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"Where there is love there is life." ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

Where There is Love… There is Life

Chapter 1: Crash


Ring… Ring… Ring…

Who in the Hell is calling me at seven-thirty in the fucking morning?

"Hello…" I answer roughly into the phone trying to put emphasis on the fact that I'm not happy about being woken up.

"Is this Ms. Isabella Swan?" a male voice asks on the other end of the call.

"Yeah…" I swear if this is a telemarketer, they're going to wish they didn't dial my number this earlier in the morning!

"Ms. Swan… I'm sorry to be the one to inform you, but I'm calling because there's been an accident… earlier this week there was a car crash that involved your sister and her family… I'm sorry, but your sister didn't make it…"

I slowly sit up in my bed and pull my knees into my chest as I listen to what this stranger has to say and nothing is making much sense.

"I'm sorry… who is this…" slowly my brain begins to register what this person just said to me on the phone, but another part of my brain is trying to argue that I'm still asleep and what this asshole just said to me can't be true… I'm still dreaming.

"Oh… I'm sorry, ma'am… this is Officer Garcia from the Dallas Police Department."

Oh, my God…

Oh. My. God.

"Hello, ma'am…?"

I'm not dreaming! Oh, my God… Gabriella! Oh, my God… did he say 'family'!

Without even realizing it I've started crying. I can hear the man on the other end of the line trying to get my attention, but I can't seem to find my voice. I feel like all of the wind has been knocked out of me all at once. Oh, Gabby!

"Hello, ma'am…? Are you still there?"

"Yes…" I began to sob, "I'm still here… I'm sorry; did you say 'family' earlier?" As the words come out of my mouth, I start to panic thinking about the possibility of Gabby's kids being in the car with her!

"Yes, ma'am, I did. The entire family was in the car. They were hit head-on by a truck. The driver, your brother-in-law was killed instantly." The minute the words left his mouth, I gasped. Jonathan had been a part of my family since he and Gabby were in Junior High together; he was like a brother to me and now he's gone. Now he and Gabby were gone.

"What about their kids? Were they hurt…?" My question broke off into a sob, my chest trembling at the thought, "Please tell me that they're okay!"

"Their oldest daughter, I believe her name is…" I could hear him shuffling through his paperwork.

"Maddy." I softly answered through tears, hugging my knees.

"Right, Maddy. She was in the seat behind her Dad… he took most of the impact because of how he angled the car, but she was knocked around pretty good. According to the doctors, she has a concussion. The other two kids… umm… Merrick and Meredith? They were checked out for bumps and bruises, but overall, they're miraculously okay and have already been released from the hospital."

As the officer goes onto explain what happened during the wreck, he reveals how Jonathan actually probably saved Maddy's life by angling the car like he did. He continues to go on about the details of the wreck, as he does I can't help but zone out as millions of thoughts continue to fight for dominance in my brain. Suddenly, I'm stuck all of the sudden with the realization of something he said at the very beginning of the phone call.

"Sir… I'm sorry to interrupt, but when did you say this wreck happened exactly?"

"Earlier in the week, ma'am." He says like it's no big deal.

"Earlier in the week, like what day exactly?" I ask trying to keep my voice and emotions under control.

Breathe… breathe… breathe.

"This happened on Monday morning, ma'am" he replies and it's the first time I can sense a hint of reluctance in his voice.

"And why in the Hell are you just now calling me about this… it's Thursday morning!" I can't help it… I yell at him through the phone. It seems now that my sister and her husband have been dead for four days now and I had no idea. Yeah, the breathing obviously didn't help!


"Stop. Calling. Me. Ma'am… I'm not some blue-haired seventy-year old lady!" I seethe into the phone. Rationally I know that none of this is his fault, but as the realization that four critical days have come and gone without my knowledge; my blood begins to boil and it pisses me off even further that he's been divulging this information to me as if we're having an everyday, ordinary conversation. Four Days… Four Fucking Days!

"I am sorry, ma'am… I mean, umm… Ms. Swan!" he says and I can hear his voice quivering. "We didn't have any notification of next-of-kin. We've been trying to locate family members and after we found out that your father had already passed away and when we were unable to locate your mother, we immediately started looking for you. Luckily, we came across your contact information late yesterday afternoon. According to my notes, it looks like a colleague tried to get a hold of you yesterday but he ended up leaving you a voicemail. So, I called you this morning."

As he was speaking and explaining what happened, I realized that I couldn't fault him in getting a hold of me so late. Obviously, they would try to get a hold of Gabby and Jonathan's parents first. Unfortunately, Jonathan's parents died when he was younger and he's an only child. Our Father, Charlie, died seven years ago and our mother, Renee, has been MIA for over fifteen years. I'm not surprised that they couldn't find her, not surprised at all! So, that leaves… me.

"I understand…" I say softly into the phone trying not to breakdown again. "I'm sorry that I yelled at you, I'm sure it's not an easy job to call up someone you don't know and tell them that their family is gone."

The officer clears his throat and then replies, "There's no need to apologize. I'm just doing my job." He then clears his throat again and says, "Ms. Swan, I need to talk to you about the children."


"Maddy is still in the hospital, but the doctors feel like she's going to be able to be sent home in the next day or two. The other two are currently in a foster home." He states.

"Wait. Did you just say that my niece and nephew are in foster care being taken care of by strangers while their older sister is in the hospital and they just lost their Mom and Dad?" I ask while trying to calmly breath in and out.

"Yes… this is their second day there because they weren't released from the hospital until Wednesday morning and since we couldn't contact family until just now; there was no where else for them to go. I know you don't want to hear that, Ms. Swan, but it is standard protocol."

As I'm listening to him, I realize that I've been on the phone with him for half and hour already and I need to be on the phone trying to book a flight to Dallas instead, not talking to him. So, I decide it's time to get off the phone and onto a plane. And fast.

"Look…" Shit, I already forgot his name, "umm, Officer, I appreciate your call, but now that you've told me about my niece and nephew, I feel like I've wasted the last half hour on the phone when I could've been booking a flight to Dallas, to be with them instead. So, can you please give me a phone number I can reach you at once I land in Dallas?"

For the next twenty minutes, the officer and I trade contact information and decide that I will call him as soon as I land at DFW International Airport so he can meet me over at the hospital. He's also going to set up a meeting with the social worker so I can get my niece and nephew back. As soon as I hang up the phone with him, I call my assistant Angela.

"Good morning, thank you for calling Swan Publishing. How may I direct your call?" Mary, our receptionist, asks with a cheery tone.

"Mary, put me through to Angela. It's an emergency so she needs to drop whatever she's doing to talk to me." I say rather abruptly to her on the phone.

"Of course, Ms. Swan… just a minute!" She replies back to me timidly.

Moments later, a rushed Angela answers the phone, "Bella?"


"Oh, my gosh, what's going on? Mary said it was an emergency, I can tell by your voice that somethin' happened… what's going on? Are you alright?"

"Angie… Gabby's dead!" I sob and I hear Angie gasp through the phone.

"Oh, Bella, what happened?"

I spend the next thirty minutes telling Angie everything that the officer told me over the phone and then I go into how I need her to help me book the earliest flight to Dallas, so I can get to my nieces and nephew. She readily agrees and also suggests that I call my attorney to make sure that I'll have legal representation once I arrive in Dallas. Like always, Angie's suggestion is great, I ask her to call and explain to Mr. Thomas what's happened and to get a referral for an attorney that will represent me and one that will represent the kids, just in case. I also mention to her to have Mr. Thomas take the necessary steps in contacting Gabby's attorney regarding the will that I signed years ago. I explain to her that I'm going to start packing my bags and getting ready for my flight, but to text me with the flight and attorney information as soon as possible.

The next hour seems to fly by. I quickly take a shower and pack my bags. I decide that it's best to dress comfortably so I put on my black bamboo lounge pants and hoodie, a turquoise tank, and a pair ballerina flats; I simply pull my hair up into a ponytail. As I am zipping up my suitcase, I receive a text from Angie with all of my flight information along with information on the car that should arrive in the next fifteen minutes to pick me up. Yep, Angie thinks of everything!

I lock the front door to my penthouse and start to head to the elevators when I receive another text from Angie notifying me that Mr. Thomas is going to e-mail me all of the details pertaining to gaining temporary guardianship of my nieces and nephew. She also says that a Mr. Breeland Cummings will be waiting for me at Children's Medical Center with all of the necessary paperwork for me to present to CPS. It also appears that a Mr. Reynolds that works in the same firm as Mr. Cummings handled my sister's will, so we should have no problem making sure that the will is filed once the death certificates are released.

While exiting the elevator into the lobby of my building, I realize that less than eight hours ago I was walking through this very same lobby heading upstairs after a long night of drinking and dancing with my friends. I had been complaining all night about my "hectic" schedule and all of the "bullshit" I had to deal with to print a magazine. How does the saying go…? "If I only knew then what I know now..." no truer words have been spoken. I would easily take the mundane crap I'd been bitching about last night over what I had served to me this morning.

~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~

The ride to the airport seems to take forever and because Angie had the foresight to know that I would be in no condition to drive, I'm able to really think about the fact that Gabby, technically the only immediate family member I had left, is gone.

Gabby is, or was… eight years older than me. Dad always said I was their miracle baby. Supposedly, Mom and Dad had tried for years after Gabby to have another baby but they weren't able to. Then, my Mom became ill and at first she thought that she was dying-ever the drama-queen-and decided to go to the doctor. While there, they told her the "good news" and she fainted. It seemed that my Mom had already grown out of the phase of wanting to be a mother and unbeknownst to my Dad had been on birth control for years to avoid getting pregnant again. So, yeah, I was a miracle alright!

Needless to say, Gabby ended up being more of a mother to me then my own Mom. She was the one who taught me how to tie my shoes, spell my name, ride my bike, and countless other milestones. We were inseparable. Sure, my Mom was around… especially if there was neighborhood gossip to be told or if there was a particular exciting school or work function to go to. Otherwise, Gabby and I were practically invisible to her.

Finally, when I was eleven, my Mom left; Gabby and I were the ones to find her note. It was simple and straight to the point:

"I don't want to be a wife or a Mother anymore. Don't try to find me."

There was no "I love you," "I will miss you," or "I'll talk to you soon." Nope, she was just gone.

The driver interrupts my memories, "Excuse me, Ms. Swan… we're here." Huh, well I'm glad one of us was paying attention!

Paul and I step out of the car. I go to stand on the sidewalk while he retrieves my bags from the trunk. As he hands the bag to me, he says, "Ms. Swan… I apologize if this is inappropriate, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for your lose and I hope that you're able to have a relaxing flight." He clears his throat and then he awkwardly walks back to the car.

Although Paul is acting strange, I really don't have time to think about it – nor do I really want to. So, I put the strap for my bag on my shoulder and head into the terminal to retrieve my ticket and go through security.

Thanks to Angie and my hasty packing skills, I make it through the counter and security in no time at all. I have about forty-five minutes before my flight takes off, so I decide to sit down and listen to some music. I pull out my iPod and headphones from my purse and decide to listen to some Damien Rice; his voice fits the mood that I'm in perfectly. While the song "Delicate" begins to play, I start to think about my family again.

"We might live like never before

When there's nothing to give

Well, how can we ask for more..."

For a long time after Mom left, Dad wasn't the same. He ended up drowning himself in his work. Eventually, he ended up filling for divorce, which was granted to him. How he was able to do that without my Mom in the picture was a mystery to me for years, but because he did he ended up protecting our future.

As the years went on Gabby and I grew closer and along the way, I gained a brother in Jonathan. It seemed that he was always over at our house and if we weren't there, we were at his grandparents' house instead. Yes, I said we because Gabby always included me in everything she did. She was a great sister.

"Attention please…" A too-sweet voice said over the intercom. "We are now starting to board first-class passengers for flight number 698 to Dallas, Texas." I stood up with my bag and made sure I had my ticket and driver's license ready to show the attendant.

Once on my flight, I stowed away my bag and made sure that my purse was safely placed under the seat in front of me, fastened my seatbelt, put my ear buds back in, closed my eyes, and continued to think about Gabby and my Dad while listening to Damien.

When I was fourteen, Gabby and Jonathan married. They lived with Dad and me for several years while they went to college; four years into their marriage they had their first child, Madeline Christine Moore. At the time Maddy was born, I was already away at college since I had graduate high school early. I will never forget the first time I got to hold my niece. I was in awe of her and scared out of my mind.

Since Mom had left us, I had watched the pain that my Dad had gone through and I experienced the same pain myself. I can still remember the nights I laid in bed hearing my Dad cry himself to sleep, while I too had tears streaming down my face. As a result, I decided that I would never get married or have a family. I didn't want to go through that kind of pain again. I never wanted to put my own children through that kind of pain. So, while holding Maddy, I felt happiness… I felt desire… I felt love. I realized for the first time that I really did want to be a mom… someday…. and that epiphany really scared me for so many reasons.

First, what if I turned out to be like my own Mother? Or, secondly, what if the father of my child ended up being worthless, like my Mother, and he ended up braking, not only my heart, but our child's heart, too? Third, what if all of these thoughts are just that… "What ifs," wishful thinking? Wishes, wants, and desires I can never have. I always envied the girls in school that had great relationships with their moms. I longed for that type of relationship. For years, I coveted and mourned having a relationship with my Mom. It was a want and need I had for so many years; a need that I was never allowed to have. I didn't think I could handle wanting something that badly again, and then not to be able to have it. So, with that thought in mind, I made the decision that I would have a career. I would focus on my work. I remember thinking to myself as I held Maddy… "I don't need a family."

I ended up staying home for a couple of days, but quickly made it back to school. My daily conversations with Gabby turned into weekly conversations, then every-other-week conversations, then monthly conversations, and then whenever-I-answer-the-phone conversations.

It had been several months since I had talked to Gabby or Dad when I received the phone call on October 30th, 2003. It was Gabby calling to say that Dad had a heart attack and that he had died at the hospital. He was only fifty-two years old.

When I arrived home, I basically went through the motions. We called family, cried, visited with family, cried, buried my Dad, cried, and then basically sat around the house and just existed. I was numb. A week after we buried Dad, we had the reading of his will and we also received two huge shocks:

First, our Dad was loaded. It turns out that he had developed some computer programming software within the last couple of years and was paid really well for it– so well that he was able to leave, in addition to property, around fifteen million dollars for each of us.

Secondly, when the three of us arrived at the attorney's office, we were all very shocked to see our Mother sitting in one of the chairs; Gabby and I couldn't believe our eyes. Apparently, she had heard that Dad had died and that he'd come into some money so she was here to make sure she received her share, what she was "entitled" to. To say I was pissed would be an understatement! I'm sure Jonathan felt the need to hold us back in case we decided to catapult ourselves onto her in self-defense and anger.

Ironically, our Mom didn't know that our Dad had filed for divorce. According to the attorney, the letter that our Mother left provided our Dad with the means to claim abandonment, so after waiting an allotted amount of time a judge awarded my Dad with a divorce and my Mother had no idea. So, she ended up being the one surprised and pissed. Especially after finding out that she had just missed out on over thirty million dollars. I guess my Dad did in fact have the last laugh after all. Go, Dad!

"Attention passengers. We will be arriving at Gate 34 on time in about ten minutes. It is 6:00 p.m. and the current temperature in Dallas is a warm 89 degrees. All of us here at American Airlines would like to thank you for flying with us today and we hope that you enjoyed your flight." Shortly after the pilot made his announcement, one of the flight attendants took over the intercom and proceeded to give out all of the information needed for connecting flights. I decided to go ahead and grab my purse so that I would be ready to get my bag once the plane stopped.

As I felt the plane release its wheels, getting ready to land, I began to remember the last week I stayed in my childhood home with Gabby, Jonathan, and Maddy. It was the week after the reading of Dad's will and Gabby and I started to go through all of Dad's things; trying to decide what we were going to do with all of it. Since I was only nineteen at the time, there really wasn't much that I wanted. Gabby insisted that I would feel differently in a couple of years, so she told me to think about the items as things that I would like to someday have – not necessarily as something that I needed or wanted right now… things that would remind me of Dad.

So, Gabby and I sat down and divided up Dad's belongings between the two of us. Gabby was really interested in keeping the original family photos, I decided to just get copies of the particular ones I wanted. I knew that if I changed my mind later I could always ask Gabby for some more copies. There was an old credenza and dining room set that belonged to my Dad's mother that I wanted. Everything else I told Gabby to keep, especially since she and Jonathan decided that they were going to buy my portion of the house for their family. That Sunday, Gabby, Jonathan, and baby Maddy took me to the airport. Gabby promised to ship out the boxes we packed. We kissed, hugged, and made promises to spend the next holiday together; a promise that I would only keep for two years.

I finally made it off of the airplane and through the terminal. While trying to navigate through all of the people, I thought that it might be a good idea to turn my phone on. Once it came back to life, I was notified that I had a text message. It was from Angie, letting me know that there would be a car waiting outside of my terminal to take me straight to the hospital.

Immediately, once I stepped through the sliding glass doors, I saw a man holding a sign with my name; so I made my way over towards the Lincoln Town Car. After he placed my bag in the trunk, we were off to the hospital. I decided to call Mr. Cummings to confirm that he would still be meeting me at the hospital to insure that I would be able to take the kids back to their home. After speaking briefly with his secretary, she confirmed that he was already on his way to the hospital to meet me. Then, I called Officer Garcia to let him know that I was on my way and, after confirming with my driver, that I should be there in about twenty to thirty minutes tops.

The drive to the hospital didn't take long at all. It seemed that we were actually going against rush-hour traffic, so we really didn't have any problems. My driver pulled up to the main entrance and jumped out of the car to open my door. I reminded him that I didn't know how long I would be. He simply smiled and told me that it wasn't a problem to simply call him when I was ready. I thanked him again for his time and service, then I proceeded to walk towards the sliding glass doors.

~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~*~~ . ~~

As I exited the elevators, I noticed Officer Garcia right away. He was dressed in full uniform; it was impossible to miss him. He was a tall, large man of Hispanic decent. Standing next to him was a gentleman in a dark grey suit, white shirt, and orange tie. He appeared to be in his late fifties, maybe even early sixties. And, standing with both men was a short, heavy-set woman, with short blonde hair that looks like it's been fried and bleached waayyyy too much. She's wearing a bright pink dress shirt with a large black belt that rest just below her stomach, a long black skirt, and black sandals. The poor lady was sweating profusely and fanning herself with a stack of papers. Since I was pretty sure that they were the people I was supposed to meet, I made my way over to them.

"Hi, I am Isabella Swan… are you Officer Garcia?" I asked the officer while holding my hand out to shake his hand.

"Yes, ma'am, I am! Ms. Swan, this is Mrs. Tress. She's the social worker that I told you about over the phone."

"Mrs. Tress, it's nice to meet you. Thank you for meeting me here at the hospital. I truly appreciate it."

"Oh, of course, dear." was her reply, or at least I think it was. She was breathing so hard that it was very difficult to grasp what she was saying. Plus, she spoke softly and fast which just added to the problem. "It's no problem… I mean, it is my job after all." I smiled at her and then turned to face the gentleman in the suit.

"And you must be Mr. Cummings. I'm so grateful that you've taken the time out of your busy schedule to assist me with this. Mr. Thomas has spoken very highly of you and I look forward to working with you." Mr. Cummings smiled and then placed his other hand on top of my hand.

"Ms. Swan, it was no trouble at all. Once William told me what happened to your family, I was more than happy to help." I smiled at him and thanked him.

Mr. Cummings asked us all to call him Breeland and then suggested that we take a seat at the table located in the waiting room. Once we were seated, he got right down to business; "Well, as soon as I received word from Mr. Thomas' firm as to the circumstances of the accident and the course of action that Ms. Swan wanted to take regarding the kids, I had some papers drawn up." He pulled a stack of papers out of his briefcase.

"Mr. and Mrs. Moore were clients at my firm. I actually assisted them with drawing up their will. Since Ms. Swan is listed as the guardian of the children should something happen to Gabriella and Jonathan, the papers I have for you are just a matter of protocol." He proceeded to pass out copies to all of us. After reviewing the pages, I noticed that they were signed and notarized by a judge… today! Wow, impressive! Then he stated, "As everyone is aware, there was a slight 'hiccup' in this process since the police were unable to notify next-of-kin within a timely manner, so two of the children have been placed in Child Protective Custody, temporarily. I've had these documents signed by a judge so that the two younger children can be turned over to Ms. Swan and so that Madeline can be released to her custody tomorrow." Mr. Cummings paused for a moment, like he was making sure we were all keeping up. "The next step in the process will be turning the death certificates over along with Gabriella and Jonathan's will. Since the will itself was filed within my firm that process should be rather simple."

Mrs. Tress decided to speak up at the point, "Well, considering what you've just given me, I simply need for Ms. Swan to sign these papers and then I'll show her to Maddy's room. I can release the kids into her custody tomorrow." Huh, that was easy.

"Wow, thank you!" I said while staring at the forms in front of me. I zone out for a moment; I'm really not sure what I was thinking or feeling; the sound of someone clearing their throat brings me back to the present. I quickly sign the forms and hand them back to Mrs. Tress.

"Now, Ms. Swan, my assistant at the office mentioned to me that you will also need to contact the kids' schools to work out a plan for the kids to finish without having to actually attend school. It seems that this week and the next are actually the last two weeks of school for the two oldest kids and because of the circumstances they will more than likely miss the remaining days of school. They should be accommodating to you considering the circumstances." Mr. Cummings said.

"Oh, my gosh… I didn't even think about school! There's going to be so many things that I need to know about and I have no clue where to even begin." I murmured… really to myself, but Mrs. Tress heard me. I placed my head in my hands as I tried to take a deep breath before Mrs. Tress' next statement pulled me back into the conversation.

"Don't you worry about a thing, honey! I'll bring one of our parenting packets when I come back tomorrow. It has a lot of useful information in there that will help you." She says while patting my hand. Then she got a huge smile on her face and asked me if I was ready to go see Maddy.

Officer Garcia spoke up at this point "Ah… Ms. Swan before you go and see your niece, I just wanted to confirm with you and Mr. Cummings that the two of you will be heading over to the morgue at Parkland when you're finished." I had completely forgotten that I still needed to identify Gabby and Jonathan. I don't know how I'm going to make it through this.

Unable to stop it, a sob escaped my throat and I started to cry. It was honestly the first-time I really cried since I received his phone call early this morning. I guess the reality of the situation was finally catching up with me. "Honestly, Officer Garcia, I didn't remember. But, since I'll have the kids tomorrow and since Mr. Cummings is already here, I guess it would be best for me to head over there tonight, after I see Maddy." I could feel another sob coming on, but I grounded myself. Now was not the time to cry… I'll have plenty of time later tonight. "Thank you for reminding me. Are you going to wait here for us or do you want us to meet you there?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm already off for the evening, so I'll just go ahead and wait here for you. I mean, if I left here, I would just go on over to the other hospital to wait. So, I reckon, I might as well wait here." He replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

As we all started to follow Mrs. Tress to Maddy's room, I started to think about everything I was about to have to handle. At the thought of it all, I started to get overwhelmed. Not only am I now solely responsible for handling all of the legal aspects of Gabby and Jonathan's passing, I'm also now responsible for three little lives. I really need to call Angie, because I have no idea what I'm doing and I need her help.

Mrs. Tress started to slow down just in front of a door on the right hand side of the hallway. "Okay, are you ready to see your niece?" I nodded my head yes. In response to my positive reply she reached forward with her pudgy right hand and started to push the door open.


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