyes.

"Kira" Jay cried as he ran over to her still holding the bulky history book in his hands. Looking down at Jay, Kira smiled "You're reading that? Why can't you play with toy cars like a normal kid" she laughed as she crouched down to be on level with him.

"I like to read, there's nothing wrong with that. It may not be what most kids do, but I don't care" Jay argued as he set the book on the table before giving Kira a hug. Kira and Jay went into the living room while their moms talked in the kitchen. Reentering the living room Jay said "Dad look who's here".

Jack turned slightly in his recliner and gave Kira a short hug when she passed by him "How ya doin' Kira?" he asked after letting her go. "I'm okay, how's the game going?" she asked looking over to the TV in the corner of the room. Jack sighed wearily "Not so good. We're down 27 to 21 in the 3rd quarter, there's still a chance to come back, but its gonna be tough".

"Well if they had done a fake pass and then run through the center like I said the score would be 27 to 28, but no they had to run the ball and 3rd and long" Jay said angrily as he sat next to Kira on the couch as the commercials ended and the game started again.

Jack laughed heartily before looking over to his son "Jay you're too young to be talking like that, act like a normal kid for a few days you'll like it". Kira immediately chimed in "Thank you Jack". Jay looked back and forth between them with a confused look "First off Dad, you taught me all of this football stuff, and now your complaining that I'm calling out bad plays from good plays, make up your mind you can't have it both ways" he complained before looking to Kira "And you" he half yelled while pointing at her "You" he said in a fake growling voice which made Kira giggle.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon Kira, Jay and Jack watched the game while Jack shared old war stories with them. After Kira and her mother left Jay said goodnight to his mother and father before returning to his room the history book still in his hands. After entering his room Jay quickly changed into night clothing and set the book on the dresser before lying down for the night, his eyes closed the second his head made contact with the pillow.

7 years later Jay is now 9 years old and is the star running back for a little league football team, in the final game of the summer he broke the little league record for most yards gained in a season which was 432 yds, the record now stands at 437. After scoring the last touchdown of the game Jay collapsed in the end zone clutching at his right leg.

After the field doctors got him to lie still they examined his leg and concluded that he had pulled a muscle as well as a minor fracture. After Jay was taken to the hospital both of his parents showed up along with Kira who was now 14. Kira gave Jay a light hug before asking him how he felt. "Actually now that the morphine has kicked in I feel great" he joked before laying his head back.

The Next day Jay was given a cast for his leg and a pair of crutches to help him walk. His leg was still in pain, but he still had school to attend. After his parents dropped him off he waved goodbye and entered the school, turning left at the first hall he used his crutches to limp down the hall to the last classroom on the right side. Sliding the door open he said good morning to his teacher before taking his seat at the far side of the room.

After school had ended for the day Jay walked out to the front of the school and leaned against the brick wall to wait for his mom and dad. From around the corner he could hear someone yelling something about a wallet; Jay's instinct told him it was another bully trying to intimidate one of the weaker students. Jay knew he should call for a teacher, but his prideful sense of right and wrong got the better of him and he limped around the corner.

After making it around the corner Jay saw what was going on, a fellow student from his homeroom class was yelling at another kid, he was much taller than both he and Jay and had an unshaven face, he must've been about 16 or 17 years old. "Can you prove it's yours kid? If you can I'll give it back to you" the punk said with a smug look. "You know its mine you just walked up and took it from me, now give it back" the kid yelled.

The punk merely laughed at him "Why don't you just run along kid before I do more than just take your wallet". Jay had already had enough limping forward he called over to him and demanded that he give the wallet back to his classmate. The punk laughed as he saw Jay's cast "Your that Masterson kid right? The one who broke my old running record, well this is going to be a good day, not only do I score some free cash, but I get to take you out of the game permanently".

Jay waved his hand at his classmate telling him to move aside as he placed himself in a side stand position his bad leg facing the punk "Good luck with that" he said with a threatening glare. The punk gave a cocky smile as he took a step towards Jay, the first step he took was his last, Jay quickly shuffled forward and threw his leg up as high as he could scoring a hard kick right to the punk's throat.

The punk stumbled back before falling over gasping for air and clutching at his neck. "You want some more?" Jay said standing a few feet from him. Reaching down and retrieving the wallet the punk dropped Jay handed it to his classmate and told him to go get a teacher. The young student immediately took off back inside the school to get some help while Jay stayed outside.

No more than a minute after the kid ran off he returned with the school's principle and they both explained what happened. After they finished explaining the situation the principle expressed his appreciation for Jay helping his classmate, but also his disappointment for not handling this better. Just as the principle looked over to the high school student Jay knocked out he was getting to his feet and growling "You little brat I'm not gonna let you get away with that" he growled pulling a knife out of his pocket.

Seeing the knife the principle yelled for Jay and the other student to get behind him, but he wasn't quick enough the punk had already lunged at Jay. Ducking under the punk's arm and circling behind him Jay used his cast to kick him in the back of his knee forcing him to fall, after he fell to his knee Jay spun around and slammed his cast into the side of the punk's neck knocking over.

After this had happened Jay heard someone calling his name and looked up. Standing at the corner were his parents and Kira, she had a scared look on her face when she saw the knife at Jay's feet. The principle quickly explained what happened to Jay's parents before telling them that due to School rules since a weapon was involved, Jay isn't allowed to leave campus until the police show up to take his report.

Jay's father Jack walked over to the high school punk Jay knocked over and wrenched his arm behind his back before escorting him inside. After entering the office Jack forcefully pushed the punk into a seat and donned a drill sergeant like tone telling him to remain still and silent. Since the younger student was also involved he wasn't allowed to leave either which made his parents angry, but after learning what happened they calmed down and thanked Jay for helping their son.

After the police showed up Jay and his classmate separately explained the event to them. After confirming their story the two officers took the high school student to their squad car and pushed him into the back. One of the officers walked back over to Jay and patted him on the shoulder and whispered "You handled yourself pretty well kid, you'd make a good officer one day". Jay made eye contact with the officer and nodded silently.

After the two officers left Jay looked back to his parents and Kira and apologized for what happened. Both of his parents told him that he did the right thing with the exception of taking the matter into his own hands, but they were still proud of him.

After the four of them got into the car and drove away Jay looked over to Kira and asked why she was with them. "My mom is going off on a business trip so my sister Kai and I are going to be staying with you for the week".

Jack without missing a beat looked in the rear-view mirror and said "Jay you don't mind sharin' a room with Kira do you?" Jay quickly looked at the floorboard and blushed as his mom slapped his father on the shoulder while Kira was laughing "Don't worry Jay we won't be sharing a room, but I will be just across the hall from you".

After they arrived back at Jay's house they saw Kai waiting for them in the driveway she was leaning against her car staring aimlessly at the sky. "Hey there Kai" Jack called over to her as they got out of the car. Kai smiled slightly as she waved over to them "I just got a call from the Air Force my application has been accepted I'll be starting my mechanic training next week" she said as they walked over to her.

"That's great dear" Meimei said as she handed her husband a few bags to carry inside. Kira looked away and smiled sadly "She's already moving up in life" sighing Kira looked over to Jay who was waiting a few feet from her "What do you plan on doing when your done with school Jay?"

Jay looked over to her and smiled "I'm gonna be a fighter pilot. I want to fly" he said with a big smile. Kira smiled at him as they went inside to enjoy the rest of the weekend. After dinner everyone took turns getting their showers before turning into bed. Jay was having trouble sleeping so he went back downstairs and turned the history channel on, they were showing a documentary about the old days just before the colonization ships left Earth long ago.

As Jay watched the documentary he felt his eyes growing heavy, before he fell asleep he heard someone coming down the stairs and turned the volume down on the TV. Looking over to the staircase he saw Kira, her night attire consisted of a long sleeved and very thin shirt and underwear. Jay quickly turned his attention back to the TV and raised the volume slightly "Couldn't sleep?" he asked her.

"No not really, for some reason I can't stop thinking about everything that happened today" she said as she sat next to him on the couch "My sister is going to be a military mechanic, you already know what you want to do when your grown up, but me…I don't know what I want to do. I don't really have any skills so what am I good for?"

"That's not true" Jay said looking over to her "Kira don't do that to yourself, your intelligent, kind, and very beautiful you'll find something your passionate about just you wait and see" he continued giving her a loving smile. Kira chuckled silently "I swear sometimes it feels like I'm the kid, you're 9 and you're lecturing me about life how backwards is that?"

Jay silently leaned his head against Kira's shoulder as he began thinking on what she just said "Is it really that weird?" Kira wrapped her arm around Jay and held onto him "No don't worry about it, it's just something I'm not used to" she said gently. Jay smiled as he felt his eyes getting heavier "I really love having you around Kira, I always feel better when you're with me".

3 years later Jay and Kira are now 12 and 17, Kira had entered the Junior Military Academy and began working towards becoming a fighter pilot. Remembering Jay's look when he told her his dream of being a pilot she felt something change inside her, she was more determined now than ever. Jay spent most of his time studying both for School and on becoming a pilot when he was older, his dread was not just to be a fighter pilot, but to be able to fly. To see the world from the sky and not to be bound by the laws of gravity.

Over Summer break Jay decided to visit Kira after one of her Summer classes were over. Waiting outside the front gate with a small black I pod hanging from around his neck he leaned against the brick wall listening to his favorite song Blurry.

As he silently sang to himself he felt someone shake his shoulder and looked up to see Kira and Hideki. "Hey guys" he said taking one of the headphones off. "What are you doing here Jay?" Hideki asked him after slinging his bag over his shoulder. "I don't have anything to do today so I figured I hang out with you for the rest of the day" the young white haired kid said.

Hideki smiled as he brushed his black hair back "We've got a lot of studying to do today, but I don't mind as long as you don't distract us too much". Kira gave Jay a faint smile as she reached into her bag and pulled out a book about 20th century fighter jets, handing it to Jay she said "I remembered you saying that you loved those old fighter jets that were used back on Earth so I got this for you".

Jay's eyes widened as if he just obtained the most valuable object in the world, opening the book and skimming through the table of contents he was amazed at the number of fighters listed as well as intense details of each. "Thanks Kira" he said hugging her tightly.

As the day moved on Jay fiercely read through the book Kira got him while her and Hideki studied for their classes. After a while Kira became stumped on one of her mock questions and grunted in frustration. "Had enough?" Hideki asked in an amused tone. Kira sighed "I can't remember this one" reading out the question about a long sword fighter's cooling engine she sighed again "I just can't remember how it works".

Jay looked over to her and said "The cooling engine is self activated once the internal systems gets to the limit temperature of 230 degrees Fahrenheit, after that it starts by immediately releasing a cooling air through the system, of course if the systems in question say for example the machine guns were still being used the cold air would cause the hot steel to tear itself apart as it rotated at its high speed".

Both Kira and Hideki looked at Jay with amazement, Hideki quickly read through his text book and confirmed what Jay just said impressing both of them even further. "Your gonna be one hell of a pilot Jay" Hideki laughed as he set the book back down and returned to his mock exam.

As the night progressed the sky became darker and darker. Seeing the night sky Kira said that she would walk Jay home and they both said goodbye to Hideki before leaving. As the two walked down the street Kira looked down at him and asked "When do you plan on going to Military school?" Jay thought for a moment before answering with a confident voice "Once I graduate Junior High, I'm going to enroll at my Dad's old High School, you know the Military Academy on the south end of town".

Kira smiled as she locked her hands behind her waist "If you enroll there they'll be expecting nothing, but the best from you. Your dad was the best student that school ever had". Jay nodded "Yea I know, but pretty soon he's gonna be second best" he said raising his arm in victory.

Kira couldn't help, but laugh at what she just heard "I'm sure you'll do fine Jay" she said as they continued towards Jay's home.

After a couple of hours they reached Jay's house and were about to go they're separate ways when Kira's phone rang. Answering the phone Kira listened to the caller on the other side before saying ok and hanging up "Well my mom called the exterminator to spray our place so we can't use it for the next 24 hours, so it looks like I'll get to stay with you again" she said smiling happily.

Opening the door Jay called for his mother and father, but no one answered. Entering the kitchen Jay saw a note pinned to the table it read "Out to dinner, won't be back until late be good".

Looking over to Kira Jay raised his arms and yelled "Party". Kira laughed as he quickly retracted the thought saying that he was just joking.

The two of them spent the remainder of the evening watching an old monster/comedy movie called Tremors. After the movie ended Jay said goodnight to Kira before giving her a hug and heading to bed. While he hugged her Kira gave him a kiss on the forehead before saying goodnight and returning to her studies.

After he returned to his room Jay laid on his bed and felt a warming feeling in his heart, blushing Jay turned his head towards the wall and closed his eyes before drifting to sleep.