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Kurt was surprised that he slept as well as he had the night before considering how excited he was about his date with Noah. Though he begged his dad for details, Burt refused to reveal anything about what was going to happen. Kurt was sure his dad was entertained by teasing him. It's not really fair since it was his first date and he was so excited by it. It made sense that he wanted to know everything that was going to happen in later today. But nothing. His dad just laughed and dropped him off at the school after telling him that he would be there to pick him and Noah after school for defense class. Kurt grumbled but knew better than to say anything against defense classes. His dad was completely behind the classes now that he met Mac and Jesse. He even was thinking about checking out the fight club after things started to settle down. In what was becoming the norm for Kurt, the entryway of the school had some of Kurt's protectors waiting for him. Kurt couldn't help but smile at the group. "Hi, everyone."

Jason was the closest to him and threw an arm over Kurt's shoulder. "Hey, 'lil K. It was cool that we had the session at Barb's last night but my mom said that we could use our place tomorrow if you want."

Kurt hesitated for few seconds. "Is your mom going to be okay with everyone coming over?"

Berry responded to Kurt's question. "We used to do a round robin for the study sessions before you joined. Your place was just too awesome to move on from."

Kurt winced at the reminder of why they couldn't work out of his house anymore. His dad had told him that it would only be a few more day until the police would be done with the house but Kurt didn't know how he would face what happened to there while they were cleaning. "I guess that would work if everyone is okay with it. I have to ask my dad though."

Jason nodded as he pulled out his phone. "I'll get the word out."

Josh slid over to Kurt's other side. "So is there anything you need? I know that you're overwhelmed but you know we are there for you right?"

Kurt couldn't help but smile at the comment. If there was anything he knew, it was that his friends, whether they were new ones from football or the old ones from glee, were there for him. "Thanks Josh." He patted Josh on the arm. "How about you tell me something happy? How was your date with Rachel?"

Josh looked away for a second. "Are you sure you want to hear about it? I mean it seems like of trivial compared to what you are going through. I am sorry about Rachel and me coming late to the diner the other night. We just got a little wrapped up in each other."

Kurt jokingly grimaced. "Ewww, heterosexual sex!"

Josh looked a little embarrassed. "We weren't doing anything like that."

Berry jumped into the conversation. "They were just temporarily attached at the face. It's happened a few time yesterday at school."

Mercedes came up next to Jason. "Attached at the face? You've got to be talking about Rachel and Josh here. It took three of us to pry them apart yesterday at the end of school."

Josh groaned to the amusement of the group. "We aren't that bad."

As if on cue, Rachel showed up and threaded her arm through Josh's. "Good morning everyone." She got on her toes and kissed Josh. "Good morning, sweetie."

Kurt snorted at the pair. He was happy for them. It was his second really successful match and they were sickening sweet. It made Kurt wonder what kind of couple him and Noah were going to be. Kurt scanned the crowd and was little sad to not find Noah. Usually it was him who walked Kurt to his first class. He also knew that if Noah wasn't here there would be a reason. Kurt sighed and walked up to this locker. He opened it to grab the few books that he had right now before he got replacements. When he grabbed them, he noticed there was a card on top of the books. He looked to either side of him and noticed that no one was really paying attention to him even though his friends were hovering behind him. Josh, Rachel and Berry were talking to each other, Jason was on his phone and Mercedes was actually talking to Azimio. Kurt wondered what that was about. This was the second time that Mercedes had acted weird when it came to Azimio. Kurt took a second to open the note and read it. It was from Noah.

"Dear Princess,

I wanted to write you a poem. Now, I did try but I couldn't put into words how I felt so I borrowed one.

'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

I love thee to the level of everyday's

Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.

I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;

I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

I love thee with a passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints, — I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life! — and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.'

by Elizabeth Barrett Brown

I know you aren't the most religious but I think this poem kind of describes how I feel about you.


Kurt felt like he was blushing as he quickly folded the note and put it into his pocket. He tried to nonchalantly walk over to Mercedes and Azimio but all he could think about was Noah. Azimio waved at Kurt but stepped away before the kicker could get to them. He turned to Mercedes with a raised eyebrow.

Mercedes shrugged and linked her arm to Kurt's. "We go to the same church. I am good friends with his sister but he always seemed unsure of himself when he is there. I guess with how he acted outside of church, he probably didn't feel like he was really listening to God's word about loving thy neighbor."

Kurt shrugged. He knew nothing about religion really so he didn't know what to say. "So there is nothing going on between the two of you?"

Mercedes snorted at the idea. "He was a bully to you and all our friends for years. I know you have forgiven him but I don't know how to do that."

"He isn't a bad guy. I mean I think he thinks of me like a little kid that needs protecting now." Kurt stated.

Mercedes opened the door to the classroom and let Kurt go in first. "I know you are right but one of us has to be the tough one, boo and it isn't you."

Kurt wrapped his friend in a hug. "Mercedes, my little guard dog."

Mercedes laughed as she returned the hug. "Just remember by bite is just as bad as my bark."

Kurt snorted as he let go. "Sure it is." Kurt felt a little guilty as he walked back to his desk about not telling Mercedes about his date later in the day. When he thought about his first date, he had always thought that he would have be making a big deal out of it with his friends. He would spend hours talking what to wear and his make-up, whether to kiss the other boy or not, and how amazing his boyfriend was. Now because of this crazy person, he didn't feel comfortable with telling anyone. When Kurt sat down, he felt the paper folded in his pocket. He grabbed it and smoothened it out. He smiled at Noah's thoughtfulness. Okay so maybe he was going to be wearing exactly what he had on now. So he didn't have any make-up at this moment and he knew that he was going to kiss Noah. At least he also knew that his boyfriend was more amazing than he could describe.

Practice that night was the worse ever as far as Kurt was concerned. It was the last of the year so no one was really paying attention but it was also just more time between him and his date tonight. After first period, Noah had made it a point to escort him from class to class. It really wasn't that abnormal unless one realized that he was sneaking Hershey kisses into Kurt's pocket every break. Kurt was red for the beginning of each period because of Noah's hidden romantic side coming out and attacking him. The worst part was no one caught Noah doing anything. It seemed like he was teasing Kurt as if it was any other day. Kurt was the only one who realized that Noah was being more handsie than usually. Football practice was ever worse because Noah had decided that he wanted to help Kurt teach Morse how to kick even though he wasn't a kicker. At the end of practice, Noah casually draped his arm over Kurt's shoulders as they waited for Kurt's dad.

Noah was smiling widely as he spoke. "So how's your day been so far?"

"Frustrating and amazing. I think half of the team things I'm sick because I've been red all day long." Kurt half heartedly complained.

Noah just shrugged. "I don't think that they find your shade of red that troubling. They know you enough to know you are blushing. They probably thought I was telling you dirty jokes."

Kurt pulled one of the kisses that Noah gave to him out of his pocket and unwrapped it. He pushed it against Noah's lips as he blushed again. "Little do they know it's because you're such a softie."

Noah took the kiss from Kurt's fingers and smiled. "Yeah, well they would never believe you."

Before Kurt could reply, he heard his dad's car's horn beep. He turned to see his dad motioning to them to get into the car. Kurt felt the blush deepen as he walked towards his dad.

Noah let Kurt climb in first and sat behind them. "Hello, Mr. Hummel."

"Mohawk. Why is it that you and my son keep trying to make out in public?" Burt asked with a teasing voice.

Kurt was mortified. "Dad, we weren't making out. Noah and I were just talking."

Noah refused to be helpful as he said. "I don't know, Kurt. I think your dad does have point. That's at least the second time you've tried to give me kisses in public."

Kurt squeaked as he responded. "That was a chocolate kiss that you gave me."

Burt snorted as Noah and Kurt continued to banter on their way to the gym. When they arrived, Kurt and Noah got out so they could go to class but Burt stayed in the car. "Aren't you coming in, dad?"

Burt shook his head. "Not today, kid. I'll be back to pick you up though so we can drop Noah back at his car."

Kurt nodded as he walked with Noah to class. "So when is our date?"

Noah opened the door to the gym. "After class, princess. I have to make funds to pay for you."

"You know I'm not a girl. You don't always have to pay." Kurt said as he laid his backpack on the ground and started to stretch. He didn't take enough time to do it after practice today and since he was going to be working with Mac he knew it would be important to be nimble.

Noah shrugged as he started to gather things for his class. "Yeah but I want to at least be able to, you know. I don't want anyone to think I'm only after you because you have money or something."

Kurt could understand how Noah might feel like that. His dad actually was well off for the community. The repair shops were doing really well and they were well respected. Kurt never had to worry about money because of that. It must be hard being on the other side of that like Noah was where he had to work, go to school, and take care of his sister. "Fine but I call dibs on the next bill."

Noah nodded and walked to the office. "I'm going to go tell Mac and Jesse that we're here."

Kurt smirked. "Make sure you knock."

Noah shuttered. "You only make that mistake once, princess."

Kurt made sure he was warmed up as he waited for the other three to come out of the office. Noah looked a little annoyed at Jesse but that wasn't abnormal as they came out. Mac was seemed ready to go as he motioned Kurt to get off the mat and follow him. Kurt quickly got up and followed Mac to the corner of the gym so they could start his lesson. Jesse followed Noah and seemed set on helping Noah with his class. For the first time all day, Kurt was able to get his mind off of Noah as he was tossed around the gym by Mac. That was one thing about the stocky man, he was very hard to ignore. By the end of the hour, Kurt was laying on the ground waiting for Noah to come and help him off of the ground. Jesse came over with his wide smile and tossed Kurt a towel. Mac nodded at the skinny teenager. "You did good today. I think you're getting it."

Kurt groaned. "If this is getting it, why does it hurt so much?"

Jesse planted himself on the ground next to Kurt. "Your body has to get used to the new movements. Once it understands what you want, the motions will become second nature. That's what you are going for."

Kurt raised an eyebrow as he tried to stretch as much as he could without moving. "And how long will that take?"

Jesse grinned down at him. "It took me a good three years."

Mac threw a towel at Jesse's head as the blonde started to laugh at Kurt's grimace. "Stop harassing him. Get up and come with me. I've got some work you can do if you are bored."

Kurt laid there for a few minutes listening to Noah teach class. He must have been dozing since he woke to a small body jumping on him. Kurt groaned as he saw more of the kids come towards him. He heard the first kid say, "I think he's dead. Mac killed him."

Noah laughed as he grabbed the boy away from Kurt. "No, you did when you landed on him. I told you to wake him up."

Kurt sat up as the kids started to pile out of the room. "Thanks."

The kid smiled at Noah as he ran towards the door. "I told you I could do it."

Noah snorted. "I'll see you next week, Mike. Say hi to your mom for me."

The kid had gotten his backpack on and was almost out the door. "Bye, Noah. Bye, Kurt."

Kurt just raised a hand as he watched the six year old leave with his mom. Noah sat down next to Kurt as silence filled the gym. Noah finally spoke. "So how about that date?"

Kurt groaned as he tried to stand. "I think the date has to come to me. Mac really pushed me hard today."

Noah smiled. "Well, you're in luck because that's exactly what is going to happen."

"What?" Kurt said as he looked at the other boy with confusion.

Noah ran into the office and came back out with a picnic basket and a pair of speakers. "I figured that you would be tired after practice and Mac plus this way we have some privacy and some protection at the same time. Your dad thought it was a good idea when I asked him about it yesterday."

Kurt couldn't believe how thoughtful Noah was being about their first date. "Thanks but are you sure that Mac and Jesse don't want to close the gym?"

Noah opened the basket and started to pull out food as he spoke. "Nope, I asked Mac about it on Monday after we talked to your dad. He liked the idea of us staying here where he could protect us. It's the papa bear in him. So since the basket was here all day, we have sandwiches and chips." Noah turned to Kurt a little sad. "I know it's not over the top or anything..."

Kurt interrupted the taller boy. "It's perfect." Kurt grabbed one of the sandwich and took a bite. Really, anything would have been fine with Kurt. Noah had gone above and beyond the whole day. Kurt felt like he was the princess that Noah always teases him about being at least in his boyfriend's eyes. This meant that Noah had put time and effort into the date that he was having with Kurt. "I'll plan the next one."

Noah smiled almost shyly at the announcement that there would be a second date. Kurt loved the fact that Noah acted so differently with him than he did with the rest of the guys. It was a whole new side to the jock. Though, he knew that Tan-Tan had been the same way. He used to go from raging mad at someone else to incredibly sweet for Kurt all the time."Sounds good, princess. So how was school today?"

Kurt and Noah talked and ate as they leaned against the wall of the gym. Every few minutes there would be silence while the two just enjoyed each other's company. It had been a hard two weeks for both of them and having the other near seemed to make them more relaxed. After they ate the chocolate cake that Kurt knew was from Barb's, Noah rose to his feet and turned on the music. He pulled Kurt up and wrapped himself around the smaller boy. The song "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz started playing as they swayed side to side. Noah sang the song softly into Kurt's ear as Kurt laid his head on Noah's shoulder. His breath tickled Kurt's ears making him shiver as he pulled Noah closer to him until there was no space between them. He felt safe as he was held tenderly against Noah's body. It felt like Noah really pulled out all the stops for the date. Kurt didn't think that it could have been any better when Noah pulled away from him and cupped his face as the Jason Mraz sang, "This oh, this oh, this is our fate, I'm yours."

Kurt pushed himself onto his toes as he wrapped his arms tighter around Noah's back and kissed his boyfriend for the first time that he could remember. And fairy tales had nothing on this kiss as far as Kurt was concerned.