Introduction – The Aftermath

Everything was dripping away off the edge of that cliff that I barely hung onto with my chewed fingernails. Slipping into the abyss like the fragile things that they were. Gone were all of my hopes and dreams, my memories... No. Not my memories. My memories were all I had left.


He left me.

He didn't want me. Not anymore. He didn't love me. Everything was lies; I had known from the beginning, of course, that it was all too good to be true. Him, her, the rest of them. I didn't belong in their world. I was only kidding myself to think otherwise. Nothing could have prepared me for this.

I am alone, abandoned.

I ran as hard as I could through the forest that night. Willing myself to stay upright and fight for him. If he was really gone, I wouldn't break. I promised myself, I would be strong. Pushing past all the natural things to try and find him, to prove it was a dream. He was my saviour so many times before, why not now? To no avail. There was nothing.

There is nothing. Nothing inside of me. I am empty, not feeling anything. My heart had crumbled and cracked, fell through. I was broken, even though I did not want to be. The hole where my heart was seared; as my open wound was on show for all to see. Nobody here to fix me. Maybe I do not want to be fixed. I am not worthy.

He will never come back.

I am numb.