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Story summary – Jack O'Neill and Leroy Jethro Gibbs understand each other. In this story Jack is dealing with the Ori invasion and later is in the right place at the right time with the right asset when Jethro needs help. In a few days when Jethro is distraught and battling depression, he doesn't turn to his team or Ducky or Mike or Jenny. He turns to Jack.

The four episodes defining the time line and most of the content for this story are:
Stargate SG-1 season 9 episode "Camelot" aired on March 10, 2006.
NCIS season 3 episode "Hiatus part 1" aired on May 9, 2006.
Stargate SG-1 season 10 episode "Flesh and Blood" aired on July 14, 2006.
NCIS season 3 episode "Hiatus part 2" aired on May 16, 2006.
The two Stargate SG-1 episodes aired consecutively, as did the two NCIS episodes.

Story time frame– I nudged the time lines for the shows a little. Some of the events in the Stargate episodes and "Hiatus part 1" occur on the same day and then the rest of "Flesh and Blood" and "Hiatus part 2" follow along. You'll see what I mean. I apologize to anyone who is offended because I took the liberty to change things just a bit. I needed to merge the episodes to make the story work. There is also mention of events brought to light in the beginning of the Stargate SG-1 episode "Morpheus," which aired on July 21, 2006, after "Flesh and Blood."

Warning - Spoilers for the five episodes and both television series. See the rating for other concerns.

Rated T - Contains conversation about suicide. Contains minor graphic medical references related to violent injury and death. Mention of terrorism. Mild profanity. No violence. No sexual situations. No pairings.

In my world, Jack O'Neill and Leroy Jethro Gibbs are friends from way back.

Title: "You Didn't Eat Your Gun"

Major General Jack O'Neill had been at home when Major General Hank Landry first contacted him after the Free Jaffa reported the discovery of a super gate. It had been the middle of the night and Jack had been sound asleep when the phone woke him. Hank had told him that they had been unable to establish a connection to the closest planet, P3Y-229, so Jack had authorized Odyssey to pick up SG-1 and go investigate, confirm and deal with the gate. Knowing the Ori had been building ships and that a working super gate would indicate an imminent invasion threat, he had consulted his chain of command, waking them in the middle of the night. He called the IOA, and didn't have a problem at all with waking them up, and then he contacted his counterpart, a Deputy Prime Minister in the Russian Federation, who had been eating breakfast when Jack got him on the phone.

It had all been part of a negotiated political dance and before Jack could suggest it, the DPM had insisted that the Korolev be involved with any and all space gate discoveries and that included destroying them. Jack had been all for getting the ship out there, Earth needed to hit the Ori head on, but many of the personnel hadn't been fully trained ;and while it was space worthy, the ship's interior construction was incomplete. A lack of trained workers was compounded by only one working restroom, no sickbay, no galley, missing compartment bulkheads, exposed electrical wiring throughout and few working consoles, including bridge consoles. Construction crews had already been working 24/7 to finish it and crew training had been ongoing, but the ship's systems were unknown to most of the newly assigned personnel and it had been taking some time.

Jack had been concerned that even though space worthy, the ship and especially the crew needed a true shakedown cruise. It did have working beam and ring technologies, intergalactic hyperdrive and shields, but going across the galaxy and possibly into battle with the Ori would not be the best way to identify deficits or problems. He had suggested another week of training and that would also provide time for completing the consoles, the restrooms and partial galley and sickbay. The Deputy Prime Minister, who had agreed to two hours of intense training, had scoffed at Jack's concern as had Colonel Chekov from the bridge of the Korolev as it prepared to travel to the other side of the galaxy.

Before jumping into hyperspace, his last words to O'Neill had been, "You have always underestimated us," and Jack, who ached to tell the Colonel where to go and what to do when he got there had diplomatically responded, "Good luck, Colonel." Jack's gut had warned him that the Ori would not be easy to defeat, their ships not so easy to destroy, and sending an additional 304 to go head to head with them would not make any difference. He just hoped that his gut had been wrong, because it could mean that both Earth ships wouldn't be coming back.

Landry had kept in touch with Jack throughout the rest of the night and very early morning, keeping him updated at his office in the Pentagon. The status message to Stargate Command from Odyssey's commander, Colonel Paul Emerson, had been a routine check-in to confirm the existence of the super gate and that it appeared to be fully formed and functional. A message explaining their plan had followed: they intended to establish an outgoing wormhole before the Ori could dial in through the gate. Both Landry and O'Neill had seen no reason for them not to try, especially since weapons fire from the Jaffa ships had failed to even tarnish the gate, let alone damage or destroy it.

A couple of hours later, Odyssey had transmitted an urgent message announcing that they had been too late in dialing the super gate and that when their newest enemy established a wormhole first, four Ori ships had streamed through the alien transportation device into the Milky Way Galaxy. A garbled transmission from the Korolev had cut in and out with interference, but the audio had been clear enough: the armada, consisting of Korolev, Odyssey, an Asgard ship and a fleet of Free Jaffa vessels had been attacked. Static had been heard for several seconds before communication with the Earth ship had been abruptly lost.

"The last communication from Odyssey was a corrupted data burst. Communication with the Korolev was cut off. We'll keep trying to get them back."
"Still nothing."
"We'll keep trying."

It had been a very busy morning at NCIS headquarters with lots of calls coming in. There had been a female petty officer mugged at Canal Park, blood had been discovered at the Navy Museum, a missing child had apparently been sighted at a strip mall, there was a domestic dispute and a probable suicide had been discovered.

The team led by Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs had drawn the Navy Museum call at 8:45am. Staff preparing for a visit from an elementary school class had found what looked like blood on the floor of the gift shop and security had not found an injured person or a body in the building. NCIS had been called and on arrival, Gibbs had sent his team to talk to the employees and look around while he got the kit to test the stain. While down on one knee to get a sample, he saw a black streak in his peripheral vision and turned his head to see what it could have been. A storeroom door had been left open and he got up and walked over to it, intending to look inside.

"I got nothin', boss," DiNozzo's voice boomed from the doorway.

Gibbs stopped in mid-stride, turning to glare at the other agent who got the message to keep quiet.

"What's the boss doing?" This time it was McGee and though he hadn't practically shouted like Tony, he hadn't been quiet either.

Tony turned and gave him a loud exaggerated "Shhh," with his index finger to his lips.

Gibbs had his hand on the door knob and had then stopped to listen before pulling the door open a little more. With Tony and Tim both silent, he quickly glanced into the opening and then pulled back before reaching for the wall switch to turn on the interior light. DiNozzo moved quickly up behind him and McGee stood to the side and both men had drawn their guns.

Listening closely and knowing he had heard something, Gibbs opened the door a little more and peeked inside, in the direction of the faint sounds.

In a loud whisper DiNozzo warned, "Watch out, Boss," McGee hissed, "I thought museum security already looked everywhere," and from the gift shop door Ziva exclaimed, "The employees do not know anything." After a second pause she asked curtly, "What is Gibbs doing?"

Still poised at the storeroom threshold, Gibbs knew what had caused the black streak and had turned to give his team a withering glare before telling Ziva to close the door. She looked confused, but didn't respond as she stepped fully into the shop and closing the door behind her.

McGee, who was more confused than ever, couldn't stay quiet. "Boss?"

Gibbs raised his hand for them all to be quiet and again peered around the corner of the doorway. Ready to inform the others, he suddenly pulled the door closed and turned to them.

"Put away your weapons."

DiNozzo gasped, "Boss?" Ziva and MvGee simply stared, wide eyed and confused.

"Ziva, go ask the employees if anyone knows about the cat in this storeroom. Go with her DiNozzo, and if nobody claims it.."

"Got it, Boss." He had holstered his weapon and moved toward the door when he said, "Animal control, humane society, whoever can get here first."

"McGee, confirm that blood on the floor is feline."

With the cat out of the building and safely on its way to a local vet, the team had been on their way back to the Navy yard when they were called to a motor vehicle accident where a retired admiral had been severely injured. Gibbs had been told to go sort out what had happened, so he and his team had headed that way. Snarled traffic soon impeded their path and by the time they had arrived on the scene, flies, ants, bees and crows were already there. A semi trailer was on its side with its contents strewn across the road. Traffic looked to be backed up as far as anyone could see and police, fire department and emergency service vehicles were everywhere. Still quite a distance from the accident scene and unable to drive through the mass of vehicles, Gibbs calmly pulled the car over to the side, angled on the edge of an off ramp, and told his team they were going to walk.

He marched on ahead and had been speaking to the officer in charge when the other three finally got there. "McGee, get photos. DiNozzo, quick sketch." He thanked the officer and headed toward the semi with Ziva scurrying behind him.

"What about me, Gibbs?"

The air was thick with the smell of diesel and the blare of car horns assaulted his ears. Gibbs didn't want to be there and didn't know why he and his team had to be there. With bees circling his head, he stopped walking toward the pileup and turned to the Mossad liaison. "Metro is investigating this. What do we need to do, Ziva?"

She eyed the pileup. A sedan was visible under the cab and seven other vehicles had various damage.

"Perhaps," she started hesitantly. Gibbs waited while out of the corner of his eyes he watched McGee and DiNozzo pick their way around the mess on the road.

Ziva started again. "Perhaps, we should determine if a crime has been committed."

Smirking slightly, he asked, "Okay, how do we do that?"

Ziva glanced at the scene of crumpled vehicles, trashed cargo and accident personnel before replying, "I do not know."

Gibbs smiled with twinkling eyes. "Exactly," he announced and then added, "There is no evidence yet that this is anything but an accident. Go tell McGee and DiNozzo to hurry it up and let's get out of here. We'll get copies of everything from Metro." Finding the officer in charge over by the victims and witnesses, Gibbs asked him to send them copies of everything and then he headed back to the car. When he was far enough away from the man, he got on the phone and made a call.

In the car, DiNozzo and McGee were griping to themselves and to each other, and in the front seat, Ziva was quiet. She didn't know why they had left the scene without searching for evidence, but Gibbs reassured her that it would be fine.

Gibbs pulled the car into the hospital parking lot and told his team, "You're with me, Ziva." And then with not-so-disguised humor he added, "You two stay here."

Ziva tried not to laugh as her fellow team members stuttered around "what and why and but" and eventually shut up. Their soiled shoes had been put in the trunk of the car so if they had gone into the hospital it would have been in socks and that wasn't going to happen, at least not as long as Gibbs and Ziva had clean shoes. The accident scene had been littered with squished plastic bottles of honey, ketchup, mustard and salad dressing, torn bags of sugar, cornmeal and flour and broken jars of mayonnaise, salsa and jam. It hadn't taken long for the sticky mess to adhere to the soles of their shoes and cleaning it off wouldn't be an easy chore.

"We're still unable to establish contact with Odyssey or the Korolev."
"They've missed their scheduled check-ins."
"We'll keep trying."
"It's not a problem on our end."

Later in the morning, Jack had arrived at the White House for a meeting with the President and Joint Chiefs, but instead of the oval office or a conference room, he had been quickly whisked down to the situation room where Landry's latest SGC communication had been routed. The head of Homeworld Security had already been in contact with the IOA, but he listened as Landry vented about the number of times the members had called telling him what he should be doing. Promising to get the civilian oversight group off the man's back, Jack had led the conversation about an Ori invasion and a calmed down Landry had joined in the discussion for a few minutes.

Jack and the others, with the exception of the President and the Secretary of Defense, had stayed near the situation room on the ground floor of the west wing. Landry had contacted them when he had something to tell, and even when he didn't.

"I've stopped taking the IOA's calls."
"We're still trying to contact some of our allies."
"Still nothing."
"We sent a message to Bra'tac asking for information."
"Not a peep. We'll keep trying."

Landry had kept Jack and the others informed as best he could, but he hadn't known much and what he did know had not been good news. They'd been unsuccessful in raising Odyssey. They'd been unsuccessful in re-establishing communication with the Korolev. No news was not good news. In the next couple of hours, Landry had sent more messages.

"The Russians are demanding answers. I've told them I don't have any."
"Still no contact."
"They've now missed two scheduled check-ins."

The IOA representatives had burned up the airwaves with their useless suggestions and demands, leaving Jack more ticked off at them than usual. He envied Colonel Chekov because he at least was out there doing something. When he had spoken to the Deputy Prime Minister, he had promised to let the man know about the Korolev as soon as he knew something, but the Russian Federation IOA member had not been pacified and continued to churn the waters between the two governments. Jack had finally gotten the DPM to call off his dog, but the US IOA dog would not be stopped and he had insisted on commandeering a Department of Defense Gulfstream and traveling to Colorado Springs. As a courtesy, Jack had warned Hank that he would be coming, but had known that Hank could handle the little weasel.

"Nothing. We'll keep trying."
"Bra'tac was here."

Bra'tac had arrived at Stargate Command with news that lacked specifics, except that the Ori ships had laid waste to all in their path, and then he'd gone off to send vessels to the site of the battle, but Jack knew that the Jaffa Master would take a ship and go check out the situation himself. It's what he would have done. Over the next few hours, Hank called in every so often with a report.

"Thanks for getting the Russians off my back."
"Nothing yet."
"I'm wondering what happened to Bra'tac."
"Still no communication with anyone."
"I didn't hurt Mr.Woolsey, but I wanted to."
"Still nothing."
"I'm sorry Jack."

Later in the afternoon, Gibbs and his team had responded to a dead body at a local gym, but Ducky had been pretty certain that it had been a heart attack that took the life of the 51 year old master sergeant. With paperwork to complete, the team had returned to the Navy Yard and upon arrival, Gibbs had been summoned to Director Jenny Shepard's office. As far as he knew, all the calls had been taken care of and there hadn't been any new ones, so he had no clue as to why she wanted to see him, but he left his team to write reports and climbed the stairs.

Cynthia didn't smile, she never smiled at Gibbs, as she indicated that it was okay for him to knock on the door. After a short pause he heard, "Come in, Jethro."

The meeting with the Director had been relatively short, and after going for a fresh cup of coffee, he had gathered his team to tell them what they would be doing that evening.

"I'll board the Bakir Kamir with customs agents."

Gibbs had explained about the NCIS agent undercover aboard the Turkish vessel and how they needed a way to get him off for debriefing without arousing the captain's or crew's suspicions. The ploy they would use would be to run a routine security check of all personnel, specifically their passports, and they would find something wrong with the agent's Filipino passport, an irregularity of some kind. Perhaps it would be counterfeit or something else, but whatever it was, it would be enough to haul him off the ship, under arrest.

His team had at first been a little ticked off that they would not be going aboard the ship, but Gibbs shut them down, explaining that too many people would make it look suspicious. It needed to look routine and three extra people, even one extra person would not be routine. McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo would stay in a car parked at the dock and wait for Gibbs to bring out the agent, Abog Galib. The ship wasn't expected to dock for a couple more hours, but Gibbs had everyone geared up and ready, telling them to get some rest and some dinner. It would be after dark when they left for the port to meet US Customs agents for the joint operation.

Jack stared at the dark screen, feeling and listening to his heart beating in his chest. His pulse thudded in his neck and if anyone had been looking directly at him they would have seen his eyes darken, making them appear almost black instead of brown. The video screen, not nearly as dark as his eyes, stared right back at him as he silently willed it to come to life with Hank's voice and image. Jack didn't hear the conversation on the other side of the room or notice the door to the corridor opening and then closing. The President had come back in, wondering about an update, along with the Secretary of Defense and John P. Jumper, former Air Force Chief of Staff, now retired and a White House adviser, and all three men seated themselves at the long table, with the President at the head.

Jack found himself wishing that he had been in Colorado Springs instead of Washington D.C. so that he could pop over to Stargate Command and at least wait for news with Hank. Jack suddenly realized that he was envious of Woolsey. Shaking that away, he thought about George Hammond and he had always been a good guy to wait with, because he always knew what to say and more importantly, what not to say. There was nothing Jack could do, he knew that, but at least he'd be closer to the situation.

In his office at the Pentagon he could at least throw something to vent some of his frustration. Jack had just been thinking about giving Hank a holler when the display blinked, and Hank's face and voice suddenly filled the main screen. He did not hesitate at all to deliver the information he finally knew and it started with, "Odyssey was damaged. Korolev was destroyed."


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