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Kurt watched the kids from Noah's class start to stretch and decided maybe his dad was right about it being too much for today. He didn't feel up to pretending that he knew what he was doing. Also he would have rather worked with Mac than with the class. Mac had tailored the class for him last week. Kurt sighed. He couldn't believe that it was just last week when this whole thing stated. This nightmare felt like it had been going on forever. Kurt sat up and pulled his knees to his chest. Why was all the good from the last few weeks so overpowered by the bad? It wasn't fair. Kurt got up and walked to the office.

When he went in, he saw his dad was in the chair opposite Mac and his desk while Jesse was sitting on the bench. Kurt walked over to the bench. Before he could get comfortable, he was pulled by Jesse towards himself. The slim man moved Kurt until he was tucked next to him and kept his arm around his waist. Kurt didn't feel like protesting. He was so tired and the overprotectiveness everyone was demonstrating was so comforting. He needed it right now to make sure not everyone in the world was against him. Kurt half listened to what the adults were saying. He knew that they were talking about him but considering his dad was vetoing anything he thought was somewhat unsafe, he knew his opinion would mean very little to the group.

Kurt felt Jesse shake his lightly. What he looked to the blonde, Jesse gestured to his dad. Kurt looked over to Mac and his dad. They were both looking at him closely. Kurt wondered what he has missed.

Burt seemed to understand that Kurt was confused. "Sean offered to teach you self-defense one on one rather than with the class. Do you want that?"

Kurt nodded. "Yeah, Mac might be a little tough on me but I understood his class better than Noah's." Kurt tensed for a second. He shouldn't be saying that about Noah in front of his bosses or his dad. Noah was really good with the kids.

Before Kurt could speak, Mac interrupted. "That's because I just had to worry about you and Noah has a whole herd of kids to cater to. I would let Noah teach you but he had his classes, school, glee and family to worry about. I don't want to pile on any extra responsibly onto him." Mac turned to Burt. "I know that Noah seems like a little punk most of the time but he is probably one of the most responsible people I know. He has been working at least two jobs ever since he had been able to, he takes care of his little sister whenever his mom is too busy and he never says no to lending a helping hand to anyone in need."

Kurt felt his face warm. He knew that Mac and Jesse had probably heard about the new development in his and Noah's relationship but it was little odd hearing all the praise for his boyfriend. Kurt smiled a little hesitant smile. He had a boyfriend.

Nodding, Burt spoke. "I know mo… I mean Noah is a good kid but I'm just worried about what that guy would do to him and Kurt if they were seen together. Nelson put his brother in the hospital and his brother's boyfriend is dead. I'm going crazy trying to protect Kurt from that psycho and I don't want Ella to feel this way."

Mac nodded seeming to completely agree with Burt's idea of locking Kurt up forever. It looked like that date Noah wanted to take him on was going to have to wait indefinitely. Kurt slumped against Jesse. It was the one thing that Kurt was looking forward to this week.

"I don't think that's fair to Kurt or his friends." Jesse said. He stood up and walked over next to Mac. "Look, I'm not trying to tell you how to raise your kid but if Kurt is anything like I was when I was his age, he'll be okay with this for about a minute and rebel." Jesse glared at Kurt. "Not that I'm saying that you should go against your dad. He's looking out for you and he's worried but…" Jesse turned back to Burt. "He's a kid. He needs his friends. Noah will protect him and I heard that the police are watching Noah's family already because he's so close to Kurt."

Burt glared at Jesse, then sighed. "I just can't let him out of my sight." Burt motioned Kurt to come to him. Kurt got up and walked over to the chair that his dad was in. Burt grabbed his son and pulled him into a hug. "I do trust you and your friends but just give me a few days to relax."

Kurt nodded. He could understand what his dad was going through. Kurt wrapped himself around his dad cling to the older man.

After he was buried in his dad's chest, he heard Jesse speak. "Maybe you should start coming to defense class with Kurt. Not that you need it but Kurt does."

Kurt felt his dad's hand going up and down his back. "I think that sounds good."

Relaxing to this dad's lap, Kurt let the sound of his dad, Jesse and Mac wash over him. He knew that nothing could hurt him here. Mac had changed the subject from Kurt to some of the local sports teams. There was nothing that made Kurt start to zone out than his dad going on and on about sports. Sure, he was on the football team but his dad had a team for every season. It was a wonder that Kurt was ever able to have the TV since something was always on.

Kurt didn't know how much time had passed but he heard Noah speak. "The munchkins are gone for the night. Is there anything else you need me to do, Mac?"

Kurt turned to see Mac shake his head. Jesse had moved to lead against the table next to Mac closer to Kurt and his dad. Jesse spoke. "Nope. Any plans?"

Noah replied. "Yeah, I have to go to the diner for a few hours. There is a shortage tonight."

"It's a school night." Mac stated.

Noah moved to stand next to Jesse. He shrugged. "Barb needs help."

Mac growled lightly. "Noah."

Noah sighed. "Yeah, Mac?"

The room started to get tense. Burt pushed Kurt off his lap. "We'll be outside."

Kurt and his dad went out of the office and shut the door behind them. They could hear the argument in the office.

Burt raised an eyebrow at the raised voices. Kurt just shrugged. "Mac and Jesse are the closest thing that Noah has to a dad. I mean his dad left him about when mom died."

Nodding, Burt walked around the gym. The door suddenly opened. Kurt vaguely remembered the man from a few weeks ago. Apparently there was going to be a fight night tonight. Burt looked surprised. "Mark? What are you doing here?"

Mark walked up to Burt and shook his hand. "Hey, Burt. I'm here for fight night."

Burt looked at Kurt confused and a little worried. "Fight night?"

"A few of us who have some fight experience just come for goof around. Mostly it's just to get some exercise." Mark shrugged and started to stretch. "Are you joining? I remember you were pretty good at wrestling back in the day."

Burt shook his head. "My kid is getting some defense classes. Kurt come here." Kurt moved over next to his dad. "This is my buddy Mark. We were on the wrestling team together. He was our star."

Mark put his hand out. "Nice to meet you, Kurt. You look a lot like your dad."

Kurt was taken aback most people say he looked like his mom. "Really?"

Mark smiled. "Yeah, the hair and the smile. I'm sure that you'll be as tall as him in the next few years. I mean he was a bean pole back in the day too. You wrestle too?"

Kurt shook his head. "No, sir. I'm the kicker for the football team."

Mark smiled and nodded. "So you're the reason why we aren't losing every game."

Looking at the ground, Kurt shrugged. "The team is pretty good. I mean our quarterback and linebackers are awesome."

"Yeah but it was your points that push us over a few times so don't minimize what you do." Mark said.

Before Kurt could reply, the door opened and Mark moved to say hello to the new arrivals. Kurt looked at his dad and saw the pride in his eyes. Kurt smiled shyly. It was nice that his dad was proud of something he did. His dad had been showing his softer side to Kurt more today than he had in a long time.

Noah came out of the office looking a little mad but mostly upset. Jesse had his arm over the teen with Mac following him. The older men started to say hello to the people coming in as Noah shrugged Jesse's arm off of him. The teen walked over to Kurt and his dad.

"I need to get out of here." Noah stated as he grabbed Kurt in a quick hug and started to move out the door.

Before Noah could get far, Burt spoke. "Kurt and I didn't have any dinner. I was thinking Barbara's would be fine tonight."

Noah froze for a second and turned to look at Kurt and his dad. He looked a little hopeful. "Could Kurt come with me?"

Kurt looked at his dad. Burt nodded at the pair. Kurt hugged his dad. "Thanks." Kurt whispered.

Burt laughed lightly. "I'm not heartless. I just worry."

Kurt and Burt let go of each other and moved out of the door with Noah. Kurt quickly got into Noah's car. He really wanted to talk to Noah since the teen was so upset. Noah got in the car as Kurt heard his dad shout that he would be following them. Kurt shook his head at his dad's overprotectiveness. Not that he faulted him but he had wanted to spend time with Noah.

After Noah started the car and backed out, Kurt moved over to sit right next to him. He knew he should be more discreet but Noah seemed to need the support. Noah wrapped his arm around Kurt and sighed. "Sorry, it's nothing big but Mac was worried about how much I was taking on. He tried to give me some extra money and I got pissed. I mean I get good grades, I'm on the football team, and I work two jobs, what more does he want."

Kurt shrugged. "Maybe he wants you to relax. You look so tired. I know it's mostly my fault."

"Shut it, princess. None of this is your fault." Noah sighed. "I just thought I should get some recognition that I work so hard."

Kurt laughed. "Mac talked you up like crazy in front of my dad. He's just worried about you."

Noah nodded. "I know but sometimes I think he worries too much. I mean I'm an adult."

Understanding where Noah was coming from, Kurt nodded. It was quiet for a little while, until Kurt spoke. "So dad might not let me out of his sight for a while so I don't know when our date will actually be."

Noah groaned. "That just isn't fair. I just want to take you out on a date."

"Maybe we can do mini-dates. I mean dad did just let us drive in the same car to the diner." Kurt shrugged.

Noah huffed. "And how many of these will equal one date?"

Grinning at Noah's childish behavior, Kurt replied. "Add this ride, the team dinner and the weekend at your house. I guess with all the mini pseudo dates, I could say that the end of this ride might be a full date. If that's what you want."

Noah shook his head. "I promised you a real date."

It was Kurt's turn to sigh. "Noah, I know we haven't been on a real date but honestly I don't know when we could go on one. I mean I already think of you are my boyfriend. If the last few days has done anything, it's proved that you do prioritize me and care for me. What else is a date for?"

"Are you sure?" Noah asked softly as he pulled into the parking lot.

"I'm seriously rethinking ever saying that to you. I mean you are like a dog with a bone about this dating thing. And it's my first kiss. I think I should be the one who decides when I should kiss you. It's not fair." Kurt could almost feel himself pout.

He looked at Noah who was smiling indulgently at him.

"Noah, give me something good to think about tonight?" Kurt said softly.

Noah laughed. "I think a parking lot where your dad just pulled up in the spot next to us isn't the best place to do that but you are tempting as hell."

As if he knew that they were talking about him, Burt knocked on the window next to Kurt. Kurt opened the window a little annoyed at his dad for making Noah right and interrupting. "Hey dad, we'll be in soon."

Burt looked at the two teens and nodded. "Five minutes."

Noah nodded as Burt moved away from the car and into the diner.

Kurt looked at Noah. He turned to face the larger boy. "So Noah Puckerman, it's put up or shut up time."

Noah's head fell back as laughed. "You are the most ridiculous person I know."

Kurt moved his hand and hesitantly rested it on Noah's cheek. Noah grabbed the hand and kissed palm. Kurt shuddered at the feel of the warm lips touching his palm. Kurt felt Noah's other hand go to the nape of his neck and gently pulled him forward until they were millimeters apart. He could feel Noah's breath on his lips. Kurt looked into Noah's eyes for a few second. Noah's eyes were almost black and intense. Kurt closed his eyes and leaned in for his first official kiss.