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"Where there is love there is life." ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

Chapter 17: Very Promising


I've always loved visiting L.A. Hell, there was a time that I seriously considered moving here. Bright and early, I wait to board my five-thirty flight to head back to Seattle; back to my home, my kids, my Edward ... I can't leave L.A. fast enough. Judging by the text I just received from Edward only moments ago, I know that I'm needed ... no ... I'm wanted at home too. Damn, that's a great feeling!

. . .

. . .

. . .

"Ms. Swan, I hope you had a pleasant trip."

"I did, Paul. Thank you for picking me up this morning."

"Of course, Ms. Swan, it's my pleasure," Paul responds as he holds the door to the limo open for me.

I nod, letting him know I'm comfortable and situated. As he closes the door, I move to place my bag on the seat next to me, only to realize I can't because there is a box in the way.

"Paul, what's this?" I ask, just as he takes his spot in the driver's seat.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he says as he glances over his shoulder, "Ms. Angela said that I was to make sure you received that package as soon as you arrived."

"Okay, thanks."

I pick the box up; it's an odd shaped box, extremely long and thin. My curiosity gets the best of me and I begin to slip the delicate ribbon off the box. After placing the ribbon on the seat next to me, I begin to lift the lid up off the box.

"Oh, my goodness ... how beautiful!"

Lying inside the box is a stunning, orange rose and nestled next to it is a red envelope. My first inclination is to wonder why in the world Angie would give me a rose. However, I quickly dismiss that notion when I notice the handwriting on the two cards tucked inside. The flower isn't from Angie ... it's from Edward. The first card reads:


"Come to me in my dreams, and then by day I shall be well again!

For so the night will more than pay the hopeless longing of the day."

~ Mathew Arnold, "Longing"



I re-read the sweet quote over and over again, completely enamored with his sweet words and their sentiment. It isn't until I feel the car begin to a stop that I realize we have already left the airport. Thankfully, the movement theoretically snaps me out of it and reminds me of the second card I need to read.

I'm so glad you're home, beautiful! As I'm sure you've realized by now, Angela has helped me put a special surprise together for you. Your driver is going to take you to your favorite spa so you can relax and be pampered to your heart's content. In just under 10 hours, I'll be arriving at your home to pick you up for our official first date ... I can't wait.

See you soon,


Oh. My. God! He is the sweetest, most amazing, sexiest man ... I've ever met! How in the hell did I get so lucky! Not only did he give me the sweetest gift when I left for L.A. now he's given me the best 'Welcome Home' present ... EVER! There is no way I'm going to be able to keep my hands off him tonight! No way in hell!

In no time at all, we arrive at the spa. I barely make it through the door before a young woman is handing me another box. My heart begins to beat faster as I now take in its familiar shape.

"Good morning, Ms. Swan, if you'll follow me."

After thanking Paul, I obediently follow the young woman down one of the spa's hallways. Once we reach the hallway's end, she motions for me to enter into the last door with a sweet smile.

"My name is Naomi," she says as she extends her hand, which I shake and ask her to call me Bella. "Of course, Bella, it's very nice to meet you," she replies with another smile.

"Everything has already been arranged for you today. Here is our service menu detailing all of the treatments that are scheduled for you. Take a moment to review them; if there's anything you'd like to change, please let me know. In the armoire behind you, there's a cashmere robe for you to change into. I'll be back in about ten minutes to take you to your first treatment."

"Thank you, Naomi."

"It's no problem at all. If you need anything, simply pick up this phone," she motions towards the slim, black phone mounted on the wall next to the door, "It connects directly to the reception desk."

After I nod in acknowledgement to her request, Naomi quietly shuts the door behind her leaving me to get ready for my day of pampering. Exactly ten minutes later, there's a knock on the door. I call out to let the person know it is safe to enter, and once again, I'm greeted by Naomi's sweet smile.

"Well, Bella ... are you ready to start?"

I can't help the excited giggle that escapes as I let her know that I'm ready. I feel somewhat silly, I mean I'm a grown woman, but I'm acting and feeling like a lovesick teenager. Luckily, Naomi interrupts my thoughts as she gestures for me to follow her to my first appointment.

Not even five minutes later, I find myself in one of the spa's hydrotherapy tubs, surrounded by milk and honey. As I soak in the tub, I can feel my muscles relax as the tension from the past couple of days leaves my body. I'm not sure if it was Edward or Angie who thought up the whole idea of me spending the day at the spa. Honestly, I don't care who it was, because at this very moment, as far as I'm concerned, they're both saints in my opinion! I will definitely make sure they both know how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness.

In fact, I know that Angie has been drooling over a handbag from Fendi's new fall line, so I'm going to make a call tomorrow and make sure it is waiting for her when she arrives at her office on Monday. As for Edward ... well, I'm going to make sure he completely, whole-heartedly knows how much I appreciate what he's done for me. Oh yes, Dr. Cullen, I'm going to make sure you know exactly how much I enjoyed today ... both verbally and physically you're going to know my appreciation!

I'm brought out of my thoughts, by the sound of the door opening. I can hear soft footsteps walking around the room. As I hear them drawing closer to me, I open my eyes and see Naomi walking towards me with my robe and a towel. She helps me out of the tub and discreetly steps away, giving me privacy to dry myself. Just as I'm tying the sash of my robe together, she calls my name, which causes me to glance in her direction. I can't help the excited fluttering going off in my stomach at the sight of Naomi holding yet another rose and card.

"Here you go, Bella," she says with a giddy smile, "It's time to head over to Cecily for your full body massage."

I follow her out of the room, as I begin to read my next card. Again, my man doesn't disappoint. With sweet, simple words he confesses that he'd do anything to make me smile. Making me wonder, yet again, how I got so damn lucky!

After greeting Cecily, she kindly asks if I would give her my rose. I watch as she places it in a vase, joining my other roses; I am immediately touched by the staff's sweet gesture.

The rest of my day continues in the same manner. About every hour signifies a new treatment that I'm being pampered with and yet again ... another rose. The cards range from quotes referencing famous poems or songs, but the best by far are the ones that contain his words ... his personal thoughts about the woman he believes me to be and what I mean to him.

At four o'clock, I'm now sitting in the stylist chair, and Natalie has washed and treated my hair. Once we both decide that I just need a trim, she quickly gets to work. Closing my eyes, I get lost in the gentle feel of her hands in my hair and begin to think over the last couple of hours. Since my bath and massage, I've had a full body oatmeal and honey scrub; a manicure and pedicure; a scalp treatment; an aromatic, deep cleansing facial; and in addition to all of this ... I've also received four more roses − making it a total of eight roses so far. I swear this man is going to spoil me! Hell, who am I kidding ... he's already spoiling me!

Just as I'm about to get my makeup done, rose number nine arrives, and I'm unable to contain the tearful chuckle that escapes me as I read the quote he's put on this card. From one of my favorite Jason Mraz songs, "I'm Yours," he quotes:

"Well, open up your mind and see like me

Open up your plans and damn, you're free

Look into your heart and you'll find,

That the sky is yours..."

Yeah, seven o'clock can't come soon enough!

After leaving all the girls who helped me today a hefty tip, I thank them again and then wave goodbye as I make my way outside to the awaiting limo. Right away, I notice that Paul isn't as pleasant as he was this morning. The whole ride from the spa to my house he has a permanent scowl across his face as he mumbles and grumbles to himself. Once we arrive, he helps me out of the car, with barely a word spoken. Then, as soon as he's placed my luggage on my front porch he stiffly walks away − without even acknowledging my thanks.

Before I can call him out on his rudeness; my kids surround me. The sound of their beautiful voices ring out as they simultaneously profess how happy they are to have me home and how much they've missed me − and just like that, I quickly forget about Paul and his bipolar behavior.

Leaning down I hug and kiss them all, telling them how much I love and have missed them; all the while trying to balance my vase of roses. For the first time, in days, I feel like a piece of me has been replaced ... but, I still don't feel complete and I'm sure I won't feel that way until Edward and Brittney are here with us.

"Now, that is going to be a great picture!" I hear Angie say just as I hear the distinct click of a camera flash going off.

"Hey, Angie. How are you?"

"I'm good, but I think that I should be the one asking you that."

"I'm great ... no, I'm wonderful ... I'm so glad to be home!" I gush, hoping my makeup stays strong and doesn't give away the blush that is taking over my face.

"I bet you are," she replies with a mischievous little grin on her face.

Little hands begin to pull me inside. I have to gently pull my hands away so that I can gather my luggage. Once I'm inside the foyer, I'm immediately surrounded by the kids' eager voices pleading with me to put my luggage and flowers down. From the palatable excitement, I hear in their voices and I can't help but do what they ask. As soon as my last bag is put down, I have another rose presented to me. However, this time it's excitedly thrust into my face by an overzealous, giggling little three-year-old.

"Here, Bewua, it'z from Edwurd!" Meredith squeals.

"Um ... this is from Edward, too," Merrick says as he bashfully shoves a red envelope towards me.

I smile at both of them, and gently take the rose, which Meredith has inadvertently been hitting me in the face with, and the envelope from Merrick. After I thank them both, I hear Maddy's shy voice call my name.

"Aunt Bella?"

"Yes, honey?" I reply as I turn my head towards her. I immediately notice the huge smile on her face and then the hanger she has draped over her arm, which happens to be showcasing a beautiful black dress with ruffles on it.

Giggling, she replies, "It's time for you to finish getting ready for your date!" At that statement, all three of my kids grab a hold of my hands and begin to pull me upstairs.

For the next forty-five minutes, I finish getting ready. I touch-up my makeup, put on a modest amount of perfume, my jewelry, and then ask the kids if I look okay.

"You look so pretty, Aunt Bella," Maddy replies to which Merrick blushingly agrees.

But, Meredith doesn't agree with them and in tear-filled cry she tells them that I don't just look pretty but that I look "beutifuaw ... jus wike a pwitty pwitty pwincess!" ending her statement with a little stomp of her foot.

I try not to laugh at her little attitude, because she's clearly put out by her brother and sister, but ... it is extremely difficult. So, I decide to pick her up and I give her a quick little kiss on her nose, which luckily turns her little scowl into a smile.

Then, after placing her back on her feet, I make sure to explain to her that just because she doesn't agree with her brother and sister it doesn't give her the right to yell at them. Reluctantly, she apologizes and then skips over towards the fireplace where she sits down and resumes playing with the rose she's holding. Yes, the same rose she was supposed to give to me. However, it's obvious that she's claimed the poor, well-loved rose as her own.

Time ticks by ... slowly ... until we all jump up and practically run towards the front door at the sound of the doorbell. Again, I'm struck by the giddy, schoolgirl feelings fluttering through my stomach. I'm so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I don't even notice that all three kids are about to open my front door, until it's almost too late. It wasn't until Angie called the kids back and told them to follow her into the living room that I snapped out of it.

"You, young lady," Angie teasingly says, playfully pointing at me, "Have fun tonight! Don't worry about the kids; they'll be fine. I have a whole bunch of cool, fun things planned for us to do tonight."

"Okay," I nervously reply, biting my lip.

"Hey, don't be nervous. It's Edward!" Leaning in Angie gives me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek just as my doorbell rings again.

"Okay, thanks hon," I say as I give her a nervous, but grateful smile.

I wait until she walks around the corner, heading towards the living room, before I open the door. I should have known better; I should have reminded myself to brace myself; to take a good deep breath before I opened the door. But, noooo ... in my enthusiasm to see him I opened the door completely unprepared to be in his presence. I mean honestly ... there hasn't been a time that this man hasn't knocked me on my ass with his sweet words, romantic gestures, gentle touches, or drop-dead gorgeous looks. Sigh ... like I said, I should have known better!

There, standing before me, is the epitome sexiness. Hell, he's the fucking definition of how a man should act. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he looks hot as hell, in a black suit, white dress shirt, and no tie standing on my porch holding a beautiful red rose.

"God, I've missed you, beautiful!"

"Oh, Edward, I've missed you too!" I say as I step forward and wrap my arms around his neck.

I can't help but breathe in his scent as I run my nose along his neck. I can feel the pulse point in his neck begin to beat faster as I place a gentle kiss just below his ear. The arm that isn't holding my rose pulls me closer to him, causing me to feel his solid body against my own.

"Bella, I have something for you," Edward says in a low, raspy voice that sends chills down my spine.

"Edward," I say, almost whining, as I pull back so I can see his handsome face, "You've already given me so much already today ... you don't need to give me anything else!"

"Don't worry," he smirks, "It's just another card, but..." he tweaks the tip of my nose, "You better get used to me spoiling you, Ms. Swan, because I intend to do just that!"

I try to scowl at him, to make him think that I'm upset, but God help me, I can't pull it off and in the next minute I'm giggling like a silly, little girl as he hands me another red envelope.

Anxiously, I open the envelope and reverently pull the card out. Right away, I recognize Edward's familiar script and as I begin to read his sweet words, I can't help the tears.


When you laugh, I can't help but smile. It is, by far, one of my favorite sounds. Better than any song I've ever heard. You are so beautiful, baby. Especially when you laugh, when you smile, when you cry ... even when you're angry. How did I get so lucky?



Sniffling, I reach up to wipe the tears away, but before I even get the chance, Edward's hands are there to do the job for me. "Oh baby, I didn't mean to make you cry!"

"I know, Edward. I promise these are happy tears," I say as I look into his beautiful green eyes that are filled with worry. "And, by the way, handsome, I'm pretty damn sure that I'm the lucky one!"

Chuckling, he pulls me to him, "Well, baby ... I guess this will just be one of those times that we just aren't going to see eye-to-eye, because I'm pretty damn sure that the lucky one is me."

I pull back and swat him playfully on his chest. He leans down and gives me a sweet, gentle kiss on my lips, the first of many kisses for the evening.

"So, beautiful, are you ready for our date?" Edward asks and I watch as a boyish grin takes over his handsome face.

"Yes," I reply and then motion for him to hold on one minute as I call out to Angie and the kids.

We all stand in the hallway for a moment talking. Then, I hand my rose and card to Angie, and ask her to add them with the rest. Leaning down I hug and kiss each one of the kids, telling them I love them, to be good for Angie, and that I will see them in the morning. Once the door closes behind us, Edward draws my left hand through the crook of his right elbow, placing his left hand on top, and leads me towards his car.

"By the way, Bella," he squeezes my hand, "You look absolutely beautiful tonight."

"Thank you," I reply shyly.

I've been so wrapped up in his presence that it isn't until he lets go of my hand to open the car door for me that I take in the car that we are going to be riding in; a red, sexy as fuck, Mercedes-Benz AMG Gullwing. Damn!

"I-is... this your car?" I stutter out, which completely catches me off-guard because I don't stutter. But then again this man just astounds me and turns me into a stuttering, confounded, lovesick fool.

"Yes, it is. But, I only bring her out for special occasions," he replied nonchalantly with a wink of his eye.

His reply causes my stomach to fill with butterflies again. Attempting to not let him see the effect he or his car has on me I decide to tease him; although, I'm not sure how well I pull it off.

"Her, huh?" I state as I lower myself into the passenger seat; making a point to slowly, but as sensually as possible, cross my legs. Glancing up at him, once I'm comfortable, I'm extremely pleased to see that he's staring at my legs with dark, lust-filled eyes. Finally, in what I hope is a coy yet sexy look, I breathlessly ask, "Should I be jealous, Dr. Cullen?"

A deep, rough laugh leaves his throat and then his eyes slowly run up my legs, chest, neck, until he finally gazes into my eyes hungrily and says, "No, baby ... there's no need for you to be jealous. No reason at all!" In slow motion, he leans closer to me, so that there is little to no space between us. I'm so focused on how close he is to me that I'm startled when he places his right hand on my leg. His fingers slowly glide across the top of my knee until they are cradled along the inside of my thigh.

My body is automatically on fire, I suck in a deep breath as I feel Edward's hot breath run along the column of my neck. If there was any doubt before regarding the effect he has on my body, it is completely gone now. The look in his eyes, the heat from his breath and body, his smell ... all of it, everything about him has me at his mercy.

Goosebumps erupt across my skin, every inch begging him to caress; my nipples are hard and pleading for him to touch, kiss, pull. My pussy is already wet and ready for him and he's yet to even show me what he's truly capable of.

I no longer have control.

I'm completely his ... heart, body and soul.

Then, he's gone. But, I'm still on fire and I need him back. I watch as he slowly closes my door and walks around the front of the car. In my lust-filled haze, I hear him ask if I'm ready, and I nod to let him know that I am, because honestly I don't think I can talk yet.

As he drives us to our destination, he asks me about my trip and it helps me regain my focus, which helps me get my hormones under control. Thankfully, it also serves as a distraction because the sight of Edward driving this car alone is incredibly sexy.

Moments later, he's pulling into a parking lot. I begin to open my door, but he places one of his hands on my arm and asks me to wait. I watch my sweet man as he jogs around the length of the car just so he can open my door.

Holding out his hand, he helps me step out of the car. As soon as my stilettos are on solid ground, I lean up on my tiptoes, leaving our lips are just a breath away from touching. In a breathless whisper I say, "Thank you," a second before I lean in and kiss him softly.

Hand in hand, we leisurely walk through the parking lot until we come to a cobblestone pathway. Immediately, I know where we are. The trees lining the sidewalk, all glowing with twinkling lights illuminate the popular Seattle neighborhood, which is famous for its shopping and fabulous restaurants, in addition to its intimate, romantic atmosphere.

Yes, the setting alone would make any woman swoon. However, for me it's the memory of a conversation we had in his office the day I brought the girls to have lunch with him.

As we sat around eating lunch and talking, I noticed a newspaper sitting on his desk. While he spoke with the girls, I glanced at the paper and then commented on a review for a restaurant I've been meaning to go to. It was a brief, passing statement.

I wasn't hinting to him that I wanted him to take me ... I was just sharing. However, being the wonderful, considerate man that he is ... he heard and he remembered.

Which is why, I can't stop the grin or the happy giggle as he holds the door open for me as we enter the romantic little Italian restaurant and jazz bar, il vero amore. Immediately, the warmth of the restaurant consumes me. The décor makes me feel like I'm setting in an Italian grandmother's kitchen eagerly waiting for the wonderful food she's creating and the wisdom that she's going to bestow.

I'm still taking in the ambiance of the room as I hear Edward inform the hostess that he has a reservation for Cullen. She checks the reservation ledger, and when she sees his name she smiles and says, "Of course, Dr. Cullen, we've been expecting you. If you would please follow me."

Wrapping his arm around me, he guides me to follow the hostess; and although we are unable to walk next each other, he makes sure to keep his hand gently pressed along my lower back. Eventually, the hostess stops at a small table that is nestled in between a couple of other small tables.

"This is your table," the hostess states with a wave of her hand, which causes my eyes to be glance at our table. Right away I notice another rose lying delicately across one of our plates. Knowing that this beautiful light pink flower marks the spot for where I'm supposed to sit, I make my way towards my chair.

Ever the gentleman, Edward steps around and pulls my chair out for me. After thanking him, I can't help but lift up my rose to greedily take in its sweet smell. As I begin to place it on the table, Edward holds out his hand and motions for me to hand it to him, and I'm pleasantly surprised when he places it in the glass vase, which had escaped my notice sitting on our table. After making sure the flower is secure, he leans in and rewards me with a sweet kiss on my cheek before he takes his seat across the table.

"Here are your menus. Your waiter, David, will be with you shortly to take your drink orders. I hope you enjoy your evening." With a nod of his head, Edward replies with his thanks.

The two of us sit quietly as we look over the wine menu. I'm extremely grateful that I have the menu to hold onto at the moment. It's actually helping me stay in my seat since I'm still reeling from Edward's thoughtfulness. So, it is giving me something to focus on while I try to reign in my hormones, once again, because quite frankly I just want to jump over our table so that I can kiss the hell out of him. Boy, oh boy, I have a feeling this is going to be a long, but definitely good night!

Edward reaches across the table, and immediately I place my hand in his, "Do you know what you want?" he asks as he gives my hand a gentle squeeze.

Still in my dazed, lust-filled state I reply, "I sure do."

A sexy smirk slowly begins to form across his handsome face. If that simply wasn't enough to turn me on, he casually begins to gently run his thumb across the top of my hand.

"Is that so beautiful," his low, sensual voice asks, "And, what is it that you want exactly?"

Deciding that he's had the power for a little too long, and that it's time for me to turn the heat up on him for a little bit, I lean forward a little. You know ... just enough so that the tops of my breast are ripe for his viewing pleasure.

As soon as I see his eyes glance towards my chest, I begin to softly rub the inside of his palm with one of my fingers. I watch as his swallows deeply and his Adam's apple bobs up and down slowly. Damn ... I want to lick him! But, I'm not quiet finished with him yet.

"Ummmm..." I drag out my words as I place my wine menu down onto the table, "Let's see..." Nonchalantly, I place a finger on my lips and bite on it slightly; further playing up the image that I'm having to think really, really hard about what I want.

When I feel Edward's hand squeeze my hand harder, I know it's time to bring this home ... so to speak. Leisurely, I lift my right foot and I begin to run the tip of my shoe along the back of Edward's calf. It takes everything in my power to not laugh at him when he almost jumps out of his chair from the contact.

However, the humor quickly fades when I glance at his face. His eyes are dilated, his jaw is clenching and unclenching, and − Holy. Mother. Of. God − his nostrils are flaring from the deep, long breaths that he's taking.

Fuck. Me!

Knowing that I can't stop now, I curl my foot around his calf and begin to run the top of my foot up and down his leg. "Welllll, I want something delicious ... so my tongue can truly savor it," I slowly run my tongue along my bottom lip, "I also like bold, yet sweet. But, most importantly, I want something that will cause my taste buds to feel a variety of complex, full-bodied emotions and sensations." Blatantly, as my foot takes another venture towards the top of his calf, I purposely continue so that the very tip of my high-heel tickles the back of his knee. Moreover, I am very pleased with myself, and his reaction, when I hear him moan out under his breath, "Fuck!"

Edward is now clenching onto my hand, and reluctantly I realize that it probably isn't such a good idea to get him this worked up in public. Therefore, begrudgingly, I decide to end his torture.

"Sooooo... I think I want to try... ... ..." I bite my finger once again for one last hurrah, pausing deliberately, "The Brunello di Montalcino… because it's supposed to have a big, powerful, full-bodied flavor," I purr, "Plussss... I just love ... the taste of strawberries, chocolate and vanilla and this Barolo is supposed to have a hint of all three."

Although, I haven't known Edward long, one thing that has been very clear about his personality, from the start, is that he's competitive ... just like me. So, I should have known better. I should have known that he wouldn't let me have the last say. But, in all honesty, I was hoping that I'd push his buttons, that I'd cause him the lose control and judging by the look on his face right now ... I did just that!

Assiduously, Edward brings the hand that he's been holding up towards his mouth in a tortuously slow manner. I can feel his hot breath fanning out across the top of my hand as he places soft, slow, tender kisses. Even though they would appear to be romantic, sweet signs of affection to anyone else. I can feel what he's saying to me with those kisses, from the tips of my fingers down to the tips of my toes. They are meant to be loving and sweet, but these kisses are also lustful, impassioned and erotic as hell.

With a slight tilt of my hand, he brings my wrist up towards his mouth and nose. "You know, baby," he breaths in a long, deliberate breath from my wrist, "I couldn't agree more." Wet lips caress my skin again, but this time it is even slower, more suggestive.

"I also love the taste and smell of strawberries and vanilla." Another kiss, then he draws his nose slowly down the inside of my arm, and I'm putty in his hands, "In fact, do you know that your skin smells and tastes like wild strawberries and sweet vanilla, Bella?"

I whimper in response to his statement, then I sigh out his name ... begging him not to stop. The fact that we're in crowded restaurant with people surrounding us doesn't even faze me. I want him. No... I need him.

"Good evening, my name is David and I'll be your waiter for this evening. Can I start you off this evening with some wine?" Our waiter asks, causing Edward to slowly place my hand back down on the table − albeit he doesn't let go of my hand.

"Yes, we would like a bottle of the Brunello di Montalcino," Edward replies briskly.

"Good choice, sir," our waiter states, writing down our request, "Have the two of you had a moment to review our menu? Would you like to start off with an appetizer?"

"Actually we haven't," Edward replies then he looks to me and asks me if anything has caught my eye on the menu.

"Honestly everything sounds wonderful."

"Okay, well ... David, what would you suggest?" Edward asks as he squeezes my hand.

"Well, sir, all of our appetizers are wonderful, but my personal favorite is our bruschetta. It is made with our homemade French bread, which is rubbed with fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil, then, poached albacore tuna, capers and lemon are topped with a green olive tapenade, fresh goat cheese and pickled peppers."

"Oh, that sounds heavenly," I reply, trying my damnedest not to drool.

"Well, David, you heard the lady. We'll have the bruschetta to start."

"Excellent! I'll have it out to you shortly," he replies as he gathers our wine menus and heads towards the bar.

"You know, Bella," Edward begins, "What you did to me earlier was extremely cruel."

I can't help the laugh that escapes as I take in his adorable, pouting face. "Well, handsome, you have no room to talk − or to complain for that matter," I slowly run my foot up the backside of his leg again, which causes Edward to laugh and shake his head at me, "In fact, I didn't hear you complaining."

Chuckling, he replies, winking, "No, baby, I wasn't complaining, and I don't recall you complaining either."

And there it is again, that sexy smirk − oh, but this time he's adding a little lift to his eyebrow, cocked up just so ... blatantly saying, 'I know what I do to you!' What a smug, seductive, provocative bastard.

Admittedly, he's completely correct. However, I happen to know that I affect him just as much. I believe it is an unmistakable fact that we are indubitably captivated by the other, equally − which is how it should be!

So, instead of trying to keep up a game of cat and mouse I figure, what the hell and lay it all out there. "You're right, handsome. I didn't complain and you won't hear me complaining either," I take a sip of my water, "Because I happen to like the way your lips feel on my skin."

Edward lets out a husky laugh and then brings my hand up to kiss it again. "You are one, sexy ... dangerous woman."

"Why thank you," I coyly reply.

We continue on flirting back and forth. Our waiter returns with our bottle of wine, and once he has Edward taste it, to make sure it is to his liking, he leaves us to savor it and each other.

After a period of time, our appetizer arrives and it is then that we realize we have yet to decide on our main course. Therefore, our waiter leaves us to it and while we sip our wine and feed each other small bits of bruschetta we eventually choose what we want.

To start, we both decide on the fig salad. For our main course, I decide to go with tonight's special, the Porco alla Griglia, which is grilled Hawaiian pork chop served with a ragout of butternut squash, leeks, Brussels sprout leaves, walnuts and citrus. Edward picks the Gnocchi con Manzo, a porcini-braised steak served with thyme infused potato gnocchi and lemon infused green beans; finished with parmesan.

With our order in hand, David leaves us to ourselves again. We talk, we laugh, we smile, we touch, and we flirt. There are no uncomfortable gaps in our conversation. I learn that Edward plays the guitar and piano; he learns that I love to sew and paint. We discuss vacations we have each taken and places we still want to go. Nevertheless, like most parents our conversation ultimately turns to our kids.

"Have you found a dance studio yet?" Edward asks after he takes another sip of his wine.

"No, truthfully, the idea just came to me while I was in L.A. It dawned on me that I've been really focused on Maddy and what's been going on at her school, and she also just started Girl Scouts. And then Merrick just recently started football. Unfortunately, aside from starting preschool and everything else going on, I haven't had the chance to do anything else for Meredith."

I pick up my wine glass to take a sip, and I can't help but chuckle as I picture her dancing around the house in one of my dresses − which has pretty much become an everyday occurrence with my little munchkin.

"What's got you laughing over there, Ms. Swan?"

"I'm sorry; I was just remembering Meredith dancing around my house. She's such a little stinker," I say with a chuckle.

"Part of me feels horrible, because I know she's doing this to get my attention, but another part of me just can't help but find it really, really funny. I'm ashamed to say, I'm also kind of curious to see what else she does."

I shake my head and continue on, "So, the other morning, we are all up eating breakfast and I had just finished going over the schedule for the day. You know the typical ... Maddy has Girl Scouts, Merrick has practice ... blah, blah, blah − and then, all of the sudden Mer pushes her bowl of cereal away and takes off upstairs; I assume to get ready for school.

"But, oh no ...not Meredith. No, she comes back down about fifteen minutes later and is wearing one of my dresses. She's twirling and leaping around the kitchen calling out for me to watch her."

"Unfortunately, the dress she's wearing is too long for her so it ends up making her fall. I'm so caught up in struggling between crying over my now ruined dress to laughing at the scene taking place in front of me ... that I almost don't catch her before she face-plants onto the kitchen floor."

"The poor, little thing was sooo embarrassed that she started to cry, which made it really hard for me to make out what she was saying, between her hiccups and sobs. But eventually, I was able to figure out that she was telling me she just wanted to dance like a ballerina."

Edward looks at me with sympathetic eyes and a sweet smile. He squeezes my hand and then says, "I bet she looked absolutely adorable."

"Yes, she did. And I swear to God, Edward, when she cries and I have to look into those big brown eyes of hers... well, she could probably ask me for anything and I'd cave," I exasperatedly reply with a huff.

Edward laughs boisterously and then teasingly asks, "You do realize that she has your eyes, Bella ... right?"

I roll my eyes at him, "Oh, be quiet!"

We both laugh for a little bit. Edward reaches across the table to feed me the last piece of bruschetta, and I make sure to touch his fingers slightly with my lips as I take his offering.

He refills both of our wine glasses and watches me with hungry eyes as I chew. I can tell that the mood between us is starting to heat up again, and since we still need to make it through diner I decide to continue on with the topic of our kids, in hope that it will help cool us both down.

"Anyway," I begin to say but my voice is a little dry so I take a quick sip of water. "I'm going to start looking for a dance studio this week."

"Brittney actually took dance about two years ago. The studio really isn't that far from our homes or the kids' school. Plus, she loved her teacher."

"Why did she stop?"

"She just really didn't like to dance, especially in front of people. When it came time for the dance recital, she had a full-grown panic attack. I convinced her to do the recital, but she mainly just stood on the stage. Poor thing barely even danced," he said with a sigh and a shake of his head.

"Anyway, on the way home from the recital she told me in no uncertain terms that she didn't want to do dance anymore."

"Poor thing," I sympathetically say.

"Yeah," he replies with a humorless chuckle, "It took everything in me to stay strong while I was convincing her to finish that damn recital. When all I really wanted to do was hold her and tell her she didn't have to."

"I bet."

Edward is about to respond but our waiter inadvertently interrupts him when he brings us our entrees. After making sure that we have everything we need, he quickly leaves with a promise to swiftly return with a new bottle of wine.

For the most part, the next couple of minutes are spent in silence, except for the soft Italian music playing in the background and the sounds of silverware meeting china dinnerware. However, occasionally the silence is interrupted by pleased sighs and moans as both Edward and I enjoy our food.

Once both of our plates are empty, we push them aside. Edward reaches across the table and I willingly place my hand in his. Just like before, his thumb sweeps back and forth igniting my whole body. Whispered words are shared between us as our bodies draw closer and closer together − whether intentionally or not.

"What's your work schedule like this upcoming week?" I ask as I lean back and lift my wine glass to my lips.

"Regular hours, except for Tuesday, when I'm on for a 48-hour shift. Then, I have the weekend off. How about you?"

"I really don't have to go in at all, but I've put together an interview for Jessica with Angie on Wednesday, so I plan on going in that day."

We discuss at length the potential of Jessica working at the magazine; what it will mean for her and Seth. For obvious reasons, Emmett is briefly brought up, but we don't spend much time thinking or discussing him. What I do find curious though is the fact no one in his family has heard from him since the day he left my house in such a hurry. I can tell by the furrow of his brow that Edward's worried about his brother, but I can also sense the determined, almost resigned attitude to not get too involved with his brother and his problems.

When I ask him about this, he simply shrugs his shoulders and says, "This is typical Emmett behavior. When he needs something, he'll show up, and it will be a 'dire' situation," he shakes his head and with a sigh continues, "It's just how he is."

I watch as he takes his free hand and runs it through his hair, all the while grumbling out words I can't hear. Then, in a tone that I've never heard his voice take he harshly says, "Unfortunately, for me, Jessica, Seth ... hell, even my parents − we've all gotten caught up in his self-absorbed craziness. And, for the sake of myself and my daughter," he squeezes my hand and coldly continues, "You, Maddy, Merrick and Meredith, I refuse to let it happen again!"

Even though, I'm a little taken back by the anger and pure hatred I see in his eyes as he speaks about his brother and I completely understand. We both sit quietly for a moment, again ... it's not uncomfortable, but it's obvious that Edward needs the silence so I sit and lazily draw patterns on his hand.

It is as I'm drawing a happy face across the top of his hand that I hear his deep chuckle. "Are you trying to tell me something, beautiful?" He asks and I can't help the sigh that escapes as I take in the happy, serene smile on his face.

"No, not at all," I teasingly reply.

With impeccable timing, our waiter returns... just as Edward is about to reply. I give Edward a cheeky smile and glance up at our waiter to see that he hasn't returned empty-handed.

A gasp escapes me when I see what he's holding and I quickly look towards my handsome, romantic and cunning boyfriend, and it's his turn to give me a cheeky, but also highly amused and satisfied smile.

Moreover, he has every reason to be proud of himself, because he's completely caught me off guard as I glance back at our waiter to look at the rose and card he's holding out to me.

"Ma'am, I believe these are for you?" our waiter says as he gently places the card in front of me and waits for me to take the rose from his hands.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

I wait until he walks away, then I glance up at the wonderful man sitting across from me, "Edward?" Smirking, he leans back in his seat and then motions, with an air of nonchalance, for me to open my card.

With trembling fingers, I hastily open my card, tearing the envelope as I do, but it's of no consequence because I want to read what he has to say so badly. Luckily, I don't have to wait long as I finally pull the white card out and read its inscription:

Will you dance with me, beautiful?

That's it. That's all the card says, so simple ... but so perfect. When I look up to give him my answer I notice that he's no longer sitting in his chair, but he's standing up alongside our table with his hand held out to me. I readily take it, as I whisper out my reply, "Yes!"

As I let him guide me through the room, I'm only focused on him. My subconscious registers our waiter going back to our table, I see him gather our wine, my roses, and my purse; but I honestly don't care.

I can sense eyes watching us as we continue through the room, but I know he's mine and I'm definitely his. So, they can look all they want. Only he will touch me, kiss me, taste me, and only I get to do the same things to him.

We draw near to a table, and again Edward pulls a chair out for me. Once I'm seated I begin to come back to my senses; I begin to take in my surroundings and I notice that we are now on the opposite side of the restaurant, in their wildly popular jazz bar.

Painstakingly, I watch as he takes off his suit jacket and drapes it across the back of his chair. Then, not quickly enough, he drags his chair around the table so that it's now nestled closely next to mine.

Unable to contain myself any longer, Edward just barely takes his seat before I'm pressing myself up against his body and kissing him hungrily. With determination, I run my hands along his chest, around his neck, and into his hair, which I use to pull him closer to me as I anchor myself to him.

The clearing of a throat brings us up for air. Both of us are panting; I can barely breathe as a result of that kiss, so I tuck my head into the crook of his neck. I'm surrounded by his smell of fresh soap, sandalwood, a hint of cedar, and what can only be him. Taking one last, deep breath I lean back just as I hear him tell someone thank you.

Glancing towards up, I just catch the back of our waiter as he walks away. I take in our table and I see that it now has all of our things decorating it, including the two roses I've received since we've been here. "You think of everything, don't you?" I ask as I slowly run my fingers through the hair at the nap of his neck. Again, my stomach is a fluttering mess because of this sweet, considerate man.

"I try," he whispers.

"You succeed," I whisper back as his dark green eyes stare deeply into my own, entrancing me. Movement catches my attention and unconsciously my eyes are drawn to his lips as he slowly pulls the side of his bottom lip into his mouth. A small, quiet gasp escapes me as I watch him suck and then lightly bite on his lower lip. My heart begins to race and I'm sure he can feel the increased beat of my heart through my dress and his shirt.

"Ladies and gentleman, we are pleased to introduce the musical guest of this evening." A voice sounds out from the stage directly in front of us, and although I'm happy about the opportunity to hear live jazz music − I'm over wrought with sexual excitement at the mere thought of being able to dance with Edward.

Applause sounds throughout the room and we join in. Silently we continue to watch as the artists begin to take the stage, but once the first cords of music strike the air we are again only focused on each other.

Not long after, our waiter returns to our table to ask if we would like to order some desert or an appetizer to enjoy during the music. We choose to go with dessert, deciding to share their Tortino di Cioccolato e Caffé, which is an espresso ganache tartlet with chocolate pastry cream, and drizzled with bittersweet chocolate sauce.

For the next hour, we eat our dessert sharing one fork ... feeding, playing and teasing each other. As the last piece is eaten, we both lean back, Edward in his chair with me leaning against his chest, while we simply hold each other and listen to the beautiful music.

The rest of our night continues on, between kissing and talking we dance. I'm not sure how many bottles of wine we go through, but thanks to the dancing and the food I'm still feeling coherent and aware of everything around me. Especially Edward, who is driving my body completely crazy, like right now as he's dancing with me. But, he doesn't simply dance. No... dancing with Edward is like erotic foreplay; his body sensually moves against me as his hands, lips and words incapacitate me even further.

During our last dance, things take a turn when I run my left leg along his right. The movement sets my center directly against his cock and I can literally feel his desire for me.

We both simultaneously groan and as I begin to rub myself along his body, using my leg that's now wrapped around him for leverage. Edward pulls me impossibly closer by gathering the material from the back of my dress. The action causes the front of my dress to pull apart slightly, giving him full view of the black lace from my bra.

"Fuck!" He growls out and then begins to nip, lick and kiss along the expanse of my neck.

"Edward," I beg, anxiously biting at my lip.


"Please, take me home ... I need ... I want−−"

No more words are spoken as we quickly gather our belongings, the whole time still desperately holding onto one another. Edward cusses aloud when he realizes he still has to settle our bill. Finally, he's able to wave down our waiter, David; after assurances that we do not need our uneaten appetizer of Olive Siciliane boxed up to take home, he leaves to go tally up our check.

Reluctantly, I let go of Edward's hand as he signs the check and I begin to gather my things from our table. I watch as Edward and our waiter stand off to the side, I'm assuming to discuss the matter of the bill. With one final nod, they shake hands and then David walks away as Edward turns his dark, lascivious eyes onto me.

With eager and driven hands, he hurriedly reaches out to help me carry my things. A desperate jaunt ensues as we navigate through the surrounding tables and dance floor. Finally, we make our way to the restaurant's entrance where David is waiting to inform us that he has a cab waiting. When Edward takes in my questioning eyes, he leans down and whispers into my ear that since we both have been drinking he asked our waiter to call us a cab; he'll pick up his car tomorrow.

David's voice interrupts Edward's explanation to me as he informs us that the cab is ready and waiting. Unable to speak, we both nod our heads in thanks as we swiftly take our seats in the awaiting cab. I hear Edward tell the cab driver my address, but all I honestly care about is the sound of my door closing and the prospect of how soon I can be in his lap. Luckily, it doesn't take long!

Both of my legs incase his hips. I can feel his hands running up and down my legs − from my ankles up to my thighs. I'm not sure how many passes they make before I feel his left hand begin to slowly lift the side of my dress up.

Up and down...

Fingers gliding...

Up and down...

Hands squeezing...

Up and down...

Fingernails dragging...

Up and down...

Slowly, meticulously ... his hands devour every inch of my legs from top to bottom, outside to inside, there isn't an inch that he's not explored; even going as far as to dip his fingers underneath the ties of my shoes. If this is any inclination as to the type of lover he's going to be ... well, then this cab can't move fast enough!

"Bella, baby?"

"Oh, Edward..." I reply as I kiss along his jaw and pull his hair so that I can have better access.

"Baby... we need," he groans out.

"Yes, Edward... I need..." I moan as I grind my center over his hard cock.

"Fuck!" he hisses out and grabs ahold of my hips.

"Bellaaa..." he pleadingly grinds out, "We need to stop, baby, or I'm not going to be able to stop myself from taking you in the backseat of this cab."

I pull myself to him, and tightly wrap my arms around his neck. My whole body is shaking; I want him so bad. It's as if my body is going into shock or I'm experiencing addiction withdrawal. Shaking ... shivering ... sweating ... my skin is a live wire of electric currents and charges; no matter how hard I try ... I can't seem to make it stop.

"Shhhh..." Edward's sweet voice whispers into my ear as his hands gently run up and down and sides, "You're alright ... I've got you, beautiful."

Time is of no essence to me. I continue to hold onto Edward as if my life depends on it. And, although he continues to whisper words of comfort to me they do little to calm my body and mind. Eventually, trees and buildings become familiar − alerting me that we are close to being home.

The questioning in Edward's voice causes me to pull away from the safety of his neck, "Bella?"

Without even uttering the words, he must see the question in my eyes. "We're at your gate. Do you have your key fob with you?"

I nod my head and slightly lean to my left, so that I can grab my discarded purse. I don't even bother looking for the fob myself. I simply hand my purse to him, and tuck myself along his body again − finding comfort in the strength of his arms and his smell.

"We're here."

Two simple words have never sounded sweeter, and the fire that had been contained momentarily is ignited again as soon as our feet hit the pavement in front of my house.

Desperately we both cling to each other, and I'm thrilled that he seems to be as frantic for me as I am for him. Words of thanks and money are haphazardly tossed to the cabbie; we don't even wait until he drives away before we are kissing and caressing each other as we try to make it towards my front door.

The jingling sound of metal, the familiar click of a lock being unlocked awakens my mind and reminds me of one very important fact − Angie! Yes, although I would love nothing more than to strip Edward down and have my way with him. The fact still remains that Angie and the kids are all here and I don't plan on putting a show on for them. So, with a heavy heart I pull away. When I see the longing and questioning in Edward's eyes I simply say, "Angie's here," and no further explanation is needed.

"Oh," he pulls back and nervously begins to rub the back of his neck, "Damn... I… uh… shouldn't have let the cab go."

Realizing that he's taken my statement the wrong way, thinking that I'm putting an end to our night, I quickly pull him towards me by the lapels of his suit jacket. "Yes, you should have because I'm not done with you, Dr. Cullen," I run my nose along his neck, his jaw, until my lips are softly caressing his ear, "We just need to send Angie home first."

I hear his voice mumble out in a low, desperate voice, "Thank God!" and then he quickly opens my door and guides me inside. He helps me place my things on the table in the foyer and then we both make our way through the house. Eventually, the muted sound of the TV leads us to the den.

There, sprawled out in front of us with one of my throw blankets tucked around her body, is Angie sound asleep. I quietly make my way towards her and gently shake her shoulder. And in true 'Angie-form,' she bolts upright and topples off the couch nearly taking me with her.

"Damn it, Bella! You fuckin' scared me!"

Unable to hold in my laughter, I reply, "Sorry, Ang. Honestly, I barely shook you. You didn't have to try to tackle me to the floor."

"Oh, shut up!" She grumbles, picking up the tossed blanket off the floor, folding it up.

Edward's deep laugh causes the two of us to look at him. I can't help but smile at him; he's just so damn sexy. Unfortunately, the sound of Angie snorting interrupts my delicious thoughts, "Geez, guys, do you think you could wait to give each other goo-goo eyes until I'm out of the room!"

I playfully shove her and teasingly repeat back to her, "Oh, shut up, Ang!"

Thirty minutes feels like an eternity, but they eventually pass by as the three of us discuss our evening. From the sound of it, the kids had a great time with Angie and she seems to have enjoyed it just as much. When she begins to ask us about our evening she quickly gets the hint that our evening went great, but that it isn't over yet ... we're just waiting on her to leave. And, luckily, she takes the hint.

"Well, I'm glad you guys had a good time. The kids really were great and let me know if you need me to watch them again. I'll see you on Monday, Bella."

With a final hug, we say goodbye to her and watch as she makes her way to her car and then drives away. As her car's taillights disappear down the road, we step back into the house.

I turn around and step towards Edward as soon as the door closes behind me. Leaning in, I lightly begin to play with one of the lapels of his jacket. "So, do you want to come upstairs with me to check on the kids?"

Nervously, he clears his throat, "Um... yeah, that sounds good."

Holding hands, we make our way up the stairs. One by one, we check each of the bedrooms and I'm thrilled to find that all four kids are sound asleep. As the last bedroom door closes, we look at each other and unspoken words speak volumes. With determined steps, we head back downstairs and towards the living room.

The sexual tension from earlier slowly begins to simmer again. We've barely made it into the living room before Edward pulls me into his arms and begins kissing me with a passion that I've only ever experienced with him. Hands are everywhere − his and mine.




I feel the back of my knees hit something and without even looking, I know it's the couch. Slowly I sink down onto the cushions and I can't help the contented sigh that escapes as I feel the heated strength of his body crushing down on me. Every touch from his hands sets my body on fire. Sensations erupt along my body as goose bumps and sweat begins to breakout across my skin. My heart is pounding out of control and my mind can't seem to decide what I want more ... my clothes or Edward's off first. Luckily, my hands seem to decide for me as they roughly begin to remove his jacket. Being the good boy that he is, Edward leans back slightly and helps me, all the while never taking his lips away from my skin.

As soon as the jacket is gone, thrown somewhere behind the couch, Edward presses his hard body against me and together we begin to slowly touch, kiss and explore each other. Hands become braver and as I begin to unbutton the top buttons of his shirt, Edward's lips start a deliberate, yet gradual, decent down my throat, over my collarbones, and along my cleavage.

The heat from his lips and their close proximity cause my nipples to become even harder. My body is thrown into a heated ecstasy by his kisses as he continues to taste me with a need ... no, a hunger to explore and taste every inch of my body. Overcome with desire, I begin to unbutton his shirt even faster and in my haste I rip off his last two buttons. But, I honestly don't give a shit because my hands are now running up and down his hard, muscular chest.

At a tormenting pace, Edward begins to gently pull my dress down from around my shoulders, revealing my black lace covered breasts. His eyes lock in on my chest as it falls and rises rapidly, "Fuck, Bella ... you're so beautiful!"

Leaning back on one of his arms, he uses his other hand to gently run his fingers along my soft mounds, purposely avoiding the spot where I need his touch the most. He begins a circuit across my skin − gliding his finger at a tortuously slow pace. When his finger dips below the lace of my bra, he glances up at me with his dark, eager eyes, wordlessly begging me to allow him to continue.

I nod my head and in a pleading whisper I beg, "Please!"

With no hesitancy, one finger dips below my bra and then another, and another ... until they are pulling the cup down. As the cool air hits my pert nipple it becomes even harder, standing at attention begging him to touch, taste ... devour.

"Bellaaa..." he moans, "I need−"


"I need−" he presses his body harder against mine and I can feel his hard cock against the heated moisture between my legs.

"Edward, please!" I plead and wrap my left leg around his hip putting my core in direct contact with his hard cock. A frenzy ensues as both of our bodies begin to grind against each other in abandonment.

"Fuucckkkk, baby!" he growls out as he reaches up and anchors his hand above my head, "I need... fuck! Bella... I need to taste you!"

"Yessssss!" I hiss out my reply.

Heavy breaths leave me as his lips begin their decent again towards my breast. Red, swollen lips lightly touch my nipple and my body reflexively arches − begging him to take more. But, he doesn't. No, he continues in an excruciating manner, all around my nipple, until finally ... FINALLY ... he pulls it into his mouth and sucks.

"Oh, oh... Edwwaaarrrrdddddd!"

He continues to feast upon me, switching between sucking soft and hard, all the while moaning, and groaning as he continues to nip, bite, pull and lick. I can hear my own moans mixed in with his, and I should be embarrassed by the blatant, wanton sounds escaping me, but I don't care. My body is completely at his mercy, it's singing for him and I honestly don't care how desperate I sound or who hears my pleas and cries for more. I'll always want more of him!

In fact, I want more of him now! So, I begin to lightly drag my nails across his chest, purposely running them over his nipples, causing his muscles to flex in response. Yet, even as I hear him hiss out my name, I continue on; running my hands up across his clavicles until I'm able to push his shirt off his strong shoulders.

With a pop, he releases my nipple and continues to kiss along my chest. Glancing up at me he says, "Bella, you taste so good."

He runs his right hand down my arm, along my ribcage, then my hipbone until his strong fingers wrap around the thigh that's already tightly wrapped around his waist. Roughly, he brings my leg up higher, positioning his cock so that it's now in perfect alignment with my dripping pussy.

"Can I taste more of you, Bella?" he coos before he takes my nipple back into his mouth and glances up at me hungrily.

"Ahh... oh, yessss ... Edward, please!" I beg as I draw our bodies closer and shamelessly using the head of his dick to rub against my clit.

Unintentionally, I let out a keening noise and it's all Edward needs to confirm what I need him to do. Instinct takes over; no more words are spoken as our bodies begin to move in harmony. Only the sounds of panting breaths and wet lips caressing skin can be heard.

My breaths are shallow now, and my body is rippling between shivers and shudders. I feel Edward's callused fingertips as they begin to run along my collarbone, my throat, and then my jaw. Wet lips follow behind leaving a burning trail in their wake. Finally, his hot breathe fans out across my lips as he stares into my eyes. Then, once again, lips and tongues collide as we kiss each other uninhibitedly.

I begin to register my name being called, and at first, I believe it to be Edward's voice calling my name. However, as the voice becomes louder my passion-riddled brain begins to awaken. Luckily, I become coherent just in time, too!

"Oh, shit!" I gasp.

"Oh, Bella−" Edward moans.

"Edward..." I softly whine as I begin to slightly push against him hoping that he'll realize I need to get up.

Nevertheless, he simply begins to kiss down my jaw and throat again. Damn ... that feels sooo good! Immediately, my body begins to get lost in the feel of his lips again. The gentle way his hand runs along my body, rubbing and squeezing me...

"Aunt Bella?" I hear a voice call again from upstairs, however, this time it sounds as if it's heading downstairs ... towards us!



"Edward..." I call out more aggressively as I tug on his hair, causing him to look up at me, "I'm sorry, honey, but we need to stop," I plead guiltily and try to wiggle my way out from under his body.

"Wha... What?" He states with a slight stutter and shake of his head.

"I'm sorry, but I can hear one of the kids calling my name," I tell him regretfully, "And I'm pretty sure they are actually heading down here right now."

He stares at me blankly for a moment, and then his eyes become huge, as he comprehends what I'm saying. In lightning speed, he jumps up from the couch and begins to button his shirt.

"Shit, Bella ... I'm so sorry!"

Fumbling, he continues to try to put himself back together. I calmly begin to do the same thing; however, I can't help but stare at him and his very hard dick that's currently still standing at attention directly in front of me.

Unable to help myself, I lick my lips and then glance up at him to find him staring at me and breathing hard. He lets out a frustrated groan and says, "Bella... you looking at me like that is not helping me calm down."

"I'm sorry, I..." I let out a deep breath and close my eyes, trying to calm my horny-ass down, "I... I just can't help it." With a deep sigh, he jesters for me to come to him − and I do.

"This is going to be difficult," he states as he lifts one of his hands to tuck a piece of my hair behind one of my ears. "I haven't really dated anyone since having Brittney, so I haven't experienced having a daughter and a girlfriend."

Gently, he pulls me into his strong arms, and I wrap my arms around his waist. "I have a feeling it's going to get a little complicated and we'll probably get to experience a lot more of what just happened," he squeezes me tightly and then rests his head on top of mine, "But, I promise, it'll be worth it!"

I increase my embrace around his waist and nudge my head under his neck, cuddling up against him. "You're right. It will be worth it because you, Brittney and my kids are all worth it," I state will conviction as I look up into his stunning eyes.

He gives me an adorable smile and then leans down to kiss me on my nose and then my lips. Before the kiss gets the chance to become heated, I hear footsteps along the stairwell.

"Aunt Bella?" I recognize Merrick's voice and turn towards the doorway.

"I'm in here, Merrick."

Moments later, a very tired and disheveled looking little boy enters into the living room. Immediately, I'm concerned by his appearance, so I make my way over towards him and get down so that we are eye level.

"Oh, Merrick! What's wrong, honey?"

"I don't feel good," he whines as he clutches his tummy.

I'm about to confirm that it's his stomach, when Edward steps up next to us. "Merrick, is your stomach hurting?" Merrick nods his head and then says, "I feel like I need to throw up."

Oh, hell! I don't do well with throw up ... at all! In fact, I'm what you would call a 'Sympathy Spewer!' Yep, if I hear, see or smell someone throwing up, I typically follow suit right behind them.

Edward must see the fear written all over my face, because he quickly volunteers to stay with Merrick in case he gets sick. Then, he asks me to get him some medicine from the kitchen to help his stomach calm down.

"You should probably get him a glass of water and a wet washcloth, too," he states as he gently places his hand on Merrick's forehead.

"Are you sure you're okay with staying with him?" I quietly ask.

Smiling at me he playfully rolls his eyes and says that he's sure, then his eyes take on a mischievous look, "Now... Nurse Swan," he coos, "Will you please go get the patient his medicine?"

I gasp at his words, and immediately I can feel the heat rising across my skin again. But, after taking in the devilish, almost wicked glint in his eye I decide to play back. Quickly glancing towards Merrick − to make sure that little ears aren't listening − I lean in towards his ear and practically purr, "Of course, Dr. Cullen..." then I nip at his ear and step back and slowly begin walking towards the kitchen.

Just before I leave my two favorite boys, I turn back and call out, "Oh, and Edward," he glances at me, "This whole," I wave my hand around nonchalantly, "Nurse Swan ... Dr. Cullen thing," he raises his eyebrow at me waiting for me to continue. I shrug my shoulders, then bite my lip, and coyly say, "Well, it could be promising."

I watch as he visibly responds to my words ... gulping hard. Once I make eye contact with him I raise my eyebrow suggestively, and then turn around to head towards the kitchen.

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