Title; Cherubim

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Alright folks I was hoping to respond to a review or two and since I thought it would be rather cheap just to post an Authors note and get peoples hopes up I am also posting the first chapter of the sequel as a preview.

A quick warning I suspect the sequel will be darker than its predecessor, if you're doubting that I'll warn you to brace yourself.

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Chapter One; Preview

I hated school.

It's not that I didn't like learning, I actually really liked learning new things and I especially loved reading- anything and everything, nothing was as exciting to me as a big book to make my way through.

But that was also part of the problem.

The other kids didn't like that, they told me I was weird; they made fun of my glasses too, they were big and thick and I often had them stolen from me by one of the bigger kids on the playground.

I had asked the teachers to let me stay inside while the other kids went out to play, asked if I could just be left alone to read; they didn't like my suggestion, they told me I had to go outside and get my exercise, make friends with other kids.

I already have a friend and he's way nicer than the other kids who beat me up and take my glasses, he's super nice and never mean.

I only get to see him once a week though, the sisters who run the orphanage I live in always took us to church once a week and that's where I see him, Father Itachi.

He always listens to what I say, even when I'm complaining about something really silly; he can be a little weird though and he says odd little things every now and again that I don't understand, like he's speaking a different language or something. Plus I saw a tattoo on his arm one day, I didn't think priests were supposed to get tattoos.

He plays the church organ for me sometimes when I'm sad and it makes me feel a little better, I asked him to teach me once but my hands were too small- he had laughed and promised to teach me when I was older.

I wondered if those Sundays with Father Itachi were what having a real father was like; I didn't think so, if I got to spend every day like that then there was no way that I could be mean like the boys in school who had fathers.

Father Itachi was my only friend up until I was eight years old, after that I had none.

I sat in the too high chair my legs dangling beneath me, I eyed the broken shards of my glasses in my hands.

I sniffled and held back a sob.

I had tried to fight back today, I knew it was stupid but I had tried to anyway, it hadn't went that badly at first- I had even been winning until the bully's friends jumped in, no one jumped in to help me.

Two of them had held my arms back while the bully punched my face, I could still taste blood in my mouth and it hurt to move my jaw; they had got bored though and thrown me to the ground raining down kicks on me as I lay curled in a ball until the teachers had pulled them away.

I got in trouble too, for fighting back when the bully had taken my glasses; they told me I shouldn't have fought like that, that I should have went and got a teacher instead- when I told them that I had tried that before and the teacher had ignored me in favour of her cigarette they called me a liar and doubled my punishment.

I didn't go back to the orphanage after school, I had come to see Father Itachi instead; the sisters would be upset that I had been fighting and even more upset about the broken glasses; for at least a little while I wanted to spend some time with someone who would listen to me and not get angry.

Father Itachi greeted me with a warm smile and listened to my story, I had just about finished when he suddenly switched demeanour his expression becoming very serious; he sent me into this back room to hide, he told me not to make any noise.

He also begged me not to listen in on the conversation he was about to have with some visitors.

I wish I had listened to him.

There were several loud crashes from outside, quietly my curiosity spiked I crept over to the door and opened it a crack to spy on the situation.

It never felt comfortable I found, even after all my years of missions and assassinations I still found it highly disconcerting to murder someone in a church.

The man hadn't put up much of a fight at all, not that it really would have made much of a difference with my premonition and Madara's speed.

Madara had explained to me who this man was, Itachi Uchiha one of Sasuke's brothers and indirectly one of the men responsible for Sasuke's pain; I still recalled how Takeda had been rented out to a psychopath by these men and I knew that what we done now was nothing short of justice.

Madara had bound the pseudo priest to a chair; several Runes glowed dully on the man's pale skin, they were sketched in his own blood and would be near impossible to break.

It was time to begin our interrogation, I allowed Madara to take the lead.

"I must say Itachi, I'm a little surprised with this costume. I thought you were a devoted Buddhist after all?" commented Madara lightly striking a match and lighting up one of his cigarettes.

"A clever place to hide so." Returned the younger Uchiha calmly in an almost bored tone.

I closed the distance between us quickly, curled my fist into a ball and struck his cheek with as much force as possible- both the man and the chair he occupied were knocked over onto the floor, Madara gave a sigh before he righted both the man and the chair.

He had worn one of Sasuke's expressions for a moment there, and that wasn't allowed.

"Not clever enough though." Whispered Madara, Itachi let out a bark of laughter and I saw blood dribble from his mouth.

"Where is your brother?" asked Madara menace lining his tone as his face lost any allusion of mirth or good humour; it was a first however to hear Madara miss speak or perhaps he was asking about the current clan heads location, that seemed more likely to me.

"Torture me all you like Madara, but I will not betray him to the likes of you." Answered Itachi, I was surprised at that level of loyalty the man held; from what I can remember of the clan loyalty was never exactly their strong suit.

He turned his gaze to me and for a moment I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me; the man seemed to look right through me into my core, the same way Sasuke could.

"When you see Sasuke again, tell him not to blame anyone but Madara for what is to happen; not you and not himself either." Spoke Itachi a sad weight behind his words, it took me a moment to fully process his words.

"W-when…when I see Sasuke again!" I screeched furious at the man's audacity.

I reached over and plucked the half smoked cigarette from Madara's hand, it's tip glowing a dangerous red- I idly heard Madara tell me to keep him alive, it was about time that I gained my new seal and he could be of use in the ritual.

That seemed fitting to me.

My first urge was to simple ram the cigarette into the bastards face but I quickly rethought that plan, it would after all be better if I built the anticipation a little first, I took a drag of the cigarette and flicked the still hot ashes onto a small cut on his forearm; I saw the muscles in the limp unconsciously tense at the pain, his expression remained carefully blank however.

"He's not worth it you know, this brother your protecting. We'll get him eventually." I whispered into the Uchiha's ear taking another drag and flicking the ash this time on a shallow cut on his chest, I had to force myself not no cough as I tasted the nicotine in my mouth.

The man gave a sudden bark of bitter laughter.

"You doubt us?" I asked annoyed, but at least he resembled Sasuke less like this and that certainly made things easier; I jammed the cigarette into his chest and smelled the disturbing scent of flesh burning, he stopped laughing.

"Why do you want to kill my brother so badly miss?" asked the fake priest a sly smile still on his face.

"Are you trying to make me angrier scum?" I asked in response, this man seemed bound and determined to meet the most painful end possible.

"I always wanted to die laughing." Answered the man with a chuckle, he thought I was some kind of joke…worse still he thinks my revenge for Sasuke is nothing more than a joke too.

That was unacceptable.

"Uchiha's are proud of their eyes, are they not?" I asked and the man's smile dropped immediately, I guess he realised that the real torture was about to begin and what my first act would be.

I took what would likely be the final drag of the almost dead cigarette noting idly that there was a distinct taste of copper to it now that it had been soaked in some blood, I straddled the man's lap and caught his chin in a tight grip as he struggled the move from his inevitable fate.

"Right or left?" I called to Madara.

"Right." He returned, he'd lit up another cigarette since I'd stolen this one.

Right eye it is so.

We burned the church to the ground as we were leaving; it was actually the only time our captive tried to fight back for real, when he realised our intention, but he was to broken after what I had done to him.

It was a pitiful sight and it made me wonder why the man would put in so much effort now of all times over a building.

I was getting closer though, to having fully avenged Sasuke- if we were to meet again after today I think I'd feel more comfortable looking him in the eye, Madara told me that he would have been proud.

The room was filled with smoke, I hadn't noticed it until now; I had been busy crying and trying to remove the horrors of what I had just seen from my mind…the things that woman had done, they weren't human.

The door is cloaked in flames now and I withdraw to the furthest corner of the room, there aren't any windows in this room and somewhere in the back of my mind I realise that I'm trapped.

I'm going to die here.

My head starts to feel dizzy from the smoke and in the final moments before I lose consciousness all that I can think of is that woman, the one who hurt Itachi so much.

Her image is burned into my mind, her angelic pale skin and her unnatural milky white eye's, cold dead eyes; I can't help but feel there was something missing in those eyes something important.

I hate her I decide just before I black out.

It's a little short but this will be the first chapter of the sequel.