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Since my World History class mentioned that Scandinavia invaded England a LOT during the Middle Ages, I'm like "Holy crap, this class finally gave me good crack fic material! :D" I mean no offense Iggy, or Denmark, or Norway, or Sweden, it's just the mental image in my head was too funny NOT to write down. I don't own Hetalia.

England was sipping his tea when he heard a knock on the door. He forgot about some meeting to discuss oil and economics and such. Which is why he nearly had a heart-attack when he opened the door to see Denmark, Norway, and Sweden staring at him.

"Hiiii Iggy." Denmark said with a wave.

SLAM! England slammed the door shut and clutched his heart. "What the hell are THEY doing here?"

England had MANY bad memories with the Nordics back in the 800s. (I thinks.) Many invasions... many raids... oh dear god, the nation still had nightmares!


"Row! Row! ROW I SAY! ROW! HAHAHA!" Denmark said as he whipped the prisoners of his giant bad-ass viking ship.

"I can't! I feel like my bloody arms are going to fall off!" Chibi-Iggy complained.

Norway (in his awesome viking helmet) said in a monotone "Don't make me bring Sweden down here."

"We're rowing! We're rowing, dammit!" said the Chibi-Italian beside Iggy.

The young French boy beside the Italian moaned "Can we at least get something to eat?"

Then all the Scandinavians magically pulled out some surstromming. The prisoners only needed to smell the stuff before screaming "NOOO! D:"

End Flashback...

England was SO caught up in his flashback, he forgot about the other nations outside.

"Englaaaand! Let us in!" Denmark said as he banged on the door again. "If you're still having flashbacks about the time we seized your vital regions, we already gave them back and said sorry!"

Norway sighed. "Forget it, Denmark. He probably froze up in fear..."

"I w'nder why..." Sweden said.

Just a random drabble. And a way to prove to myself "You can! You can make a crack fic out of your History Homework! XD"

England: And you tortured me because...?

I don't wanna wait until later to write a crack fic. Besides, I had the mental image of half of Europe bullying Chibi-Iggy! X3

England: =_=

Anyways, review.