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Despite all of the questions that were swimming through Kurt's mind, he fell asleep quickly that night. The next morning, he awoke before his alarm went off and started to get ready quickly so his dad could have a chance at the bathroom before they left. His dad took some persuading but he eventually got out of bed and into a quick shower. Kurt took the downtime to text Noah. Kurt had no idea what to say about what his dad had told him last night. He was right that Kurt never thought about how the baby was going to effect Noah or his life in the long run. In fact, Kurt never even thought he was going to have kids without a long adoption procedure or finding a surrogate. After a quick good morning to Noah, Kurt put down his phone and really thought about what might happen when the baby came. Kurt knew that there was a slim chance that Noah would give up his rights as a father and let the baby be adopted by someone else. He could see Quinn going down that path but not Noah with all his abandonment issues. He would want to prove that he was a better dad than his own dad. Kurt could totally see Noah staying up late at night singing songs to make the baby fall asleep. He could picture Noah teaching the kid how to defend themselves and play football. Noah was probably going to be one of those hover parents who would know everything about their child but somehow managed not to smother them.

But what about himself? Kurt had no idea. He never was around little kids for more than a few minutes. Heck, Sarah and the kids at defense class were the most he interacted with kids since he was one. Kurt knew that he had fun hanging out with them but being a parent was completely different. There was no one to hand the kids off to at the end of the day. It was a twenty-four hours a day job with no end in sight. It also meant that he had to be selfless because everything would be about the kid. The selfless part wasn't as big of a problem as most people would think when they first met Kurt. He loved taking care of other people but this would a full time situation. That was if Noah wanted Kurt in his child's life. Kurt felt his whole body tense. After all, Noah never said anything about the baby to Kurt other than what he said in regards to Finn and Quinn. He never said that he would want Kurt to be a part of his son's or daughter's life. Kurt was just assuming that since Noah seemed so serious about their relationship right now that Noah wanted this for the long term. What if this was just something that Noah wanted until he became a father?

Before Kurt's thoughts could turn even more confused, Burt came out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go. "What's with the long face so early in the morning?"

Kurt shrugged. "I'm just thinking about what you said last night."

Burt put a hand on Kurt's head and started to play with his hair. "Kurt, I told you that as something to think about. I didn't want you to decided about what to do in one night. I just didn't want you to go into this relationship blind. Sure, it's a big decision but you and mohawk haven't even gone on a date yet. Just take it slow and talk about what you both want. If you find out it isn't for you, talk to him before you commit yourself to something more than you can handle."

"You're right." Kurt said with a small smile. "There's no use borrowing trouble. Plus, I don't know if Noah wants to keep the baby for sure."

Burt nodded. "It is a big responsibility and from what you said he seems determined to make a life for himself. A kid at the wrong time can hamper some of those chances that he has."

Kurt nodded. "I know I should talk to him about it before I start jumping to conclusions but I just don't know how to approach the subject."

Burt sat down next to Kurt. "It won't be easy but I think the two of you are mature enough to have an adult conversion about what you both want from each other." Burt paused. "Do you know what you really want from him? Is this just because he's the first guy that seems as interested in you as you are in him or is it more than that Kurt?"

Kurt took a second before responding. "I know that it's more than just wanting to be in a relationship with someone. Noah has really been there for me in the last few weeks. More than that, I just like talking to him and listening to his crazy stories. When he's not around, I constantly wonder what he is doing and I miss him when he is gone. I felt that way before I ever knew he liked me." Kurt turned to look at Burt. "Dad, he makes me feel safe. Not just because he's like twice my size but because I know I can tell him anything without feeling like he is judging me. I also know that he trusts me more than he trusts most people. That might be because we were friends when we were little but he tells me things that I don't think he tells other people. He trusts me, dad."

Burt nodded. "I think that sounds like the foundation of a very strong relationship."

"But do you think that's enough?" Kurt asked.

Shaking his head, Burt replied. "I can't tell you what to do about your relationship with Noah. First of all, I haven't seen you two together more than a hand full of times. Yes when I did see you together, I thought you two looked happy but just because someone sees something from the outside doesn't make it true. Secondly, you two haven't even been on a date. I think that you haven't had the time to make a decision about you want to do so it's not fair to bring me into the middle of it. Kurt, this is one of those choices that you have to make for yourself."

Kurt thought about what his dad said and knew he was right. He was jumping to conclusions and he couldn't ask anyone to make the choice whether to date Noah or not for him. He was just going to have to talk to Noah and talk things out.

Burt continued to speak. "I think you should go out on a few dates with him and see if you think this is someone you want to make a commitment to. You don't have to decided today and I don't think you should make a decision before you talk to mohawk. Now for a complete change of topic, do you want to go to school today or did you want to go shopping?"

Kurt laughed at Burt's bluntness. "Dad, the answer is always shopping."

Joining with his son's laughter, Burt started to grab his wallet, phone, and keys. "I thought so but I didn't want to take you away from your friends."

Kurt shrugged. "I want to see them but I want to spend some time with you."

"Maybe you can have that study session at Barb's tonight. You could see most of them there." Burt said.

Nodding, Kurt picked up his phone and texted Noah again. "w/dad 2day. Study session barb's?"

Burt spoke. "So do you want to go to Dayton or Toledo?"

Kurt quickly gathered his things and followed his dad out the door. "I would rather go to Toledo between the two of them but don't you think that's little far?"

Burt shrugged. "I took the next few days off from work so I have nothing else to do. Before you start worrying, Nick knows to call me if anything big happens but he can handle most of the day to day stuff. I just need to pick up some paperwork during the week and we should be fine."

Kurt knew better than to argue with his dad about work. Also, Nick had been at the shop for as long as Kurt could remember. He used to work for the people who his dad bought his first garage from. Ever since then, Nick had been Burt's right hand man. "I guess that works. Are we going to be back in time for the study session?"

Burt threw his arm over Kurt's shoulder. "Now that depends completely on you and how long you take picking out clothes... So no, we probably won't." Burt joked.

Kurt lightly punched his dad on the arm as he moved to get in the car. After the two of them were buckled in, they made the hour drive to Toledo. They argued over the radio and what was in fashion. Well, Burt argued how silly some of the outfits he had seen were and Kurt argued their merits. The whole trip was just like old times except Kurt's phone kept going off with texts from his friends. Noah had gotten the word out that he wasn't coming to school that day and that there still was a study session after school at Barb's but that didn't stop them all from individually texting him. He shared some of the funnier texts with his dad as they walked around the mall. When Kurt could see that all the shopping was wearing on his dad, he called a halt to the day. Kurt knew that shopping was still a chore for the older man and he was so happy that his dad had decided to spend the day with him doing something he disliked that Kurt didn't want to punish him by elongating the day. Plus, Kurt had gotten more than enough clothes for him to work with for a few weeks. Kurt's only regret was that he wasn't able to hit up a makeup counter. He knew that would be pushing his dad's limit for shopping. His dad always looked so lost and helpless when Kurt went up to ask for samples of the new beauty care lines.

On the way out of town, the pair grabbed some food for the road. They were going to be a little early for the study session but he had nothing else to do. He had enjoyed his day with his dad. Burt was too busy to take Kurt to the mall most of the time plus he usually wanted to something more hands on than shopping. "Hey dad, do you think we can go fishing again this year?"

Burt snorted. "Only if we don't take my buddies. I think their egos are still bruised from the last time we went with them. You would think grown men would act less childish. They swore you had some type of crazy juju working for you." Burt paused for a second. "Then again I think Mark wanted to take you on every trip he went on. He said at least he could be sure someone got a fish worth mentioning."

Kurt laughed. "I think you caught the smallest fish I ever saw on that trip."

"Hey, between the two of us we still beat everyone else's catch that day." Burt responded.

Barb's was nearly empty when they reached it. It was the middle of the afternoon so Kurt could understand why there was a lull in business. Barb greeted them as soon as they went in the door. "Well, boys, Puck called and told us that you'll be having a big group so I left some tables in the corner for you."

Kurt thanked Barb as the two of them made their way to the tables Barb pointed out. They didn't have to wait long for the football team to start streaming into the diner. They all had books in their hands and worried grins on their faces. Noah was the first to make his way to the table. He sat himself down right next to Kurt causing the smaller boy to smile. Kurt heard his dad snort as Burt got up from the table. "Now that the boys are here, I'm going to go check on the garages. I'll be back in a little bit." He looked pointedly at Noah. "You behave."

Kurt could feel his cheeks redden. Berry interrupted the conversation with his two cents. "Don't worry, Mr. Hummel. We've got his back. He won't be going anywhere without us."

Burt smiled and patted Noah on the back, hard. "I'm sure you all will keep a close eye on him for me."

Noah smiled back widely. "I won't let him out of my sight." Noah punctuated his statement by throwing an arm around Kurt and pulling him close causing Burt to laugh.

Burt messed with Noah's mohawk as he walked out of the diner. "Call me if you boys need anything. Bye Kurt."

Kurt yelled back goodbye to his dad as Berry moved to sit on the other side of him. Berry already had his math book ready to go as he got comfortable. As he wiggled, Berry pushed Kurt even closer to Noah. Kurt glanced to see Noah was smirking about what was going on. Of course, he was. This was Noah after all.

Kurt's friends filled their corner of the diner as they studied. The tables were laid out by what subjects everyone wanted to work on and it seemed to be working well. Kurt didn't move from his spot next to Noah even when someone new came in the diner for the study session. He just waved as he tried to catch up with the work he missed in the last two days. By the time dinner came around, Kurt had finished his work and was helping Berry with his math. Noah didn't move from his spot even after he finished his homework. He seemed content just watching Kurt going through problems with Berry. Every few minutes, Kurt looked at Noah as he talked to Jason who was sitting across from them. Slowly, the group trickled out of the diner. Everyone came over as they left to pat Kurt on the back or mess with his hair and tell him they were happy he came. Soon, it was just Noah and Kurt sitting at the table. The diner was filled with customer so they weren't exactly alone but the other teenagers' prying eyes were gone. Kurt texted his dad that their study group was done so he could come eat dinner with him then he turned to Noah.

Noah smiled at Kurt. "So princess, how was your day?"

Kurt shrugged with a wide grin. "My dad and I went to Toledo to shop so pretty good."

"He's a better man than me. I go nuts going to the local mall with my sister." Noah joked as he nudged Kurt.

Kurt nodded but fell silent otherwise. After a few minutes, he spoke. "So what do you have planned for tomorrow?"

Noah shook his head. "Nope. It's a surprise. I've got it all planned out. I just need an okay from your dad and our date is set."

Kurt hesitated as he tried to proceed. He knew he wanted to ask but he didn't know if he should. At the end, Kurt decided it was better to know than to be left in the dark. "I was just wondering about what is going on Quinn and the baby."

"What do you mean?" Noah asked.

Kurt shrugged as he spoke. "I mean that you want keep the baby right?"

Noah just nodded.

"Well, I guess I'm just wondering what that means for us. I mean I know that the baby will be the most important person in your life but where would we fall in all of that?" Kurt asked, worry clear in his voice.

Sighing, Noah replied. "I can't tell you what is going to happen in the future but you are right about keeping the baby. I already talked to my mom about having the baby live with us." Noah ducked his head down. "Part of the reason why I've been working so hard is to get some money together so mom doesn't have to worry about having another mouth to feed." Noah shrugged and leaned back against the back of the booth. "I know it's probably a lot to ask but I still want to see what happens between the two of us. I mean you're the first person who I ever had a crush on and by some odd chance, you turned out to be gay. I think something is pushing us together and I think it's worth it to see if we can make it. I understand if it's too much though. I get it."

Kurt looked side around the diner before discretely grabbing Noah's hand and pulling it under the table so he could hold the teen's hand while he spoke. "I don't want to break up with you. I know I've been saying that we haven't been on a real date but look at how much time we've spent together. We've been living in each other's pockets for the last few weeks. It's been amazing. I was just wondering what you want to do about the baby so I know what to expect and I kind of wanted to know what you think my role is going to be with your child. I know that's months away so you don't have to make a decision now but my dad brought up the subject last night when we were talking and it just stuck with me."

Noah squeezed Kurt's hand lightly. "What did your dad say?"

Kurt smiled at Noah. "Dad said that we didn't have to decide now. We should date and see where this is going before I start to freak out."

Noah raised an eyebrow. "You freaked out?"

Sighing, Kurt explained. "Noah, if we stay together for the long haul, the baby you are having with Quinn could someday be my child too."

Noah laughed at that. "We could be having a baby together and you won't even kiss me."

"Yup." Kurt replied with a small grin.

Noah hesitated for a second before fishing out his wallet and pulling out a black and white picture. "That's the baby." Noah said as he handed Kurt the photo. "Quinn gave it to me after her last visit to the doctor."

Kurt looked at the picture and it was a person. Kurt could see the head, the arms and the legs. The baby really did look like a little person. Kurt was in awe as he lightly followed the outline of the baby with his finger. "That's a person."

Noah smiled fondly. "I know. It kind of scares the shit out of me that they are going to be looking at me for answers when he or she gets out here but part of me is so excited about it too." Noah took the photo back and put it in his wallet. "I've always wanted a big family when I grow up, I just thought that I would be waiting a little longer to have one."

Kurt nodded as he started to understand what his dad was telling him last night. If he stayed with Noah, he wasn't just getting a boyfriend out of the deal but he was also getting a baby. Kurt closed his eyes and pictured the ultrasound from a moment before. That fragile little thing would be a part of his life, too. This might be his first relationship but could he be in charge of that little creature's first everything. "Do you want me to be part of the baby's life if you keep it?"

Noah took a deep breath in before he spot. "If you want to be then yes but if you don't, I don't know if I can be with you. I would eventually want someone who would care about my kid as much as they care about me."

Kurt nodded. "Well, I have to say the baby is very photogenic already. If he or she is half as beautiful as he or she is in that photo when he or she is born, you might need some help keeping suitors away." Kurt raised his hand to stop Noah from speaking. "I'm not saying that I am completely ready for being a part-time dad yet but I can't say I'm not willing to at least try."

Noah nodded. "Thanks."

Kurt laughed. "You don't have have to thank me for something like that. I think I'm getting the better part of the bargain. After all, you have to deal with me and a baby."

Noah just smiled fondly at Kurt as the two waited for Burt to come and eat dinner with them. Kurt's dad came in the doors few minutes later. He collapsed into the booth across from them and stretched his arms over his head. "I hate paperwork."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "You say that ever time but you never get anyone else to do it."

Burt nodded as he looked at the menu. "I tried to get you to do it when you were younger."

"Then you made the mistake of teaching me how to fix cars. There is no way I'm doing the books if my other option is working on engines. There is no contest." Kurt said.

Noah interrupted. "Ummm... If you want I could do your paperwork. I mean I need the funds and I'm good with numbers."

Burt looked at Noah for a second before trying to find what he wanted on the menu. "I don't know. I have a system set up to do some of the work. I won't need you all the time."

"That's fine. I help Barb with her books sometimes when she's backed up on inventory. You can ask her for a reference if you want." Noah said as he looked down at the table.

Burt seemed to think about it for a few seconds before shrugging. "I guess the worse thing that could happen is that I have to redo your work." He pointed a finger at Noah. "If that happens, I'm not paying you."

Noah smiled. "I can handle that."

Burt put down the menu. "I just finished most of it for the next two weeks so when I get backed up, I'll have Kurt call you."

Noah nudged Kurt. "That'll be perfect."

Burt turned to Kurt. "Now why don't we order some food and I'll tell you the latest news going around the garage."

Noah and Kurt spent the rest of the night listening to Burt tell stories. When they stood to leave the diner, Burt pulled out his wallet and paid for all of them much to Noah's annoyance. Burt just shook his head. "You're still a kid and since you want to date my kid, you should be trying to save as much money as you can. The boy eats enough for two."

Noah nodded. "I have noticed that he seems to have a black hole for a stomach. Speaking about dates," Noah leaned and whispered something to Burt.

The older man looked a little skeptical for a few seconds before nodding. "That sounds like a fine plan as long as everyone is okay with it."

Noah started to bounce on his toes a little as he spoke. "Yup. I just needed to ask you to make sure you were on board."

Burt nodded.

Kurt reminded the two men that he was still there by jabbing both of them in the ribs. "You know you could just tell me."

Both Burt and Noah shook their heads but only Noah spoke. "I think you'll just have to wait until tomorrow, princess."

Kurt sighed. "Fine." Kurt was soon wrapped up in Noah's arms as the teen hugged them right in front of his truck.

Noah pulled away after a second. "I can't wait until tomorrow. Have a good night."

Burt waved goodbye as he gently pulled Kurt to their car. Kurt waved bye to Noah as the teen rush off. Burt smiled at Kurt when he finally climbed into the car. "I bet you can't wait until tomorrow."

Kurt shook his head as he watched Noah's truck disappear into the distance. "No, I really can't."