Title; Seraphim

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Chapter One;

I gave a noticeable sigh as I allowed my eyes to slowly examine the office hoping rather senselessly for something new and interesting, the same dying potted plant, the ancient magazines and the unexplainable stain on the carpet.

All in all work as usual is painfully disappointing, and it's only Wednesday.

I knew I should have worked somewhere else, a doctors assistant will look good on the résumé, give you an edge over other aspiring med students.

I felt my mobile vibrate against my leg and decided I could risk it, the office phone hadn't rang all morning except for a telemarketer trying to sell me toner. Besides I hadn't been out in far too long and seriously needed to breathe some life into my social life.

Maybe it was Tenten, up for a wild rave, or Ino, for a cocktail party.

Vodafone is offering a 10% boost on...


I heard a rhythmic banging on one of the dirty windows, I knew it was just a branch of the nearby tree outside being caught by the raging winds. I really hope that it doesn't rain today, or at least not until after I get home, I really don't fancy getting soaked because I forgot my umbrella this morning when it was nice and sunny.

Stupid turbulent weather.

For a brief moment I toyed with the idea that it wasn't a tree branch banging against the window but a handsome, possibly blonde, pseudo-knight in shining armour planning to rescue me from another boring hour in old Doc. Mason's office.

The sound of the office bell ringing pulled me prematurely from my daydreaming and alerted me to a visitor. Weird usually all of the Doctors patients came early in the day, most of them were very old.

The man who walked through the door couldn't have been more than twenty, his face was pale but not notably so considering the recent bad weather. He was quite tall and this fact was only accentuated by his long black coat which ended just above his knees, I noticed a thin dark probably black jumper beneath his coat and his blue jeans were slightly frayed at the knees; the heavy black boots that he wore made an audible thump with each step he took.

After several long elegant strides the dark man was standing before me and for the first time I realised how intimidating the man was, as his pitch black eyes bore into my own pale ones I found myself straightening my posture and perking up attentively as if in fear of a reprisal from the man.

"Hello, how can I help you?" I asked in my practised perky assistant voice, so far despite being an assistant I had yet to do more than secretarial duties.

"I'm here to see the old man." Stated the stranger his voice deep and raspy, he kept eye contact as he spoke not breaking it for a single moment.

"Do you have an appointment?" I asked hoping he didn't so that I could stall him, I couldn't let an opportunity for amusement like this go past so easily.

The man took a quick glance around the empty room.

"Do I need one? I'm an old friend of the doctors." Explained the man as I gave an internal squeal of joy; followed by a snot of disbelief, let me guess they were old drinking buddies.

"Well you'll just have to fill out these forms sir." I told him handing him several sheets of paper and a pen.

"Fine." he answered slight irritation in his voice, never the less he accepted the papers and began to fill them out; hopefully he didn't notice they were actually forms to transfer his medical records and to sign him up to this office instead.

"Can I ask your name mister?" I questioned the man prompting him to raise his head and pin me with a cool dignified look.

"You should offer your own name first." Spoke the man by way of an answer, almost simultaneously the weather finally took the wet turn it had been threatening all afternoon.

"Hinata." I offered not letting his snarky comment put me off as it usually would, I was far too bored to be shy or meek right now.

"Sasuke." Answered the man.

"So how do you know Doctor Mason then?" I asked, briefly entertaining the thought that he would ask me to tell him how I knew the doctor first.

"It's a long story, can I see Mason now?" asked the man apparently having already finished the paper work, that was quick.

"Sure go ahead." I answered accepting the papers from him as he walked by me to Doctor Mason's room.

It wasn't until several moments later when I glanced at the paper work I noticed he hadn't filled out the forms at all, there was however a small message at the top of one of the pages, the penmanship formal and elegant.

It read;

I think you mixed up the forms miss Hinata.

Perhaps you should take more care in the future, especially around men in white suits with blue ties.


Men in white suits with blue ties...that's a rather strange thing to say isn't it.

It was several minutes later that Sasuke exited the Doctors office, I attempted to question him on his unusual message but he only ignored me and quickly exited the offices without so much as a goodbye or a nod to me.


Oh well, only twenty more gruelling minutes left maybe the rain will let up before then.

Twenty minutes passed by with no such luck, if anything the rain became more hostile. I bid Doctor Mason a quick goodbye and stepped out into the hallway.

I was surprised to find two umbrellas by the coat rack instead of just one, I recognised the first as Doctor Masons but the second I didn't recognise; one of the patients must have forgotten it.

I suppose they won't come looking for it until tomorrow...and they wouldn't mind letting me borrow it to get home.

S. Uchiha

I didn't know the name on the umbrella, mustn't belong to a regular.

Ah nothing like walking through the city on a rainy day safely protected by a sturdy umbrella, and although I'd never admit it I secretly enjoyed watching the people without umbrellas scurry about trying to keep dry.

Alas as if to punish my mean spirited giggles a swift but violent gust of wind managed to tear the umbrella from my hands and carry in away from me, fiddle sticks I can't lose someone else's umbrella.

I quickly gave chase pulling my denim jacket up over my head as I ran.

Focused on the umbrella as I was I didn't notice the two men until one of them stooped down and grabbed the handle by the umbrella.

"Is this yours miss?" asked the man, handing it back to me when I nodded.

"T-thank you." I spoke almost choking when I got a good look at the men, one of them was rather average looking if not a little more handsome than usual with a pony tail and the other was a gargantuan of a man nearly twice the size of the other man.

The very interesting thing however was their clothing, bright white polyester suits and blue ties.

It probably shouldn't have but I felt a shiver run up my spine as I remembered Sasuke's note from earlier.

"Would you like a lift young miss, our car is nearby." Offered the smaller man politely.

"U-um no thanks I'm meeting a friend nearby." I lied, my instincts deciding that it would be best if I followed the advice and was careful around these people.

I walked away ignoring the temptation to look behind me and make sure the men weren't following me.

I just wanted to get home have a nice long shower and forget about the antisocial dark Sasuke and his creepy premonitions, maybe call Ino and get back in touch with the student life style I've been missing out on.

Even if all I tend to do at parties is sit in the corner and stutter and blush madly when a guy tries to ask me to dance, well I did take every time except that one night Ino showed me jagermeister. I can't actually remember the night but I've heard bad stories.

Yeah a nice shower and a good party is what I need to forget my boring job and creepy encounters with mysterious strangers. As attractive as those strangers may be.

"So how come we didn't just grab the girl." Asked the large man to his partner as he squeezed into the relatively large car with no small amount of difficulty.

"More trouble than it's worth really, we only wanted to ask her if she'd seen him. Even if she had it wouldn't be worth the trouble that grabbing a young woman on a busy street in broad daylight tends to bring with it." Spoke the other man easily sliding into the driver's seat of the car and with drawing a packet of cigarettes from his suits inner pocket.

"Open a window if you plan on smoking that thing would you. She seemed frightened didn't she?" asked the larger man an ugly sneer covering his face as the other man lit his cigarette.

"Yeah she did, curious isn't it...we'll have to be careful in our approach now, perhaps sending a false officer to question her would be wisest." Answered the smaller man taking a slow drag of his cigarette and considerately opening his window.

"I say we just grab her." Grunted the big man.

"Dually noted." Responded the smaller man starting the car.

So apparently nobody is around on a Wednesday night, Ino is visiting her parents and Tenten has a demo early tomorrow morning, as a result instead of going out for a night to decompress from all my stress I'm cuddled up on my lumpy old battered couch watching some crappy old TV movie and having some ice cream therapy.

Oh well a night in can be fun too.

Knock. Knock.

The sudden knocking at my door shocked me out of my dazed almost asleep state, I wonder who could be calling so late it's almost...half ten? God I've become such a wimp lately.

Taking a quick look through my peep hole I saw a police officer who reminded me oddly of a scruffy dog with his sharp looking teeth and shaggy brown hair. I decided it was safe to answer the door to an officer and unbolted the front door.

"H-hello officer what brings you here?" I asked noting that my stutter had returned since earlier today...and I'd worked so hard to get rid of it.

"Hello miss." greeted the man almost growled flashing me a toothy grin.

"Would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions?" asked the man scratching the back of his head in an awkward but charming gesture.

"Go ahead." I answered with a small nod and miniscule smile of my own in turn.

"Have you recently come into contact with this man?" inquired the officer handing me a photograph. Turning it over I was quietly shocked to find it to be a picture of Sasuke the mysterious psychic from earlier today.

"Yes, he came into the Doctor's office I work in earlier today. Doctor Mason's practice." I replied more curious than shocked now, what possibly had the law on the lookout for Sasuke, I was also worried about Dr Mason and his connection to the case.

"Interesting...did you talk to him much?" asked the officer likely hoping the man, Sasuke, was about the stupidest criminal ever and had informed me of his actual plan for evading the law.

"I only managed to catch his name, he didn't stay for long at all." I answered somehow failing to mention the little warning note I'd received from the wanted man.

"Well, thank you for your time ma'am, you can reach me at this number if you run into the man, Sasuke, again or if you remember anything you've forgotten about your earlier encounter." Spoke the man his kind demeanour suddenly vanishing for a brief moment as me spoke Sasuke's name before his gentle relaxed smile reappeared again.

It all happened so quickly that I wondered if I hadn't simple imagined it, but the chill in my spine was very real and I felt unease seep from that initial chill, flowing out in a spider web pattern bringing unease and discomfort throughout my whole body like a fast acting virus infecting my entire body in a cold icy fear.

"I-I'll do t-that o-officer thank y-you." I replied my stutter in full force as my self-conscious took a harsh knock from my sudden inexplicable fear.

A few minutes after the officer had left I managed to calm myself a little, I stopped wondering if it had been real or imagined and instead simply considered what I had seen, the brief glimpse I'd caught had been the look of a wild animal, no worse than that, the officer had looked like a horrible beast hunting down some prey.

Deciding it was time to hit the hay I pushed the thoughts of the officer and enigmatic stranger Sasuke from my mind and resolved to avoid unusual and weird men in the future...or maybe all guys in general.

Nah I concluded climbing into bed, there was someone out there specially made for me.

"So why are we searching so hard for this guy?" asked a man climbing into the back seat of the black town car and tossing his fake badge onto the seat next to him.

"He's just some punk ain't he. Fucking itchy thing!" Snarled the man discarding his uniform cap too.

"He isn't particularly powerful, probably not much more powerful than you I'd estimate though we can't be sure." Answered the smaller of the men in the front of the car, a small smile colouring his face as the fake officer grimaced as if horribly insulted.

"But he's smart, and he knows a lot of our in workings...it makes for a troublesome combination you understand, or should I explain it more slowly for you." Continued the man a cruel smirk gracing his features.

"So you two have been sent after him? He can't be that bad then." Snarled the fake cop in anger, he knew he could take either of the men separately but together he wouldn't stand even a slim chance.

"Well fortunately the commander understands our enemies and has a much better grasp of tactics than you." Answered the shorter man not raising to the man's baiting, though his up until now silent partner gave an annoyed grunt and sent a glare at the man.

"Sure." Responded the man from the back seat, his words lacking severely in sincerity.

"So what did you get from the girl already Kiba!" asked the larger man shifting uncomfortably in his too small chair.

"You heard over the bug didn't you?" asked the man, Kiba, viciously.

"The scent Kiba, don't play coy, we could have sent anyone to question her for just her words." Spoke the smaller man with a sigh.

"I could smell him on her easy, or at least someone who matched his seals, and I could smell a connection too an unusual one though. I'm not sure how to place it really." Explained Kiba a frown of deep concentration on his face as he considered exactly what he'd encountered.

"Oh my God..." I whispered breathlessly as I looked upon the ashes that were now all that remained of Doctor Mason's office and practice.

I had awoken late this morning and rushed out the door of my apartment frazzled and frantic to reach work as quickly as possible and be no later than necessary, I caught a taxi and arrived to find the building to be nothing more than smouldering embers and ash.

My first thought after I regained my composure was concern for the elderly Dr Mason, had he been in the office when it burned, if he had did he make it out in time, was he in hospital and finally but most importantly was the man alive.

I tried his mobile phone number several times and got no reply after which I tried his home number receiving the same result.

I decided to paid his home a visit as a last resort for answers, if he was hospitalised then perhaps there would be someone there to tell me which hospital or a note to explain.

I hailed another taxi and gave the driver directions to Doctor Mason's home, ignoring the bubbling worry in my chest, despite my best efforts I felt the cold worry sweep it's way throughout my entire body radiating from my core.

The traffic on the freeway was highly congested and it took forty minutes before the taxi pulled up outside Doctor Masons home. I quickly thanked and paid the driver before climbing out of the taxi and accidently trampling several of Mrs Masons roses in my rush to the front door.

I knocked several times and rang the doorbell a couple of times to for good measure but after five minutes there was still no answer and I was about to give up hope and return home until I heard some banging from around the back of the house.

Seeing that the side gate was open I decided to investigate the noise in hopes of it being either Doctor Mason or his wife, I found neither of them there or anyone else for that matter but I did find the back door ajar and decided to continue my investigation inside.

"Hello! Misses Mason!" I called out as I entered the house my eyes scanning the kitchen I had entered.

I was shocked at what I saw, the room was trashed almost beyond recognition, the knocked over refrigerator and busted sink the only real way to know that the room was in fact a kitchen.

I felt a chill crawl down my spine as the sudden thought that I would rather be anywhere else than here right now invaded my mind like the nagging sensation you get as a child when you're on your own late at night, I almost expected the shadows to come to life and attack me.

The shadows didn't attack me, but something else did.

The darkly dressed man sprung from the shadows the a coiled snake attacking its prey with vicious accuracy. I felt his fist connect harshly with my left cheek with an audible smack, the force of the blow whipping my head painfully to the right. He followed up the punch grabbing me roughly by the throat and pinning me against the wall.

Reflexively I grabbed the arm holding me in place to try to relieve the pressure a little, it didn't work as the man's arm was closer to being an iron bar than flesh and bone, I gave up quickly and instead lashed out with my right hand cutting the man's brow with my nails.

I received another hard punch to the face for my effort.

"Where's Mason?" asked the man, his voice rough and broken sounding, like someone who has a conversation once every year at most.

"I-I don't k-k-know." I stuttered out fearing what was to come as the man raised his fist once again, this time his fist connected with the bridge of my nose causing nose to gush blood and my vision to swim as my eyes watered.

"Where is he!" there was an extra edge to his voice now, the kind that suggested he'd been kind with his earlier actions and that that kindness had now come to an end.

"P-please I d-don't k-k-know." I answered tasting my blood as it dripped down from my nose.

The man gave a grunt and threw me to the floor, I scrambled desperately as far away as possible only managing a foot and a half before I found myself trapped within a corner, I saw the man reach into a nearby cupboard and withdraw a large butcher knife much to my horror.

"You'll tell me what you know about Mason girl." Threatened the man approaching me slowly and menacingly.

I closed my eyes and prayed.

There was a sharp crack and I heard what I thought and hoped was the knife clatter to the ground, I opened my eyes to find the knife on the ground.

I looked up at the man to try and figure out what happened to make him drop the knife, he was crouched onto one knee holding his arm which had been bent backwards unnaturally at the elbow joint.

Another man stood next to him, a man who looked rather familiar in his long black jacket and with his spiky dark hair.

Sasuke stood next to the man looking down at him with unveiled disgust.

Almost faster than my eyes could follow Sasuke's leg struck out his shin connecting with the man's ribs and producing a loud cracking noise as several of the man's ribs fractured. The man slid several feet before coming to a halt against the wall clutching his ribs and arm and gasping for air desperately.

When I turned back to Sasuke he was gone no evidence of him ever having been there left.

Did I imagine him...no impossible my imagination couldn't have done that to the man no unconscious in the opposite corner, but was it really Sasuke.

"There you go young lady." Stated the kindly paramedic after she had reset my nose and seen to my other injuries. I thanked the woman with a small smile and stood to leave.

"I think there's two gentlemen here with some questions for you." The woman told me as I stepped away from the ambulance. I found the men sitting on a small wall not too far away, they were about the same height one with sandy brown hair and the other with darker black hair. The first man wore a slightly faded brown suit and a blue tie, the other man wore a light grey suit in slightly better condition than that of his counterparts.

I got the vague feeling that these officers weren't particularly good at what they did.

The grey suited man took the lead flashing his badge with a lazy yawn and introducing himself as 'Officer Daniels' and his partner 'Officer Connolly' before indulging himself in another yawn, his partner had yet to do anything but stare off in the distance vacantly.

"Can you please tell us why you were at Doctor Masons home and what happened in the house?" asked Daniels extracting a notebook from his suits inner pocket and a pen.

I explained how I worked for Doctor Mason and had been concerned for him after arriving late to work and finding the office burned down, about how I had heard some noise out the back and thinking it was either Mason or his wife had investigated the noise to find the back door open and the kitchen trashed, the told them about the man who attacked me and the second man who saved me.

For some reason I failed to mention that I recognised the man as Sasuke who another officer had come asking about, and I failed to give a description past calling him slightly taller than average and darkly dressed.

I could of been mistaken but as I climbed into the taxi that was to take me home out of the corner of my eye I saw the detectives who had questioned me standing with a two men in white suits.

I suddenly felt it was quite smart to not mention Sasuke's name.

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