I know I said this chapter would be "Enter the Wyvernns" But I had a change of ideas and decided to go in a different direction.

In an empty skyscraper at the edge of a deserted district park, two men were in an empty and seemingly ransacked office room, lying on the floor just at the edge of the broken windows. Each of them had a 50 caliber sniper rifle set up in front of them.

It was a cold winter day and the ground around the city was covered in snow. Everything around the battered and deserted city was blanketed in it.

They city was Nightingale, and it was the first city in Vrede to see the fires of war. Tanks, airstrikes and helicopter battles, everything that could've happened during a war except a nuclear strike did happen. The entire city was a complete ghost town; the only people there were the two soldiers in the skyscraper and a small group of arms dealers and a suspected terrorist sect.

"Easy now O'Brian" the sniper on the left said from the tower as they looked through their scopes "Don't get excited. If you're going to make a good sniper you have to learn to be patient and pick the right moment to fire at your target".

"I know that, but these ghillie suits aren't giving us much protection against the cold" O'Brian replied.

"Just stay focused" the first one told him "We can't leave until we determine whether or not these arms dealers are involved with the terrorist sect that's been targeting the royal family".

"Are you sure these laser mics we have attached to our rifles can pick them up from this distance Pete?" O'Brian asked his partner.

"Back in testing they were able to pick up sound from half a mile, but if the wind gets any rougher we'll be getting a lot of interference, but we can't let them get away this time" Pete replied.

O'Brian silently took in a deep breath before taking another look at the photo he had pinned to the side of the wall next to him.

The photo showed a middle aged man with a trimmed, bushy beard and a beret on his head. He wore dark sunglasses and a military issue tactical vest. He was Michel Spring. A former soldier in the Saris military, one day many years ago he just up and left the military and vanished. He resurfaced years later as the suspected leader of a terrorist organization targeting the royal family of Saris.

Michel supposedly supplied and instigated several attempts on the royal family while under the cover of a Vrede militant group. His most recent move was an attempt on the pregnant queen of Saris, an attack that took the lives of several royal guards and almost three hundred civilians.

"O'Brian!" Pete silently barked "Stop spacing out, we've got a convoy incoming from the east".

Quickly bringing himself to reality O'Brian looked through the scope of his sniper rifle and saw a small convoy of three armored cars driving toward the Arms Dealers from the east, right past the deserted apartment complex.

"This is it O'Brian" Pete said "Identify the target and use your laser mic to confirm he's here for an arms deal. Don't fire until I give the signal".

O'Brian kept his eye planted in the scope of his rifle as he answered "Roger".

Slowly scanning across the entire group from both parties, both O'Brian and Pete looked for their target, but to no luck.

"I don't see him" O'Brian muttered scanning the group again even the cars.

"Something's not right here" Pete said with a grim tone.

"You don't think they're on to us do you sir?" O'Brian asked him commander.

"The odds of them knowing we're here are extremely low, but it's possible" Pete replied before turning his rifle to the right "Wait we've got a helo coming in from the south".

Tilting his rifle up just a bit O'Brian spotted the helicopter Pete mentioned and zoomed in on the two people flying in it. "Target confirmed. That's Michel".

"Alright, we're a third of the way done" Pete said "All we have to do now is confirm he's purchasing weapons and make sure he's not really with the Vrede military. Kill him and then get to the L Zed".

Both snipers watched the helo land and Michel get out before approaching the arms dealers.

"Alright activate your laser mic" Pete ordered switching on the laser microphone mounted to the side of his rifle's scope.

O'Brian also activated his and they both switched on a small transmitter they had with them that would send the sound gathered by the laser mics back to their superiors in Saris.

"Dammit" Pete growled after hearing a burst of unbearable static from the transmitters "The helo's rotor blades are causing too much noise for us to pick up anything".

"Hang on I'm getting something" O'Brian said trying to listen to the transmitter.

"Hello…friend…I'm…ad …you…here..."

"I had to make sure there wasn't anything to chance" Michel's voice yelled over the helicopter's rotor blades "Do you have my order?"

The arms dealer nodded "Yes…Very…merchand…guarantee they will make your job much easier" the dealer said raising his voice over the whirring of the helicopter's blades.

"Good to know" Michel yelled "What's the price?"

"Usually I'd make you pay a hefty fee for this kind of hardware" the arms dealer began "But since this assassination of yours will spur on the war between Saris and Vrede I'm going to give it to you for half price. Once the bloodshed gets to the next level Saris will eventually seek me out for more firepower to use, I'll be the richest man on Gelinkos".

"Then we have a deal?" Michel asked.

The arms dealer nodded "We do. I just need your word that your fake cover as a Vrede militant group won't be traced back to me".

"There's our proof" O'Brian gasped keeping his eyes glued to his rifle scope.

"Sure is" Pete said gently touching his index finger to his right ear "Hornet did you get all that?"

"Roger that Stalker 1-1" a voice replied from their earpiece radios "Transmissions received and being processed. Eliminate Michel and his arms dealer, don't let either of them get away".

"Roger that Hornet, Stalker 1-1 out" Pete said taking his finger off his earpiece "I'll take the arms dealer O'Brian, you take Michel".

"Understood" O'Brian acknowledged moving his scope over to Michel.

"Dammit the winds starting to pick up" Pete said noticing the small flag they had planted on the outside of the window "We don't have much time we have to take our shots now".

Holding his breath O'Brian steeled himself and zoomed in as far as he could on Michel and gently wrapped his finger around the rifle's trigger.

"Do it" Pete ordered before firing his rifle the second after taking out the arms dealer.

Immediately following suit, O'Brian pulled back on the rifle's trigger firing a single round directly at the terrorist leader, but the bullet didn't hit Michel directly, it hit the arms dealer's briefcase and lost most of its momentum as it went through the briefcase and through Michel's stomach.

Once he was hit Michel fell back and everyone around the deal from both parties scrambled around with their weapons drawn looking for the source of the shots.

"Did you get him?" Pete asked "I can't confirm the kill there's too many of them in the way".

Seeing several of Michel's people lift him up and escort him to one of the cars both O'Brian and Pete took aim with their rifles again "We can't let him get away!" Pete yelled "Go loud take him out!"

Both of them fired another round from their rifles, but they didn't kill their target. Two of the guards fell to the ground, one dead the other screaming as he clutched at his knee with the lower part of his leg missing.

Before either of them could line up another shot Michel was already inside on of the armored cars and being driven away just as the helicopter he arrived on took off and flew toward the tower they were in.

"Dammit we have to go!" Pete yelled letting go of his rifle and jumping to his feet alongside O'Brian.

Both O'Brian and Pete sprinted down the stairs of the deserted office tower and got outside only to be immediately met by a group of men firing at them with assault rifles and sub machine guns.

"Get down!" Pete said pushing O'Brian to the ground before dropping himself. Once they were both on the ground Pete grabbed a flash grenade from his belt and tossed it over the wall before yelling "Move, get to the apartments!"

Once the flash grenade went off, both O'Brian and Pete jumped back to their feet and sprinted across the snowy park to the apartments on the far side.

"We need to get to the L Zed!" Pete yelled jumping over a small stone wall and sliding across the frozen pond.

Hornet contacted the two snipers "Stalker 1-1 be advised we are tracking your position via satellite. You've got about twenty plus foot mobiles are all sides".

"Thanks for the heads up mate" Pete panted as he continued to sprint across the snowy park with O'Brian just ahead of him "Just make sure our evac is ready, when we get there".

"Hornet copies all, Stalker 1-1" Hornet replied "We'll be sending in a gunship as an escort, just be sure you make it there alive".

Continuing across the park and across the snow covered street both sniper tackled the locked door to the apartment complex, immediately returning to their feet and drawing their handguns as they continued through, being wary of corners and rooms as they passed by.

O'Brian and Pete both had a USP45 handgun with a suppressor attached.

"Just keep moving through here" Pete ordered "We'll cut through these rooms and blast our way out through the back wall".

"Terry!" O'Brian heard someone call his name "Terry wake up!"

Feeling something viciously shaking him, O'Brian's eyes flew open and he looked around.

"You've been working too hard again, Terry" Caitlyn Bourne the flight lead for the Skeleton Fighter Squadron and heir to the Saris throne.

Rubbing his eyes gently, O'Brian muttered "Yes princess?"

Caitlyn immediately frowned "Stop calling me that. I told you to call me by name".

O'Brian continued to rub his eyes "Is there something you need Caitlyn?"

Caitlyn shook her head "Not really, you've been missing for two whole days. We're back home already".

"What!" O'Brian gasped.

Caitlyn giggled "You worked yourself too hard. Guess the fatigue finally got to you huh?"

"Two days" O'Brian repeated tiredly "What kind of commanding officer am I?"

"Well come on. We're going to miss the unveiling of the new fighter jets" Caitlyn told him grabbing his arm and pulling him from his bed.

Exciting the warship at the docks, Caitlyn greeted her driver and quickly pushed O'Brian into the back seat before getting in next to him.

"Where's Fredrick?" O'Brian asked the driver.

"Leave of absence sir" the driver replied "His mother died yesterday and he requested the day off".

Driving through the streets of the city, O'Brian stared out the window as he thought about the dream his had, about his first elimination mission.

Planting their claymores right in front of the back wall, both O'Brian and Pete backed away and ducked inside the small bathroom of the room before triggering their explosives and blowing a good sized hole in the bottom of the wall.

Hearing their pursuers yelling it was obvious they gave away their position and O'Brian immediately ran across the room and shut the door just as Pete pulled down the refrigerator in the kitchen and pushed it in front of the door.

"O'Brian let's go!" Pete yelled.

"Hold on sir" O'Brian called back as he pulled the pin on one of his frag grenades and tightly held the lever of it as he wrapped a wire around it before tying the other end to the door's key hole and setting the grenade inside the open drawer of a nearby table.

"Let's go O'Brian!" Pete ordered as he got down and crawled out of the hole they made in the wall.

Following after his captain, O'Brian crawled through the space and holstered his handgun before grabbing his sniper rifle and sprinted across the backyard of the apartments just as he heard his hand grenade go off in the room they left.

Climbing over the brick wall, both snipers ducked through an alley way and continued toward the edge of the city, where their extraction point was waiting.

An hour's worth of running and evading their enemy and finally they made it to the extraction point. "Stalker 1-1, this is Hornet. Evac is en route, but it'll be five minutes before they get to you. Dig in and defend yourselves until they arrive over".

"Copy that Hornet" Pete said spotting a hidden weapon cache under the ruined gazebo "O'Brian, check that weapon's cache. They must've left it here while they were heading to their trade off".

Prying open the two crates under the gazebo, O'Brian found several claymore mines, Bouncing Betties, assault rifles and light machine guns with plenty of ammo to go around.

"Sir, we can use these to lay traps for them in the grass!" O'Brian called to him.

"Good thinking, take the claymores and bouncers and start setting them up I'll cover you from behind the gazebo" Pete ordered setting himself behind an overturned tree that was split down the middle and perching his M21 suppressed sniper rifle.

Quickly scrambling around the grass O'Brian set all of the claymores and Bouncing Betties in the ground making sure they were concealed before he ran back to rejoin his captain.

"Alright ETA on Evac is four minutes, we just hold out for now" Pete told him after O'Brian joined him.

Another minute passed and the evac chopper had gotten closer, but even though there was only three minutes left time around them was standing still. With the knowledge that their pursuers could reach them at any moment, and that they could be killed within a second. Knowing that froze both of their nerves and their senses, who knew time, could move so slow.

"I've got contact they're coming out now" Pete said.

Readying both of their M21's the two snipers waited as the enemy got closer to their location. "Steady" Pete whispered "Wait for them to get closer".

Once the enemy got to the edge of the grass the first claymore went off killing three targets in its blast. Once the first claymore went off, both O'Brian and Pete began firing their silenced rifles taking down target after target with expert precision.

Evac was only a minute and a half out, but it seemed much longer than that. Even though they had more than 20 yards between them and the enemy and the grass was mined with explosives, they were still heavily outnumbered.

After firing his last round Pete ducked behind the tree to reload while O'Brian continued to cover him.

"Stalker 1-1 this is Hornet the gunship is entering your airspace now, fire mission danger close take cover".

"Roger Hornet tell that helo to drop everything it has right in front of us" Pete yelled after reloading his rifle and setting up again just as an enemy dropped behind a trashcan and held his rifle over the top firing blindly side to side, scoring a blind hit right into Pete's left shoulder.

Seeing his Captain fly back to the ground O'Brian grabbed a flash grenade and tossed it as far as he could toward the enemy group before tossing a second one and then ducking down to tend to his Pete's injury.

"Hold still" O'Brian told him trying to tear through the winter ghillie suit to get at Pete's wound.

"We don't have time for this O'Brian" he yelled "Just get down!"

Pulling O'Brian to the ground Pete covered his head and O'Brian's as the gunship flew over them and aimed its gatling guns right at the enemies around them before firing.

With the enemy cleared out, the evac chopper landed and O'Brian picked Pete up onto his shoulders carrying him to the evac chopper before they both left that dead city behind them.

"What the heck is this?" the driver said as black a car flew out and stopped right in front of him.

O'Brian snapped back to reality and watched as three people got out of the car just as another slid to a stop behind them and a third on the driver's side boxing them in.

Throwing his hand down to his leg O'Brian reached for his handgun only to realize that he didn't grab it when he left. "Dammit!" he growled before seeing the men advance on their car "Get us out of here dammit" he ordered the driver before several gunshots cracked into the windshield, thankfully it was bulletproof.

"Caitlyn get down!" O'Brian yelled as one of the men was about to open the door from Caitlyn's side.

Caitlyn crouched down and O'Brian reached over and punched the man in the face before grabbing his gun from him and shooting him. The first one was dead, but O'Brian wasn't quick enough to get the next. The second guy leaned over his dead friend and shot O'Brian in the chest before grabbing Caitlyn by her shirt collar and pulling her out of the car.

Caitlyn screamed and tried to fight back, but the man who took her restrained her just as another injected something into her neck immediately making her fall unconscious just as another member of the group shot O'Brian a second time and then fired two shots into the driver making sure they were both dead before they left.

In a hangar on the Knights Airfield, formerly known as Sky Winds Airfield, but renamed after the Holy Knights defended the city by themselves. Jack was leading Jay through the hangar and around four new fighter jets that were top of the line.

"Jay" he began showing his son the new fighters "These are the Wyvernns, top of the line in our technology".

Jay gazed at the four fighter jets in a completely mesmerized state. He had never seen such beautiful fighter jets.

The four fighter jets sat there in front of them almost as if they were waiting for Jay to choose which one he would pilot.

Walking in front of the four jets Jay stopped at the end and walked back, stopping in front of the second one.

"I'll take this one" he said to his father looking up to the silver fighter jet with light black stripes running lightly around them.

Jack nodded as he stood in front of the first one "Alright then, this one will be mine" he said looking up at the blood red colored jet.

"I'm going to go start on the flight simulators for these dad" Jay called back after running from the jets.

After Jay left the hangar he immediately ran inside the airbase and ran for the simulation room to find out for himself just how good these new fighter jets were supposed to be.

Noticing the commander of the base with a distraught look on his face, Jay stopped and asked him if anything was wrong.

"There's a lot wrong here kid" the commander told him "On one side we have a Tarak ship incoming; they claim to be on a peaceful mission to negotiate an end to the war between us. Add to it Princess Bourne was kidnapped on her way here".

"What!" Jay gasped "How? Isn't she supposed to be under guard while not on the ship?"

The commander nodded "She was with 1st Lieutenant O'Brian, but he was shot when they ambushed their vehicle. The driver was killed, but O'Brian will live. He's real tough to have survived two shots to the chest".

Jay clenched his fists "What do we know?"

The commander shook his head "All we know is she's gone, we don't know who took her or why".

"Where's O'Brian?"

"In the infirmary getting patched up, he'll probably be discharged from the Royal Service for this" the commander told him.

"That's bullshit!" Jay barked "They can't discharge him for this! What was he supposed to do? Take them all on with his hands!"

"Their soldier their rules Masterson" the commander replied "And may I remind you that you are addressing a superior officer here".

Jay immediately turned around and ran for the infirmary in the lower levels of the airbase determined to find O'Brian.

Entering the ICU of the infirmary, two Royal Guards blocked Jay's path at the doors "Sorry, but we can't allow anyone inside" one of them said.

"Out of my way" Jay demanded, but neither guard moved.

"We're under orders not to allow anyone past these doors, now turn around or we'll treat you as a hostile and detain you" the first guard told him.

Jay looked at both of them and stepped forward again forcing the guards to act.

The first guard reached out to him, but thanks to his training with Captain Kavai, Jay easily grabbed his arm and swung him around giving him room to chop the second guard right in his throat before wrenching the first guard's arm behind his back before bringing his free arm around and chopping him in the throat knocking him out.

With both guards out cold Jay stormed into O'Brian's room and demanded that he get up.

"What do you want Masterson?" he asked in a pained tone.

"I said get up!" Jay demanded.

"That's no way to speak to your"

"Shut it!" Jay barked cutting him off. "Now on your feet. You don't have time to lie around while Caitlyn is out there with whoever did this to you. You once told me that my only job as a member of the Skeleton squadron was to protect her. I only protected her because she was my friend and flight lead".

O'Brian moved his eyes over to Jay before painfully pushing himself up.

"Now on your feet dammit" Jay ordered "We're going to rescue Caitlyn".

O'Brian slid himself out of bed and forced himself to stand straight "If you think you can follow my orders then let's go".

Jay smirked at him "Just don't slow me down" he said walking out of the infirmary with O'Brian behind him.

It took a few hours, but both Jay and O'Brian were on the airbase runway sneaking into Jay's old fighter.

"Control tower this is Jay Masterson, requesting clearance to take off".

"Roger that Masterson, you are cleared to take off on runway 1".

Taxiing onto the runway, Jay looked to the seat behind him and asked O'Brian if he was sure he knew where to find Caitlyn.

O'Brian nodded "Yeah. I know exactly where she'll be. I also know who took her".

After Jay took off, O'Brian began explaining what had happened that day.

O'Brian recalled the image of those days in his mind as he spoke "It all started back during the war between the nations. The Saris Royal Family was under attack by a terrorist group operating under cover as a Vrede militant group. Our Intel believed that the leader of this group was a former soldier in our military by the name of Michel Spring. One day he just disappeared and resurfaced years later, he claimed that the Royal Family of Saris needed to be dealt with, that they were unfair to their people and abusing their powers over the country".

"After several attempts on the Royal Family we finally tracked down an arms deal that Michel would be involved in and the higher ups sent me and Captain Pete Holland in to investigate as a two man team. Captain Holland and I were to take up sniper roles and confirm if Michel was indeed the mastermind of the terrorist acts and if his affiliation with the Vrede military was just a cover and then eliminate him".

"We spotted Michel from a tower in the deserted city Nightingale, after confirming everything we needed to know, we took our shots. Captain Pete took out the arms dealer and I took Michel, but by shear luck he survived. No one else would dare to pull off something like this. It has to be him".

Jay narrowed his eyes "I see. Well this will be your chance to finish the job then, we'll be at Nightingale within the hour".

Just like Jay said an hour later they both touched down in Nightingale. Still a deserted ghost town, after the war ended the Vrede government decided to leave Nightingale as it was as a reminded of the horrors of war, so everything was the same as O'Brian remembered it, with the exception of the snow.

"I don't feel right being here" O'Brian muttered after climbing out of the fighter jet that had landed on the outskirts of the town.

"Suck it and your pain up O'Brian" Jay told him "Remember if you can't pull this off".

"I know" O'Brian growled "Let's just get to it. We need to get going. Whatever Michel is planning it won't be long until he proceeds with it".

Jay's radio began beeping.

"Did you tell anyone where we were going?" O'Brian asked.

Jay nodded "Yeah, I told my dad, Rainer and Kira".

Jay answered the radio and an unknown voice came through "I'm glad to see that you survived your injuries O'Brian".

"Michel!" O'Brian gasped.

"Come to finish what you started did you? It'll give me the same opportunity then. If you think you can make it to me in one piece then by all means come after me. The girl dies by midnight if my ransom isn't received".

The radio cut out. "That bastard" O'Brian growled.

Jay didn't say anything he just dropped the radio and gripped his M4A1 Assault Rifle equipped with a heartbeat sensor, a silencer and a red dot sight.

"Follow me" O'Brian ordered leading Jay through the dead city and toward the tower where he and his former captain missed their shot at killing Michel.

The whole time they where walking through the city Jay had remained silent, he was dead set on saving Caitlyn regardless of it O'Brian survived or not. Sensing Jay's anger O'Brian led him through a sewer tunnel below the streets "He won't kill her" he said to the young pilot. "He needs her alive, she's his only bargaining chip. If he kills her he'll have the world's military after him and he knows it".

"Why hasn't anyone gone after him after you failed to kill him?" Jay asked.

"He vanished again after that day" O'Brian answered "Not a single attack or threat against the royal family since that day".

Jay once again fell silent before they found a ladder that was labeled Nightingale Central Park.

Taking a moment to steel himself O'Brian looked over to Jay, "I know we've had our differences Jay" he began "But I want to thank you for dragging me into this. The chance to correct my failures".

"That's fine O'Brian, but remember" Jay said "I'm doing this for Caitlyn not you".

O'Brian nodded "Right. She's in love with you, you know" he said catching Jay by surprise.

O'Brian gave a small smile and nodded "She told me herself. She came to me one day and told me to stop being so hard on you".

"I mean it Terry, stop being so forceful on Jay" Caitlyn demanded to the sub-commander of the warship.

O'Brian was about to say something, but Caitlyn cut him off "I…I really like him and I think that if we can love with each other that might be an end to the suspicions between our nations".

Jay's face turned red after O'Brian finished recalling that moment. "She says it's for the sake of her country and the good of her people as well as the people of Vrede, but she's a bad liar. She really likes you, and I don't know how you feel about her, but you'd better not turn your back on her".

Jay nodded "That's a situation for another time right now we need to get going".

O'Brian returned the nod "Alright here's our plan then. We'll storm into office guns blazing. We can't give Michel any time once we're in. He's a coward he'll prepare an evac once he knows we're inside".

"Then let's stop wasting time" Jay told him climbing up the ladder with O'Brian behind him.

Returning to the streets Jay knelt down and aimed his rifle at the office tower making sure no one spotted them as O'Brian climbed out and they both proceeded into the tower.

Shooting the glass doors open the two soldiers stormed into the lobby killing every guard in their way. The amount of weapons and ammunition they were carrying slowed them down greatly, but at the rate they were using it all, it didn't seem to matter much.

Eliminating all targets in the lobby the two soldiers proceeded up the stairs to continue they're fight against Michel's group. Neither of them took a single hit or so much as a graze from enemy fire, it was no surprise for O'Brian even though he was injured he had been through much worse in his military career, but for Jay. Someone his age and with nothing more than live fire training he seemed to move like a veteran.

Knowing he had no time to watch Jay's movements or ask how he was doing that so naturally O'Brian kept his focus on the enemy that just seemed to literally be coming out of the walls.

Finally exhausting their ammunition, they had no choice, but to pick up weapons dropped by their enemies as they continued through the office tower and toward the top the very room where O'Brian and his former captain took their shots at Michel.

Entering an elevator, both Jay and O'Brian checked their remaining ammo and grenades quickly thinking of a plan for when the doors opened.

"We'll climb out from the top latch and toss some flash grenades through the door way to blind them. From there we'll drop down and take care of them" O'Brian told him to which Jay agreed.

Jay's radio beeped again and he answered.

"Jay" his father's voice came "We're going to be in Nightingale in ten minutes, you can expect a serious punishment for this so you'd better survive".

"Don't worry dad. We'll make it out of here alive".

Jay turned off his radio and climbed up through the elevator's hatch before pulling O'Brian out and waiting for the doors to open.

Once the doors slid open a barrage of gunfire echoed below them as the soldiers outside the shaft sprayed the elevator with bullets.

Once the barrage of gunfire stopped, both Jay and O'Brian popped the top on their flash grenades and reached their arms down the hatch before tossing them through the door way and immediately jumping down one at a time after they went off.

Quickly and with experienced precision taking down all of the enemies blocking their way, both O'Brian and Jay raced through the cafeteria room toward the stairs leading to the top floor.

"Commander O'Brian this is Spectre do you read?" a voice came from the radios.

"Roger that" O'Brian replied quickly placing the earpiece to his ear.

"Our thermal imaging as spotted a helicopter on the roof of the building across from you. We've also spotted two foot mobiles inside heading for that chopper".

"That's got to be Michel and the princess" O'Brian told him "We've got to find a way to the other building".

Several gunshots echoed through the cafeteria as Jay shot out the windows and hooked a rappelling cable to the edge of bar table yelling at O'Brian to hurry up before he rappelled down the side of the office building stopping two floors above the street and unhooking himself before dropping into the bushes.

Not waiting for O'Brian to catch up to him Jay bolted into the adjacent building and crashed through the glass door way of what used to be a really nice hotel and diner before mowing his way through several enemies and making his way to the roof.

Reaching a staircase Jay immediately sprinted up toward the sixth floor and kicked open the door and began firing at the line of soldiers in front of him before taking a round to his shoulder, but thankfully his armor stopped the bullet before it went too far.

Fighting his way through the diner level, Jay caught sight of someone holding Caitlyn hostage and holding a gun to her head.

"You must be Michel" Jay said to him aiming his MK14 assault rifle he took from a fallen enemy right at Michel's head.

The man nodded "Indeed. And you're the famous young pilot Jay Masterson I presume? One of the Holy Knights came after me himself, this must be a joyful day indeed, I get to kill you, O'Brian and the princess of Saris all in one day".

Having a stare down with the leader of the terrorist group, Jay kept a firm grip on the trigger of his rifle and a trained eye on Michel's head waiting for him to make just a split second of a wrong move.

Finally catching up to them O'Brian stormed into the diner, but tripped over one of the dead terrorists. "Terry!" Caitlyn cried seeing O'Brian fall over the body giving Michel just the distraction he wanted.

Throwing Caitlyn to the ground Michel aimed his Desert Eagle handgun at Jay and fired a single round.

Somehow Jay managed to avoid the bullet that would've hit him between his eyes. He didn't know how, but he could sense that Michel was about to shoot him and just reacted. Regardless he didn't have time to react to it, Caitlyn had jumped to her feet and grabbed Michel's gun hand trying to wrestle it out of his grip, but he easily overpowered her and slapped her to the floor before aiming his gun at her.

"Little bitch" he growled before O'Brian shot him in the abdomen and Jay did the same.

Michel fell to his knees, but before Jay or O'Brian could get up a helicopter flew above them and fired a missile through the glass walls destroying a support beam that caused half of the roof to cave in around them.

The roof began falling and Jay forced himself to his feet as he ran over to Caitlyn who got her leg trapped under a piece of the roof.

"O'Brian!" Jay yelled turning around to see if O'Brian was still ok, but he wasn't moving.

"Jay!" Caitlyn cried forcing Jay to turn around just as Michel aimed his Desert Eagle at them.

This time Jay froze, his instincts were gone, his entire life flashed before his eyes before Caitlyn tackled him down and the bullet from Michel's gun hit her in the back.

Caitlyn fell over in Jay's arms as Michel turned to run for the roof. "Caitlyn!" Jay yelled after she fell into his arms completely motionless "Caitlyn!" he yelled again.

Caitlyn slowly opened her mouth "Don't…let him get away" she muttered before her breath stopped entirely.

Quickly, but gently placing Caitlyn on her back Jay got up and sprinted after Michel with the strength of a raging fire burning through his entire being.

Jumping over a collapsed wall and sprinting up the staircase to the helipad on the roof, Jay spotted Michel closing the side door to the helicopter waiting for him.

Knowing this was his only chance, Jay legged it full speed toward the chopper as it took off and once he was at the edge of the helipad and jumped off grabbing the leg rail of the chopper quickly looking down to the destroyed city seven stories below him before pulling himself up as the pilot of the chopper tried to kick him off.

Letting go of the rail with his right hand, Jay grabbed the pilot's leg and used it to pull himself up before using his right hand to grabbed the inside of the door and his left hand to yank the pilot out of his seat and out of the helicopter before climbing in himself.

Now in the pilot's seat Jay reached for the co-pilot just as he pulled his handgun and pointed it at Jay.

Slapping the pilot's hand down just as he fired, the bullet went through the chopper's windshield giving Jay time to grab the pilot by the neck and slam his head down onto the controls before pushing him toward the open door.

The pilot caught himself and began pulling himself back in, but Jay pulled his M9 handgun out and shot him in the chest killing him as he slid out of the doorway.

Grabbing the flightstick of the helicopter, Jay tried to land it again, but the missile warning of the chopper went off as a passing fighter jet launched a missile at the chopper.

Throwing the flightstick down Jay tried to avoid the missile, but the rear of the heli was hit forcing the bird down and landing it on the roof of the hotel in a fireball of metal.

The explosion threw Jay several yards from the crashed chopper as well as Michel who was already on his feet and stumbling toward Jay.

Spotting Michel's Desert Eagle lying in the center of the helipad Jay began crawling toward it while Michel continued to stumble his way.

Never in his life did Jay see something so within his reach, but so far away. He was only a few inches from the gun, all he had to do was grab it and shoot Michel.

Making one last pull forward Jay set his hand on the gun, but Michel had kicked him in the side of the head before reaching down and retrieving his gun.

Aiming it at Jay's head he smiled with a pained, evil grin "See you in Hell boy" he said before a gunshot echoed across the roof and Michel stumbled to the side.

Looking in the direction of the gunshot Jay saw O'Brian limping toward them with blood streaming down his face firing blindly toward Michel missing each shot until Michel leveled himself and shot him in the chest.

Seeing O'Brian fall back and drop his gun, Jay's vision went completely red. All he saw was a red light illuminating everything around him, all he could feel was the need to destroy the man standing before him.

Immediately pushing himself to his feet Jay roared as he charged at Michel quickly knocking the gun out of his hand and tackling him to the ground before rearing back his right hand and slamming it down across Michel's face and doing the same with his left before grabbing Michel's throat and lifting his head up before slamming his own head against his.

Punching him with his right hand once more with all his strength Jay got to his feet and dragged Michel up with him before punching him in the stomach and grabbing both sides of his head and bending him over, kneeing him in the face and then head butting him again.

Dropping Michel back to the ground Jay wrapped both of his hands around his neck and began chocking him with all of his strength.

Michel's vision quickly began fading as his breath stopped, and his brain began to hemorrhage. All he managed to do was get a quick look in Jay's eyes before he punched him across the face, and what he saw immediately froze him on the inside. Even while the young pilot continued to beat him into the ground all he could see was blood flying from his mouth and the frozen image of Jay's expression stuck in his mind. Those eyes. The look of a real monster, one far worse than he ever was.

After punching Michel in the face one last time Jay dragged Michel back to his feet and continued to punch and knee him in the stomach and head until Michel was backed to the edge of the roof.

In a beaten, bloody heap of a man Michel stood at the edge of the roof shaking like a zombie trapped in a swamp as Jay took one last step over to him and drove his combat knife deep into his chest before he grabbed him by the throat before choking him some more as he looked into his eyes. "Burn in Hell you son of a bitch"

With one last roar of rage Jay lifted Michel over the edge of the roof and threw him forward before letting go, sending him flying down to the ground far below them.

Once Michel's body vanished in the darkness of the night Jay stumbled back as his vision blurred away before falling onto his back with his legs and arms straight out in each direction.

Slowly turning his head to the side Jay looked over at O'Brian's body just as a large group of soldiers stormed out onto the helipad, their yells barely reaching him as the group split between him and O'Brian.

Seeing one soldier kneel next to him as his vision continued fading Jay could only hear a dull screeching sound as the soldier yelled for him to respond to his hand movements before motioning for a helicopter above him to lower a pallet so they could medevac him.

Opening his eyes Jay was blinded by a bright light that surrounded him.

Grunting loudly in pain Jay tried to move, but a hand on each of his shoulders gently pushed him down telling him to rest.

Focusing his eyes Jay saw that it was Kira and Hideki.

"What happened?" he asked them through a pained broken voice.

They were both silent for a second as they exchanged looks at each other "You mean you don't remember?" Hideki asked him.

"Re…Remember what?" Jay asked.

"Dude!" Hideki gasped in disbelief "How could you not remember" Kira cut him off "Caitlyn is safe, you and O'Brian saved her".

Jay's head rested against eh pillow below him "Are they ok?"

Kira nodded "They'll be fine; they're both going to be in the hospital for a while as are you, but you'll all survive".

Jay sighed with another groan of pain "Good".

Kira knelt over and kissed him on the forehead as his eyes closed before leaving with Hideki.

"He really doesn't remember anything?" Hideki asked as they walked through the hall "He doesn't remember any of what he did to that guy?"

Kira and Hideki both saw the camera footage of what Jay did to Michel. The film was shot by a helicopter's battle camera after the pilot spotted two figures moving around the crashed heli.

The entire time she was watching it Kira could feel the world around her disappearing, slowly she was being consumed by darkness. The resolution of the camera allowed her to look right at Jay's face as he pummeled away at Michel, strangling him against the ground before lifting him up and beating him to the edge before throwing him off.

She had seen that look in his eyes before, but this time was different. The look in Jay's eyes the shear desire to destroy the man in front of him. Even thinking about that evil look made her throat close and her heart stop.

She began feeling dizzy and missed a step falling to the side into Hideki's arms.

"Kira!" he gasped before she straightened herself "Don't go passing out on me. I can't handle both of you freaking out on me".

"Sorry" Kira said feeling tears forming in her eyes "I…I just can't believe Jay actually did something like that to another person".

Hideki agreed "Yeah, I mean I read the guy's file, he deserved to die, there's no doubt about that, but what Jay did to him". Hideki's voice trailed, even he could feel chills forming inside him after remembering the video footage of Jay beating Michel before killing him.

"Hideki" Kira snapped getting to her feet and looking straight into his eyes "We can't tell him about this. We can't let anyone tell him what he did" she said through crying eyes.

Hideki looked down at her "Kira, how can we stop him from finding out about that? Everyone on the base and on the Emerald's Edge knows what he did by now".

Kira continued to cry "We have to find a way! We can't let him find out. It'll change him forever".

Hideki lowered his eyes feeling small tears in his own eyes "Alright. I'll go talk to his dad, if anyone can make sure no one says anything it'll be him. You go and stay with Jay until I'm done".

Hideki leaned forward and hugged Kira before running off to find Jay's father leaving Kira alone in the hall.

Once Hideki was gone Kira's tears came full force now the sight of Jay's look still trapped in her mind. She swore to herself that she'd never allow him to end up like that again. She swore that she'd always protect him against everything, even the darkness within himself.

"If something happens to me I want you to protect him, hold on to him and never let go. He needs someone like you to fall back on, promise me you'll be there for him".

"Please Meia, promise me that".

A/N. There's chapter 11. If anyone thinks this all seems really familiar it's because it was all inspired by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 3. Both great games that I've greatly enjoyed playing and will always hold onto.

As much as I dislike 'borrowing' other ideas and plots I couldn't resist this time, the plot line to Modern Warfare 3 was just that good.

Anyway enough of all that and down to business. It seems Jay's dark side has come out again this time he actually killed someone, but not before beating the living bejesus out of him, and then stabbing him in the chest and choke slamming him off the roof of a hotel. Brutal...

Kira's final thoughts are that she needs to protect him at all costs, especially against himself, to stop that side of him from ever surfacing again.